TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 126


Kunlun Sect.

Pavilions that lived up to their name stood majestically atop the surrounding mountains and clouds.

They were not luxurious, but their rustic appearance, in harmony with nature, made them seem even more dignified.

Though well-kept, you could see the mark of human touch.

The affection of those who lived in the Kunlun Sect was reflected in every detail.

"Young Master, the Sect Leader has invited you to dinner tonight. What would you like to do about it?"

In the center of all these pavilions, a small pavilion was somewhat secluded. It wasn't large, but it exuded a feeling of being a special place for distinguished guests. It was a simple yet clean and tidy place.

Cale occupied one of the few rooms in that pavilion and replied:

"Please decline it."

Chief Eunuch Wi nodded as if he had expected that response.

At that moment, only Cale and his group were staying in the pavilion.

"Yes, understood."

After responding without beating around the bush, Chief Eunuch Wi hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"Young Master, are you thinking of unlocking that?"

His eyes shifted slightly at the end of the sentence, but then he met Cale's direct gaze.

"Meaning, do you intend to unlock his seal?"

Some looks among those present turned to Wi when he mentioned the two boxes placed on the table in front of Cale. Among them, Fist King, who seemed to want to express no emotions, stubbornly fixed his gaze on the two boxes.

At that moment, Cale's straightforward voice could be heard.

"Yes, that's what I intend to do. Now that I know Jang Hyung is a Living Jiangshi, my power is not sufficient."


Wi held back the sigh that was about to escape.

"Not enough?"

Even though he had reached the Nature Realm?

But he couldn't say that Cale's judgment was wrong.

"I never thought a Living Jiangshi could be the next Sect Leader."

After seeing Old Priest Durst vomit, Cale's group and Jegal Miryeo immediately realized the seriousness of the situation.

The people of the Kunlun Sect and the others from the Murim Alliance negotiation group might be resting on their laurels right now, but for those who knew, the situation had already become more complicated.

Therefore, Cale's current actions were the right ones.

But even with that thought, his heart was not at ease.

"Then, the blood—"

In the Namgung Family, Young Master Kim unlocked part of his seal. At that moment, a fresh but refreshing energy with the scent of trees covered the Namgung Family.

Upon sensing that great power, the Namgung Family appreciated and respected Young Master Kim even more, but Chief Eunuch Wi knew of a slightly different situation.

"The blood?"

Why did he bring it up all of a sudden? However, Wi's expression stiffened as he continued to speak.

When he saw the blood-soaked garment of Young Master Kim, which Ron, Young Master Kim's personal servant, had brought, he realized how difficult and painful the process of breaking the seal was.

"I don't know why or what kind of seal was placed on Young Master Kim."

However, even now, if it was a seal that a strong person couldn't easily break, it was difficult to measure how terrifying it would be.

"I don't have the power or justification to prevent Young Master Kim from starting this painful process again."

Therefore, Chief Eunuch Wi bowed his head and said.

"I will protect you in the meantime."

At that moment, Sui Khan took a step forward.

"I'll be by your side."

"Me too!"

Raon raised his short and chubby front paws.

Fist King intervened.

"I'll take care of the roof."

Chief Eunuch Wi was the last to speak.

"I'll watch the doors."

"I'll help too."

With the addition of Fist King's great-granddaughter, Mok Hee, their roles were set.

Cale's expression became strangely uneasy as he listened.

"Is it really necessary?"

With Sui Khan and Raon by his side, he would understand, but taking care of the roof or the front door was not their job.

But Cale didn't stop them.

"It's distracting to have so many people around."

Thankfully, Fist King, Chief Eunuch Wi, and Mok Hee would watch over him from a distance.

Everyone else in the pavilion had their own tasks to attend to.

"Let's check the goods first."

Cale unwrapped one by one the two bundles wrapped in red cloth.

Two wooden boxes came into view.

They were made of the same material.

"Fire, wind, earth. One of the three."

Without hesitation, Cale opened the wooden box.


Instead, he prayed silently.

