TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 351

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C 351

 Raon and Dorian took a day's rest in the city of Motren before setting off towards the major city of Rocan in the southwest, where the Sepia Trading Company was located. (Sepia Commerce Association change to Sepia Trading Company)

As Motren was located in a remote area, they had to spend the first night roughing it out on a rugged hill, much like riding the waves.

Raon dug the ground to create a makeshift stove and started cooking garlic chicken stew.

The mouthwatering aroma of the stew bubbling in the pot made their mouths water involuntarily.

"It smells amazing! Can I have some now?" 

Wrath eagerly extended his hand towards the pot, like a dog impatiently waiting for food.

"It's not ready yet. Just wait a bit," Raon replied.

"Then why not turn up the heat? The fire in your energy center exists for moments like this!" Wrath's eyes darted around, showing impatience, possibly due to having a hard bread for lunch.

"Quiet down," Raon said.

Raon pushed Wrath away as he continued to pester, and he slightly increased the heat of the makeshift stove.

'He's gone crazy.'

No matter how good it is to think about it, it is nothing but crazy to say that the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation left by the first head of the house Zieghart exists for cooking.

"That should do it," thanks to the heightened awareness gained from Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, he could now sense not only his own but also external heat, allowing him to naturally adjust the temperature for cooking.

Raon slowly stirred the simmering stew and tasted the seasoning.

"It's good," Raon replied.


When he turned up the heat a bit more to further cook it, Dorian's groans could be heard.

Raon turned to see Dorian wiping sweat from his forehead and inspecting the pork with a very serious expression.

"What are you doing?"

"I-I'm not sure if the meat is cooked well..."


Same old Dorian.

True to his timid nature, Dorian couldn't be sure if the meat was properly cooked, and he was overcooking it excessively. The pork had lost its oil and turned into something like dried bacon.

"You can stop now. It might turn into a snack."

"Oh, alright."

Dorian nodded stiffly and brought the well-cooked meat to a plate.

"It's a snack. A snack," Raon chuckled, looking at the pork that seemed like it would make a crispy sound when bitten.

That idiot! Wrath rushed over to Dorian and scolded him.

You're ruining this good meat! You're trash! Don't even think about entering the kitchen for 100 years!

This wasn't the underworld's kitchen, and Wrath wasn't the head chef. It was a pointless and meaningless threat.

"Go ahead and eat first."

Raon, ignoring Wrath's frustration over the ruined meat, served the finished chicken stew to Dorian.

"I'll enjoy it. Ugh!"

Dorian nodded and accepted the stew bowl. After taking a bite, he widened his eyes.

"What, what is this? Why is it so delicious?"

This is cooking! Watch and learn from now on!

Wrath put his hand on his waist as if he had made it himself and let out a huff of pride.

"I managed the heat well."

Raon took a bite of the stew. The rich chicken broth and fresh vegetables blended together, creating a refreshing and flavorful taste that filled his mouth.

Oh! It's delicious! I say it every time, but you have more talent for cooking than in the sword. Are you sure you're not holding the wrong knife?

Wrath praised with a mouthful of stew, patting his shoulder.

If you want, I'll make you the royal chef! Don't wield a sword in vain; handle kitchen knives instead.


Raon narrowed his eyes at Wrath.

'For someone who loves food, your taste descriptions are quite simplistic.'

What are you saying!

'People who enjoy eating usually have a better way of expressing the taste. All you say is 'It's delicious! I'll eat more! It's amazing!'

No it's not! I can do it as well!

Wrath adamantly insisted that he could do it too and urged Raon to taste the stew again.

Raon nodded and tasted the stew and the pork one after the other.


As if savoring the taste, Wrath sat down and closed his eyes. Then, his eyes suddenly opened.

Pork should have a crispy texture, and the stew, with just the right amount of oiliness, has a delightful richness!


Raon looked at Wrath, who had straightened his posture with a hint of disdain.

'Is that all?'

Well, what else is there?

'If you want to describe it simply, you could say something like this grilled pork is cooked over an open flame, giving it a smoky barbecue aroma that stimulates the senses, and the absence of excessive oil results in a savory and crispy texture, pleasing the palate. Something like that.'


Wrath stared at Raon with eyes brighter than ever.

