TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 124


Cale was genuinely annoyed.

'I don't understand why trouble always arises whenever I try to rest!'

In reality, Cale wanted to return to the Roan Kingdom quickly so he could relax a bit in the Henituse Territory. He wasn't sure if he had adapted well to the Henituse Territory or if he simply didn't like Central Plains' food.

It would be nice to go back to the Roan Kingdom and eat properly.

Still, he didn't think he could use teleportation in front of so many people, so he decided to make the most of this peaceful journey.

'But why do we have to waste time like this?'

Cale's gaze shifted to Ha Mun, Nokrim's Second-in-Command.

"If you have something to say, shouldn't you approach and request a conversation first instead of blocking the path?"

When Ha Mun met Cale's eyes, he felt like his head was being sucked into the mouth of a giant tiger.

He wanted to say something, but the dark-eyed man in front of him didn't give him the chance.

Crack~. His hand trembled.

He felt like he might drop the axe at any moment.


The axe finally struck the ground. The only thing Ha Mun could take pride in was that he didn't let go of the axe lodged in the ground.

Rather, he used it for support and managed to remain standing without collapsing.

'This kind of energy...'

What the hell is this?

It's not even Inner Energy.

Although Ha Mun was primarily an external arts practitioner, he still had quite a bit of knowledge about internal arts once reaching a certain level.

'This isn't Inner Energy.'

It was as if the air and the energy around him were moving at his will.

'Is that even possible?'

He had never seen anyone who could do that, nor had he heard that it was possible.

Maybe it's because he didn't learn enough, but it didn't seem like it.

Because right now, all those arrogant Sima Family members and Murim Alliance members were keeping their mouths shut.

"Y-Young Master."

Just then, someone approached Cale with an almost inaudible voice.

It was Elder Ho.

Cale didn't use his Dominating Aura on him too strongly.

"Please let go of your anger-"

Cale made a slight pause at the pleading words.

Elder Ho was right, Cale used the Dominating Aura a bit too much out of irritation, just like he did with the Murim Alliance Leader.


Cale simply spoke honestly.

"I don't want to waste time on unnecessary disputes and fights while I'm on the move. It irritates me a bit."

Of course, given the ongoing conflicts and emotional scores between the Just and Evil Factions, those arguments might be a natural part of their lives.

As an outsider, he couldn't judge too quickly.

Cale dissipated his Dominating Aura.



Inhalations came from all around.

'I'm alive.'

Ha Mun thought to himself, and then heard the voice of Young Master Kim.

"I also caused problems due to my inability to control my emotions. I'm sorry."

The apology was mild but sincere.

'... a terrifying person.'

That's why Ha Mun felt fear.

There were so many powerful people here. There was the elite of the Murim Alliance, Byuk Sun, Peng Yu, the Sima Family members who were the future of the Evil Faction, among others.

And then there was himself.

Still, no one could surpass his energy.

'For someone with that level of energy, our lives would be no more than the lives of flies.'

Such a person immediately withdrew his energy and clearly apologized for not being able to control his emotions.

Ha Mun felt a drop of sweat roll down his cheek, but his back was soaked in cold sweat.

He couldn't say anything.


He bowed his head to avoid Cale's gaze.

His men had already lost their grip on their weapons.

Cale noticed and turned his head.

"Sima Jung."

Cale called the Trash of the Evil Faction.

"Heh... Hehehe-"

Sima Jung smiled broadly as he caught his breath. Cale felt uncomfortable with that look, but he said what he had to say.

He looked at Sima Dan and Sima Gong behind Sima Jung.

"This is a matter of the Evil Faction, so let's discuss it. I don't want to waste any more time."

"Y-Yes, understood, Boss."

Hearing the word "Boss," Ha Mun of Nokrim hesitated.

'Boss? Damn it! Are they already a team?'

This can't be!

Someone so powerful is friends with the Sima Family?!

I need to stop this.

