RDM (Novel) Chapter 476

 C 476

"Ugh! Ugh!"

Ya yulin kept groaning.

His whole body was still in unbearable pain.

Wind Saint's martial arts were exceptional. On the outside, he seemed to be fine, but his internal organs and meridians were all damaged.

He had called the most skilled doctor in Soyang, but even he shook his head after examining Ya Yulin's pulse.

"This is not an injury I can treat. If I try to treat it recklessly, it might only make it worse."

"You mean I have to suffer and die like this?”

"Fortunately, you will not die, thanks to the person’s mercy in his attack, but it will take some time for it to heal naturally."

"Oh, so I'm supposed to wait for it to heal naturally?"

"If not, you can try going to the Gi Family Clinic for treatment..."

The doctor looked at Ya yulin cautiously and suggested it.

"The Gi Family Clinic?"

Ya yulin frowned.

It was because of the Gi Family Clinic that all these troubles started.

"Are you suggesting I entrust my body to a clinic in the slums?"

"I'm sorry to say this, but the medical skills of the Gi Family Clinic are far superior to mine."

"You're saying that the skills of those who provide medical treatment to the poor are that good?"

Ya yulin looked at the doctor with a skeptical expression.

The doctor felt a sense of frustration welling up inside him.

The Gi Family Clinic might be underestimated due to its location in the slums, but those who had learned medicine knew how sophisticated their techniques were.

He didn't know why the Gi Family Clinic chose to be in the slums, but their skills surpassed his own.

If Ya yulin received treatment at the Gi Family Clinic, his wounds would heal quickly. However, his prejudice and pride were preventing him from going to the Gi Family Clinic.

More than anything, the fact that Wind Saint, who had caused his current state, was behind the Gi Family Clinic made him feel repulsed. That's why he couldn't bring himself to say he would go to the Gi Family Clinic for treatment.

He signaled the doctor to leave.

"Leave now."

"Yes! I'll prepare a medicinal decoction for you, so please take it. It will alleviate some of the pain."

"I understand, so leave."

"Then, I hope you recover quickly."

The doctor bowed to Ya yulin and carefully retreated.

Ya yulin didn't even look at the doctor.

"Damn it! Why did the Wind Saint have to get involved..."

They said that money could even summon ghosts.

With the wealth of Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, they could have employed the top martial artists in the world. However, it was impossible for them to face the Wind Saint.

Wind Saint was like the sky above the sky.

He was on a different level than ordinary martial artists.

Even Jo Jang-pyeong, the head of Hundred Cliff Gate, was beaten like a dog by Wind Saint. Yet, Jo Jang-pyeong was a well-known martial artist in the region.

That's what an absolute martial artist was like.

It was nearly impossible to control them with existing order and power.

Only an absolute martial artist could face another absolute martial artist. That's why Ya Yulin had cleanly given up on taking revenge on Wind Saint.

His stomach ached, but he also gave up his ambition to push out the slums and build a luxury mansion district.

"Will Wind Saint come again?"

After the series of incidents, Ya Yulin had tripled the number of troops protecting the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Still, he couldn't feel at ease.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I'm going to get involved with the Wind Saint....... I can't do this. I must leave Soyang for the time being."

He had a villa outside of Hunan Province.

It seemed like a good idea to stay there for a while and wait for the Wind Saint to leave.

His mind felt a little better after coming up with a plan.

That's when it happened.


"Block it!"

Suddenly, screams and shouts erupted from outside.

"What's going on? Has Wind Saint come again?"

Ya Yulin's face turned pale.

The terrifying memory from a short while ago surfaced again.


"Please, spare my life!"

However, the intensity of the screams was different from when Wind Saint was there.

Wind Saint's attacks were deadly, but he didn't kill people. However, the screams now were on a different level.

They were more desperate and filled with fear.

In the end, Ya Yulin opened the door to check the situation outside. It was more accurate to see it with his own eyes.

"What... what is this?"

Ya Yulin's eyes shook.

The situation outside was even more horrifying than he had imagined.

Most of the martial artists who guarded the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion were either moaning in pain with severe injuries or had lost their lives.

At the center of it all was a man completely covered in red.

A man with red hair and red eyebrows, creating an intimidating atmosphere - it was none other than the Red King.

Around the Red King were martial artists wearing red robes.

These were Red King's subordinates, the Demonic Madmen.

All of them had fought valiantly beside the Blood King on countless battlefields.

They had fought life-and-death battles across countless battlefields, leading every fight to victory.

Anyone who had seen them in battle trembled in fear. Their brutality was unparalleled.

It was to the extent that they were referred to by the nickname Demonic Madmen.

There were over a hundred Demonic Madmen in total.

For them, defeating the martial artists guarding the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was an easy task.

"Why are they so weak?"

"Are these tame guys supposed to protect the Heavenly Treasure Pavillion? Hehe!"

In their eyes, the martial artists of Heavenly Treasure Pavilion were nothing more than easy prey.

Not just their martial strength, but their savageness, their killer instincts were absent.

They were as docile as flowers carefully cultivated within a wall.

They tried to appear threatening by yelling loudly and rushing in, but to the Demonic Madmen, it was just laughable.

The battles they had faced, the paths they had walked in life were different.


"Please, spare me..."

The Demonic Madmen mercilessly killed even those begging for their lives.

"My goodness!"

Ya Yulin stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the scene.

It felt so surreal, like he was having a nightmare.

At that moment, the Red King's gaze turned towards Ya Yulin.

"Are you the owner of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?"

