TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 128


A sign hung on the main gate of Kunlun Sect.

The sign with the word "Kunlun" fell to the ground.


The sign broke.


Taoist Un Seon, who had just arrived, looked at the broken sign with astonishment and then turned her head.

She was speechless.

Wooden splinters from the shattered gate were flying in the air.

"T-The main gate..."

"Pavilion Master!"

Un Seon supported the Pavilion Master by grabbing his shoulders.

The Pavilion of Customs and Truth. As the Pavilion Master in charge of the pavilion dealing with the manners and conduct of Kunlun Sect, he seemed quite taken aback to see the main gate toppled and the sign cracked.

Of course, it was partly because he was a bit weak for a Pavilion Master.

But Un Seon understood how he felt.

"What a mess..."

No one heard her mutter. Because her voice was drowned out.

"These damn Evil Faction bastards dared to destroy Kunlun Sect's main gate!"

Byuk Sun shouted.

"You're not even a member of the Great Kunlun Sect, so why are you coming out? Are you even confused about your own affiliation now?"

Nokrim's Second-in-Command, Ha Mun, retorted.

"What, you ignorant bandit!"

"You should be stoned if you can't argue with an ignorant bandit."

"Hmph, what a bunch of hypocrites! You let in Demon Cultists but not the Evil Faction? Furthermore, you disrespect me, the representative of Nokrim, and the children of the Sima Family; this is disrespecting the Evil Alliance!"

Ha Mun shouted proudly and turned his head.

He looked at Sima Jung and the bastards of the Sima Family, who had initially been at odds with him but were now on the same side.

"Sima Jung, as the son of the Evil Alliance Leader, don't you think the same?"

And then he stopped.

"No, that guy!"

Unconsciously, he was startled and shouted.


Byuk Sun, who was looking in the same direction, could only sigh in disbelief.

Hiding his embarrassment, Ha Mun called out again, this time louder.

"Sima Jung!"

"What is it?"

As if he had heard his voice, Sima Jung stopped walking and turned around.

Sima Jung was already ascending the stairs to the headquarters of Kunlun Sect while Byuk Sun and Ha Mun were arguing and the members of Kunlun Sect were looking at the broken gate with puzzled faces.

"If you called me, you should tell me why! Why are you calling me?" His tone sounded annoyed, as he was busy and bothered.

'That bastard!'

Ha Mun was flabbergasted.

'Do you break someone's house's gate and barge in directly?'

Even if you're someone from the Evil Faction, this isn't right, is it?

Ha Mun's face twisted as he realized once again why Sima Jung was nicknamed the worst Trash of the Evil Faction at the moment.

"That guy!"

And in the end, Byuk Sun couldn't take it anymore and burst out in a roar.

"Un Seon."

"Yes, Pavilion Master."

"Get rid of him."

Just regaining his senses, the Pavilion Master looked at the people from the Evil Faction with cold eyes, especially Sima Jeong.

Just then, a new person appeared on the scene.

Sima Jung's younger brother, Sima Gong, and his subordinates.


Perplexity gushed out of his mouth as he finally understood the situation.


Peng Yu from the Martial Alliance had also arrived at the main gate with Martial Artists from the Hebei Peng Family, and when he saw the scene, he sighed.

It was a mess where you could see the approximate situation without thinking deeply.

"What, don't you have anything to say? Then can I come in?"

Sima Jung was the only one who remained indifferent to the situation.

He started climbing the stairs to Kunlun Sect's headquarters again at a brisk pace, then paused and stopped.

"What's up, my friend?"

Du Kang (Toonka).

This wonderful friend of Sima Jung's recognition was standing by the collapsed main gate with his arms crossed.

When his friend, who was supposed to follow him, stood still, Sima Jung walked up to Tppnka.

Then, Toonka opened his eyes and spoke softly.

"They're here."

Sima Jung stopped in his tracks, his usual extravagant and somewhat foolish character nowhere to be seen.


The wind blew.

-Human, we have arrived!

And they could see Cale and Choi Han descending from the air to the ground.

"What is that ability?"

Peng Yu from the Hebei Peng Family could see as the whirlwind started near their feet and dissipated as Young Master Kim descended to the ground.

'Is it a martial art? What kind of technique is this?'

It didn't seem to involve Inner Energy.

Suddenly, something Peng Yu had heard before came to mind.

"Does that mean a Nature Realm expert can control the Five Elements?"

Words spoken by Namgung Mahee.

Peng Yu tried to remain calm, but his heart was pounding.

"Yes, only those who master the Five Elements could control the wind."

It was such an astonishing realization that left him speechless.

However, the moment Peng Yu saw the expression on the Kunlun Sect Pavilion Master's face, he could tell that his own reaction was much calmer compared to others.


