TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 122


Cale felt a twinge at the back of his neck for reasons unknown.

At that moment, Raon's voice resonated in his mind.

-Human... this is a bit strange.

Cale didn't know how to respond to Raon's serious tone.

Curiously, everything was getting decided without Cale saying anything.

"Hehe. My second brother will have seven accidents on his way to Kunlun. I bet my wrist on it."

"I bet ten times. If I win, you'll steal some Kunlun fruit wine."

"That's not fair, is it? Is there fruit wine in a Taoist Sect like Kunlun?"

"Yes, there is. I heard one of the elders there is a pioneer when it comes to fruit wine. Steal some of that. Otherwise, I won't bet."

Sima Dan pressed her lips with her tongue as she mentioned the fruit wine, and her cheeks blushed even more at the thought of drinking that alcohol.

-Human! There's something strange in her gaze!

"Hmm, if they catch me stealing, they'll cut my throat instead of my wrist. Hehe, that's fine. Anyway, I'm going to win."

Sima Dan chuckled softly as she adjusted her glasses.

-Human! There's something strange in her gaze too!

This time, Cale couldn't ignore Raon's words.

At that moment...

"Oh, please!"

The second trash brother of the Evil Alliance looked at his brothers as he let out an exasperated sigh.

"What are you doing right now?"

Surprisingly, Cale became even more nervous seeing him in his best state. Based on his experience, when guys like him acted like this, they caused more trouble.

Sima Jung scolded his brothers sternly.

"First, we need our boss's approval."

When did I become the boss of these three brothers?

Cale wanted to ask, but he didn't have a chance.

Jefe Eunuco Wi, Jegal Eunso, and even Lee Su Hyuk looked at them with impressive expressions.

At that moment, Cale clearly realized that he was just an ordinary human being.

'For now, something else is more important.'

Cale had something to confirm before talking to these three crazy brothers.

As if sensing his gaze, Beacrox stepped aside.

Elder Priest Durst was standing there.


He covered his nose.

A priest capable of detecting the Living Jiangshi. His role was crucial.

"I'll have to create the right environment for him to work properly."

Cale opened his mouth.


"Yes, Young Master."

Jegal Eunso, who had been staring blankly at the three brothers, snapped out of it and met Cale's gaze.

"First, we should report this matter to General Jegal Miryeo, don't you think?"

"Is that...?"

Jegal Eunso was concerned about whether she could leave or not, but Cale calmly spoke to her.

"The others can stay here, and I think it would be better for you, Assistant-nim, to go report this to General Miryeo."

"Understood. Then, I will withdraw for a moment."

She glanced at Sima Dan and spoke, and Sima Dan nodded eagerly. Despite making it clear that she would be on surveillance duty, she showed no discomfort.

'Seeing this, she seems to be quite skilled.'

Cale changed his assessment of Sima Dan after seeing how she showed no unease in unnecessary situations.

Then, Sima Dan grabbed the hem of Jegal Eunso's clothes as she tried to leave.


"They told me there wouldn't be a banquet."

Jegal Eunso's face hardened.

The Murim Alliance was heading to the Demon Cult. With the increase in their members, they became impossible to hide, and therefore, the Evil Faction was also aware of their movements.

Despite this, the Murim Alliance allowed the Evil Alliance Leader's sons in based on the good relationship between the two factions.

Bringing up a banquet in such a situation didn't sound good to Jegal Eunso.

"Do you want a banquet, by any chance?"


Jegal Eunso hesitated at the firm response.

Sima Dan looked at her with an expression that said otherwise.

"Still, I would like some alcohol."

Jegal Eunso was momentarily at a loss for words at that straightforward response.

"Yes, of course."

"I appreciate the courtesy of the Murim Alliance."

Sima Dan greeted with genuine politeness.

Cale looked at those behind Sima Dan and Sima Gong. They seemed familiar and carefree.

'Evil Faction.'

Unlike the Justice Faction, which advocated for cooperation and harmony, the Evil Faction pursued a more primitive form of combat.

Actually, this was a positive description of both sides. The Justice Faction had been criticized for their hypocrisy, acting upright on the surface but doing wicked things in secret. Meanwhile, the Evil Faction had been criticized for being like street thugs causing trouble and doing bad things beyond just fighting.

'Usually, in martial arts novels, the Evil Faction is depicted negatively.'

While Cale was thinking about the Evil Faction, Jegal Eunso stood up from her seat. Seeing her, Cale told Sima Dan with a gaze that seemed to pierce through.

