TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 119


When Choi Han heard the strange rumors, he could see that upon seeing him, they closed their mouths and disappeared.

However, judging by their eyes, it seemed like they were still conversing through Sound Transmission.

Specifically, it looked like he was included in the conversation.

"Sniff. Sniff."

Choi Han turned his gaze.

"Sniff, sniff."

Elder Priest Dust. He was sniffing the scent of his surroundings while wrinkling his nose.

This place was the headquarters building of the State Council.


A sigh came from the side.

When he looked in that direction, he saw Beacrox, who was looking at Dust with an arrogant gaze while releasing occasional sighs.

Then, he growled at Choi Han, with whom he exchanged glances.


...He was quite irritated.

When Beacrox was like this, they shouldn't mess with him.

Choi Han calmly averted his gaze from him.

Then, seemingly more irritated because he couldn't find a place to release his frustration, Beacrox let out another deeper sigh.


"Sniff, sniff, sniff."

However, Dust was unfazed by Beacrox's mood.


Instead, another person spoke up.

It was Kang Gohee, the Leader of the Justice Corps of the Murim Alliance, from the Mount Hua Sect.

She was one of the candidates to become the next Plum Blossom Sword Master and was currently gaining practical experience in the Murim Alliance. Therefore, she was working under her real name rather than the nickname given by the Mount Hua Sect.

"Is it really necessary to smell like that?"

She asked while looking at Choi Han instead of Dust, who was sniffing as if possessed.

Choi Han's response was brief and straightforward.


Kang Gohee pushed on to say more.

"But, what about the situation now-?"

However, she couldn't continue speaking.

Aside from the oppressive feeling, she realized a startling fact that she had to confirm right away.

'The Blood Cult.'

The Great War Between Good and Evil, Living Jiangshi, Blood Cult.

When she went to report about the Golden Guard's visit to the Murim Alliance, she heard shocking information.

At that moment, she wondered if it was appropriate for her, Kang Gohee, to know this information.

"Young Master Kim, Leader Kang Gohee is a talented individual; it would be good for her to join us."

The Commander General, Jegal Miryeo, pulled her into this matter.

Of course, the Alliance Leader, Go Sebeom, was also there.

"Well, I suppose there isn't much to do in the Justice Corps right now. I heard most of the Corps members are on vacation. Send a recall signal. From now on, they'll handle this mission."

The Justice Corps had been on break for a month.

So Kang Gohee felt fine with the orders from the Commander General and the Alliance Leader.

I can finally get back to work!

And on something that would contribute to the peace of the Murim.

Feeling elated, she sent a recall order to the Justice Corps members who were close to Wuhan.

They would probably arrive tomorrow.

But Kang Gohee's mood gradually soured.

It all started with a simple introduction.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Choi Han."

Accompanying the person who introduced himself as Choi Han was an elder named Do Daehyup (Dust).

They had come because they had something important to do together.

"It's a very important matter."

And that was true.

At the current moment, Dust was carrying out an urgent mission to search for the Living Jiangshi in the Murim Alliance.

And as a result, both the Commander General and the Alliance Leader, Cale and the Imperial Palace, were aware of it.

Although Kang Gohee didn't know all of that, as the mission was even secretly handed over to the Commander General, she wanted to do well.

However, precisely at that moment!

"Sniff, sniff, sniff!"

Spending the whole day sniffing around in the Murim Alliance!

Of course, Kang Gohee understood it.

She shouldn't have preferences when performing her mission.


While leading the way, someone whispered in her ear.

"Cluck. The great Leader of the lunatics has really begun to take her crazy dogs for a walk."

Justice Corps.

That's what people called the group she led.

A gathering of crazy dogs.

Kang Gohee was merely the owner barely keeping those crazy dogs in check with their leashes.

"Darn it."

Kang Gohee's gaze shifted to the side.

In front of her, there was someone making such audacious remarks.

"General Wang."

Wang Sumyeong.

She was a prominent figure of the Southern Edge Sect, rumored to be a future Sword Master of her sect.

She was also a General in the Murim Alliance Council and, at the time of her appointment, was the youngest General.

However, that title disappeared when Kang Gohee broke the record as the youngest General.

Since then, Wang Sumyeong had been arguing with Kang Gohee time and time again.

'I see she just returned from her mission!'

So she must have seen Kang Gohee on the way to report this to the State Council.

Thus, she didn't know the people she was with were members of the Imperial Family.

Otherwise, Wang Sumyeong, who always snorted like a ghost in front of her superiors, wouldn't act this way.

"Hehe, it seems the General Kang likes dogs."

That crazy one.

Kang Gohee decided to speak up.

If a problem arose here, it wouldn't just be a problem for Wang Sumyeong but also for the Murim Alliance.

The people she was serving right now should be treated with respect and decorum.

"General Wang!"

She raised her voice.

"How dare you utter such nonsense, General Wang?"

It was at that moment...


When General Wang asked again.

"What? Are you referring to me when you say 'dog'?"

Durst stopped sniffing and pointed.

"That's right."

Choi Han sighed lightly.


At the same time, General Wang took a deep breath.


A dagger grazed her cheek slightly.

Blood dripped down her cheek.

Choi Han glanced to the side.

"Did you hold back?"


Without answering his question, Beacrox had another pair of white gloves in his hand, though he already had some on.

When Priest Dust was surprised at his appearance, Beacrox looked at Choi Han with indifference.

"Shouldn't you sheath that sword properly before speaking?"

Choi Han smiled gently and sheathed the sword he had barely drawn. He added:

"Still, you shouldn't shed blood lightly as if it's a common sight."


Beacrox scoffed and tossed the dagger aside.

"You can't even look Choi Jung Soo in the eyes."