Hoping it was what he desired.

And upon seeing the open box, Sui Khan asked Cale.

"You're going to start right away, aren't you?"


Cale responded obediently, and a constant tinkling sound emanated from his arms.

Ring, ring, ring!

But Cale ignored it.

The Chief Eunuch Wi, who was above him, spoke in an admiring voice. His voice trembled.

"This, this is... the Burning Flower!"

A flower that contained living fire.

"A treasure of the Imperial Family...!"

The Emperor believed Cale's words that he would save the Central Plains, so he wagered such a treasure of the Imperial Family.

A flower so rare that it was incomparable to the elixirs he had consumed before in the Namgung Family.

Inside the wooden box was an active Longevity Formation. Therefore, the flower was still alive.

It was a flower that harbored the known legend that the first Emperor of this land received a gift from the gods.

Cale also opened the rest of the boxes.

"Fire Ginseng...!"

Chief Eunuch Wi was surprised again.

Compared to the Burning Flower, it was less impressive, but it was still a renowned elixir.

It was an elixir that grew in lava and also had fire properties.

Cale clenched his fist under the table.


This should be enough to break the Fire of Destruction seal!

Then purifying the Living Jiangshi will be easier.

Ring, ring, ring, ring!

Continuously, Jungwon, the Central Plains World, sent messages to Cale. (Note: Remember that I use the name Jungwon to refer to the character who plays the role of the Central Plains World)

Cale finally took out the Mirror and read the message.

<If you eat all of this, I might be punished by the God of Balance! Couldn't you just eat the Fire Ginseng?>

<Even if you consume the Burning Flower, your seal will be released a little, making you feel much more comfortable. It's necessary for balance and causes and effects to be aligned. However, these incredible elixirs are not from the Human Realm but from the Realm of the Gods.>

Cale only said one word.

"So, I can't do it?"

Perhaps Jungwon sensed frustration in his indifferent voice.

Ring, ring.

<...No, no. It's okay... It's not like the balance of the world is going to collapse... I'm just afraid of getting in trouble with the God of Balance...>

Cale brushed it off cleanly, flipping the Mirror and placing it abruptly on the floor. He wouldn't look at it anymore.

"Then let's begin."

With simple words, Cale decided to release the seal again.

'I'm not asking for much.'

50%. He just wanted about half of the seal to be released.


"The preparations may not be the best, but we would appreciate it if you accepted them wholeheartedly."

Byuk Sun immediately responded to In Ho's words.

"I've already received more than enough hospitality, Sect Leader."

"Thank you for saying that, Byuk Sun." (Note: Remember that Byuk Sun is one of the Five Saints of the Justice Faction, and his nickname is: Splitter Saint)

The two men were more or less the same age.

Jegal Miryeo smiled slightly and looked at the table.

The meal prepared by Kunlun was nothing out of the ordinary.

In fact, it could be said to be meager compared to the dinners he used to have in the Jegal Family.

However, judging by their neat attire, Kunlun had done their best to treat the Martial Artists of the Murim Alliance as well as possible.

"Because the Sect Leader wants to somehow avoid a direct confrontation with the Demon Cult."

And indeed, everyone here was aware of the purpose of this menu.

The fact that the key members of the Murim Alliance, including the General Commander and Byuk Sun, were invited to the meal along with the key leaders of the Kunlun Sect, was a sufficient indication of Kunlun's preparation for war.

Even the most diligent Taoist sects prepared a feast for their guests. This was true even though Kunlun was the poorest of the Nine Great Sects.

"That's why they don't spend on vanities and spend every penny preparing for war."

The expressions on the faces of the Martial Artists, including the General Commander and Byuk Sun, became a little heavier.

This was because they realized the gravity of the situation.

At that moment, Sect Leader In Ho spoke up.

"We have included the topic of negotiations with the Demon Cult."

He looked at the General Commander and said.

"Sooner or later, the Demon Cult will send someone, and we can finalize the details of the schedule and negotiation methods."

It had already been agreed that there would be a seat at the table for negotiations; it was just a matter of finalizing the details.

