TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 118


"Damn you, Blood Cult, I'm going to tear you apart and eat your guts, you damn bastards!"

Jegal Miryeo cursed with choked words, releasing her fury after hearing about the events related to the Blood Cult that had occurred before arriving at the Murim Alliance.

"Those Blood Cult bastards are so despicable!"

She exclaimed angrily.

Cale stopped, observing her appearance.

"They are soulless damn fiends, even if you chew and eat them."

Trembling again.

He looked at Jegal Miryeo in astonishment. The fan in her hand snapped in two with a clear sound.

"They said her martial arts level was low."

But that grip was no joke.

The fan, which seemed difficult to bend even for Cale, was cut very lightly in half.

"Young Master."

Then she looked at Cale. Her eyes were burning. But her voice calmed. Still, Cale couldn't help but feel afraid.


When Cale, unknowingly, asked in bewilderment.

"You came to the Murim Alliance because there are Jiangshis here too, right? Who is that Jiangshi?"

Cale responded with a slight shyness to the question brimming with acuteness.

The truth.

Without hesitation.

"Jegal Eunso."


The teacup in the hand of the Murim Alliance Leader fell to the floor. He frowned in surprise and rubbed his ear with his finger.

"Am I going deaf too? My ears aren't working well, right?"

He looked around and asked, but no one agreed with his words.

Elder Ho and Go Sebeom's eyes met. The Alliance Leader could see Elder Ho immediately avert his gaze.

Unknowingly, the Alliance Leader turned his gaze to Jegal Miryeo.

He could see the Commander General's pale face.

"...So that's how it is."

A sigh escaped from Jegal Miryeo's lips.

The Murim Alliance's General Staff.

If asked to name the most important institution within the Murim Alliance, the Alliance Leader would mention the General Staff without hesitation.

In the General Staff, all important and minor matters of the Murim Alliance are handled.

And there, there is a Blood Cult Jiangshi, and that Jiangshi is Jegal Eunso.

Jegal Eunso had been secretly chosen as the next Commander General.

"This is a great blow."

Both to the Murim Alliance and to the Murim Alliance Leader and General Staff.

And to the Commander General and Jegal Eunso.

It was a matter that no one could mention lightly.

The Leader closed his mouth.

No one dared to speak.

Of course, Cale couldn't say anything as he was busy listening to Raon murmuring outside the window.

The Leader looked at Cale while thinking.

'It seems he's waiting.'

Young Master Kim was silently waiting for one reason.

The Alliance Leader was also in a situation where he couldn't easily open his mouth, but only one person could.

No, that person had to speak first.

"...We were hit."

Jegal Miryeo.

She spoke those words calmly.

However, the weight implied in those words plunged the Alliance Leader into deep silence.

Elder Ho was feeling the same way.

'It's embarrassing.'

The Murim Alliance suffered at the hands of the Blood Cult.

It even received a very serious wound.


At that moment, Young Master Kim's voice reached the Alliance Leader's ears.

"They haven't fallen yet, have they?"

It was a rather puzzled voice.

This time, it was Jegal Miryeo who responded in astonishment.


As if her reaction was strange, Young Master Kim spoke with an indifferent expression.

"Nothing in particular has happened yet, so it's hard to consider it a defeat."

The Great War Between Good and Evil has not occurred.

Of course, there have been more minor conflicts between different factions, and the presence of war is felt. But so far, that is something that has happened even in the absence of the Blood Cult. If they don't advance towards the Great War Between Good and Evil, then there's no issue.

"Living Jiangshi can be purified. And now that we know the number of enemies, can't we gain more advantages from that?"

Cale looked at Jegal Miryeo as if asking what the problem was.

"Surely the Commander General has also had that thought, right?"

At that moment, the strength in Jegal Miryeo's hand slowly loosened. She closed her eyes as she breathed slowly and then opened them again.

"That's right. A major problem hasn't occurred yet."

Her words made Cale release his lips.

"Of course, for the Jegal Family, it's a big problem."

"No. It's not a big problem."

Cale mentioned the position of the Jegal Family and Jegal Eunso, but Jegal Miryeo passed that part without paying much attention.


At that moment, the Alliance Leader silently intervened in the conversation.

"So, do we purify Jegal Eunso, seek cooperation from the Evil Faction and the Demon Cult, and eliminate the Blood Cult? Is that what we should do?"

The gazes were directed towards Jegal Miryeo, but the message's recipient was Cale.

And then, both Jegal Miryeo and Cale opened their mouths one after the other.

"That's not a very good option."

"No, I disagree with that approach."

The gazes of the two crossed.

Jegal Miryeo spoke cautiously.

"...Can we hear what Young Master Kim wants to say?"

"I would like to hear the Commander General's opinion first."

