TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 353

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 353

Raon stood up straight. He met the stern gaze of Adis Sepia, the head of the Sepia Merchant Association.

"May I ask how you found me out?"

Raon had not done anything to reveal his identity while coming to the Sepia Merchant Association.

The biggest feature that reveals Raon Zieghart, the gold hair and red eyes, and the two swords, were hidden, but it was ridiculous that he was caught in just 5 hours.

"Do you know what grows as you do business?"

Adis Sepia tapped the table with his neatly manicured fingers.

"A good eye for people. And as you get older, you also grow in your eye for people."

His gaze sank calmly.

"I'm quite confident in my eye for people after living as a merchant for so long."

"Since you're the father of a colleague, you can speak freely. And...,"

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Adis.

"That's not enough of an answer."

Adis's words were vague, but they weren't a proper answer.

Even if his eye for people was excellent, it was absurd that he could identify his identity in an instant.

"Even the vice-leader of the Light Wind squad, White Sword Dragon, should know that the most talked-about group at thr moment in the continent is the Light Wind squad."

Adis didn't seem to be a loose-tongued person on the outside, so he didn't relax.

"It's natural, as the two winners of the Six Kings Assembly Duel Tournament held in Owen Kingdom were both members of the Light Wind squad. As a merchant, it is essential to have such information."

He continued speaking in a calm voice that was not at all different from the beginning.

"While investigating all the Light Wind squad members, including the vice-leader White Sword Dragon, the first team leader Demon Lady, the second team leader Tempest Sword, and the third team leader Verdant Moon Sword, I found out that he (Dorian) was also involved."

"You investigated all the squad leaders"

"Yes. I gathered all the information on the Light Wind squad members, including their appearance, personality, preferences, and relationships."


Raon swallowed his saliva as he looked at Adis, who was speaking calmly.

'Amazing. Is that why you're one of the head of the top five merchant associations? No, that's why you became one of the head of the top five merchant associations.'

It was amazing that he had investigated everything to increase the possibility of a future business opportunities, even if it was just a little bit.

"I don't know what Dorian did, but I heard that he's the one who spends the most time with the vice-leader and is close. So I thought you would come with him if he came here. You changed your hair color and eye color, but You didn't change your height and facial features. That's why I was able to tell your identity."

"…That's amazing."

Pure admiration flowed out.

'It's similar.'

There was a similarity between an assassin who investigates everything about his target to assassinate him and a merchant who investigates everything about the target to start a transaction.

That old man seems to have a stalkerish personality, doesn't he?

Wrath looked at Adis and stuck out his tongue.

I don't know why there are so many strange things in this continent!

'That's right. It's stalkerish.'

That's why it's strange.

Because there was a big difference between the eyes of Adis, who showed no emotion now, and the slight trembling that appeared when he first saw Dorian.

'Should I ask a little more?'

Raon turned his gaze to Dorian, who didn't know what to do.

"The reason I'm traveling with Dorian and came to this place is nothing special. Because he is a reliable colleague. Although it is known that I have solved many tasks alone, I have been helped by this guy more than once."

At those words, Dorian's shoulders rose slightly.

"The reason I was able to be rescued from Eden was also thanks to Dorian's courage. However, Dorian was also kidnapped because of that. I am sorry for putting your son in danger."

Raon bowed his head respectfully to Adis.

"It is not necessary to apologize. It was his own choice. Get up."

Adis gestured for Raon to stand up. His voice was calm, so it seemed like he knew about Dorian's kidnapping.

"You knew, didn't you?"


"Of course, but it seems you have a lot of interest in your son."

Such indirect words didn't work with someone as experienced as Adis. Raon decided to be straightforward.


Adis didn't even look at Dorian and sipped his drink.

'Is he organizing his thoughts?'

So far, he had answered every question without hesitation. This was the first time he seemed to be taking his time, indicating something significant.

"Since he took the precious item, I need to know where he is dead."

Adis glanced at Dorian's bag, replying with a tone that went beyond indifference to sarcasm.


Dorian, looking uneasy, caressed his bag as if he were in pain.

"I've heard a lot of rumors about the Light Wind squad, but I've never heard of Dorian's story. You must have done a lot of research to gather small and insignificant information and grasp the situation." (So Adis knew about dorian's kidnapping, even though there were no rumors about it at all.)

"Think what you want."

