RDM (Novel) Chapter 505

 C 505

Gwak Tae-gang looked down at Do Yeonsan with a cold expression.

His already intimidating face felt even more frightening.

"Oh my, what's going to happen now?"

"What on earth is happening?"

The passengers on the deck began to stir.

One was an ordinary-sized boy, and the other was a giant reminiscent of an iron tower.

To anyone watching, it was a clear victory for the giant.

No matter how great the boy's martial arts were, it seemed impossible to defeat such a giant.

That was the perception of the people.

Gwak Tae-gang spoke.

"Will you kneel yourself? Or should I shatter your knees?"

He was already holding a massive staff that he had been carrying on his back.

The sight of the staff, bristling with sharp spikes, was intimidating enough to make one's legs weak.

An average person would pee their pants just by facing Gwak Tae-gang, so immense was his qi.

However, there was not a hint of fear on Do Yeonsan's face as he confronted him.

His gaze was deeply set, his expression utterly gone.

The sight of Do Yeonsan without his usual smile was genuinely terrifying.

'This kid!'

Gwak Tae-gang felt a chill in his heart.

The gaze of a boy, who was only half his size, made him shrink.

It felt like staring into a flame that held an icy hostility.

Do Yeonsan's cold anger felt like a dagger stabbing into Gwak Tae-gang's chest.

The one thing Do Yeonsan couldn't tolerate was anything related to Eun-yo.

He could put up with any insult to himself, but he could never tolerate anyone belittling Eun-yo or treating her as a sexual object.

At that moment, Gwak Tae-gang raised his staff.

"If you won't listen to words, I'll make you kneel by force."


Gwak Tae-gang swung his staff.



People who witnessed the scene turned their heads in shock. They couldn't bear to see Do Yeonsan's head smashed to pieces.


At that moment, a tremendous cracking sound erupted.

Everyone watched, expecting to see Do Yeonsan's head smashed in. However, the spectacle that unfolded was different from their expectations.


Fragments of the broken staff rained down on the deck like hail.

Only the handle of the shattered staff remained in Gwak Tae-gang's hand.

His hand holding the staff was torn from the tremendous impact, and blood was flowing out.




Gwak Tae-gang looked at Do Yeonsan with a disbelieving expression.

Do Yeonsan was looking at him in a fist-extended stance.


The moment Gwak Tae-gang swung his staff, Do Yeonsan also swung his fist.


The staff made of iron couldn't withstand the destructive force concentrated in Do Yeonsan's fist and shattered into pieces.




Blood trickled from Gwak Tae-gang's bitten lip.


Do Yeonsan's strike not only destroyed the iron-made staff in one blow but also caused severe internal injuries to Gwak Tae-gang.


The power was simply beyond imagination.


Throwing aside his staff, Gwak Tae-gang asked loudly.


"Who are you?"


"You should have asked earlier."




"You people always do this. If someone looks weak and easy, you stab them first. If they turn out stronger than expected, then belatedly you ask who they are. How can you all act the same?"


"You little brat..."


"My name is Do Yeonsan, you bastards!"


With a cry filled with rage, Do Yeonsan launched another blow.






Gwak Tae-gang groaned and was pushed back.


His crossed forearms were shaking.


The area that blocked Do Yeonsan's attack was broken.


It was truly an incredible power.




It was only then that Jo Han-pyeong realized the abnormal atmosphere and blurted out in shock.


At that moment, a storm-like onslaught from Do Yeonsan poured onto Gwak Tae-gang.


Wham, wham, wham!


Fist, backhand, elbow, and shoulder whirled like a wheel and exploded on Gwak Tae-gang.


Gwak Tae-gang could do nothing but take the blows with his whole body.


He couldn't even scream.


By the time he took the third attack, he had already lost consciousness. But Do Yeonsan didn't even allow him the comfort of fainting.


In an instant, twelve attacks battered Gwak Tae-gang's body.



Finally, an elbow hit Gwak Tae-gang's jaw. That was the end of Gwak Tae-gang.

As if all the bones in his body were shattered, Gwak Tae-gang squirmed and then collapsed. He didn't move again.

He had died.[a]

It was a terrifying series of attacks.

"What the... Tae-Gang... What are you doing, assholes? Kill that bastard."

Jo Han-pyeong belatedly shouted at his subordinates. Then the subordinates drew their swords and approached Do Yeonsan.

That's when it happened.

Nam Shin-Woo and Chae Mu-Ok, who had been quiet until now, gathered around Do Yeonsan.

Nam Shin-Woo, considering Do Yeonsan as a brother, stepped forward without hesitation, and

Chae Mu-Ok stepped forward to repay his debt to Do Yeonsan.


Sal-No unknowingly let out a gasp of admiration.

That's how perfect the trio's formation was.

Although they had never practiced together, they had built the optimal formation on their own.

Their formation, taking the shape of a wedge with Do Yeonsan at the center, looked very solid.



Jo Han-pyeong's subordinates let out a scream and attacked all at once.

Instantly, the counterattack by Do Yeonsan, Nam Shin-Woo, and Chae Mu-Ok began.

Boom, boom, bang!

Loud noises erupted one after another.



At the same time, screams echoed around the battlefield.

"How could this be!"

Jo Han-pyeong's mouth gaped open.

The people falling like leaves in the wind were all his subordinates.

The condition of his subordinates was terrible.

It wasn't simply that their arms and legs were broken; but they all looked gravely injured.

All of this happened in an instant.

At that moment, someone slowly approached Jo Han-pyeong.

The small-framed girl was Eun-yo.