In response to Cale's calm voice, Jegal Miryeo remained silent for a moment before speaking.

"It's difficult to create Living Jiangshi. Therefore, it must be sown in key positions of each faction secretly and discreetly, so as not to be discovered. And the fact that it's hard to create means it's valuable."

Especially when considering the position of those who have become Living Jiangshi. There is a high probability that the Blood Cult will consider them valuable and use them continuously.

"The Blood Cult has undoubtedly prepared various devices for these valuable and useful people."

"For example?"

At Cale's casual question, Jegal Miryeo answered without hesitation.

"Surely there is a way to know the survival of a Living Jiangshi or their current status."

Cale nodded as if in agreement, and Jegal Miryeo continued more comfortably.

"Therefore, the fact that Namgung Taewi, the Living Jiangshi of the Namgung Family, has been purified, surely reached the ears of the Blood Cult."

After purifying Namgung Taewi, Cale also worried and knew that the Blood Cult would be investigating.

Cale opened his mouth.

"The Blood Cult probably thinks Namgung Taewi has been killed."

"...Maybe they don't know about purification?"


It's likely that the Blood Blue Family types don't know about Purification.

The Black Blood Family, which would have introduced them to Purification, has already sunk.

Jegal Miryeo, who was organizing her thoughts for a moment, continued speaking.

"Then, the Blood Cult will be curious about how Namgung Taewi died."

"That's true. Did he die because they found out he was a Living Jiangshi or did he just die?"

She examined Cale carefully before answering.

"So, what is the plan that Young Master Kim has in mind?"

With a small smile, Jegal Miryeo spoke more comfortably.

"Since it seems that Young Master Kim already has certain ideas in mind, I'd like to ask."

Jegal Miryeo could see Young Master Kim raise his hand. He gestured to one of his companions waiting outside the door.

Then, with a sigh, he casually asked.

"Oh, Alliance Leader. Can I trust the mouths of the people here?"

The two warriors waiting outside the door hesitated.

"Yes, you can trust my disciples and my friends."

The Alliance Leader, who was suddenly speaking to Cale in a more friendly manner, replied.

"That's good then."

Cale said that before someone approached following his gesture.



Jegal Miryeo's eyebrows raised slightly at the soft voice, but she widened her eyes the moment the owner of the voice removed the hat and veil.

"It's you-"

Sword Demon.

Before those words could come out of her mouth...

"He's my friend."

Cale's words eased the atmosphere.

"How about you tell us your plans for the future?"

In response to Cale's calm question, Choi Jung Soo tilted his head without hesitation and spoke casually.

"Rumors will soon spread that I'm a spy from the Blood Cult in the Murim. Furthermore, the reason why the Namgung Family is trying to kill me will be spread as a rumor."

Choi Jung Soo's nonchalant tone sounded as if he were talking while enjoying a spring breeze blowing as he strolled.

"And, of course, those rumors will be secretly spread by the Imperial Palace and the Murim Alliance. Isn't that right?"

Cale nodded with a smile.

The Murim Alliance couldn't reject Cale's words. They had to cover up their mistakes.

"And I have no intention of purifying Jegal Eunso right away. You know what I mean, right? Commander General?"


With a sigh, she finally opened her mouth under Cale's gaze.

"...GED*. Do you plan to purify them after identifying all the Living Jiangshi in the center of each faction?" (Note: Remember that GED stands for Justice Faction, Evil Faction, and Demon Cult)

Cale, who was about to answer, paused.

-Human, do you want to purify them all together...?

In response to Raon's strong question, Cale unconsciously replied.

"I won't purify them all at once. At the very least, I plan to purify them one by one after creating a situation where information can't be accurately captured in the Blood Cult."

He said, continuing with his words.

"Of course, before purification, I will take as many elixirs as possible to unlock my seal a bit more."

Upon hearing this, Jegal Miryeo was surprised and clenched her fist, while Wi Chul Myeong let out a sigh. Cale paid them no attention.

-...Human, I'm watching you.

Raon's stern voice caught his attention.

"So, even though you'll purify all the Living Jiangshi, you want to create confusion in the Blood Cult before that?"

"Yes. If they know that something happened to the Living Jiangshi over and over again in the Jianghu, won't they be confused?"

The corner of Cale's lips lifted.

When the Jianghu couldn't understand what happened with Blood Fort, then...

"At that moment, openings will be created in the Blood Cult. Shouldn't we aim for that?"

At that moment, Jegal Miryeo held her breath.

The word "we" in Young Master Kim's words didn't refer only to the Murim Alliance and the Imperial Family.

Undoubtedly, Young Master Kim's words indicated that they also included the Justice Faction, the Evil Faction, and the Demon Cult.

Even he himself would be included.

'And I think Young Master Kim wants us to capture the Blood Cult.'