Choi Han's mouth firmly shut.

Finally, as if satisfied, Beacrox flashed a very cynical smile that quickly disappeared.

With a more relaxed expression, as if he had relieved some stress, he turned to the surprised Kang Gohee and asked:

"Is there a problem?"


Then, Choi Han sighed and took a step forward.

"How dare you..." — General Wang began, still not understanding the situation.

Then, she remembered what Cale told her.

'Choi Han. This is the Murim World. Who knows when and how crazies will pop out of nowhere? But the funny thing is, most of these crazies are fake.'

Cale continued:

'Because they only act crazy in front of those weaker than them. In front of a greater force or power, they become submissive. It's a pattern of weak and strong, or vice versa.'

'So avoid the real crazies and deal with them this way if they're fake.'

He explained how to handle them.

Choi Han gave a friendly smile to Kang Gohee and asked:

"The crime of insulting the Royal Family is punishable by death, right?"

He was referring to General Wang in a derogatory manner.

Kang Gohee's face paled upon hearing those words.

Meanwhile, General Wang scanned her surroundings.

Then, suddenly, she stopped.

"At least you heard something."

General Wang was startled by the words Choi Han let slip, and Choi Han thought that if he were Cale, he would act this way and asked:

"Do you understand the situation now?"

The blush disappeared from General Wang's face upon hearing those words.

Seeing this, Choi Han thought:

'Now the attention and watchful glances should decrease for folks like General Wang.'

Thanks to General Wang, who had caused a commotion, the hindrances on his future journey with Elder Priest Dust should lessen.

Thinking it was fine, Choi Han glanced out the window at the sky.

Strangely, he felt uneasy.

'No, it's not strange.'

He knew why he felt this way.

Beacrox's words echoed in his ears.

'I couldn't look Choi Jung Soo in the eyes.'

Choi Jung Soo. Just recalling that name tightened his heart.

What should he do?

His head knew how, but he lacked the courage.

At that moment...

"Try talking to him using that Martial Art."

Beacrox casually told him, and Choi Han stopped.

Martial Art... Celestial Sword

The gift his nephew had gotten him.

The Celestial Sword.

Choi Han hadn't had a chance to unfold it yet.

"It doesn't matter if you're not here in the afternoon. All you have to do is have that guy named Sui Khan or Lee Soo Hyuk, I don't know, replace you."

Beacrox continued, and Choi Han's gaze landed on him.

"What are you looking at?"

Beacrox, expressionless and with an indifferent gaze, didn't avert his eyes from Choi Han. Instead, it was Choi Han who looked away.


With a light sigh, Choi Han nodded and mumbled:

"I'll ask Young Master Kim if I can be off in the afternoon."

Then, first, he needed to read the Celestial Sword Martial Art.

After that, he would have to go see Choi Jung Soo.

Choi Han clenched his fists with determination.

"So, shall we start again?"

Durst asked, and Choi Han nodded.

"Yes, yes."

The tracking of the Living Jiangshi began once more.

However, Choi Han's expression as he took steps forward became somewhat lighter yet more determined at the same time.


"Young Master, two new Living Jiangshi have been found."

"Indeed, they are members of the Murim Alliance. How many exactly?"

"Yes. However, given the nature of the Murim Alliance, about half of them are on missions abroad, so I guess their number is higher."

Cale occasionally nodded as he listened to Wi Chul Myeong's report.

"The number of people for negotiations with the Demon Cult has also been decided, and we will soon depart with the Kunlun Sect."

Wi Chul Myeong discussed mission details with Jegal Miryeo.

"We also sent agents to the Sichuan region and agreed to cooperate with the Beggar's Guild. However, they only informed us of the possible location of the Blood Cult, not sharing all the information they have."

Cale nodded again.

"Of course, everyone collaborating with us from the Beggar's Guild has gone through the Living Jiangshi verification process by Elder Daehyup."

Wi Chul Myeong concluded his report.

"In addition, we sent some agents to the Yunnan Province and the Southern Barbarians to scout information about the Blue Silver Trade Guild."

Based on the information from Choi Jung Soo, who had discovered that this trade guild belonged to the Blood Cult, work was being carried out in secret.

Cale leisurely listened to the rest of the information and spoke calmly.

"Once we've dealt with the Living Jiangshi, we can easily take care of the Blood Cult."

His lips curled up.

At that moment, someone caught his attention.

"Oh, it's become interesting, don't you think?"

The hands of Blood Cult Number 7 trembled.

Cale asked calmly.

"You still have no intention of revealing where the Blood Cult is, do you?"

He said it as if he were disappointed.

"If you really want to, go ahead. After all, the Blood Cult will disappear even without you making a move."

Blood Cult Number 7 tightly closed his eyes, and Cale lazily smiled.

Then, he slowly shifted his gaze and stopped at a place.

"Well, what's your impression after hearing all this?"

The worst trash from the Evil Faction.

Sima Jung, the Second Son of Evil Alliance Leader Sima Pyeong, was in a state of daze and muttered without thinking.

"Wow. It's too complicated; I can't understand it."

He looked at the person tied to his shoulders.

"And you? Did you understand?"

The person received his gaze. Toonka cheerfully responded.

"I don't know. I'll do whatever Young Master Kim says! That should be fine! Hahaha!"

Cale's smile faded.

He felt a throbbing in his head.

Sima Jung. That guy is a skinny Toonka.

"Should I do the same? Hahaha!"

Sima Jung continued to laugh cheerfully like Toonka.

-Human, there are two fools who only love to fight.


Cale felt a headache coming on.


For the first time in a hundred years, all the representatives from various factions that would participate in negotiations with the Demon Cult gathered in a building of the Murim Alliance.

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