TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 352

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 352

 Dorian pointed at the largest building among the various shops of the Sepia Merchant Association.

"This is the headquarters of the Sepia Merchant Association."

Raon followed his hand and looked up at the building.

"It's almost the size of the Zieghart headquarters."

The Sepia Merchant Association headquarters stood tall, almost as high as the Zieghart headquarters. It was about 1.5 times wider, making it even larger in reality.

It does look rather imposing, Wrath commented.

As Wrath says, the Sepia Merchant Association headquarters had a solid, square shape, painted in a cold gray that gave it a chilly feeling. The windows were evenly spaced, adding to its austere appearance.

Raon checked his appearance in front of the headquarters' door. Unlike when he had entered the house Robert's territory, he hadn't completely disguised himself. He had only changed his hair and eye color and revealed a lower level of martial power than Dorian.

As I heard, they weren't interested in Dorian, so even if he disguised himself shallowly, his identity wouldn't be revealed.

"Let's go in."


Dorian hesitated as he looked at the door, seeming to still have some doubts.

"Why are you hesitating?" Raon thought. "It's been a while since you've returned home. You should want to make a grand entrance."

Raon clenched his fist and waited for Dorian to take the initiative.


Dorian seemed to gather his resolve and approached the door.


Just as he reached for the door handle, it opened from the outside, and a person emerged.


Dorian managed to avoid getting hit by the door, but his balance was thrown off, resulting in an awkward pose. However, it suited Dorian better than if he had tried to strike a dignified pose.

"Don't try to act all dignified," Raon chuckled, pointing at the open door. "Let's go."

"Oh, yes..."

Following Dorian, they entered the Sepia Merchant Association headquarters, where they saw numerous people coming and going.

It wasn't just Sepia Association employees; there were also merchants, mercenaries, adventurers, and apparent guests.

"Welcome to the Sepia Merchant Association," a staff member in the central lobby on the first floor approached them with a sweet smile. "What brings you here today?"

She didn't recognize the unmasked Dorian and smiled warmly.

"Um...," Dorian lowered his gaze slightly and spoke with a trembling voice while avoiding eye contact. "I've come to see the head of the Association."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Not exactly, but I was summoned by the head..."

"I see?"

The staff member's eyes widened to the point where they almost popped out of her head.

"W-what is going on?"

She stared blankly at Dorian for a moment, then finally nodded vigorously.

"Wait, could you be Dorian, sir?"


"Oh, I'm sorry. We didn't hear you were coming."

The staff member apologized, bowing apologetically.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he observed the staff member's expression.

'His influence is definitely weak.'

Since they had asked Dorian to come, but hadn't told anyone anything, it seemed that Dorian's position was much smaller than he thought.

"I will contact the head. Please wait here," the staff member guided them to a waiting room on the right side of the lobby and went back outside.


Dorian sighed as he sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting room. Sweat was beading on his forehead.

"They didn't even recognize you," Raon remarked, sitting on the opposite sofa and watching as the staff member left.

"I think that employee was just hired since I left. It's only natural that she doesn't recognize me... "

"No, they called you here, right? The employees in the lobby should have at least given a heads-up."

"Well, I expected something like this," Dorian reassured himself and began patting his pocket. 

"Oh, would you like something to eat?"

He took out a cup, pink tea leaves, a kettle, and potato snacks. He used the kettle, which heated up automatically, to make tea and handed it to Raon.


Raon chuckled as he received the tea and took a sip. It was bitter taste at the beginning but ended with a very slightly sweet.

It's bitter don't eat it! 

Wrath stuck out his tongue in disgust.

'A child's taste.'

He ignored Wrath's words and sipped the tea.

Raon continued to sip the tea, and they spent about two hours in the waiting room without anyone coming to their room.

Raon touched the cold teacup with a smile on his face.

"Just as I expected."

Why aren't they calling us already? Wrath exclaimed, clenching his fist in frustration.

I thought we'd be treated well because it's a rich family, but how long do we have to wait!

He wondered why he was feeling better than usual, and it seemed like he had been thinking about eating high-class food here. He was a truly amazing demon king.