A chill ran down Jegal Miryeo's spine.

'The Living Jiangshi. If they are the Blood Cult's secret weapon against the Murim, then they will be a tool for Young Master Kim to manipulate the Murim as he wishes.'

Just with the existence of a Living Jiangshi in a faction, that faction would have to fight against the Blood Cult.

And if the Living Jiangshi were future talents of each faction, instead of killing them, he would try to purify them. Especially if they were blood relatives.

'There is a high probability that everything revolves around Young Master Kim.'

At this moment, she had no choice but to act according to Young Master Kim's will, even if it was for the Murim Alliance or the Jegal Family.

'That's terrifying.'

Since Young Master Kim mentioned Sound Transmission earlier, Jegal Miryeo had already noticed it.

His wit was as deep as the fear he inspired.

'I can't believe there's someone like this hidden in the Imperial Palace.'

No, someone like Young Master Kim wouldn't be hiding.

Unless he chose to retire himself.

'I understand why the Emperor moved for Young Master Kim.'

Tension in her grip tightened for the first time in a long while.

Jegal Miryeo felt a sense of nervousness she hadn't felt in a long time.

'His wit is as astonishing as his martial arts skills.'

Indeed, she wasn't very attached to the Jegal Family.

And she only kept Jegal Eunso by her side for his talent.

There was only one reason she entered the Murim Alliance from a young age and went to the battlefield with Go Sebeom.

'My heart is pounding hard after so long.'

Her weapon, her strategy, she loved the battlefield where she could deploy this tactic.

And now, right in front of her, stood someone who was at least as good, if not better, than her.

GED. A figure in the shadows that could control even the Imperial Palace.

"What does the Commander General think of my ideas?"

Young Master Kim asked her.

"It's a good idea, Young Master. Although there are a few things that need to be sorted out, if you'll permit me to say so sooner."

Cale's gaze turned toward Jegal Miryeo. The very Military Commander was saying that she would report directly to Cale instead of the Alliance Leader.

With a look that implied, "Is this okay?" Jegal Miryeo nodded her head.

"The Murim Alliance will fully support Young Master Kim in this matter."

It was a statement that acknowledged that the center of attention was Young Master Kim.

"Then, I'll await the solutions that the Commander General will present."

Cale responded calmly, but he felt quite pleased.

'Now that a smart person has arrived, everything should work out fine on its own.'

He could just stay in the background without any issues.

A smile formed at the corner of his lips.

As she looked at him, Jegal Miryeo thought of some improvements that could be made.

'To cause chaos in the Blood Cult, it would be better to purify all the Living Jiangshi at once.'

Since Young Master Kim mentioned the seal and the elixir, it would be more convenient to purify them all at once, even if it was a bit rushed.

"I must report this."

It would also be good to investigate the location of the Blood Cult. It would be useful to express her opinion on how to address the issue of GED's opinion.

'I wonder how the one who reached the Nature Realm purified the Living Jiangshi.'

Jegal Miryeo still hadn't heard how Cale purified the Living Jiangshi.

She only heard the brief result that he purified them.

'She's someone with a high understanding of strategy, so I should present her with an approach as efficient as possible.'

If Cale knew, Jegal Miryeo was thinking of things that could make Cale, who didn't seem concerned about the matter in front of Raon and Ron, get scared.

A while later, when Cale said he had to go meet the Golden Guard, he left first with the Alliance Leader, and then Elder Ho and the two remained in the Alliance Leader's room.

"Elder Ho, Young Master Kim is truly terrifying."

She didn't understand what Elder Ho was saying in response to her comment.

"It's true that he's a very wise and fearsome person."

Elder Ho sighed and spoke.

"He's also a kind and compassionate person."

Kind and compassionate?

When Jegal Miryeo furrowed her brows, Elder Ho showed a dark smile.

"The Commander General will see it soon. When you see it, you'll know how noble Young Master Kim is."


"He's the epitome of the Justice Faction."

The epitome of the Justice Faction?

Jegal Miryeo couldn't understand Elder Ho's words any more.

He seemed to understand, but he just showed a dark smile as if to say she would understand over time.


Strange rumors about the Murim Alliance began to circulate.

"Aren't all the Emperor's brothers dead? Then why are they saying that the Emperor's older brother is in the Murim Alliance?"

"There's an inn where the Alliance Leader's guests live, right? I heard the Golden Guard is everywhere now. I also heard that the Emperor's most beloved brother came to the Murim Alliance for a visit."

"No, I heard that he's the Emperor's secret son, and that's why the Golden Guard members are waiting obediently."

"I heard that he's the Emperor's younger stepbrother, but he's so frail. They were afraid he'd get sick and die in his sleep, so they handed him a large number of Golden Guard members."

Strange rumors about Cale that would frighten anyone if they heard them began to circulate.

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