RDM (Novel) Chapter 511

 C 511

The Two Evils of Changsha scattered in different directions.

Even though Blood Rakshasa Lee Chu-su was young, she had made a name for herself as a rising star in Kangho.

Although her fame was limited to the Poyang Lake region, the Two Evils of Changsha was already well aware of her reputation and martial art prowess.

Gathering information on trends and dangerous people was fundamental to survival in Kangho.


Lee Chu-su could only smirk as she watched the two flee in different directions.

It seemed like she had given up trying to track them down. But she wasn't the kind of person to let someone who disrespected her go.

She was simply biding her time because she had faith in something. Soon, it became clear what she had put her faith in.




With a violent crashing sound, the Two Evils of Changsha were flung back to their original spot.


"Did you think you could insult Blood Rakshasa and get away with it?"

Through the window from which the two evils of Changsha had jumped, two women entered.

They were as splendidly dressed in red as Lee Chu-su herself.

One was as gorgeous as a red rose, and the other was as neat as a lily.

The gorgeous one exuded an aura of passion, while the neat one's expression was as cold as ice.

The moods were completely opposite, but also similar.

They slowly approached the Two Evils of Changsha.

"Did these bitches ambush us?"

"Damn it!"

The Two Evils of Changsha hastily picked themselves up, radiating a threatening aura.

Despite being ambushed and flung back into the inn, they weren't gravely injured.

"Who are you two?"

"We are the Ice-Flame twins of the Blood Patrol Unit," the women proudly declared.

The woman as vibrant as a rose was Jang Hwa-yong, and the woman as pure as a lily was Bing Ha-ran.

They were Lee Chu-su's most trusted sisters and co-leaders of the Blood Patrol Unit.

The comrades that Lee Chu-su had planned to meet at the inn were Jang Hwa-yong and Bing Ha-Ran.

They were just as notorious as Lee Chu-su, gaining a wicked reputation of their own

"Ice-Flame twins?"

"Damn it!"

The Two Evils of Changsha cursed.

They were familiar with the infamous reputation of the Ice-Flame twins.

They were said to be more dangerous than Lee Chu-su - these were the Ice-Flame twins.

Without any hesitation, the two Two Evils of Changsha launched an all-out attack on the Ice-Flame twins.

In an instant, Bing Ha-ran spread her palm wide and blocked the attack head-on.

This was her technique known as the "Heavenly Ice Hand."


The Heavenly Ice Hand deflected the Two Evils of Changsha's attack.

Unable to counter the shock, the Two Evils of Changsha staggered.

At that moment, Jang Hwa-yong approached and swung her fist at them.


Her small fist struck the Two Evils of Changsha's body over a dozen times in an instant.



The Two Evils of Changsha vomited blood from the shock. It felt as if they had been hit all over with a sledgehammer. Their faces immediately swelled up.

At that moment, Lee Chu-su, who had remained still until now, made her move.


Something glinted at her waist, and a bloody line appeared on the Two Evils of Changsha's necks.

The Two Evils of Changsha's eyes bulged.

The bloody line on their necks deepened, and soon, blood started oozing out.

Lee Chu-su had slashed their throats with her swift sword.

It was an awe-inspiring combo.

Bing Ha-ran blocked,Jang Hwa-yong suppressed, and then Lee Chu-su delivered the decisive blow.


The Two Evils of Changsha's body collapsed.

They writhed like bugs and then abruptly met their ends.

Lee Chu-su gazed coldly at their corpses.

"Dare to challenge us, you vermin?"

She had killed two men in an instant, but she didn't feel any guilt.


Lee Chu-su called out.


The Innkeeper rushed over with a terrified look.

He didn't want to come at all, but as the Innkeeper, he couldn't run away.

Lee Chu-su took out a pouch from her bosom and threw it to the Innkeeper.

"Clean up these corpses. That should cover the disturbance."

"Ah, yes, understood."

The Innkeeper's face noticeably brightened when he confirmed the amount in the pouch.

The task of cleaning up corpses was distasteful, but for the amount of money he received, he was more than willing to put in the effort.

He hastily called the servant to help him with the clean-up.

Lee Chu-su and the Ice-Flame twins waited until the bodies were completely cleared before taking a seat.

Lee Chu-su said to the Ice-Flame twins with a smile,

"I'm a little late."

"Ha-ran got lost again."


"She's hopeless with directions, yet so stubborn."

Jang Hwa-yong shook her head as if tired. Bing Ha-ran defended herself,

"It's not my fault. The person who gave me directions was wrong."

"He gave you the right directions."

"No, he didn't. Don't you trust me?"

"I don't."


Bing Ha-ran pouted slightly at Jang Hwa-yong's firm answer. But that was momentary, and soon

she smiled and said to Lee Chu-su,

"Did you wait long?"

"No, I didn't wait long."

"That's good. I thought I was really late."

"Listen to Jang Hwa-yong next time."

"You're always too bossy... Fine.

In the end, Bing Ha-ran backed down.

She realized that there was no point in arguing.

She looked around the inn, her face slightly grim.

The inn was as quiet as if there was no one there.

This was because the martial artists, frightened by their show of force, didn't dare to breathe loudly.


Bing Ha-ran scoffed at those martial artists.

