RDM (Novel) Chapter 483

 C 483

Flames sprouted throughout the grounds of New Moon Manor.

Large fireplaces blazed, and the martial artists held torches aloft.


"Get moving."

The martial artists within New Moon Manor moved swiftly and efficiently.

They ran towards the source of the disturbance.

"The bastard’s heading to the Chaotic Heaven Hall. We must stop him."

"Spread out the barricades."

As the warriors raced towards the Chaotic Heaven Hall with all their might, they fired up the countermeasures.

So Yeowol muttered as she watched the night's chaos.

"Pyo Wol has come."

"How bold.To expose himself so strikingly."

Song Cheonwoo's forehead creased deeply.

Pyo Wol 's movements were much faster than they had expected.

No matter how skilled Pyo Wol was, they thought it would take a considerable amount of time to infiltrate New Moon Manor and attempt an assassination.

"We expected a day for him to secretly infiltrate New Moon Manor, and another day to move to the Chaotic Heaven Hall after infiltration..."

That conclusion was based on the known abilities and tendencies of Pyo Wol in the martial arts world. But Pyo Wol showed movements that far exceeded their expectations, as if to mock them.

So Yeowol muttered.

"He’s broken our expectations again."

Although she usually had no expression on her face as if wearing a mask, this time it was different.

Pyo Wol 's movements had struck a nerve.

Song Cheonwoo said,

"He's rushing too much. If he's caught now, all our plans will be ruined. Shouldn't we secretly assist him now?"

"No! Just watch."


"The more Pyo Wol rushes around, the more opportunities will open up for us."

"But if he's captured?"

"Don't you understand even after going through this? Pyo Wol is exposing himself because he has the confidence. He won't give up or be taken down until he achieves his objective."


"Right now, we have one thing to do. Take advantage of everyone's attention being drawn to Pyo Wol and seize control of the Guryongsalmak."

So Yeowol's eyes were colder than ever.

It was a testament to her rationality.

Even now, numerous plans were being formulated in her mind on how to utilize the entity known as Pyo Wol to the fullest.

"Proceed as planned! We can't afford to miss this opportunity."


Song Cheonwoo nodded and went outside.

Outside their dwelling, in the massive training ground, there were many warriors dressed in red uniforms.

They were the Blood Demon Corps.

Assassins raised by So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo using the same methods as themselves.

The one difference was the imposed mental restraint, making them absolutely obedient.

They were even more brutal and fearless than their masters, monsters.

That was the Blood Demon Corps right before their eyes.


At Song Cheonwoo's command, the Blood Demon Corps started to move.


The Chaotic Heaven Hall was usually used as the residence of the high-ranking members.

However, the person in the Chaotic Heaven Hall was not a high-ranking member but the owner of New Moon Manor, Udamha.

She asked her subordinate with a devastated expression.

"What did you just say?"

"There's an intruder."

"All this commotion over just one intruder?"

"They say the intruder is unbelievably strong."

"So strong that New Moon Manor is turned upside down?"

Udamha's eyebrows rose menacingly.

She was genuinely angry.

The power of New Moon Manor known to the world was just the tip of the iceberg.

Under the name of Guryongsalmak, they boasted a hidden power that was not inferior to Heavenly Martial Sect or Mad Martial Sect.

Though, admittedly, most of the power was dispersed and couldn't exert a consolidated force like those two sects.

Udamha was the mistress of such a vast force.

Even though a significant portion of its power had been drained, the strength still remaining was not inferior to any moderate sects. Yet, to think that all this commotion was happening because of one person was astonishing.

"What about Buk Ri Hwang? What is he doing?"

"They say he was just killed by the intruder."


Udamha was shocked.

Purple Faced Divine Demon Buk Ri Hwang was the strongest card she could play.

In terms of sheer power, her son and leader of the Ghost Fleet, Go Il-won, was the strongest, but he was not here right now.

He preferred the vast sea to the stifling New Moon Manor.

