TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 127



Fist King Mok Hyun, who was currently protecting Cale, let out a brief chuckle.

"The Martial World is endless, or perhaps, everything unfolds from a state of nonexistence. (武)"

An aura of fire that covered the entire place and spread throughout the Kunlun Sect.

"It's an energy that will destroy any demon in its path."

He looked down from the roof. He couldn't see what was below, but he could sense what Young Master Kim was doing.

Therefore, he willingly got up from his spot.

"They're coming."

Led by In Ho, the Sect Leader, Jegal M-ryeo, and the other high-ranking Masters were approaching this direction.

'Jah. Even Brain Demon came.'

Furthermore, Brain Demon, who was said to be the third in command in the Demon Cult, followed him after riding in the sedan chair.

"It seems everyone is surprised."

The fact that Brain Demon had come personally to the Kunlun Sect was surprising, but what he didn't expect was that the Sect Leader would allow Brain Demon to accompany him.

It had never happened before in Kunlun's history.

But it made sense to him when he thought about the man who had caused all of this.

"The Sect Leader has seen the way."

He didn't know why Brain Demon had come to the Kunlun Sect.

But the Sect Leader now understood the true power of Young Master Kim and had allowed Brain Demon into his territory.

He wanted to show him what power resided in Kunlun.

'But this isn't all of Young Master Kim's power.'

Fist King eagerly awaited the moment when the seal that limited Young Master Kim would completely vanish.

Only then could he witness the limits of Martial Arts.

His body smoothly slid across the roof.

With Eunuch Wi and Mok Hee, it would be difficult to face them all with just the two of them.

"What's going on here?"

Everyone stopped in their tracks at Fist King's words as he landed on the ground.

Judging by the distribution, he was the tallest person here, and his strength was greater than anyone present.


When the Sect Leader hesitated and couldn't bring himself to speak, a warm voice came.

"It's an honor to meet you, Fist King."

Brain Demon, seated in his sedan chair, opened his mouth.

"Is the person here the famous Young Master Kim?"

Eunuch Wi, who stood behind Fist King, thought about the Demon Cult's information system.

'So the Demon Cult already has some knowledge of Young Master Kim.'

At the same time, he looked around.

Unlike the Namgung Family, the Martial Artists of the Kunlun Sect who hadn't come to see Young Master Kim's residence were now gathering at a certain distance.

This was to keep Brain Demon under control.

'They've been well trained.'

He also noticed that Kunlun was always in a state of war.

"That's right. This is Young Master Kim's residence."

"I see. I didn't know that Fist King was working as a bodyguard."

Meanwhile, Brain Demon chatted casually with Fist King.

"I didn't expect you to be someone else's guardian-"

Brain Demon added strangely, causing Mok Hee's eyebrows to lift slightly.

But Fist King's face remained calm.

He looked at the puzzled Brain Demon and the few Martial Artists from the Murim Alliance and Kunlun Sect who seemed to agree with him, and then he spoke.

"Do you really think so?"

At these words, Brain Demon's kindly smile hardened slightly.

"It's just like last time."

With those words from Fist King, the immense fire energy diminished in an instant.

Or rather, it returned to one place.

It was absorbed through the pavilion behind Fist King and disappeared as if it had never been there.

Byuk Sun muttered with a bewildered expression.

"Was he containing that immense fire energy within his body?"

At that moment, Sect Leader In Ho realized something, and his face stiffened.

'I hear the song of a bird.'

Then came the sound of birds flapping their wings.

He turned his head.

The birds were flying into the sky.

'Ah, I see.'

He had just realized.

When the Fire Energy covered the Kunlun Sect and this peak, he couldn't hear the songs of birds or other animals.

The beasts were also holding their breath.

Suppressed by this fire energy.

And when this energy disappeared, they moved quickly.

They didn't want to get caught in it. Like fleeing from a natural disaster.

'Ah, so this is the Power of Nature.'

The Sect Leader had no choice but to believe that Young Master Kim's cultivation was nature.

It was then...

-This is strange!

A terrified voice from Taoist Un Seon reached him through sound transmission.

Ih Ho's gaze landed on the woman nearby.

-Seon-ah, what's going on?

He was momentarily surprised by Un Seon's confused appearance.

-I'm sure... this isn't Young Master Kim's energy!

-What do you mean?

In Ho frowned at the incomprehensible message. Then, Namgung Mahee spoke up.

She looked at Young Master Kim's residence with a blank face, as if she couldn't see anyone else here.

"Does that mean an expert in the Nature Realm is capable of using the Five Elements?"

At these words, Byuk Sun responded.

"What do you mean by that?"

All eyes turned to Namgung Mahee.