'What do I do?'

As Ha Mun's eyes darkened with worry, Cale moved away from the Sima Family and approached Byuk Sun.

Sima Jung stared at his back and licked his lips with his tongue.

"...Someday, I will definitely fight against him."

A fight-crazed person. Sima Jung's eyes shone. Meanwhile, Sima Gong, who had been watching his older brother, managed to stabilize her breathing and whispered to her sister.

"Older sister... I think I made a mistake."

"I think so too."

Sima Dan took a bottle of wine from her side and uncorked it.

She took a long sip.

Sima Gong didn't stop her. Because she saw that her older sister's hand holding the bottle was trembling.


Only after a few sips, Sima Dan seemed to calm down and pulled her mouth away from the bottle.

-Older sister.

It was then that Sima Gong sent a complete Sound Transmission.

-He might not even be an expert in the Profound Realm. No, he could be even higher than that.

Sima Dan was unable to say anything in response to Young Master Kim's cultivation reference.

Thinking about the high level that was unattainable, her breath stopped on its own.

-He is not just an Emperor's strategist. He is the Emperor's sword. No, maybe he's the precious sword of the Central Plains highly valued even in the Imperial Family.

Sima Gong's cheeks twitched slightly as she said this through the Sound Transmission.

Sima Dan saw that her younger brother's hands were hidden in his sleeves. He was probably fiddling with dice to calm himself.

-Little brother, what if...? Maybe, just maybe...

Sima Dan stopped.

The gleam in Sima Gong's eyes, which should have calmed down, shone even brighter.

Her excitement was reflected in her voice.

-Older sister, maybe I'm getting into the biggest gamble of my life...


Sima Dan cleared her throat.

Somehow, Sima Gong's eyes were burning even more.

-The entire Central Plains will be wrapped up in a great battle. I have a feeling that he will be at the center.

"Just like Sima Jung, I also think the same."

And she took another sip.

She realized. The reason she kept looking for alcohol was because she couldn't calm her trembling heart at the thought of a great war.

If she didn't hold onto alcohol, she felt like she would draw her sword immediately.

The fact that there would be a great war that would allow her to use her sword filled her heart with excitement.

-Older sister. This made it clear. There is a high probability that both the General Commander and the Murim Alliance Leader are only following Young Master Kim's words.

"I agree."

She replied briefly, then stood beside Sima Jung.

"Big Brother."

"What's up?"

She told the second older brother, who was only looking at Young Master Kim's back without even looking at her.

"There was a reason you called him Boss. Seriously, that guy is a great Boss."

"Do you understand now?"

Sima Jung turned to her and smiled broadly. The way he bared his teeth and smiled made him look so excited.

Sima Dan knew it.

Sima Jung may be impulsive and cause a lot of trouble, but he is like an animal.

So she instinctively recognized the essence.

Like when he started calling Young Master Kim "Boss."

Then, Sima Dan moistened her lips. That appearance was exactly like that of a snake. Like when the world called the Sima Family, "snakes."

"Elder Byuk Sun."

Cale stopped in front of Byuk Sun, completely oblivious to the looks of the three brothers.


Unable to easily open his mouth, Byuk Sun looked at Cale.

-Human, that old man called Byuk Sun is scared!

Cale knew what Raon had noticed, of course.

'That's good.'

From the beginning, Byuk Sun didn't hide his aversion toward him and his group, so Cale thought it would be better to crush him now, as he was concerned that this person might interfere with his plans.

'Nevertheless, I must say what I have to say.'

Cale opened his mouth to speak to Byuk Sun, who was standing upright but couldn't hide his fear.

"Although many things may not be pleasant and you may not like them. Everything will end when we reach Kunlun."

In reality, it wasn't like that. Everything would begin from Kunlun.

But, formally, as Cale had been invited by Taoist Un Seon to Kunlun, Byuk Sun must understand that Kunlun is the endpoint.