Teach me! I want to learn that

Wrath Seemingly eager to properly learn how to express taste, as someone genuinely passionate about food.

However, he himself had just listed some words that seemed to be there

'Forget it.'

Raon ignored the charging Wrath and turned his gaze. Dorian was looking at him while eating the stew.


"Lord Vice-leader, are you going to Rocan with that hair color?"

He put down the stew he was eating and pointed to his own hair.

"That's the plan."

Raon ran his fingers through his fiery red hair, nodding.

"I thought I'd go as I am because I want to see how you're treated."

Raon Zieghart's name had spread far and wide, especially after gaining the new alias of the White Dragon during the recent Six Kings Assembly tournament. Going as himself, there would be no one to pick a fight or challenging him.

To truly understand how Dorian lived and what kind of treatment he received, he needed to go not as the White Dragon but as one of the members of the Light Wind squad.

"Well, disguises don't always work for everyone. People as tall as Lord vice-leader tend to stand out."

"That's why I wore a robe and slightly bent my knees before coming here."

When leaving house Robert's territory, Raon had worn a robe and bent his knees slightly to reduce his height by more than 10cm. Even if Derus investigated thoroughly, he would never discover his true identity.

"Reduced your height by 10cm, huh? I didn't know that."

Dorian exclaimed in surprise.

"It's not a big deal... hmm?"

As Raon was about to continue speaking with a raised hand, a small movement behind caught his attention. It wasn't a bird but a small creature. Turning around, he saw a flying bat heading their way.


As he raised his hand, the flying bat landed precisely on his finger as if it had planned it.

"What's that little guy doing?"

Dorian opened his mouth wide as he looked at the flying bat.


"That's the same one that bit my hand when Lord vice-leader was levitating yesterday!"


Raon sighed as he looked at the flying bat. He had known its identity since it flew over, or rather, he had known from the moment it arrived.

'Did it come to help again?'

It seemed like the flying bat had helped ensure Dorian wasn't interrupted while levitating.

Gosh! A madwoman! A madwoman is here!

Wrath, having realized the identity of the flying bat, panicked and trembled.


The flying bat raised its paw. A small knot was tied with white paper.

'Did she not come here in person?'

If Merlin had come personally, she would approached while Dorian wasn't present.

Raon removed the note from the flying bat's paw and handed Dorian peanuts and almonds. The creature took the almonds into its mouth and held the peanuts in both hands before scurrying away into the forest.

"What's that about? Are you setting up a zoo?"

"He's my source of information."

Raon smiled faintly and unfolded the note. It contained just one line.

"We might meet the children soon."

"The children? You mean the kids from that orphanage?"

Dorian stood up with wide-eyed surprise.

"Are the children okay?"

Are the children okay?

Both Dorian and Wrath, whose hearts were touched, asked simultaneously.


Raon smiled as he burned the note given by the flying bat.

"That person is gone now."

* * *

A private villa of the Owen Kingdom located near Cameloon.

Outside, No. 45, who had been using the name Pine, gazed blankly at the sky from the villa's arena.


Feeling stifled.

Unlike the clear and high sky, her mind felt too cramped. It was like she had squeezed himself into a tiny medal within the small locket, unable to move her fingers or body.

"I can't do anything."

The demon who had tortured the children was dead, and the training had disappeared, but het emotions and body didn't move as she wished. She thought she had found freedom, but her soul was still trapped underground in that orphanage.

When she tried to recall the knights who had come to the orphanage and saved them by defeating the demons, a severe headache struck her as if her head was splitting.


It came again.

Little demons inside her head beckoned her, ordering her to kill the knights who were watching her from afar. Since escaping from the underground of the orphanage, these seizures occurred countless times each day.

'I have to endure.'

Those knights were the people who had come from far away to save the children, and they were still treating them kindly. She should never attack them.

'Go! Leave!'

However, no matter how much she endured and resisted, the echoes in her head didn't disappear and only grew louder and longer.

"Kill them. Stab them to death."

The demons in her head kept repeating the order to commit murder, even going so far as to formulate a plan to kill the knights.

"Feign hugging them and then cut the left knight's Achilles tendon with a stone, and if he kneel, stab in the neck. If you manage to grab the knight's sword, you can kill the right one too. You can do it. Kill them!"