But she remained silent, as if she didn't need to respond to their questions.

Then, Byuk Sun spoke again.

"Am I to understand that you mean to say you don't care how we interpret these words?"

He was asking if they could interpret and spread these words arbitrarily, meaning if they spread misinformation, would you be able to bear it?

At that moment, he saw a smile forming at the corner of Namgung Mahee's lips.

She spoke.

"No matter what you imagine, it will go beyond your imagination, Elder Byuk Sun."


Byuk Suk was left speechless, and the expressions of everyone changed.

In particular, Sect Leader In Ho couldn't hide the joy on his face as his gaze turned to Brain Demon.

Brain Demon still smiled warmly as he traveled in the sedan chair.

'But your head must be full of complications.'

The Sect Leader felt his spirits lifting and his heart lightening.

'To think that someone with such power would be willing to come to Kunlun first.'

Kunlun would be able to defend this land this time.

He choked back a sob. As the Sect Leader of Kunlun Sect, this was no place to show such weakness.

It was then...


A window of the pavilion opened.

And a voice was heard.

"Are you still here?"

"It's alright. Let me tell you something, well. Sometimes it's comfortable to stay in this room too."

"Well, now that you're covered in blood, I guess we should go."

"They should have done that from the beginning, huh...?"

Cale paused as he peeked his head out to respond.

'What's going on?'

Through the window, he could see a large crowd gathered.

The last time he had taken the elixir in the Namgung Family, it was Cale who was unaware of the situation outside because he was paying attention to Ron and changing clothes to tell the others that he was okay.

That's why, seeing so many eyes on him now, he paused and laughed reflexively.


With an outwardly innocent smile.


Then he remembered the blood at the corner of his lips.

-Wipe off the blood, Human!

Following Raon's words, Cale roughly wiped the blood from the corner of his lips with his sleeve.

Then he stopped.

The sleeves of his clothes were already soaked in blood.


Sui Khan sighed as he approached and wiped the corner of Cale's lips with a cloth.

Cale shook off Sui Khan's hand and took the cloth to wipe the corner of his lips.

-Human, you should wash up too.

Raon's sighing voice made Cale feel unnecessarily nervous.

"Human, don't laugh while vomiting blood in the future. You did it last time, and it's strange that you're smiling even more this time."

Cale closed his mouth.

But the corners of his lips moved upwards.

At that moment, Eunuch Wi rushed to his side.

"Young Master Kim, do you have anything to ask of me?"

"I think I need to change clothes, and I think I also need to clean up this mess."

Eunuch Wi's expression brightened at Cale's light-hearted response, but then he stopped as he saw the scene inside the room.

There was a lot of blood.

'The blood of Young Master Kim.'

It must be.

But how could he be so well after vomiting blood like that?

His complexion was even better.

Eunuch Wi hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"Young Master. Did you get the result you wanted?"

He could hear the hoarse response.

"Yes. The seal has loosened quite a bit."

Cale's smile was genuine. Though the blood was clear.

Cale couldn't help but think.

-Wow, I'll finally be able to live!

The voice of the Fire of Destruction spoke.


A gentle smile also appeared at the corners of Eunuch Wi's lips.

"Then I will do as you said."

"Oh, don't do it right away. But you can start preparing from now on."


Cale spoke indifferently to the surprised Eunuch Wi.

"Because there's one more thing."


"I speak of the elixir. I'll do it one more time."

This isn't the end?

When Eunuch Wi's eyes widened, Cale smiled satisfactorily.

Fire Flower.

It was an elixir worthy of legends.

He could see why Jungwon had contacted him through the mirror once more.

The seal of the Shield was currently broken at 70%, and that of the Water at 53%.

-And me?
And the Fire of Destruction.

The seal had unlocked up to 68% with just one Fire Flower.

Ring, ring, ring, ring.

"Raon, cover that with a blanket."

-Understood, Human!
Cale continued to ignore the Mirror that kept sending him messages. Most of the messages were complaints.

'Is he afraid of getting into trouble?'

Jungwon was trying to stop Cale because he was afraid of getting scolded.

Cale was annoyed by that attitude.

'I brought people into this world while risking my life, and he's worried about getting scolded?'

Furthermore, this was a matter related to his own world.

Cale was frustrated with Jungwon's passive-aggressive attitude, acting like he would do anything for him but not actually being much help.

At least Shaolen (Xiaolen) had a backbone.

In his previous world, Shaolen was surprisingly bold, and that's what gets a laborer excited to work, right?

'I'll do as I please.'

Cale decided to ignore Jungwon for now and focus on capturing the Blood Cult and the Blue Blood Family Hunters.