There was a look of contempt on her face.

Having reached a high level at a young age, she had developed a bad habit of looking down on others.

The same was true for Jang Hwa-yong.

Having always been on a successful path, they lacked understanding for those lagging behind.

They tended to ridicule those inferior to them.

They trusted and followed Lee Chu-su like an older sister.

Despite their short time in Kangho, they were notorious due to their ruthless hands.

In times of peace, they would never be welcomed, but these were troubled times.

During such chaos in Kangho, strong and resolute individuals like them were highly valued.The

Golden Heavenly Hall also made heavy use of the patrol team, led by the girls.

Despite their notoriety for brutal methods, from the Golden Heavenly Hall's perspective, they were extremely effective weapons.

Their standing allowed them to have an independent command within the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Lee Chu-su asked in a low voice,

"How did it go with the investigation?"

"Just as you predicted, sister, there seems to be a meeting happening here."

"Location and time?"

"We haven't found that out yet."

Jang Hwa-yong shook her head.

Bing Ha-ran confidently said,

"Don't worry, sister! I'm currently in contact with the Hao Clan. Through them, we'll be able to find the gathering spot of those sneaky figures in no time."

"Use the Hao Clan, but make sure they don't notice. Understand?"

"Of course."

Bing Ha-ran nodded.

Lee Chu-su murmured,

"If the Hundred-Man Association thought they could avoid our eyes by secretly meeting in

Dongting Lake, instead of Poyang Lake, they're mistaken."

The Hundred-Man Association was a recently discovered organisation.

On the surface, they seemed to have no connection with the Golden Heavenly Hall  or the Silver Lotus Hall, but in reality, they were a gathering of supporters for the Silver Lotus Hall.

They secretly ran gambling dens, supporting the Silver Lotus Hall.

Their support was so great that the Silver Lotus Hall was thriving and the Golden Heavenly Hall was suffering significant losses. That's why the Golden Heavenly Hall had put Lee Chu-su on the case.

Lee Chu-su was leading a team to track the Hundred-Man Association.

Tracking the Hundred-Man Association was no easy task.

They never gathered in one place.

Only a few key members avoided the eyes of the Golden Heavenly Hall to meet regularly. One of them was said to be holding a gambling den that had gained profits.

Lee Chu-su's goal was to capture those in the meeting and secure the gambling house.

She said to Jang Hwa-yong and Bing Ha-Ran,

"We have to secure the gambling den, no matter what it takes."

"Don't worry. Even if we have to kill everyone in our way, we will secure it."

"Our investigation team is the strongest. No one can protect the gambling den from us."


Chae Mu-ok frowned deeply as he looked at Lee Chu-su's group.

He was too far from their table to hear what they were saying.

In the past, just the sight of such beautiful women gathered would have made his heart race.

As a man, Chae Mu-ok naturally found beautiful women attractive. However, after witnessing

their brutal methods, those feelings disappeared.

Their martial arts skills were such that they could have easily subdued the two evils of Changsha without killing them. But instead, they chose to kill them like swatting a fly.

After killing the evils of Changsha, they showed no guilt or remorse and were engrossed in their


They seemed incredibly inhumane to Chae Mu-ok.

Their beauty no longer appeared attractive to him.

Sal-No laughed at Chae Mu-ok.

"Hehe! Your expression is quite a sight."


"Why do you look like you've lost everything? That's the kind of face only old men like me should be making."


"Is it because of those ladies?"


"They were too brutal?"


"You'll have to become like that too."


"If you have decided to live by the sword in Kangho, you must also be so ruthless.


"Of course, the choice is yours."

Sal-no gave a smile and raised his wine cup.

Suddenly, Chae Mu-ok looked at Pyo Wol.

Despite travelling together for a few days, he still didn't know Pyo Wol's true identity.

Both Do Yeonsan and Nam Shin-woo treated him kindly, but they strictly withheld information regarding Pyo Wol.

Jin So-myeong from the three blue pavilion.

That was the identity of Pyo Wol as far as Chae Mu-ok knew.

But he knew, it wasn't his true identity. He also had intuition. But he hadn't found out what his true identity was yet.

Sal-no looked at the pondering Chae Mu-ok with a smile.

He hadn't realised how fun it could be to watch a boy who had nothing to do with the murim world.

Then, Pyo Wol asked Chae Mu-ok.

"Have you decided?"


"Golden Heavenly Hall or the Silver Lotus Hall, it seems like it's time to choose one, doesn't it?"

"I haven't decided yet."


"Well, I'm having trouble deciding......"

"It seems like neither side appeals to you much."


"Either way, we're not far from Poyang Lake. It would be good to decide before we get there."

"I will do so."

Chae Mu-ok responded weakly.

When they reached Poyang Lake, he would have to part with them.

Although they hadn't been together for a long time, he had grown quite fond of them.

The thought of being alone again filled him with a sense of melancholy.

Thinking about it sapped his appetite.

Chae Mu-ok finished his meal half-heartedly and went to his room.

He was sharing a room with Nam Shin-woo.

Nam Shin-woo was already fast asleep, but Chae Mu-ok couldn't sleep easily and just stared at the ceiling.


It was right at that moment when he heard a loud noise.

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