"Mr. Pavilion Master?"

Peng Yu called him because of the Pavilion Master's strange appearance, but the Pavilion Master could only stare at Cale and Choi Han.

'The wind itself.'

Kunlun Sect's Eight Great Heavenly Dragon Techniques.

It's a martial art that focuses on movement.

Every step a person takes. An ability that contained countless things in each step one took, as martial arts would consider it.

Therefore, it held the idea that a human step is like a dragon strolling among the clouds.

The example and conduct of Kunlun.

In other words, the Pavilion of Customs and Truth was a place where Kunlun's appearance was highly valued, and therefore, the fundamentals of Kunlun were explored and researched extensively.

Kunlun's appearance will vary depending on what Kunlun is and where Kunlun aims.

So when he saw Cale appear like this, he was more shocked than when Cale used his Fire of Destruction to silence Kunlun.

He got goosebumps.

'That exquisite and dignified appearance when walking...'

It's like a dragon playing among the clouds!

Cale quickly arrived using Raon's magic and the Wind Element Power to get to the main gate, but that was just a convenience to avoid walking up the stairs.

'Kunlun's appearance is contained there.'

As an added benefit, it also stirred the Pavilion Master's heart.

'Indeed, his steps are not grand.'

There is no sense of authority, nor momentum.

He simply took one step down from the air to the ground.

But that's what makes it so subtle and dignified.

'Because it's just one step.'

When a baby takes its first step, it is not filled with deep meanings or majestic intentions.

It's just one step.

Because it wants to walk.

'Yes, that's the essence that should be contained in a step.'

The Pavilion Master's eyes sparkled.

"M-Master Pavilion-nim!"

Although Un Seon was astonished, the Pavilion Master pushed away Un Seon's support and closed his eyes. Then, he sat down cross-legged and left a word before entering his own world.


Un Seon's eyes widened.

The Pavilion Master had a sudden enlightenment.

And immediately, he immersed himself in his own world. So Un Seon signaled to Kunlun Sect Martial Artists and entrusted them with the task of protecting the Pavilion Master, despite the chaos they were in.

Meanwhile, she headed towards Young Master Kim.

Because she realized that what the Pavilion Master was asking for was not to protect him but tranquility.

"Young Master Kim."

"I'm sorry."


When Un Seon saw him, she paused at Young Master Kim's apologies.

In response to the quiet but sincere apology, she involuntarily looked into Young Master Kim's eyes. Upon that, Young Master Kim painted a kind smile on his lips. With apologies, of course.

"From what I've heard, this happened because they were making a fuss about seeing me. Additionally, my comrade, Du Kang, also assisted with this."

Peng Yu and Byuk Sun were stunned by the scene.

The last time the two sides clashed, Young Master Kim had cleared the field with tremendous momentum.

He hadn't been authoritative then, but he had the air of a frenzied ruler, pressing from all sides.

But now he was gentle and kind.

"No, that's not something you need to apologize for, Young Master Kim. I heard that Du Kang Daehyup didn't lift a hand but broke a couple of doors trying to stop Lord Ha Mun from jumping through them." (Note: Remember that Daehyup means Great Warrior)

Cale looked at Toonka curiously at Un Seon's response.

"Ahem. That's right."

Toonka squared his shoulders with an air of self-satisfaction. For some reason, Cale didn't like his look, but Toonka chuckled and turned to Choi Han, who had approached him, and tapped him on the back of the neck.

"Stun him."

Choi Han's face showed a rare trace of irritation, but Toonka stood his ground.

"I wouldn't disgrace my best friend's face!"

Then he turned to Cale and shot him a look of "I did well, right?".

'Wow, you're so annoying.'

Cale was genuinely annoyed.

But still, a kind smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

"Nevertheless, this happened to see me, so I will compensate you accordingly."

"No, Young Master!"

Un Seon said it wasn't necessary, but Cale shook his head as if it were.

The smile faded from his lips.

"I heard that Kunlun's gates were only broken when war broke out."

Compared to the other Nine Great Sects and Five Great Families, Kunlun's gates had been broken many, many times.

The reason was that the Demon Cult had to defeat the Kunlun Sect before it could go to the Central Plains.

Therefore, Kunlun's gates, which had many battles with the Demon Cult, were smashed more than other places.

A sign on the main gate.


Breaking those words was the beginning of the enemy's invasion of Kunlun.

"I'm sorry."

The calm voice of Young Master Kim echoed around him.

"My heart aches for having destroyed that proud gate for this reason. So please let me pay for it."

Un Seon looked at Young Master Kim with trembling eyes.

Yes, he's like that.

Young Master Kim's power was immeasurable, but the beauty of his mind and the breadth of his heart were equally immeasurable.