In that regard, he planned to take another elixir right away to unlock the Destruction Elemental Seal even further.

"Well, let's prepare your clothes then, and let's get ready to clean the room."

Cale hesitated for a moment but didn't pay it much mind and nodded.

"Yes. You can come back in a while."

He closed the window again.

Of course, as he closed the door, he made eye contact with Jegal Miryeo and the Sect Leader and gave them a slight nod.

With his gaze fixed on the closed window, Eunuch Wi slowly returned to where Fist King and the others were.



Fist King and Eunuch Wi stared at each other.

Most of the Martial Artists present here, including Fist King, had keen enough hearing to catch the conversation between Cale and Eunuch Wi.

That was because the level of Martial Arts of these people was high.

"I will guard this place," Fist King said, then turned to the Martial Artists.

"I ask that you all withdraw."

No one opposed his words.

They all withdrew, some with dumbfounded faces, others with deeply worried expressions.

Only Jegal Miryeo and Brain Demon had a smile on their lips.

Of course, they couldn't know what they were thinking.

Except for those who were originally on guard duty, the Martial Artists withdrew from Cale's residence.

But the eyes that looked at this place were still there.

And they were more insistent.

But Fist King ignored them.

He only swallowed his admiration for the Fire Energy rising from under the roof once again.

"Now that Namgung Mahee has figured it out, the Namgung Family will know."

And with Namgung Mahee's comments, others must have noticed as well.

It was a part that even Fist King noticed right away.

"In the Namgung Family, it was Water and Wood."

And now it's Fire.

"Young Master Kim is breaking the seals one by one."

Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Wood are the five elements of the so-called Five Elements of Yin Yang.

In Young Master Kim's case, he seemed to have added one more: Wind.

"Are there actually Six Elements?"

What would happen if he broke all those seals?

It would be nature itself.

Fist King raised his head.

Once again, everything fell silent.

Only the Fire Energy could be felt.


The old man could only admire the infinite state of nothingness even after living for a long time.


"Young Master."

Eunuch Wi told Cale, who was eating somen noodles.

"The General Commander wants to see you."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Also, the Sect Leader wants to see you."


"Yes. Brain Demon has also requested a visit, and Byuk Sun, Namgung Mahee, Peng Yu, and Jeong Chan..."

When Cale's expression wavered at the endless visit requests, he asked.

"When you say Jeong Chan, do you mean the Living Jiangshi?"


"Then I'll have to see Jeong Chan at least once."

Jeong Chan, the Living Jiangshi, a Promising Talent of Shaolin.

"The rest..."

Cale was in a good mood as he went back to eating his noodles.

Yesterday afternoon, the Destruction Elemental Seal had opened up to 72%.

Just thinking about it, the somen noodles he ate in the morning seemed delicious.

"Young Master."

At that moment, Eunuch Wi said with a very puzzled expression.

"Brain Demon says that if he doesn't see Young Master Kim first, he won't speak with the Justice Faction."


A look of confusion crossed Cale's face.

At that moment...


A loud crash came from a distance.

"What happened?"

Cale let go of the chopsticks he was holding.

"Could it be Brain Demon, or a clash between the Demon Cult and Kunlun?"

Eunuch Wi said with a stern face and rushed out to find out.

Then he returned with a solemn expression.

"...Young Master."

"What's going on?"

Cale's face was serious, and his expression was equally stoic.

This was not a look he usually wore.


"Please, speak."


After hesitating, Eunuch Wi wiped the corners of his eyes with one hand and said.

"Sima Jung and Ha Mun wanted to see the boss, I mean, Young Master, so they broke down the main gate of Kunlun Sect while begging to be let in."

Sima Jung, the trash from the Evil Faction.

Ha Mun, Nokrim's (Green Forest) Second-in-Command.

"...But it seems Du Kang Daehyup, who was with them, had something to do with it."

And that crazy Toonka from Roan.

The three of them were at it.


Cale put down the chopsticks and stood up.

His face twisted into a grimace.

"I'll go too."

However, just as Choi Han unsheathed his sword and spoke softly, Cale's expression brightened.

"Choi Han. I trust you."


Choi Han was the best at catching people like Toonka.

Cale left the room, his face lit up.

He headed for the destroyed main gate of Kunlun Sect.


At that moment, Brain Demon handed a letter to the messenger and said firmly.

"This must be delivered to the Heavenly Demon immediately. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Elder."

The messenger was of his flesh and blood, so he could be trusted.

Brain Demon closed his eyes as he watched the messenger depart.

"At last, the man the Heavenly Demon was searching for has arrived."

Opening his eyes again, his gaze shifted to the pavilion where Young Master Kim resided. 



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