Dorian awkwardly scratched his cheek, as if he had anticipated this turn of events.

"I'm sorry. They're probably busy."

"Of course. You'd have to make an appointment with the 5th guild master several months in advance. But... "

Raon touched the cold teacup as his expression darkened. An uncomfortable aura emanated from him, causing the tea inside to boil like lava.

"Even if there was an appointment, it's only natural that you'd see your son who hasn't been home in 9 years. No, almost 10 years."


*And if it's late, even that employee would have come back and told us."

Even if the head of Sepia Merchant Association had given orders to wait, the current situation was far from normal. Someone had clearly intervened.

'It's so predictable.'

Dorian's siblings, no doubt.

While Dorian had diminished in influence, his siblings had likely accumulated even more power in the nine years he had been away.

Raon couldn't help but laugh at the situation, knowing how things were likely unfolding.

"You mentioned you have three siblings, right?"


Dorian nodded with an uneasy expression, still nervously biting his nails.

"It's true; they're taking quite some time. I'll go out again."

Dorian reached for the doorknob, indicating that he wanted to give it another try.

"Enough of that," Raon waved his hand dismissively.


"Even if you go out again, your father won't contact us. If we wait and come back later, the key person behind this situation will probably show up."

Raon relaxed, crossed his legs, and took another sip of the reheated tea.


Dorian also understood the implication and took a seat, nibbling on a potato snack.

Don't just drink that tasteless tea, eat the cookies he's giving you! You're hungry

'It's not good for your health' Raon replied as he looked at the snacks.

Healthy or not, eat it! I'm starving!  Wrath exclaimed.

Just one cookie won't hurt.

'One cookie's worth of dirt can decide the outcome of a battle.'

This weakling…

Wrath shouted in frustration, clutching his head.

Stop with the sarcasm!

'Thanks for the compliment.'

That wasn't a compliment!

Ignoring Wrath's complaints, Raon continued to sip the tea. They spent about two more hours in the waiting room, and just as Raon predicted, a significant presence appeared at the door.


The door opened smoothly, revealing an elegant, well-groomed woman with green hair. She had a sturdy build, and the door looked a bit cramped as she entered.


Dorian stood up, surprised.

"Sister Phalen?"

The woman known as Phalen didn't respond to Dorian's words. Instead, she first looked at Raon. Upon seeing his shabby appearance, a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

Raon restrained his laughter upon witnessing Phalen's reaction.

'She finds it amusing,' he thought.

Based on his ragged attire and disheveled appearance, Phalen seemed to think of Raon as Dorian's servant or friend. He was grateful for the response he had hoped for.

"Sister? Who is your sister?"

Phalen, the woman addressed as Sister Phalen, turned her head toward Dorian and offered a cold smile.

"After all these years, you still haven't figured it out?"


Dorian's shoulders trembled at the chilly tone that didn't make her seem like a family member.

"It seems you're still living thoughtlessly."

Phalen scrutinized Dorian and let out a mocking chuckle.

"Considering your appearance, have you really done anything worthwhile in the past nine years?"


"It's not just a teasing question; I truly have no idea what you've been doing."

Raon observed Phalen's reaction and suppressed his laughter.

Even with himself, an outsider, present, she was sending ill will and ridicule to Dorian, and she didn't even know what the heir apparent candidate, Dorian, had been doing so far.

Raon looked at the woman named Phalen and narrowed his eyes.

'She's even worse than a trainee during his boot camp.'

"Uh, well…"

Dorian was about to answer with trembling lips when the door opened once again. A middle-aged man with sharp features and a cold demeanor entered.

"He said you trained in swordsmanship at Zieghart."

Instead of Dorian, he responded to Phalen's question.


"And also the most famous Light Wind squad at the moment."

Dorian muttered, looking at the man named Diarun.


"Diarun hyung…"

Dorian swallowed his saliva as he looked at the man he called Diarun.

Raon stood up as well and exchanged greetings.

The man called Diarun nodded slightly at Raon.

'Unlike this fool named Phalen...'

