TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 125


The Kunlun Sect is one of the Nine Great Sects and is considered the front line and defensive wall of the Justice Faction.

For the Demon Cult to invade the Central Plains, the barrier known as the Kunlun Sect must be breached.

"It's truly mysterious."

Cale heard Choi Han's voice beside him and captured with his eyes the landscape he found mysterious.

The rugged mountain of Mount Kunlun.

The tall mountains were shrouded in clouds and could barely be seen.

"When the Kunlun Sect is mentioned, the powerful Eight Great Heavenly Dragon Techniques are often brought up."

It's the pride and identity of the Kunlun Sect, an unusual martial art where Footwork is the primary focus.

It was named so because it resembles a dragon moving among the clouds.

The amazing martial art developed in Mount Kunlun, which is covered in numerous cloud-shrouded mountains, can make humans appear as dragons.

-Human, this mountain looks dangerous. Human, can you go on?

Of course, the true Dragon had already turned invisible and was close to Choi Han, concerned for Cale's well-being.

-Don't worry, human. I'll carry you!

In reality, Cale wasn't worried at all.

"I see you've already arrived."

"Ah, Commander General."

Cale gave a soft smile to Jegal Miryeo, who was approaching.

At the entrance of Mount Kunlun, there were people coming to greet the newcomers heading to the Kunlun Sect.

Jegal Miryeo, who was at the forefront, approached Cale with a strange smile.

"Young Master, it's been a long journey. You've worked hard."

"It was nothing. I came comfortably."

Cale replied sincerely.

The Commander General smiled even more.

'The atmosphere has changed.'

Both with Byuk Sun and the group of the Evil and Justice Factions.

Even though they had all reached their destination, they looked nervously towards Young Master Kim's group.

She spoke.

"Thanks to the messenger you sent, I learned about the changes in the group."

And she also heard how Young Master Kim created this atmosphere through the messenger.

'He's a terrifying person.'

Despite possessing terrifying power, he didn't readily show it, and even when he did, he didn't reveal his full potential, allowing others to imagine his strength.

Naturally, this made people lower their heads and created an uncomfortable atmosphere.

'I created this atmosphere, and yet I came comfortably.'

Young Master Kim is a truly fearsome person.

Without revealing his true intentions, the Commander General introduced the people accompanying him.

"This is Taoist In Ho, the Master of Kunlun."


Cale internally admired.

'He's really fresh.'

When you think of "fresh," an old man with long white hair, even wearing white clothing, comes to mind. Moreover, he has a kindly appearance somewhere.

In Ho possessed all those qualities.

"Pleased to meet you, Young Master Kim."

He was very courteous in his greeting, even bowing.

There was no falsehood or hypocrisy in it.

With eyes full of kindness, before his gaze reached the wrinkles around his folded eyes, In Ho turned his warm gaze towards Cale.

"I've heard a lot about you from the Commander General and Seon, so thank you for coming."

Taoist Un Seon, who was observing In Ho's appearance, smiled faintly. The small smile that formed on her somewhat indifferent face held respect for Taoist In Ho.

"It's been a long time, Young Master Kim."

Un Seon also greeted calmly.

Since then, some of the important members of the Kunlun Sect offered similar greetings.

Of course, not only Cale but also Choi Han, Ron, and others received similar greetings.

-Human! The humans here seem nice!

As Raon said, Cale felt a similar sentiment.

"I'll be at your service, then."

The Justice Faction group, centered around Byuk Sun, was guided and headed towards the Kunlun Sect. Cale then spoke with Sima Dan for a while.

"I'll send you a letter when I decide where to stay."

"Of course."

The three Sima Family brothers and Ha Mun's group were unable to set foot on Kunlun Mountain.

The reason was simple.

"Then, allow me to escort them."

It was because the long-haired man, In Ho, who was kindly smiling beside Cale, wouldn't allow it.

'He's not a very benevolent person.'

From the beginning, In Ho had treated the people of the Evil Faction as if they didn't exist.

And the Evil Faction didn't particularly mind.

Perhaps it's only natural.

The Kunlun Sect had been at odds with the Demon Cult since the beginning of its history.

As such, they had fought more battles than any other of the many sects of the Justice Faction, and most of the time, they had ended up in such disarray that their sect had collapsed.

However, they had survived.

Whether it was with the power of the Kunlun Sect or with the help of the Justice Faction.

The former could be attributed to the tenacity and perseverance of the Kunlun Sect, but the latter wasn't simply due to goodwill.

