TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 374

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 374

 What? What is this?

Wrath floated in the air and glared at Glenn from top to bottom.

Two! This ice-cold old man too! Why is he doing this? Why is he so eager to give it to this guy!

He shouted that the world is not right.

"Head of house."

Raon ignored Wrath and stood in front of Glenn again.

"Are you serious about what you just said?"


Glenn nodded his chin in a haughty manner. His long fingers pointed to Sheryl, Roenn, and Rimmer below the podium.

"Look at those guys. If I don't give you something to hold on to and send you back, they'll be talking all night, so I have to give in a little."

"But why did you ask me to say two things?"

Since he gave the golden plate, the greatest reward, he could have just asked him to say one thing, but he asked him to say two things he wanted. He couldn't help but wonder.

"Your work was so...shoo, and quickly tell me what you want!"

Glenn waved his hand as if he was annoyed and turned his head away.

"How long are you going to keep me awake?"

His momentum, which had warmed up a little, hardened again and weighed on his shoulders.

This old man!

Wrath ground his teeth at Glenn.

If you're going to be angry, don't give it to him in the first place!

Wrath didn’t expect Glenn to be a sucker either, and his eyes welled up with tears.

"I'm sorry."

When Raon bowed his head, Rimmer's voice came from behind him.

"What are you saying?"

"What do you mean by waking up? You’re in a situation where you can understand… Guk!”

"Shut up."

When Rimmer shrugged his shoulders, Sheryl hit him in the side.


Of course, Glenn heard that and glared at Rimmer as if he were going to kill him.


Raon trembled slightly at the colder atmosphere.

'It's true, but he's stupid.'

Rimmer's words were indeed reasonable, but he shouldn't have said that to the head of house in front of him. He is a strange person to see every time.

'What I want...'

He expected to get a golden plate thanks to the help of the Sepia Merchants Association, but he didn't think about additional rewards. He quickly racked his brain to think of the things he needed most right now.

"First, I need a martial arts book of dagger art."

"The dagger art? You want to learn the dagger art now?"

"I'm learning it, but I'm not good at it."

"But why do you want a martial arts book of dagger art?"

"I asked the continent's craftsman Borgos, whom I met at the Sepia Merchants Association, to make daggers, and I want to learn the martial arts that match that daggers."

The dagger art he knows is the dagger art he learned in his shadow days. He couldn't use it, so he planned to get a martial arts book of dagger art from Glenn and create a new martial arts altogether.

"Borgos is the head of the Gray Hammer Guild, right? I haven't heard that story."

Glenn snapped his fingers as if to tell him to hurry up.

"In short, I..."

Raon told him about the deal he had made with Borgos, which he had not mentioned earlier.

"...I see."

Glenn nodded with his back deeply buried.

"Then do you have a desired martial arts book?"

"If the lord would recommend it, I would be grateful."

He handed over the sword art called fangs of insanity, which is difficult to obtain even with a golden plate, for one silver medal. He left it hoping that he would make the same mistake again.

“Cough! Then I’ll pick something suitable for you.”

Glenn cleared his throat and nodded.

“So, what is your second request?”

“I want a decent sword.”

Raon lowered his head after looking at the sword on his waist.

“A sword? Why is a guy who uses a sword looking for a sword?”

“It’s not for me, but for my vassal to use.”

“A vassal?”

“I was going to tell you about this too.”

“You’re being annoying. Tell me the situation quickly.”

Glenn, contrary to his words, gestured with a faint light in his eyes.

“Yes. Before taking the successor’s test, I had a problem with Phalen Sepia….”

Raon briefly explained how he got Mark Gorton.

“…So that Mark Gorton kid is following you, right?”

“That’s right.”

“You’ve been through all sorts of things in such a short period of time.”

Glenn sighed as if he couldn’t believe it.

“However, I don’t understand why you accepted him. He’s a failure, isn’t he?”

“I think he has only successes left to come because he has experienced long and dark failures. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be changed.”

He was convinced by seeing Mark Gorton climbing the mountain.

Although he cannot guarantee that his strength will actually increase, his spirit will surely be able to reach higher heights.

“…Is that so.”

Glenn nodded with a somewhat bitter look in his eyes.

“I understand.”

As he snapped his fingers, a golden dimension opened in the air.


From the vast dimensional door that opened, dozens of swords flew out and filled the eyes. They were all weapons that could be called famous swords.

“Choose the sword yourself.”

“I understand.”

Raon chose a black sword that was similar in shape to the weapon Mark Gorton originally used. The sword blade was inscribed with the words “Black Sword.”

“I’ll take this.”

“Then only the martial arts book is left.”

As Glenn snapped his fingers for the second time, the swords that filled the air disappeared into the dimension, and two books flew out.

“Take it.”

“What? This is 2 books, though….”

“It’s a set.”

“A set…?”