"So, wouldn't it be better to hurry up so you can stop looking at faces you don't want to see?"


Byuk Sun didn't say anything. However, Cale also didn't want to hear a response, so he lowered his head slightly and turned his back.

"Elder Ho."

He turned toward the carriage and called Elder Ho.

"Yes, Young Master!"

"Let's go as soon as everything is ready. We should be staying at an inn anyway, right?"

"Yes, yes, that's right, Young Master! Hahaha!"

Cale felt a bit uncomfortable with Elder Ho's exaggerated laughter, but he ignored it. Elder Ho was also a skilled individual, so he would handle everything by himself, and they could soon start moving.


"Yes, Young Master."

And then there was Eunuch Wang.

Cale was curious to see Eunuch Wang's strange posture, but it was not his concern, so he got into the carriage.


The carriage door slammed shut again, and silence fell for a moment, but it was soon broken.


All eyes were focused on Elder Ho's applause.

"Everyone, get to work!"

People snapped out of it.

Elder Ho watched them move and then turned to Ha Mun and Sima Dan.

"There's something I need to clarify, why don't you come over for a moment?"

At that moment, representatives from the two factions of the Evil Faction approached.

Seeing this, Elder Ho directed his gaze at Byuk Sun.


"I've had enough. Let them handle it."

Byuk Sun.

Whenever they fought against him, their opponents said it was like facing a giant wall. He took a deep breath.

'He is the real wall.'

The wall he was searching for. A wall so massive that he couldn't even imagine what lay beyond.

The level he dreamed of reaching.

'At least the Profound Realm. Maybe even the Nature Realm.'

Byuk Sun marked the path he had to take today.

He saw the end of Martial Arts.

"...Kim Haeil."

As he muttered that name, his eyes sank deeper and deeper.

Seeing this, Peng Yu whispered to Namgung Mahee beside her.

"Don't you think Elder Byuk Sun's anger toward Young Master Kim has increased?"

Namgung Mahee said with a calm face.

"Peng Daehyeop has no idea."


Peng Yu looked puzzled at Namgung Mahee, and when she didn't say anything, he sighed and whispered again.

"But Young Master Kim is unexpected, really, how did someone like him appear?"

There was sincere admiration in his voice.

Peng Yu was truly amazed by Young Master Kim's power.

At that moment, he could see the corners of Namgung Mahee's mouth lifting.

When Peng Yu was surprised and his eyes widened, she spoke calmly.

"Truly worthy of being the Benefactor of the Namgung Family."

Tsk. Peng Yu clicked his tongue and distanced himself from her.

These lucky ones from the Namgung Family.

'By the way, I think I should do the same.'

Peng Yu of the Hebei Peng Clan also thought it would be great to have a connection with Young Master Kim.

And Peng Yu knew he wasn't the only one thinking this; everyone here had the same idea.

'The young ones seem smitten too.'

Peng Yu smiled contentedly as he watched the young Martial Artists of the Murim Alliance.


In particular, he couldn't help but genuinely smile when he saw the young man named Jeong Chan, who had been sent from Shaolin, clasping his hands together and looking enviously at the closed carriage door.


However, Namgung Mahee, who followed this gaze, tightly closed her eyes and silently ignored it.

Jeong Chan.

He's a Living Jiangshi.

If purified, he would lose his Martial Arts as well.

Namgung Mahee felt her heart shrink.

'As Young Master Kim said, we need to move fast.'

There was no time to waste.

After some time had passed, the second group began to move toward Mount Kunlun in Qinghai.


Finally, they arrived at the entrance of Mount Kunlun.



And Cale frowned as he heard two people calling him Boss.


He could see Sima Jung, who called him Boss, laughing openly beyond Toonka's laughter.


Through Toonka's laughter, he could see Sima Jung beaming with a bright smile, calling him Boss, and Ha Mun, Nokrim's Second-in-Command, smiling like a vassal, also calling him Boss.

The burden had increased.


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