Occasionally he would come to New Moon Manor, but he couldn't stay for more than a few days before leaving for the sea again. As a result, she couldn't summon him when he was needed most. That's why she had summoned Purple Faced Divine Demon Buk Ri Hwang instead.

The fact that even Buk Ri Hwang had fallen was terrifying.

Udamha yelled out in anger.

"Summon her."


"Call So Yeowol. At least her power is useful."

She despised So Yeowol more than a bug, but she acknowledged her ability. In particular, she acknowledged the power of the Blood Demon Corps, which So Yeowol had trained using her experience.

If they covered the area with the Blood Demon Corps, no matter how terrifying the enemy, they would never be able to break through.

Her subordinate hesitated for a moment.

"But that's..."

The subordinate hesitated, knowing how deep the enmity was between So Yeowol and Udamha.

It was Udamha who sold So Yeowol to a slave trader. Because of that, So Yeowol had been sold to the Blood Shadow Assassins and raised as an assassin, enduring all sorts of hardships. So Yeowol, who held such a grudge, would not move to protect Udamha.

Udamha knew this fact as well. But now was not the time to be picky.

Udamha gritted her teeth.

"Hurry up!"


With no choice, her subordinate responded and moved.

He opened the door to carry out Udamha's order.


At that moment, a tiny explosion popped out, leaving a small hole in his forehead.


The subordinate collapsed with a single scream.

"What is this?"

Udamha was shocked and shouted.

Just then, Pyo Wol appeared beyond the fallen subordinate.

He entered the room, gathering the scattered soul reaping threads.

His entire body was soaked in blood.

It was a trace of breaking through the numerous human barriers and traps spread throughout the Chaotic Heaven Hall.

Udamha raised her voice.

"Who are you?"

"Where is the leader?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

"The leader of Guryongsalmak."

"You bastard!"

Instead of answering, Udamha pressed the handle of her chair.


The moment she did, a mechanism prepared in the chamber was activated.

Numerous hidden weapons were fired towards Pyo Wol .


Udamha glared at Pyo Wol with venomous eyes.

She could see him turning into a hedgehog and collapsing. But what she wanted didn't happen.

The moment Udamha triggered the mechanism, Pyo Wol swirled his soul-reaping thread around her body and yanked her toward him.

"No, don't!"

Only then did Udamha realize Pyo Wol 's intentions and screamed. But Pyo Wol didn't stop.

Using Udamha as a shield, Pyo Wol blocked all the hidden weapons.

Thump, thump, thump!

Countless hidden weapons pierced Udamha's body.


A strange groan escaped from Udamha's lips.

Every hidden weapon that pierced her body was coated with deadly poison.

The poison paralyzed her body and brought her unbearable pain.

Her muscles twisted all over, and the poison coursing through her blood attacked her nerves.

She couldn't even scream anymore.

With her eyes, she begged Pyo Wol to spare her life. However, Pyo Wol didn't even pay attention to her plea.

He had already realized that Udamha was not the leader of the Guryongsalmak.

If she were the true leader, she wouldn't have shown such a pathetic state.

Udamha was nothing more than an old fox who had taken over the leader's empty residence.

There was no time to care for an old fox.

Pyo Wol quickly scanned the interior of the residence.

That's when a painting hanging on the wall caught his eye.

A temple was depicted in the painting, with the name Heavenly Origin Temple written at the bottom.

'Didn't they say they needed scripture for the temple construction at the New Moon Manor?'

It was the Buddhist scripture that they had gone through great lengths to acquire.

There was a high probability that the one obsessed with the scripture, along with the leader of the Guryongsalmak, would be in the temple where the scripture was.

The problem was the location of Heavenly Origin Temple. However, Pyo Wol didn't worry much about it.

He couldn't imagine that the temple, built with such a huge investment and effort, would be far from New Moon Manor.

People tend to keep valuable things close by.

Behind New Moon Manor, there was a large mountain range like a folding screen.

Pyo Wol believed that the Heavenly Origin Temple was likely located there.