"If the Kunlun Sect falls, there won't be any powerful sect opposing the Cult."

Worried about bearing the burden, many sects lent a hand to rebuild the Sect.

Of course, there were also places that helped, impressed by the spirit of the Kunlun Sect.

In any case, the Kunlun Sect had been involved in many battles and had inevitably had frequent skirmishes with the Evil Faction in the process.

That's why the Sect Leader refused to allow the Evil Faction to set foot on their territory.

However, there was a reason why the warriors of the Faction, led by the Sima Family, were now silent.

"They don't want to cause trouble."

Like Byuk Sun, they didn't frown or get angry.

They simply passed by.

That meant they didn't want to fight or have problems.

At least, giving them a guesthouse to stay in a village beneath the mountain protected by the Kunlun Sect was enough courtesy for them.

With that, Cale organized his thoughts, and they also set foot at the beginning of the mountain leading to the Kunlun Sect.

-Young Master.

Just at that moment, a Sound Transmission arrived from Eunuch Wi.

-We have brought what you wanted.

Hearing those words, Cale stopped walking.

He turned and saw Eunuch Wi approaching with two members of the Golden Guard.

These two members of the Golden Guard, unlike the others, bowed their heads with a firm expression in front of Cale.


Byuk Sun swallowed her saliva upon seeing that scene.

A person who wouldn't easily bow their head unless it was the Emperor was the Golden Guard.

Seeing such a Golden Guard show such extreme courtesy.

It felt more than a little surprising.

"We've brought them."

The elder of the two Golden Guard members took a box from his arm and handed it over.

A small box wrapped in tight fabric.

"Here's another one. They all have the same nature."

The other Golden Guard member also took out a box and handed it to Cale.

Cale received two boxes wrapped in red fabric.

A golden dragon was engraved on the red fabric.

The pupils of the Promised Talent trembled in the moment they saw this.

"It's something sent by the Emperor!"

Seeing how Young Master Kim casually accepted the items without showing any expression, without showing any respect, the atmosphere grew tense. However, Cale didn't notice this as he thought.


The corners of his lips curled up.

"I'll take the elixirs and break the seal."

He had requested elixirs from the Emperor through Eunuch Wi, and two boxes had arrived in response.

"Fire, Earth, Wind. I don't know which of the three."

Since the two boxes contain elixirs with the same properties, it must be one of those three. Given the Emperor's nature, he must have sent quite a good elixir.

"If I do it right, I'll have more strength before going to the Demon Cult."

At that moment, the Golden Guard spoke.

"He said he would send more after another."

Oh, the Emperor is the best.

Cale added with a satisfied smile.

"I hope he sends some as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir. I will convey your words."

Seeing this, Byuk Sun swallowed her saliva.

"He clearly refers to the Emperor. But why is he asking him to send it quickly?"

Who is Young Master Kim really? It's absolutely impossible to figure out.

The two Golden Guard members left immediately, and Cale smiled at Inho, as if apologizing.

"I see that I've delayed you, I'm sorry."

"...Not at all."

Although In Ho responded that way, he slightly clenched his fist.

"I can see the way!"

He remembered the words Taoist Un Seon had secretly transmitted to him.

"Young Master Kim will help us."

"...Young Master Kim-"

He had heard rumors about him through Un Seon.

"They say he's a member of the Imperial Family, but does that person have a great influence?"

A bitter smile formed at the corner of In Ho's lips.

Although he rationally accepted negotiations with the Demon Cult, he couldn't emotionally accept the fact that he had to talk to the Demon Cult, which had trampled his sect for countless years.

And the Commander General was currently thinking wrong.

The Demon Cult has no intention of negotiating. Clearly, they intended to invade the Central Plains.

That's why the Kunlun Sect had never stopped preparing for war.

Even though they unfortunately lacked many things.

"It's not like that."

Un Seon firmly showed her determination to In Ho.

"When he comes, you will definitely change your mind."

"Why do you think that?"

In response to his question, Un Seon approached and, as if emphasizing, spoke very clearly.

"He has reached the Nature Realm."


In Ho asked in response, unable to help it.

"The Nature Realm."

Is it possible to reach that level?

"It is."

Un Seon was not one to speak lightly.

Upon hearing this, In Ho's entire body tensed, and Un Seon spoke firmly.

"I've also heard rumors that the Heavenly Demon's cultivation is in the final stage of the Profound Realm."

"It may not be true."