'I'm worried.'

Jegal Miryeo's heart became complicated.

'Jang Hyung is a Living Jiangshi.'

After learning that fact, her concerns about the negotiation team that would be sent from the Demon Cult grew, and her anxiety that a variable might arise in the Kunlun Sect, which she believed to be an ally, also grew.

'What should I do?'

As she pondered...

"Let's start eating."

With In Ho's words, the meal began.

And then...


In Ho lowered the spoon he held in his hand and let out a sigh.

His gaze shifted to the door.

Soon, the closed door opened.

Seeing it, the General Commander was sure he had received some kind of Sound Transmission.


On the other side of the open door, a member of the Kunlun Sect bowed and spoke.

"Somebody from the Demon Cult has come."

Everyone stood up from their seats.

None of them were surprised, as they had all been somewhat aware of the Sect Leader's behavior.

"General Commander, it seems we need to prepare to receive them properly."

"Of course, they've come sooner than I thought."

Contrary to her calm response, Jegal Miryeo's heart only grew heavier. Especially after seeing the eyes of Jang Hyung, the next Sect Leader, distorted with the name Demon Cult.

'This isn't good.'

She had a bad feeling about this.

Whenever she felt like this, she knew things didn't always go as expected.

Suppressing her unease, Jegal Miryeo stepped forward without hesitation as the General Commander.

In front of the main gate of the Kunlun Sect.

The moment she greeted the envoy from the Demon Cult, the corner of her mouth twisted slightly.

'This is a bigger guest than I expected.'

There was only one Demon Cultist who came as a messenger.

However, when the General Commander and the others arrived at the Kunlun Sect's gate, there was a sedan chair waiting for them.

Jegal Miryeo opened her mouth with a wry smile.

"I didn't expect Brain Demon himself to come."


The door of the sedan chair opened, and a man emerged.

He was an elderly man with gray hair, a kindly face, and a sturdy build.

"If the General Commander is coming, he should be received by someone of his stature."

Brain Demon.

He was the General Commander and strategist of the Demon Cult and the closest aide to the Heavenly Demon.

'A giant has moved.'

Her thoughts became more and more complicated.

'It's too much.'

The Demon Cult's performance was excessive compared to their usual behavior.

Had Brain Demon, such an arrogant figure, come to meet her at the Kunlun Sect's gate?

And had he patiently waited for Jegal Miryeo to arrive?

This man who had always ignored and looked down on her for being younger than him?

In an instant, she had a hunch.

'If they had really come to negotiate, it wouldn't have been so easy.'

That was not their intention in coming here.

It was two things: Living Jiangshi and Blood Cult.

"It's a pleasure and an honor that Brain Demon has come personally."

And with that smile, Brain Demon stopped and wondered, 'What's going on?'

Jegal Miryeo was not someone who smiled so carelessly.

She might be younger than Brain Demon, but she carried countless tricks and stratagems with her.

But that relaxed smile was not fake, no matter how hard she tried.

'Is it possible that they really came to negotiate?'

Is it different from what she knew?

In the brief moment when Brain Demon's mind became complicated.


He closed the fan he held in his hand.

And Jegal Miryeo's smile grew more intense.

"This is!"

And everyone, including the Sect Leader and Byuk Sun, was astonished.

All their gazes turned in one direction.

It was somewhere beyond the main gate of the Kunlun Sect.

"...Fire Energy...!"

Immense fiery energy flowed from the Kunlun Sect, penetrating the gate.

Jegal Miryeo felt chills run down her arms.

It's fire.

Although they didn't see burning fire anywhere, the fiery and destructive energy emanating from there seemed capable of turning everything to ashes.

'So this is his true ability!'

Young Master Kim.

The being who had reached the Nature Realm was undoubtedly releasing that powerful Fire Energy, and Jegal Miryeo felt an indescribable joy despite her shortness of breath.

Because this tremendous power would fix everything.

As if everything returned to the void where the fire passed through.

Like the path he walks.


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