Thoughts of murder she didn't want to entertain began to take over her mind.

She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes when she tried not to think of it. She believed that if she didn't see it, the instructions would diminish.

"Kill them."

But when she closed her eyes and her vision darkened, the demons in her head became more powerful.

"Kill them. If you follow my instructions, not only those two but the other knights too..."

'Please, go away!'

She grabbed her head and shook it wildly. But the voices in her head wouldn't disappear.


When she tried to remember the knights who had come to the orphanage and saved them, the throbbing in her head returned. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth. She didn't want to see or think about it.




When she heard someone's scream, she opened her eyes. Number 86, who shared the same room, was rushing towards the knights with sharpened branches.


She rushed over and grabbed 86's arm. But her strength was overwhelming, and she couldn't stop her properly while she was struggling to resist the instructions in her head.




It seemed like 86 had turned into a living bomb. Other children rushed toward the knights as well, wielding hidden weapons.




The knights easily deflected the children's attacks. However, the children didn't stop, shouting and swinging their fists and weapons.



Although there were strong impacts from the trained punches and hand strikes, the knights didn't defend themselves, fearing that the children might get hurt.

"Please stop!"

She pulled 86 away, tears streaming down her face.


The demons from the orphanage had turned everyone's minds into monsters, predicting a situation where they would be rescued. In that state, it was difficult to even knock them out, and every day was a hellish nightmare for them.


86 shoved her away, her shoulders raised, and pounded her to the ground.


She trembled, unable to summon the strength to stop her.

The only person who came to mind right now was the one who had saved them. The tall warrior who had rescued them from the orphanage and then disappeared without a trace.

45 took out a piece of paper from her pocket.

"We will meet again. Follow the knights."

When she saw the neatly written words of the warrior, her mind cleared up slightly. She ran back to grab 86.

"86, you can endure it! Stop!"

She grabbed 86's shoulders, but she was already acting without reason, and she was too strong to be restrained.

Watching this, Borini Kitten approached and hugged 86, who was biting her shoulder with her teeth. Although 86 bit down hard, Borini Kitten closed her eyes and gently patted her back.

"It's okay."

Borini Kitten gave a bitter smile, indicating that she should let go without suffering.


She wanted to cry, but no tears came. She wanted to scream, but no sound came out.

She couldn't do anything as she wished.

"How long... How long do I have to live like this?"

When she felt the agonizing pain of her soul, shadows appeared above her head. When she looked up, there was an elderly man with clear eyes approaching. He was wearing tattered rags, but instead of a foul odor, a pleasant fragrance emanated from him.

"It's okay now."

The old man lightly tapped 86's forehead with his finger.


With her eyes closed, 86 collapsed right there. She had a serene expression as if she had fallen asleep deeply.

"You should rest too."

As soon as the old man's hand touched her forehead, the voices in her head that had been screaming incessantly disappeared. It felt like her head had cleared for the first time in a long while.

However, before she could fully experience that feeling, an irresistible sleep poured over her. 45 closed her eyes and surrendered to slumber.

* * *

The old man wearing tattered clothes, Saint Doctor Federick, held the two children and gently laid them down on the floor so they wouldn't collapse.

"Uh, I'm honored to meet you, Saint!"

Borini Kitten respectfully nodded to Federick.

"How did you...?"

"Just wait a moment. I'll calm down the other children too."

Federick winked and took a light step. Whenever he moved, the children who had been causing a commotion fell asleep as if they had been put under a spell.

Borini Kitten watched in astonishment.

"Lately, it's been so difficult to put them to sleep..."

As the brainwashing grew more intense over time, the children had become more violent, and it had become impossible to put them to sleep even by manipulating their mana circuits. She couldn't believe how easily they had been put to sleep.

"It's all over now."

Federick, after putting all the children to sleep, dusted off his hands and approached.

"Do you happen to know who that man is? How did he know about this and give us instructions?"

Borini Kitten asked, swallowing her dry saliva.

"I don't know either. I came because he asked me to save the children."

Federick shook his head, indicating he had no knowledge.

"So, can we save the children?"

Borini Kitten asked, her hope undiminished, even in the face of Federick's ignorance.

"We need to examine them a bit more, but fortunately, the brainwashing was interrupted just before completion. The reason the children became so violent is probably because they were being urged to complete the brainwashing."