"But it's true that such rumors come from Xinjiang's side, and that's why even you, Sect Leader In Ho, can't sleep, right?"

Currently, the strongest cultivator in the Kunlun Sect was Elder Taesang*, who was on the verge of the Profound Realm. (Note: Elder Taesang is a higher level than regular Elders, nearly on par with Sect Leaders)

He was currently in a closed-door training state before the war against the Demon Cult.

The Profound Realm, and then, even beyond that, the Nature Realm, a level beyond human.

"...Seon-ah, are you sure?"

In Ho asked with anticipation, and Un Seon responded.

"I'm not sure, but I think Elder Ho of the Beggar Band, and the Commander General, are thinking the same."

In Ho snapped out of his thoughts and remembered Un Seon's last words.

"Young Master Kim offered to come to Kunlun even though I didn't ask him first, fully aware of the current situation, and just that is goodwill, isn't it?"

Yes, just for that, Kunlun should be grateful to him and his companions.

In Ho could hear Young Master Kim's calm voice.

"What a beautiful place."

At those words, the Sect Leader smiled.

They were now traveling slowly, as if taking a leisurely stroll.

There was no need to rush, and he wanted to talk a bit more with the Young Master.

"Isn't that right? The view from Mount Kunlun is famous."

At that moment, Un Seon followed In Ho and spoke.

"But I can't sleep because I'm afraid this beautiful place will disappear forever."

"Un Seon."

Upon the sudden words, In Ho warned Un Seon.

Un Seon kept her mouth shut. She wondered if she had unnecessarily said something that would press Young Master Kim.

At that moment, the middle-aged man behind In Ho spoke.

"Then we should counterattack."

"...Jang Hyung."

"Isn't that right, Master?"

Cale's gaze shifted to Jang Hyung, who was standing next to In Ho.

He was the one who would succeed In Ho as the next leader of the Kunlun Sect.

His stern and upright eyes were clear.

And they were filled with conviction.

His eyes met Cale's.

"As beautiful as it is, Mount Kunlun is steep, and the Demon Cult will never be able to cross it."

Jang Hyung's calm words contained power.

Commander General Jegal Miryeo spoke quietly.

"Of course. Everything will be resolved through dialogue."


In response to those words, Jang Hyung snorted and tilted his head.

Un Seon looked perplexed at the sight, but neither she nor the Sect Leader dared to speak.

-Young Master Kim.

Jegal Miryeo spoke calmly.

-Taoist Jang Hyung lost his parents to the Demon Cult when he was a child, so it's better if you understand his stubborn attitude that way.

It was then...

As they walked quietly up the gentle slope with the beautiful Mount Kunlun in the background...

-Human, are you out of breath?

Strangely enough, Cale was not out of breath.

Just as he was about to realize it.


Cale turned to look.

Durst, the Old Priest, grabbed a tree and began to vomit.

"But those two aren't here."

Neither Jegal Eunso nor Jeong Chan were nearby.

Everyone walked along Byuk Sun ahead.

They moved swiftly on foot and were now out of sight.

That means-!

"Is there a Living Jiangshi here right now?"

At that moment, one of the Kunlun Sect's people hurriedly approached Durst.

"Are you okay?"

Her voice was filled with concern.

"Kuuek. Kuk! Uweeeeek!"

But Durst's retching intensified.

-Human, it looks like it.


Cale nodded silently and signaled to Choi Han.

Choi Han would lead Durst away from the Living Jiangshi.

"The next leader of the Kunlun Sect."

The new Living Jiangshi was Jang Hyung.

"It seems like the battle between the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult was destined to happen."

Since the next leader of the Kunlun Sect was a Living Jiangshi, then perhaps the struggle between the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult was destined to occur.

"It's suspicious."

Until then, most of those who had become Living Jiangshi were young.

Therefore, they did not pose an immediate threat.

Jang Hyung was the first middle-aged one.

And although he was the next leader of the Kunlun Sect, he currently had enough power and authority to trigger a war between the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult.

And if the Demon Cult was also in a similar situation...

"...Maybe we should use purification immediately?"

He wanted to purify them one by one, but perhaps he should purify the right people first. Because someone in Jang Hyung's position could disrupt negotiations between the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult.

Cale felt a strange chill throughout his body.

-Human, are you struggling? Or have you had an accident?

Of course, he ignored Raon's words.

This, something doesn't seem right.

-Are you having difficulties?

The sincere question from the old Vitality of the Heart was disregarded.

Cale tightly gripped the two boxes containing the elixirs.


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