"Regarding the matter of the trip to Kunlun, the General will provide an answer."

Jegal Eunso will manage to report it properly.

At that moment, Cale could see a soft smile on the corner of Sima Dan's lips. A calm voice came out of her mouth.

"Anyway, aren't you the one who can make the decision?"

Cale stared at Sima Dan, whose face still seemed intoxicated. Sima Dan toyed with the liquor bottle as she spoke.

"The General would not allow others to invade while she holds the key, especially at crucial times. It would have been impossible for us to even enter the Murim Alliance."

Her voice was soft and unhindered.

"Nevertheless, we entered the Murim Alliance and heard that Young Master Kim is leading the trip to Kunlun, while Jegal Eunso is assisting. Isn't it true that one of the keys for the journey is also in Young Master Kim's hands?"

Her comment was backed up by a nod from Sima Gong.

"What do you mean?"

Only Sima Jung seemed not to understand, showing a confused reaction.

'I guess that's why.'

Cale seemed to understand why, even though Sima Jung was considered trash in the Evil Faction, Sima Dan and Sima Gong were not.

'They're clever.'

Alcoholics or gamblers, the two still kept their minds clear.

Cale made an indifferent expression and asked:

"Do we need to report this to the Evil Alliance Leader as well?"

This time, it was Sima Gong who answered.

"If we also report about the trip to Kunlun, the Lord Alliance Leader will be more pleased."


'This guy has a good head on his shoulders.'

In other words, Sima Gong was saying, "We'll join the trip to Kunlun under Sima Jung's insistence, and we want to spy on the collaboration between the Demon Cult and the Justice Faction."

And he boldly claimed that he would report it to the Evil Alliance Leader.

A small smile formed at the corner of Cale's mouth.

'He's not hiding anything.'

He liked the idea of being straightforward.

But that was it.

"I wonder what I'll gain from this."

His words made Sima Dan and Sima Jung pause, and Cale looked at Durst.

Elder Priest Durst removed the thing covering his nose before realizing it and took a deep breath.


A smile formed at the corner of his lips.

"Young Master, the air is so refreshing today."

Cale's eyes lit up with interest.

'There are no Living Jiangshi among the members of the Evil Faction here.'

So, I can expose my purpose.

"I would like to see the Evil Alliance Leader, may I?"

The Evil Alliance is divided between the current leader, Sima Pyeong, and the Leader of Nokrim. (Note: Nokrim = Green Forest = Mountain Bandits Group)

As Nokrim was connected to the Carnage Demon, it would be good to connect with the Evil Alliance through the Sima siblings.

Cale stared at Sima Dan, and for a moment, Sima Dan contemplated.


"My father? Of course! You're my best friend's best friend, so he will love you! Kahahahaha!"

Sima Jung burst into laughter.

Just as Cale's face was about to crinkle, Sima Gong spoke.

"Young Master."

Sima Gong said, cleanly ignoring Sima Jung.

"By the way, you have also piqued the interest of the Lord Evil Alliance Leader."

A subtle smile formed at the corner of his lips.

"I was planning to mention it first, but thanks for bringing it up first. If you had only met with the Justice Faction, we would be very disappointed. Aren't we also part of the inhabitants of the Central Plains?"

Like Sima Dan, this guy had a witty way with words.

Cale nodded slowly.

'Maybe, as an excuse for Sima Jung's kidnapping by the Murim Alliance, he could have come to the Murim Alliance while knowing he was moving with me.'

Evil Faction.

There were smarter people than he thought.

It might be natural.

-Young Master. The Sima Family is like the Jegal Family. Both families have a good head on their shoulders.

According to Jefe Eunuco Wi's Sound Transmission, which came just in time, the Sima Family was famous for their cleverness in the Evil Faction.

'Of course, it is said that they tend to focus a bit more on Martial Arts than the Jegal Family, but I've heard they are also very skilled in Martial Arts.'

Jegal Family and Sima Family.

Cale opened his mouth as he considered what benefits he could gain from facing the Blood Cult with these two families behind him.

"It doesn't matter if you are citizens of the Central Plains or how you view me. That's not of great importance."

It was true.

'I'm not really of the Imperial Family, and the Emperor is an authoritarian person, so I don't think he'll listen to my request much.'

There is no benefit in them seeing me from the Evil Faction's perspective.

"I'm afraid the Evil Alliance Leader will be very disappointed when he sees me."