Jo Han-pyeong yelled in a rage.

"What is it?"

"You probably have no intention of apologizing."

"What did you say? This old man..."

"People like you always do that. You look down on others with vicious words, trying to confirm your superiority by oppression. Does that boost your self-esteem?"

"You brat!"

Jo Han-pyeong couldn't hold back his anger and swung his sword in a flash.


The terrifying sword aimed at Eun-yo's neck.

In an instant, Eun-yo bent her waist to avoid his attack.

When she raised her head again, she was holding the sword that one of Jo Han-pyeong's subordinates had dropped.

Holding the sword in a reverse grip, Eun-yo charged at Jo Han-pyeong.

"This cheeky bitch..."

Jo Han-pyeong's most confident skill was his swordsmanship.

The audacity of Eun-yo, who dared to challenge him with a sword, exploded his anger.

Jo Han-pyeong concentrated all his energy on the sword and unleashed a powerful attack.

In an instant, his sword multiplied into dozens and attacked Eun-yo.

In response, Eun-yo drew her sword horizontally.

It was a famous move known in the martial arts world as the"Horizontal Sword Strike."

A satisfied smile appeared on Jo Han-pyeong's lips.

To him, Eun-yo's swordsmanship seemed pathetic.

He had no doubt that his sword would rip through Eun-yo's body.


The moment the cutting sound echoed, Jo Han-pyeong's eyes bulged.

This was because the multiple sword shadows he created were cut like straw by Eun-yo's horizontal swing.

The horizontal swing that Jo Han-pyeong thought was simple was actually a powerful sword technique of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, the Blue Wave Nine Heavens Demon Sword.


Eun-yo's sword sliced through Jo Han-pyeong's sword shadow. The remaining force left a deep wound in his chest.


In excruciating pain, Jo Han-pyeong screamed and fell to his knees.

If the wound had been an inch deeper, his heart would have been cut.

Jo Han-pyeong moaned, clutching the wounded area with his hand.

Eun-yo looked down at him with cold eyes.

Her unfocused pupils were filled with a chilling aura.

Eun-yo pointed her sword at Jo Han-pyeong's neck.

"Are you ready to apologize now?"

"You brat!"

"You don't have to apologize. I just need to cut your throat."

Eun-yo said calmly.

There was no sign of anger, which made it all the more frightening.

It was then that Jo Han-pyeong realized that the girl he had insulted was actually a formidable martial artist.

'Damn it!'

His face was filled with shame as he gritted his teeth.

He had never experienced defeat in his life.

Being born as the young master of the Hundred Mountain Valley, he had always been victorious and thus had great pride in himself. But in front of the girl he had dismissed as a mere woman, his pride crumbled helplessly.

For the first time, he found Eun-yo's unfocused eyes frightening.

She said, "Don't apologize, I'll just kill you as you are."

"I...I'm sorry."

"What did you say?"

"I was wrong. Please forgive me."

"I can't feel your sincerity. But I guess this is the best you can do. So, I won't expect more."

"Are you... going to spare me?"

"I'll spare you. But get off the boat."

"Right now?"

"Yes! Right now."

Jo Han-pyeong's face twisted in anguish.

The boat they were on had already left the dock and reached the middle of the river. If he got off the boat now, he would immediately fall into the river.

He glared at Eun-yo with terrifying eyes, but there was no crack in her expression.

He had a feeling that no matter how much he glared, Eun-yo's decision would not change.


He staggered to his feet.

He looked back once he reached the railing.

Eun-yo, who had given him an indelible humiliation, Do Yeonsan who killed his loyal servant Gwak Tae-gang, and lastly, Nam Shin-woo appeared in his sight.

Suddenly, his gaze shifted past them to three individuals in the distance - Pyo Wol, Hong Ye Seol, and Sal-no.

Anyone could see that they looked stronger than Eun-yo and the boys. Yet, they only stood by and did not intervene in the fight.

It could mean that they trusted Eun-yo and the boys, but it was also clear that they were confident that Jo Han-pyeong and his men would not pose much of a threat.

This made Jo Han-pyeong feel even more ashamed.

'I will never let this go.'

He had never let anyone who humiliated him go unpunished. He had to take revenge to calm his anger.

Jo Han-pyeong clenched his teeth and threw himself into the river.

Water splashed high, and Jo Han-pyeong disappeared under the water. The deep wound in his chest wasn't a problem.

Once you learn the Way of Green Forest, healing one's body becomes a basic skill.

Jo Han-pyeong, who disappeared under the water, did not resurface.

"Oh no!"

Sal-no sighed regretfully without realizing it.

Hong Ye-Seol asked.

"Why so?"

"Unfortunately, it seems Miss Eun-yo lacks experience. If she had a little more experience, she wouldn't have let Jo Han-pyeong go."

Despite being severely injured, he was still alive. Given Jo Han-pyeong's known temperament, it was certain that he would return for revenge.

Eun-yo, with more martial arts experience, would not have left such a threat alive. This was what Sal-no found regrettable.

Then Hong Ye-Seol smiled.

Her smile full of hidden meanings, causing Sal-no to cautiously ask.

"Why are you smiling?"

"I think she did that on purpose."


"Eun-yo. She's the one who's been with him for a long time. She's one of the people who have been most influenced by him. Do you think such a girl would be so careless? I don't think so."


"She didn't leave the aftermath, she spared him to eliminate all remaining aftermath."

At Hong Ye-Seol's cold smile, Sal-No looked at Eun-yo.

"No way?"

At that moment, Eun-yo was also smiling a similar smile.

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