TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 121



Negotiations between the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult.

For this, the personnel sent from the Murim Alliance to the Kunlun Mountains split into two groups.

Originally, everyone planned to move together, but that proved impossible.

"Young Master."

Chief Eunuch Wi looked at Cale while sipping tea and continued.

"It's said that two of Sima Pyeong's sons are coming."

"Is that so?"

Cale nodded calmly. Then, startled, he realized something.

'Sour! I've never tasted tea this sour in the Central Plains!'

He discreetly glanced to his side. Ron was smiling gently while opening his mouth.

"Young Master, I finally found the taste I used to enjoy. Do you like it?"

"Yes... Yes, it's fine."

His gentle smile seemed uncomfortable. Cale avoided his gaze and responded vaguely.

Plop. He placed his tea cup down and asked Wi Chul Myeong.

"So, the group with the Commander General is leaving first?"

Wi Chul Myeong nodded and handed him some documents.

"The Commander General, Byuk Sun, Wudang Sect, Hebei Peng Clan, the Cavalry Corps, and the Justice Corps will depart first tomorrow."

Originally, Cale was also going to join that group, but due to rumors that people from the Evil Alliance were coming to pick up Sima Jung, Cale and his group had to stay here.

Cale had suggested this to the indecisive Jegal Miryeo.

'So let's split up. There are too many people to move all together, right? Let's split up and meet at Kunlun Sect.'


Jegal Miryeo couldn't respond, so Cale continued.

"Is it because of the Living Jiangshi, right?"

"Yes. You should be in the strike force. I can't put someone who doesn't know the current situation as the leader of the strike force. So what should I do with the Living Jiangshi, and how should we...?"

"Well, I don't think there will be a big problem."


Although Jegal Miryeo looked puzzled, Cale spoke earnestly.

"Perhaps not only the Central Plains but the entire Murim is very aware of the negotiations between the Demon Cult and the Justice Faction. In such a situation, if the Living Jiangshi they planted among the countless people are included in that group, wouldn't the Blood Cult somehow order the Living Jiangshi to find out the content of the negotiations?"


Jegal Miryeo nodded and murmured.

"That's right. Unless we show suspicious signs, it's unlikely the Living Jiangshi will reveal their identity and flee."

"Isn't that so? After moving secretly under the surface for so long, why would the Blood Cult risk doing something like that?"

Cale smiled in the meantime, and Jegal Miryeo smiled as well.

"Yes, and with the rumors related to the Sword Demon, the Blood Cult, and the Namgung Family. The Blood Cult will surely try to hide their identity even more, right?"

Cale nodded at Jegal Miryeo's response while smiling.

"That's correct. Moreover, if the Commander General is anxious, we can have our five members in the group."

"Um. That might also seem a bit forced, so I'll let three people be ours and two people from Young Master Kim's group."

Cale had already discussed this with the Commander General.

Then, the content of the subsequent meeting was relayed to Cale through Chief Eunuch Wi.

"The group leaving with us consists of approximately 40% of the total personnel, including important figures like Elder Ho, Namgung Mahee, and Peng Yu."

"The Hebei Peng Clan is going with the Commander General, but is Peng Yu coming with us?"

"Yes. The Commander General told me he seemed curious about the young master's true identity."

"I see."

Cale nodded gently. Peng Yu of the Hebei Peng Clan. It was understandable that he would be curious.

"There's nothing to unearth." He calmly recited his innermost thoughts.


At that moment, he turned his head at the sound of laughter and saw Choi Jung Soo avoiding his gaze.

Cale spat out in irritation.

"What are you doing here?"

"Huh? What am I doing? Just hanging around here?"

"Aren't you going to help your uncle?"

Choi Jung Soo closed his mouth at Cale's words and looked away.

Before departing for the Demon Cult, Choi Han was studying martial arts in the underground training place provided by the Murim Alliance.

'Cale-nim, if it's possible, can I practice the Heavenly Sword before we leave?'

Of course, Cale had agreed, and Choi Han had been absent since then.

Now, Cale was asking Choi Jung Soo to go with Choi Han, and Choi Jung Soo pretended not to hear it.

However, he was moving his fingers as if he wanted to go, and Cale got annoyed seeing that, so he simply turned away. Still, Cale said something.

"Go and bring Choi Han something to eat."

"...Should I?"

"Yes, go."


Choi Jung Soo got up from his seat with a helpless expression, but his excitement was evident in his gait and voice. Cale looked at him and tried to let out a sigh but hesitated.

"Sigh." Raon sighed and shook his head.

'Is that how I act?'

For some reason, Cale's heart trembled as he saw Raon doing exactly what he intended to do.

But he didn't have much time to dwell on it.

"In that case, I will tell the Commander General that we can continue as before."

"Yes. So, the Living Jiangshi accompanying us are Jegal Eunso and uh, Jeong Chan?"

Jegal Miryeo assigned her disciple, Jegal Eunso, as part of Cale's team.

"She's a member of the Murim Alliance sent by Shaolin."

One of the Monks was also a Living Jiangshi.

Cale nodded and asked, "Who are Sima Pyeong's two sons?"


The biggest trash in the Evil Faction was Sima Pyeong's second son, Sima Jung, also known as the Fight King, Sima Jung.

Chief Eunuch Wi, who hesitated for a moment, replied.

"The Third and Fifth are coming."

He looked at Cale while avoiding eye contact, seeming a bit uncomfortable.

"They seem to be somewhat famous."

Cale recalled the assessment of Sima Pyeong's sons, the Evil Alliance Leader, that he had stored in his head.

It was said that the first and fourth sons were brilliant talents representing the future of the Evil Alliance.