This guy is dangerous.

It is true that Light Wind squad is famous at the moment, but the names of individuals are almost unknown except for myself and the three captains/team leaders (Martha, Burren, Runaan).

"Light Wind squad?"

Phalen glared at Dorian and furrowed her brow.

"the White Dragon's Light Wind squad?"

She was visibly shocked, which suggested that his nickname was widely known even within the Sepia Merchant Association.

"That's right."

Diarun stared at Dorian with a calm expression.

"Hmph! Even so, the only famous one from there is Raon Zieghart."

Phalen brushed it off as if it didn't matter.

"This guy is probably just tagging along."


Dorian didn't respond, perhaps thinking the same thing.

"Apart from that, we were instructed to bring back a valuable treasure, yet you practiced swordsmanship? You're still as reckless as ever."

Phalen looked at Dorian and let out a mocking laugh.

"Swordsmanship is only done for the chosen ones, like Raon Zieghart. You, on the other hand, are not even worthy of being an heir."


Dorian's chin almost touched the ground.

Raon smiled faintly without getting involved between the three people.

'It's a familiar atmosphere.'

The discriminatory gaze and atmosphere of Zieghart direct line, which started from the judgment ceremony and the pre-training period, were also filled in this room.

As he had heard, Raon himself, who was discriminated against at Zieghart direct line, and Dorian, who was discriminated against at Sepia, had similarities.

'The way to break this is simple.'

Just make them come and break it.

It doesn't matter if it's martial artist family or merchant family.

If you break all of the other side's tricks with overwhelming force, you can gain momentum and justification.

'It may be a bit too much for Dorian...'

But it will help his future.


Raon made up his mind and called Dorian. Dorian, as well as Phalen and Diarun, turned their eyes to this side at the same time.

"Are these the people you mentioned, the ones you said you could easily break and use as stepping stones in Sepia Merchant Association ?"

Raon smiled innocently, as if he knew nothing.


Dorian let out a cry and looked at Raon in surprise.

"What did you say?"

Phalen yelled at Raon with an angry face.

"I'm just saying what you said."

Raon smiled as if he didn't care.

"I'm not sure if you're lying to me, or if you're really that stupid. But I'm going to prove that you're lying."

He got up from his seat and walked towards Phalen and Diarun.

"I'll show you that Dorian is not the fool you think he is."

Raon's eyes, which had been gentle until now, were now filled with a cold light.

The atmosphere in the room changed at once.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Raon.

Phalen and Diarun were also surprised by Raon's sudden change..

At those words, Dorian's expression turned pale and frozen.

"Break them easily?"

"Use them as stepping stones?"

Not only Phalen, who had always been aggressive, but also Diarun, had a chilling look in his eyes.

"W-what, what, what...?" Dorian stammered, barely able to speak. His eyes seemed to shout, "I never said anything like that!"

"It seems I haven't properly introduced myself to you," Diarun said as he approached and extended his hand.

"I'm Diarun Sepia, Dorian's older brother."

"I'm Jeden," Raon replied as he shook his hand, mentioning Jeden's affiliation with the Light Wind squad.

"Ah, I've heard of you. You're part of the Light Wind squad third team, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes," Raon confirmed.

He must have gathered quite detailed information to know that Jeden, a figure within the Light Wind squad third team, was present here. 

"I apologize for the intrusion, member of the Light Wind squad," Phalen said, with a slightly disapproving look as she approached Diarun.

"But your earlier words are a bit concerning. You said Dorian could defeat us and take over Sepia?"

"Yes, I did. I said he would defeat all the siblings and take over the Sepia," Raon replied with a smile, causing the atmosphere to grow even colder.

"Eek!" Dorian began to hum, his eyes darting around as if they were about to pop out. "You, you, you...!"

When Phalen approached Dorian, a loud knock was heard.

The door opened, revealing an elderly man with white hair wearing servant's attire.

"Dorian, young master. The head of Sepia Merchant Association is looking for you," he announced.

Both Phalen and Diarun, who were approaching Dorian, stopped in their tracks.