Adis replied emotionlessly, raising an eyebrow.

'It's ambiguous.'

He's a hard nut to crack. It seemed that more information and time were needed to understand him better.

Raon stepped back to allow Dorian and Adis to converse.

Adis understood his intention and locked eyes with Dorian.

"I told the person who brings the most valuable treasure that I'll give them the position of the successor. What have you been doing all this time?"

"I... I trained with a sword."

"What treasure did you train with a sword for?"

Adis's eyes flashed with a cold light. It was not an aura, but the atmosphere of a person himself.

"I chose that path because I wanted to live without any connection to the association."

"A life without any connection to the association...?"

Adis nodded without surprise this time.

"Is that thought still valid?"

Dorian didn't answer right away, taking a slow breath.

"Well, no. I've developed a desire to try my hand at business, even if it's just a little."

He conveyed his current thoughts with a trembling voice.

"A guy who's been swinging a sword only says he wants to do the association's work? That too, a little? Does business seem ridiculous?"

Adis slammed his desk and glared at him with a ferocious look.

"Even now, there are countless people risking their lives for business. Your words are disrespectful to all of them!"

Adis slammed the desk, his eyes filled with fury.

"Disrespecting business? No, I just believed I could do it with the trust of the people around me!"

Dorian pleaded earnestly.

"When I became a Zieghart trainee, I never thought I'd become a full-fledged swordsman. But with the courage and help of those around me, I've reached this position."

His gaze turned towards Raon.

"Well, business is undoubtedly challenging, but I thought I could do it with determination and the support of the people around me."

Dorian concluded with a voice as shaky as a snapped rubber band.

"Nevertheless, you've learned one thing. That asking for help is not a shameful thing."

Adis's eyes softened slightly. He lowered his gaze and tapped the desk lightly.

"All your siblings have returned, so we'll hold a test soon. Be prepared to participate."


Dorian nodded.

Raon looked at Adis and Dorian's eyes in turn and licked his lips.

'He's not completely out of the picture.'

It was clear that Adis was considering Dorian as a successor candidate, given that he gave Dorian a chance even though he had never done any association work and had only swung a sword.

'I'll know if I take the test.'

If he sees the changed Dorian, he will be able to draw out his true reaction.

"I'll see you later."

Raon bowed his head and was about to leave when Adis raised his hand.

"Light Wind squad vice-leader."


"I would appreciate it if you would stop disguising yourself. I'm worried that the young ones of the association might commit a blunder."


He seemed to be trying to prevent him from doing so. Indeed, the head of one of the five great associations was not an ordinary person.

"I understand."

Raon nodded and followed Dorian out of Adis's office.


Dorian grabbed the railing set up on the stairs and let out a long sigh.

"I almost died of tension."

"You did well, though."

Raon smiled and patted Dorian on the shoulder.

"Well, My heart was pounding, so I couldn't speak," said Dorian as he descended the stairs, tilting his head. His legs trembled slightly, just as he had said.

"Is he always that straightforward?"

"When I was young, the memories are a bit blurry, but I feel a bit colder than before. Maybe it's because it's been so long..."

That makes sense too. His son had come back after 9 years, so he might feel a bit disappointed.

This guy feels even smaller than usual

Wrath said, looking at Dorian with his shoulders hunched.

'It can't be helped. He was only bullied from the time he was born until he left.'

Just like when you tie the legs of a young elephant with chains so it can't escape, even when it grows up, it can't think of escaping from thin chains.

Dorian, despite his own power and position growing, felt as if he had returned to the days when he only received torment the moment he arrived here.

'I have to break that.'

Raon nodded as he went down, narrowing his eyes slightly.

'The energy doen there…'

It's the presence of the person who came before meeting Adis.

'I didn't say to take off the disguise right away.'

He laughed and raised his voice.

"As expected, Dorian! I was impressed when you boldly said you would eat the Association!"

"I, I've never said that. I just have an interest..."


Dorian was suddenly scolded by his third sister, Phalen, who had come to the waiting room.

"Come with me right now."

She snapped her fingers and gestured impatiently.

"I'll show you that your years have been meaningless."

Seeing that her reaction hadn't changed, it was clear that she hadn't learned about his true identity yet.

"Sister? Why are you suddenly..."

Dorian tightly held onto the railing with trembling lips.

"Just shut up and follow me."