It would be quite troublesome if he met the Evil Alliance Leader and then got disappointed and didn't cooperate in the fight against the Blood Cult.


Cale looked at Sima Gong in response to his surprise.

"Why do you say that?"

"No, it's nothing."

Sima Gong said it was nothing, but he was secretly impressed.

He doesn't think he'd gain much by seeing him?

He'd feel disappointed?

A man like this had the second brother kidnapped?

Although he was trash in the Evil Faction, Sima Jung was a future Master of the Evil Faction with considerable martial arts skills.

Furthermore, his position was that of the son of the Evil Alliance Leader.

Knowing this, the Master sent Sima Jung as well as his sister here.

'Because you have to meet the minimum standards to be worthy of the position of Young Master Kim.'

This was because of the Golden Guard.

In reality, even the Evil Alliance correctly learned of Young Master Kim's existence through the rumor of being the Benefactor of the Namgung Family and the presence of the Golden Guard in the Murim Alliance.

'The stubborn and disobedient Emperor gave him more than a hundred personal guards.'

To protect Young Master Kim.

Probably, for this reason, Beijing is now in chaos.

All sorts of officials will be obsessed with recognizing Young Master Kim.

'Because a new figure has emerged in the Central Plains.'

The Emperor did not even give the Golden Guard to his younger children.

'What this means is one thing.'

Young Master Kim is as valuable to the Emperor as himself.

'Or what Young Master Kim is doing is as important to the Emperor as himself or the Central Plains.'

Either option would be something for the Evil Faction to consider.

'With this, the answer has been found.'

A moment ago, Young Master Kim gave him the answer.

'If Young Master Kim were as valuable as the Emperor, knowing him would be beneficial for my father.'

However, he said that knowing him wouldn't be beneficial for him.

'That statement means that what he is doing now is as important to the Emperor as giving up his spare life.'

And it was related to what was happening in the Murim.

'Justice Faction, Blood Cult. And later, the Evil Faction must all be together in this.'

Sima Gong's gaze turned thoughtful.

Evil Alliance Leader, Sima Pyeong.

He spoke of his younger son this way to his followers: 'That child has the potential to surpass the Jegal Family and become the pillar of the Evil Alliance.'

Sima Gong could boast that with just his head, he would not bow to anyone anywhere.

"The answer is clear."

At his words, his older sister, Sima Dan, secretly removed one of the two hands holding the bottle and placed it on her shoulder.

-Can you see the answer?

To the older sister's question, transmitted through Sound Transmission, Sima Gong responded telepathically.

-The Imperial Family, Sima Jung. There is only one event right now that can move all these places together.

-What is it?

While contemplating Sima Dan's pupils slowly losing their spirit, Sima Gong sent his response telepathically.

-It seems the rumor is true.

Among the Sima Family siblings, Sima Dan was the calmest person.

But the moment she had a sword, not a bottle, in her hand, her father used to say this.

'If Dan grows up properly, the title of Sword Demon will not be for Choi Jung Soo, but for Dan.'

His father, realizing the strangely changing atmosphere in the Central Plains, sent two of the cards he could currently play.

His head. And his sword.

And the person in charge of the head told his sister what he had found out.

-Indeed, it seems that the Blood Cult has reappeared, and they intend to do something big enough to force the Imperial Family to make a move.

-I see, and in a situation like this, my Sima Family and the Evil Alliance cannot stay out.

Her sister, Sima Dan, responded calmly and told the Young Master.

"We will also go to Kunlun and arrange a meeting with the Lord Evil Alliance Leader."

At that moment, she paused.

She could see the corners of Cale's lips twisting as he looked at the siblings with a strange gleam in his eyes.

"They are smart."

At those words, Sima Gong paused.

'Was he observing our reactions...?'

At that moment, Sima Gong was certain.

As expected, Jegal Miryoe is following Young Master Kim's will!

The key was in Young Master Kim's hands!

'Young Master Kim is undoubtedly the strategist prepared by the Imperial Family!'

The Emperor had prepared the Golden Guard to protect the strategist.

'I shouldn't take this lightly.'

The corners of Sima Gong's mouth twitched as tension rose higher than in any bet he had ever made.

Seeing this, Cale thought to himself.

'Wow, you're so clever to think about the Blood Cult right away.'

He listened to their conversation.

-Human, now I can hear everything if I concentrate a bit!

Raon told him everything.

Dragons are great, after all.


The second group that set out for Kunlun left the city of Wuhan, where the Murim Alliance was located, and headed for Kunlun Mountain.

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