"What? How?" Phalen turned to the elderly servant, her face paling as if something unbelievable had occurred.

*Did that woman the one who cut it off?' 

Looking at the situation, it seemed that she had cut off the call that Dorian had come, but the head had called him himself.

"Oh, well..." Dorian stammered, swallowing hard as he walked towards the door where the elderly servant stood. His shoulders trembled, perhaps due to worry about the situation with his brother and sister.

Phalen and Diarun glared at Dorian's back as if they were going to kill him.


Raon smiled as he felt the atmosphere getting colder, as if he had entered a cave.

'This is what a brother is like.'


Wrath looked at Raon with his round eyes shaking.

Are you really a human?

*     *      *

Raon followed the elderly servant to the top floor of the headquarters.

"Why on earth are you doing this?" Dorian whispered.

"When did I say anything like that?"

"Didn't you say it?"

"I didn't say anything similar! Did you see their eyes? How am I supposed to handle this now? My life is ruined!"

Dorian pressed his temple as he expected to be tormented by his siblings. He climbed the stairs slowly, his legs feeling heavy.

"That's your second brother and third sister, right?"


"I don't know about the second brother, but I didn't sense anything from the sister's side."


"No need to be scared. As I've said before, the person who left here and the person you are now are different."

Raon chuckled and pointed his finger at Dorian.

"If you've changed, then your actions and treatment should change too."


"No need to feel discouraged. Behind you, there's me and the Light Wind squad."

He said that and ascended the stairs first.


Dorian momentarily stopped walking and looked at Raon's back. He nodded slightly and followed him.

Raon smiled as she noticed Dorian's trembling had lessened a bit.

"Now, you have a face to show to your father, whom you haven't seen in ten years."

Did you provoke his siblings for that?

Wrath raised an eyebrow, looking surprised.



'I thought it would be fun.'

You are really crazy, You don't belong here!

Wrath's face turned pale.

Raon smiled slyly and stopped behind the elderly servant on the top floor.

"This is the office of the head. Please let me know when you're ready."

He spoke with an emotionless tone before stepping aside.

"I'm ready."

Dorian clenched his fists and replied, while Raon nodded.


The servant knocked twice on the office door before opening it.

The door swung open smoothly, without a creak. Inside, there was a gray desk placed amidst a room furnished with dark wood, which gave a heavy atmosphere.

Behind the desk, an elderly man wearing oval-shaped glasses raised his head.

He had round green hair, and his facial features were circular, but the aura he exuded was incredibly cold and stern. It was a similar appearance to Dorian's, but the atmosphere was the complete opposite.

The gaze of the Sepia Merchant Association head first fell on Dorian. In a moment of trembling that his resolute gaze wouldn't shake, he scrutinized Dorian from head to toe.

'He's different'

Different from Phalen and Diarun, the Sepia Merchant Association head approach was clearly distinctive.

'But where have I seen those eyes before?'

Trying to recall where he had seen that look, Raon's eyes met the gaze of the Sepia Merchant Association head again. It was an intense and penetrating stare.

"I greet the head of the Sepia Merchant Association!"

Dorian bowed his head and shouted loudly. Raon didn't speak but bowed his waist along with him.


The Sepia Merchant Association head nodded and gestured for them to stand.


Dorian raised his head with a slightly more composed expression. His lips were parched from nervousness.

When Raon straightened up, the Sepia Merchant Association head's gaze remained on Dorian, as if he was drilling into him with his unwavering, firm eyes.

"I am..."

"It's an honor to meet you, Baekgeomryong." (White Dragon change back to White Sword Dragon, it is the correct translation)

As Raon was about to reveal his name, the Sepia Merchant Association head's calm voice flowed.


Even though he hadn't completely hidden it, he didn't expect to be discovered so quickly...

He didn't know he would be found out immediately, even if he didn't deceive his height and skin, as he did when he went to house Robert's territory.

Unlike his siblings, this one was not a joke.

"My name is Raon Zieghart."

Raon maintained a faint smile as he met the piercing gaze of the head of the Sepia Merchant Association.

'This won't be boring.'


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