'I'll go to Heavenly Origin Temple.'

His thoughts were brief, and his actions were quick.


Pyo Wol burst through the roof of Chaotic Heaven Hall and soared into the air.

The view of New Moon Manor's interior unfolded beneath his feet.

But the scene he saw was strange.

There were an unusually large number of warriors in red clothes.

Pyo Wol immediately recognized their identities.

'Blood Demons?'

He had already encountered them once before.

They were monsters raised by So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo in the same way as themselves.

'Did she raise so many of them?'

So Yeowol's meticulous preparation was enough to send chills down his spine.

He didn't know how she had managed to breed so many Blood Demons, but with that number, it was worth challenging the authority in New Moon Manor. That must have been So Yeowol's goal.

Due to the sudden movement of the Blood Demons, New Moon Manor was engulfed in extreme chaos.

'As expected, it was Yeowol's slaughtering plan.'


In the confusion caused by Pyo Wol's attack on Guryongsalmak, So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo were moving to accomplish their goals.

Their eyes met in midair.

The glances they exchanged were cold.

Their moment of eye contact was but a fleeting instant.

Pyo Wol landed on the roof of Chaotic Heaven Hall, and So Yeowol concealed herself in an instant. However, they both confirmed each other's intentions.

Pyo Wol hurried toward the large mountain behind New Moon Manor.

There were no pursuers.

This was because New Moon Manor was in great chaos due to the Blood Demons led by So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.

"Why are the Blood Demons attacking us?"

"Damn it! Did you betray us, So Yeowol?"

The bewildered voices of the leaders of New Moon Manor resounded everywhere.

"Quickly inform the leader."

"Where is he?"

No one in New Moon Manor had the courage to chase Pyo Wol due to the extreme confusion.

Meanwhile, Pyo Wol hid himself in the darkness.

The Blood Demons continued to seize control of New Moon Manor without hesitation.

Song Cheonwoo  was at the forefront.


He cut down a martial artist blocking his path.

The martial artist had usually looked down on Song Cheonwoo  and So Yeowol as mere assassins.

"You... "

The martial artist looked at Song Cheonwoo  in disbelief before collapsing.

He showed no mercy.

He continued to cut down any martial artists standing in his way.

At that moment,

"What are you doing?"

A sudden, powerful voice rang out.

Song Cheonwoo  looked up and saw a martial artist with a fierce aura.

It was the Red King.

The Red King looked at the scene unfolding in New Moon Manor with disbelief.

"You! What is this? Are you betraying Guryongsalmak?"

"We're rooting out traitors."

The answer came not from Song Cheonwoo  but from So Yeowol's mouth.

The Red King glared at So Yeowol.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Rooting out traitors?"

"People who conspired with Pyo Wol ."

"With Pyo Wol ?"

"Otherwise, how would Pyo Wol know that you were coming and lure you out? It's only possible because they conspired and informed Pyo Wol beforehand."


The Red King looked at So Yeowol, unable to believe her words.

"I'm not betraying, but rather cleaning up the traitors inside."

So Yeowol calmly lied.

She knew it was impossible for the Red King to realize her lie at this point.

She continued to speak.

"Because of these people, the leader is in danger. We must quickly clean up the inside and go to Heavenly Origin Temple."

"Are you saying that Pyo Wol went there?"

"Yes! After we clean up here, we'll follow, so you must chase Pyo Wol first. You must prevent Pyo Wol from harming the leader."

"Damn it! Everyone, follow me."

Without any hesitation, the Red King led the Demonic Madmen and ran towards the direction where Heavenly Origin Temple was.

So Yeowol watched the Red King and the Demonic Madmen disappear into the darkness without any emotion.

"I wonder if the hunter can catch the hunting dog."

The Red King was undoubtedly an excellent hunter, but the hunting dog Pyo Wol also had sharp teeth.

No matter the outcome between the two, it didn't matter.

In the end, the one who would benefit from them was her

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