"Please, stop the massacre. Who are you to come to my place and commit such outrageous acts?"

"Heh! Do you want to see what true outrageous acts are?"

"No! Please stop, my people are innocent."

The Red King raised his hand for a moment. Then, the Demonic Madmen stopped their massacre.

He approached Ya Yulin.

"I have a question for you."

"What... what is it?"

"You were humiliated recently, right? Tell me in detail."


"Yeah! I heard that you and the head of Hundred Cliff Gate were humiliated like dogs. Tell me everything."

"Why would you...?"


At that moment, with a chilling cutting sound, Ya Yulin's arm was severed from his shoulder.


Ya Yulin let out a desperate scream and rolled on the ground.

He was out of his mind with the pain of losing a perfectly healthy arm.

At that moment, Red King lightly stepped on Ya Yulin's chest.

"Still haven't grasped the situation, have you? I'm not here to chat leisurely with you. I ask, and you answer earnestly. Got it?"

"Ugh! Y-yes, I understand."

Ya Yulin nodded his head in a daze, trying to bear the pain.

"Tell me in detail what happened that day. From beginning to end..."

"The truth is..."

Ya Yulin described in detail the situation of being attacked by Wind Saint.

The Red King silently listened to his entire story.

Finally, when Ya Yulin's story came to an end, the Red King asked.

"So, you guys coveted a place called the Gi Family Clinic and schemed, but unexpectedly, Wind Saint showed up. Is that correct?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"But there's a young guy next to Wind Saint?"

"I didn't see him personally, but according to my subordinates' reports, yes."

"What does he look like?"

"They said they couldn't see because he wore a hat deep down."


The Red King rubbed his chin with his finger.

'It seems that the guy who was with Wind Saint is the Reaper.'

He couldn't know why Pyo Wol was with Wind Saint. But it was clear that if he came with Wind Saint, there was some connection with the Gi Family Clinic.

'As expected, he must be hiding in the Gi Family Clinic.'

Red King had been tracking Pyo Wol's whereabouts with ManSlaughter. However, they couldn't find Pyo Wol anywhere in Soyang.

If he had stayed in a common lodging house or a mansion, his servants would have found him. But they couldn't find him because he was hiding deep in the slums.

For the slums were the only part of the city they had not searched.

That's when he heard the news about Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate.

They tried to take control of the slums using the Ghost Sword Manor but failed due to the intervention of a mysterious master.

The moment he heard the rumor, he had a hunch that Pyo Wol was involved.

There was no evidence or connection, but he made that judgment based on his intuition. And his judgment was right.

He hadn't expected Wind Saint to be involved, but it was clear that Pyo Wol had something to do with the Gi Family Clinic.

The Red King frowned.

Pyo Wol alone was not an easy opponent. But now that Wind Saint, an absolute master, was also involved, the problem became even more serious.

Wind Saint was one of the top martial artists in the world.

If they were to face him head-on, even he couldn't guarantee a victory.

"It seems we'll need more people."

The fortunate thing was that New Moon Manor, or rather Guryongsalmak's base in Giyang, was not far from here.

Then, Ya Yulin, who had been carefully watching, cautiously spoke.

"I've told you everything, so please spare my life."


The Red King's eyes widened as if he had never heard such a thing before. Ya Yulin then knelt down.

"I won't tell anyone about today's events. I will keep it a secret, so please spare my life."

"You're quite perceptive. I like that."

"So, you'll spare me?"

"Ha ha!"

The Red King laughed.

He found it amusing that Ya Yulin was still struggling to survive in this situation.

Seeing the bloodbath he had created, the Red King realized that Ya Yulin still underestimated the situation, thinking that the Red King would spare the remaining people. Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck Ya Yulin.

The sword hanging on Red King's waist had pierced Ya Yulin like lightning.

It was called the Lightning Flash, one of Red King's advanced techniques.

With that single move, Ya Yulin was turned into ashes.


Ya Yulin fell to the ground.

The massacre of the onlookers who had been watching until now began.


"Please spare me."

"Ha, heaven will not forgive you. Cough!"

The cries of people filled the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

That day, not a single person was left alive at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.


"It's not good."

"What are you talking about?"

Pyo Wol looked at Eun-yo.

Eun-yo stared at the slum with her unique unfocused eyes.

"I mean here. If they turn this place into a battlefield, the damage would be unimaginable."

"I guess so."

Pyo Wol nodded.

The houses in the slum were all made of wood and cloth picked up from somewhere.

It was called a house, but in reality, it was just a wooden pillar with a ragged cloth covering it to barely shield it from rain and wind.

If a fire broke out in one place, the entire slum would burn down.

The same thing happened in Chengdu.

The slum was destroyed by fire, and in its place, the mansions of high-ranking officials, including Pyo Wol's mansion Red Pine Manor, were built.

If this place becomes a battlefield, the same thing would happen.

Eun-yo turned to look at Pyo Wol.

"We have to change the battlefield. Brother!"

Instead of answering, Pyo Wol took out a neatly folded map from his pocket and handed it to Eun-yo.

"What is this?"

"It's a map that Hong Yushin sent. The terrain of the area is drawn in detail."

Eun-yo touched the map with her fingertips.

Instead of looking with her eyes, she distinguished the lines drawn on the map with the sensation of her fingers.

"This place seems good."

Her finger was pointing to a part on the map.

Pyo Wol smiled and said,

"I thought the same as you."

"I thought so. Brother, have you ever thought about changing your black blood robe?"

Eun-yo looked at Pyo Wol and smiled.

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