On the other hand, Sima Jung, the second son, was known for being a lazy troublemaker.

Then there was Sima Dan, the third daughter, and Sima Gong, the fifth and youngest.

"...An alcoholic and a gambler."

Chief Eunuch Wi smiled awkwardly and spoke.

"However, it seems he sent his two sons to express goodwill since Sima Pyeong couldn't come in person."

In response to his words, Cale replied seriously.

"Isn't he trying to load all the burden on me right now?"

His expression turned grave.

Sima Jung, a guy similar to Toonka, Sima Dan, an alcoholic, and Sima Gong, a gambler.

Sending those three to the Justice Faction, and later, to Cale.

"···Do you think the Evil Alliance Leader intends to fight with the Murim Alliance? Or perhaps, does he have intentions to fight against the Imperial Family?"

Cale's solemn expression left Chief Eunuch Wi unable to provide any response.

He then replied calmly.

"From the Evil Faction's perspective, although Sima Dan and Sima Gong have some flaws, at least they don't cause trouble outside the Evil Faction, so they consider them quite decent."

In the world of the Evil Faction, those two were rather common.

"...I see."

Cale made a confused expression for a moment but quickly accepted it.

"Well, I was also a lazy alcoholic at one point."


Chief Eunuch Wi looked at him with a bewildered expression, but Cale didn't even bother to pay attention and placed the documents in his hand on the table.

"They said they'll arrive tomorrow, so I'll know once I meet them."

Chief Eunuch Wi once again had a serious expression and replied.

"Yes. If you handle it well, you might be able to establish a proper relationship with the Evil Faction and the Murim Alliance."

The reason the Murim Alliance, including the Commander General, allowed the Evil Alliance Leader's sons to join the Murim Alliance was also due to the 'Blood Cult' and the 'Living Jiangshi.'

Of course, on the surface, it was because they couldn't stop the Evil Alliance Leader's sons from coming to meet Cale, a member of the Imperial Family.


"Yes, Young Master."

"Is Priest Durst busy tomorrow?"

"No, he's not."

"Good. Then tomorrow, Priest Durst and I will move together."

"I understand. I will convey that."

Chief Eunuch Wi, who was listening to the conversation between Ron and Cale, unconsciously touched his nose.

Sniff, sniff. The sound of Priest Durst sniffing seemed to linger in his ears like a hallucination.



Cale thought after a long time.

'This is really...'

A mess.

Around 10 people visited the palace where Cale was staying. They were now in the training grounds inside the palace.

"Kwahahahahaha! My brothers!"

The Fight King Sima Jung, the Evil Alliance Leader's son, approached the 10 visitors, looking very refreshed.

"I made a friend here!"

Toonka puffed up his chest at Sima Jung's words.

"This is your close friend!"

"Pwahahahaha! That's right! He's a very good and reliable friend! And here..."

Sima Jung pointed at Cale.

"Our boss!"

...When did I become your boss?

Cale really wanted to ask, but he closed his mouth when he saw Sima Jung's appearance.

He seemed to be covered in dust from being thrown or rolling around the training ground like he had a big fight or played with Toonka since the morning.

Toonka also looked terrible, as if he had been continuously beaten, but he was smiling happily. His face looked even worse.


Cale then heard a small laugh. He turned his head. In front of him were seven members of the Evil Alliance who were sent as representatives. And Jegal Eunso, who was in charge of guiding the people, plus two people from the Murim Alliance.

There were two people in front of Jegal Eunso. They were Sima Dan and Sima Gong.

The one who only laughed was the youngest, Sima Gong. He spoke with a shy smile.

"I won this bet. Big sister."

But beyond his glasses, his eyes were gleaming.

"As expected, my prediction was right. My intuition is the best."

Although he spoke in a timid voice, his tongue still slipped.

Sima Gong, the gambler.

"I heard you're Young Master Kim. I'm Sima Dan."

The third daughter, Sima Dan, ignored Sima Gong and courteously greeted Cale.

"It's an honor to meet someone from the Imperial Family. I apologize for causing you so much trouble."


Cale looked at her silently.

The third daughter, Sima Dan, spoke with a kind smile, "Our side doesn't really believe it was a kidnapping. I'm even more convinced after seeing my older brother's appearance. Rather, I'm grateful to you for taking care of my older brother."

She held a bottle of alcohol.

Yes, she was politely holding her hands together while holding a bottle of alcohol.

Sima Dan's cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were half-closed. She reeked of alcohol. But amid all that, her voice sounded perfectly normal and gentle.

"So, we'll quickly leave the Murim Alliance with my older brother."

Cale was speechless. At that moment, Sima Jung shook his head and walked between Cale and the members of the Evil Alliance.

"No way! I'm not leaving!"

Upon hearing that, Cale wanted to ask.


Just go, okay?

Go home, okay?

Cale felt like saying those words, but Sima Jung was quicker. He looked at Cale and said.

"I decided to go with our boss! Kwahahahaha!"


When did I ask you to come with me?

No, more than that, why am I your boss?

Cale was flabbergasted. He tried to say something, but Toonka stepped in and spoke loudly.

"Pwahahahaha! That's right! Young Master Kim is my close friend, and the three of us are close friends!"

What the hell is this?

Cale was left speechless as he looked at Toonka and Sima Jung.

"Hoh. This will be fun to bet on. Big Sister, want to bet? How much will it be? Ah, it makes my heart race."

"Mmm. You're going to the Kunlun Mountains, right? There's a famous brewery there."

As soon as Cale heard what Sima Gong and Sima Dan said, he had a headache.

The secret date he had planned for the Evil Alliance wasn't supposed to be a scene like this.


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