Raon looked at the books he received from Glenn. The name of the first martial arts book was “Haknyuebido”, and the name of the second book was “Geobokbi”. The names were so different that they could never be a set. 

“Haknyuebido is a speed-based dagger technique, and Geobokbi is a strength-based dagger technique. You could combine the two dagger techniques to create something new, so it’s a set”

Glenn’s words suddenly sped up by about 1.5 times. So Raon nodded quickly in case he said no.

“Y-Yes, it is a set. Thank you.”

Anyway, this is a good thing. He bowed deeply to Glenn with sincerity.


Wrath stretched his body and approached Glenn’s face.

This is not two, but three, right? This old man is a sucker among suckers. He’s a black sheep! (Black sheep is Korean idiom that means a person who is foolish or gullible.)

The guy grabbed Glenn by the collar and shook him violently. Of course, it had no effect, but his heart was pounding in case.

Raon kept a calm expression as he approached Glenn.

“Head of house. There’s dust on you.”

As if he was brushing off the dust, he threw Wrath, who was holding Glenn by the collar, away.


Glenn glared at Raon with a chilling gaze, even though he knew that he had no intention of harming him.

“If you’ve received what you’ve received, you should leave now.”

He waved his hand like he was shooing away a fly in a colder voice.


Raon bowed his head again and got off the stage.

“Thank you both very much.”

He also expressed his gratitude to Sheryl and Roenn, who had cheered him on and praised him.

“What have we done? It’s all your doing.”

“That’s right. It’s all the credit of the vice-leader.”

The two of them smiled and told Raon to go and rest quickly.

“Hey! Me!”

Rimmer, who had not been greeted, pointed to himself.

“Were you still here?”

“Were, were you still here? Ya! If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten that! I’m not even satisfied with giving money!”

It was just a joke, but it was true.

“Thank you for taking care of me. Master Rimmer. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Raon smiled and bowed to Rimmer.

“Cough! Fine. Go well.”

Rimmer smiled brightly as if his anger was gone and waved his hand.

Raon left the audience chamber with a sword, two martial arts books, and a golden plate.

Glenn took a deep breath with his back against the throne after Raon left for one minute.


He smiled at Sheryl, Roenn, and Rimmer below.

“Did you all see that?”

“He made the deal with Sepia, he's making a major accident every time he goes out. Haha!”

“I feel like the bowl is getting bigger and bigger.”

Sheryl and Roenn nodded with a smile.

“It’s not that! Raon’s martial arts has reached the master upper level (superior level), doesn’t it! In such a short time, he finally reached the upper level, I wonder where the limit of that child is.”

Glenn’s hardened eyes melted like spring snow.

“There is nowhere to be found such a talented, wise, and kind child.”

He spoke in a gentle voice as if he would hug Raon if he was in front of him.

“Now that I think about it, the aura was definitely different.”

“The deal with Sepia was such a great achievement that I didn’t notice it.”

Sheryl and Roenn nodded with blank eyes, as if they had finally remembered Raon’s aura.

“Then did you see that?”

Glenn asked a similar question with excited eyes, as if he was not tired.

“It was amazing that he pressured the continent craftsman Borgos to not only pay money, but also to entrust the production of the dagger.”

“There were many people who wanted to take the Fallen Sword, but he was the first to get him. It means that he has the charm to lead people.”

“Neither of you. This time, you’re talking about the deal with the Sepia Merchants Association!”

Sheryl, Roenn, and Rimmer shouted out the parts that Glenn thought Raon should be praised for.

“Not that kind of thing! I'm talking about the fact that Raon took off the dust! He didn't just find the dust in that short moment, he cleaned it up! How warm warm-hearted he is….”

Glen smiled approvingly, as if cleaning the dust off his own clothes was a commendable act.



Sheryl and Roenn also widened their eyes to the point of tearing, as if they couldn't imagine that.

“Oh, it's too childish to play with you.”

Rimmer turned his back, saying he was tired.

“I'll go first. I need to go to bed early today so I can fight that monster guy tomorrow… huh?”

As he was about to head to the exit of the audience chamber, Sheryl and Roenn suddenly appeared and grabbed his arms.

“What, what is it! Why again!”

“Because the lord said he wanted to play with you a while ago.”

“What nonsense! I didn't do anything! Let go!”

Roenn held his arm tightly, so tight that his blood didn't flow.

“Ah, don't laugh like that! I'm scared to death!”

Rimmer tried to break free, but the two arms didn't loosen like a tough vine.


He raised his head with trembling lips at the roar he heard overhead.


Following Glenn's gesture, a red lightning bolt split like a blade and spread across the entire ceiling of the audience chamber. A sigh came out naturally at the thunder that sounded like a monster roaring.

“Is it today too….”

With Rimmer's hopeless voice, lightning struck.


*     *      *

At the top of mountain cliff.

Dorian's surroundings were filled with junk, as if he were a pawnshop. He poured out the big things he took out from the junk below the cliff.