Dorian turned his head towards Raon. It seemed like tears were about to fall from his large eyes.

"Why are you doing this...?"

"Good for you. You never planned to just leave him alone either!"

There was a sound of teeth grinding in Phalen's mouth.

"Let's go quickly."

Raon muttered, tapping Dorian's shoulder to show his strength.


Weath sighed as if he couldn't understand.

You really...

Raon followed Phalen out of the Sepia Merchant Association headquarters, and Dorian followed behind, struggling like a prisoner being led to the gallows.

"Where are we going...?"

"I told you to shut up and follow me."

Phalen walked for a while and entered the training ground where the Merchant members were training.

Even though it was late at night, the lights were on, and three Merchant members were waiting with strong energy.


Dorian swallowed so loudly that the person next to him could hear it.

"What's this?"

"I told you. I'll show you that your years have been meaningless."

Phalen gestured, and the most youthful-looking warrior among the warriors, in his early 20s, stood next to her.

"Is it really okay to touch him? He's the son of the head."

The young warrior looked at Dorian and tilted his head.

"Of course. And he's also a bastard who doesn't care about anything."

Phalen snorted and glared at Dorian.

"Pha, Phalen sister?"

"I prepared it because you were confident that you would defeat me." 

Phalen pointed to the young warrior standing next to her.

"Totten Robel, a warrior who is making a name for himself in the southwest. He's about your age too. It's a perfect match."

Raon licked his lips as he looked at the man called Totten Robel.

'Totten Robel...'

I've heard of that name.

He was a warrior who was said to be a rising star among the Six Kings, having reached the highest level of an expert at a young age.

"Er, you mean I'm supposed to spar with that guy?"

Dorian's mouth fell open.

"That's right. You said you would defeat me, so prove it here and now."

Phalen gritted her teeth as she put her face in Dorian's.

"I, I never said that...."

"We'll start in 10 minutes. Get ready."

Phalen turned around without listening to Dorian's words.

"That guy, what's his level?"

Dorian hurriedly approached and grabbed his sleeve.

"He's an expert at the highest level. He's definitely outstanding for his age."

He wasn't at the level of Burren, Martha, or Runaan, but he was a talented warrior for his early to mid-20s.

"He's an expert at the highest level? Aaaaaa!"

Dorian clutched his head and screamed.

"What are we going to do about this! You made me say something stupid and now I'm going to get beaten up!"

"It's okay. You can win."

Raon smiled lightly and shook his head.

"I'm only an advanced level now, how can I beat a peak expert!"

"It's possible."

"It's impossible! I'm doomed!"


Raon did not answer Dorian's cries, but raised his voice to the side of Phalen and Totten Robel.

"Whaaaaaatt? You can easily beat that guy? The center of the Light Wind squad is indeed you, Dorian!"

Raon raised his voice so that everyone in the training ground could hear.

"That kid again...."


Phalen and Totten Robel turned around and glared at them. Not only Phalen, but even Totten, who looked light-hearted, had a chilling edge to his gaze like a knife.


Dorian's eyes were filled with tears. Bubbles began to form around his mouth like a crab.

"W, why are you doing this? There must be a reason for this!"

"Whaaaaaaaat? You said you don't need any preparation for that kind of opponent?"

Raon smiled and gently pushed Dorian's back. Of course, there was explosive power over 300 in his strength.

"I never said that... uuuh!"

Dorian could not withstand that brute force and ran towards the center of the training ground, screaming.

"I never said anything like that....."

"He said he couldn't wait to beat you and now he's really charging in! Come on, Dorian!"

Raon raised his fisted hand towards Dorian.

"Break him easily and make your sister shut up!"

He smiled coolly as if he didn't know anything.


Totten Robel laughed and approached Dorian.

"Even if it's the Zieghart's Light Wind squad, your arrogance is sky-high. It's been a long time since I've been insulted like this."

His body was filled with a chilling aura that was almost to the level of killing intent.

"A bastard who doesn't know his place..."

Phalen also glared at Dorian as if she wanted to kill him.


Dorian giggled at the two of them. His eyes were dull like the eyes of a rotten fish. He seemed to be half out of his mind.

Raon smiled as he felt the hot heat that was heating up the training ground.

'What a perfect atmosphere.'

Children should be raised strong.


Wrath looked at Raon and clenched his teeth. His face was pale as if he was scared.

Are you even a human?


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