"Oh, so..."

Federick nodded, and Borini Kitten couldn't help but feel relieved.

"Yes, it seems we can save them."

Federick smiled and gently stroked 45's head.


Borini Kitten sighed with relief


He had experienced many things as a knight, but this was the first time he had felt so sad and powerless. He had desperately wanted to save the children, and now that the opportunity had come, he was truly grateful.

"As expected, you are a Saint! Thank you."

"No, I'm not that great."

Federick shook his head slowly.

'What's truly great is Raon.'

It was thanks to Raon that he was able to save these children. If he hadn't had the brainwashing research done on the maid who was in the house Yonaan, these poor children might not have been saved, or they might have suffered for a long time.

"For now, we need to take these children to north."

Federick nodded as he looked at the sleeping children.

"Why north...?"

"The cool natural winds up north have a good effect on clearing the brainwashing that lingers in their minds."

"I see. However, there may be those who want to attack these children..."

"Don't worry. My friend has a small branch family up north."

"A small branch family? Wait, could it be...?"


He nodded as he looked at Borini Kitten, who had opened her eyes.

"I'm planning to take them to Zieghart. He won't reject these kids."

Federick smiled, recalling the look in Raon's eyes, which always seemed to know everything.

'You can treat the children as you wish and take them to Zieghart.'

* * *

Raon, along with Dorian, completed a short yet long journey and arrived in the major city of Rocan, which was near Sepia Trading Company.

'It's a bit different from Cameloon.'

While Cameloon had glamorous and sophisticated buildings, Rocan had more tall but austere structures.

Unlike the guards in Cameloon who had moved casually, the guards in Rocan were more numerous and meticulously inspected each individual.

The people's attire also reflected the city's unique atmosphere, which felt rigid and dry.

However, there were similarities.

Like any major city, numerous people were bustling about, and the inner city market was lively with customers and merchants haggling, their harmonious voices echoing everywhere.


Dorian let out a sigh as he observed the city. He felt tense as they approached their destination.


Raon patted Dorian's shoulder and smiled.

"Secretly running away is no longer necessary. You're a Zieghart Swordsman now."

When Dorian heard that, his nervous gaze abruptly stopped.


Dorian smiled and nodded. Raon's words reassured him. He had been eager to do anything to save the children, and now that the opportunity had come, he was truly grateful.

"For now, let's go. I'll guide you."

With regained confidence, Dorian stepped forward.


Raon smiled and followed Dorian. However, he soon stopped.

“What's wrong again? Are you still feeling….”


Dorian shook his head.

“I just wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me?”

“Yes. If you hadn't helped me, I wouldn't be here now. I would have been lost.”

Dorian looked at Raon with a serious expression.

“Thank you for saving me.”

You're welcome.”

Raon smiled and nodded.

“I'm glad I could help.”

He was happy to be able to help Dorian, who was a good person and had a bright future ahead of him.

“Let's go now.”

Raon and Dorian continued on their way.

* * *

Dorian nodded and pointed ahead. "We've arrived."

"Hmm? This looks like just a marketplace."

Raon glanced around at the challenging buildings with a single glance.

"From here to there,"

Dorian gestured with his finger, indicating all the buildings. "All of these belong to the Sepia Trading Company."


Raon's eyes widened in surprise.

'All of this?'

He marveled at the diverse buildings where numerous people were bustling, trading various goods going in and out. Discovering that over a quarter of the city belonged to the Sepia Trading Company made the title of "Merchant's Paradise" even more fitting.


Raon grabbed Dorian's shoulder, his smile wide.

"Thank you."

"Uh, why all of a sudden...?"

Dorian looked baffled, his mouth agape.

'This is the Sepia Trading Company.'

It was much larger in scale than he had imagined.

In Raon's eyes, sparks similar to those when he was ready for battle flickered.

'This will be mine in the future. No, it'll be Dorian's?' (LMAO)

He's gone insane.

Wrath muttered in disbelief.

If Greed (Demon King) sees this, he'll kneel before this lunatic!

Note: there were 4 translations of Sepia.

Sepia Commerce Association 

Sepia Trading Company 

Sepia Merchant Guild

Sepia Merchant Association 

Which one should I use for the next chapters?


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