“Raon, you son of a b*tch!”

Every time, there was a scream from the members of the Light Wind squad below.

“This is so much fun.”

It couldn't be any fun when one member after another fell away when he dropped stones or large objects. His laughter kept coming out because he was enjoying himself.

“This time….”

Dorian smiled and pulled out a wheel from his belly pocket. It was a huge wheel that went into the carriage that carried the people he saved in the Zamari Mountains.

“Oh, come on!”

He threw the wheel towards the direction of the Krein that was coming up. The wheel that went down the cliff hit Krein.


Krein, which lost his strength, began to fall to the bottom with the wheel.

“Raon, you son of a b*tch!”

He disappeared into the fog, cursing Raon.

“I'm not the one being cursed, so there's no pressure.”

Since the Light Wind squad members only cursed Raon every time they fell, he could continue to throw stones and objects without fear.

Dorian threw old chairs and tables to continue to drop the members of the Light Wind squad who were coming up.

Forgetting the time, he was having a lot of fun relieving stress when he heard the sound of a person's breath right below.


Dorian was shocked and quickly looked at the cliff. Burren, Martha, and Runaan were right up front.

'What, what is it! Why are these people here!'

He thought he had dropped them, but it seemed like they had somehow managed to make it here.

'No! If I get caught, I'll die!'

The actual person who had been tormenting the members was Raon, who was not here. It was clear that he would get beaten up if he got caught.


Dorian quickly reached into his belly pocket and pulled out the largest rock and log he had ever seen.

'I have to kill them or I'll die!'

He rolled the log and rock in the direction of the three people who were coming up.


The cliff shook as if it would collapse, and a strong impact swept over Burren, Runaan, and Martha, but the three of them held on to the cliff with their fists until the end.


Just as Dorian was about to desperately pull out the entire two-horse carriage, six hands reached up to the cliff. After that, three pairs of eerie eyes appeared.

The eyes that were swirling like demons turned in this direction.


"It wasn't Raon, it was you."

"Kill him!"

Runaan, Burren, and Martha simultaneously climbed up the cliff and approached. It felt like the angel of death was approaching with a scythe.

"It wasn't me! The squad leader and the vice leader threw rocks and ran away!"

Dorian shook his head as he backed away in an attempt to survive.


"Ran away?"

Runaan and Martha stopped and frowned.


Burren looked at the equipment that was scattered on the cliff instead of Dorian, and his teeth gritted.

He held up a funnel-like artifact and his eyes lit up.

"That's a voice-changing artifact, isn't it! It was all done by that kid in Raon's voice!"

"T-that's just something I left out there! I really wasn't… Kyaak!"

"Shut up!"

Dorian was punched by Martha and fell to the ground.

"Step on him!"



Martha, Burren, and Runaan started stepping on Dorian, and other Light Wind members who had come up late also voluntarily participated in this noble task.


Following the audience room, someone's scream erupted from the top of a cliff on the Mangsan Mountain.

*     *      *

Raon left the main building and rubbed his ears.

"Someone is cursing me. My ears are always itching."

It was strange that both of his ears had been itchy ever since he left the audience chamber.

It was me!

Wrath suddenly appeared and frowned.

I was cursing you and the fools who are feeding you!

'Of course.'

Raon smiled wryly and nodded.

'He kept muttering something, so he must have been cursing me.'

A thin sound and vibration rang from the Ice Flower Bracelet, and it seemed that Wrath was cursing inside. He was a truly consistent guy.

Will you go back to the cliff?

Wrath looked at the cliff where the Light Wind squad and Dorian were.


Raon followed his gaze and licked his lips.

'They also need to rest. It's better to stop here, right?'

He originally wanted to go back to the cliff and throw rocks, but he became more forgiving because he received a good reward. He decided to let them go, even though there was still time until sunrise.

'Dorian will take care of it.'

Dorian would have thrown enough rocks and left, so they would all be back at their lodgings by now.

Hmm, I don't think so.

Wrath muttered that it couldn't be, then turned his head.

Then are you going home?


It felt strange to hear Wrath, the demon king, call the annex building, home, but it didn't feel bad.


Then ask the pineapple girl to make pizza! The King has been hungry since earlier!

'Look at the time, you glutton. Your pineapple girl is sleeping right now.'

G, glutton? The guy who lives in the world by luck!

'The one who gives me the most luck is the demon king somewhere.'

Who else is that? What kind of stupid demon guy!


While teasing the clueless Wrath, Raon was walking to the annex buildingwhen he saw a faint light in the mansion near the annex building, which was always empty.

'Has someone moved in... oh?'

Thinking that someone had moved in, he was about to pass by when he felt familiar movements coming from inside the mansion.

'It feels like my mother and the maids are there?'

Pineapple girl must be there too!

Wrath gestured as if telling him to go there and see.

A faint smile appeared on Raon's lips as he looked at the building.

"Have they come?"


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