He was very deep and very broad.

'He was the first to say he was willing to come to Kunlun.'

Since he's a person like that, he must know the pride of the name Kunlun better than anyone else.

The voice of Young Master reached the ears of Taoist Un Seon and other members of the Kunlun Sect.

"I will prepare a gate stronger and sturdier than any other, a gate that will not easily break."

Un Seon looked into Young Master Kim's eyes.

Firm and unwavering eyes.

She realized at that moment that any further rejection would mean pushing away his heart.

Un Seon held back her pounding heart.

'A gate stronger than any other!'

Young Master Kim was not a man of few words.

He always stayed one step ahead and looked very far.

Elder Ho, who had been with him longer, could be sure of that.

The Demon Cult is coming.

The battle with them is about to begin again.

The one who knew Kunlun Sect's situation best said he would build a stronger and more impenetrable gate.

What does he mean by that?

Does it simply mean a strong gate?

This smart person wouldn't have said it with such a simple meaning.

'He really intends to help Kunlun.'

No, not just Kunlun, but he is also trying to protect the Justice Faction and all of the Central Plains.

From the senseless destruction that a war against the Demon Cult would cause.

Un Seon realized the answer she could give.

She looked around.

The people of Kunlun, her own people, were looking at her with the same eyes.

Now she was convinced and spoke up.

"Thank you, Young Master. We will gladly accept."

At that moment, Un Seon could see Young Master Kim smiling cheerfully.

He truly seemed pleased.

"For my part, I thank you. I will make sure it's a very sturdy gate."

Cale thought to himself.

'The situation has been resolved.'

The last thing he needed was for the Evil Faction and Kunlun to fight here.

Furthermore, if the Demon Cult also got involved, everything would have become even more chaotic.

'It's already complicated enough, best to keep things as clean as possible.'

Anyway, Toonka was also involved, so it would be better for him to apologize. After all, as a member of the Royal Family, who could blame him for apologizing?

'Hmm, I should go see Eunuch Wi and ask him to fix the main gate.'

The Imperial Family has a lot of money.

They will surely make a good and strong gate.

'That's what the Imperial Family is for.'

Cale smiled with satisfaction.

Then he turned to Sima Gong and spoke in a low voice.

"Sima Gong Daehyup."

"Yes, Young Master."

Sima Gong swallowed hard.

A man with Young Master Kim's martial skill level was apologizing to Kunlun and taking responsibility for the misdeeds of the Evil Faction as his own.

Furthermore, his behavior was kind.

But it was not humble or insincere.

It was terrifying.

Therefore, Sima Gong quickly opened his mouth before Young Master Kim could.

'Young Master Kim must not look at the Evil Faction in the worst way! I can't let him turn a blind eye to the Evil Faction!

He bowed.

"I'm sorry, Young Master-nim."

Cale was puzzled. He just wanted to tell him to control his faction properly.

'But this is fine too.'

Then Cale continued.

"You shouldn't apologize to me but to Kunlun, right?"


Sima Gong nodded.

The Kunlun Sect let out a small sigh.

And the people on the side of the Martial Alliance had the same reaction.

Peng Yu heard the muttered words from Byuk Sun.

"...So this is righteousness and purity."

After that, Cale didn't see anything else to do, so he bowed and returned to his quarters.

After getting Enlightenment and opening his eyes, the Pavilion Master listened to all the conversations with Un Seon and left a message.

"There is no hardness in the steps of those who know reason and morality, only naturalness. Only dignity will remain in the place that has been passed by the one who knows reason and morality. Because it is the place through which the one who knows reason and morality has passed."

This incident and the Pavilion Master's words spread throughout the Kunlun Sect.

And at the end of the explanation of this matter, a conclusion was drawn with the last words left by the Pavilion Master.

"Even if Kunlun's gates are broken and the sign fades, the dignity of the path Kunlun has walked will not disappear, just like the steps of Young Master Kim."

Of course, Cale had no idea that such a thing was being said.

He had to meet a new guest.


"Pleased to meet you, Young Master."

"Pleased to meet you too. I didn't expect to see the General Commander of the Demon Cult, Brain Demon."

Cale greeted Brain Demon with a gentle smile.

-Human, that Brain Demon looks like Billos!

Raon thought the same.

-But there's something strange in his eyes! He reminds me of Clopeh for some reason.

Then, stunned by Raon's words, he looked into Brain Demon's eyes.

In the pupils hidden behind his kind face...

'It's true.'

Something strange flickered and burned in them.

He resembled Clopeh, who always rambled about legends.

'It's suspicious.'

Cale, who was having his first conversation with someone from the Demon Cult, felt uneasy about the inexplicable coldness and nervously rubbed his neck.



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