TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 117



Go Sebeom, the Alliance Leader, looked at the cup he held in his hand.


The trembling of the cup ceased.

He hadn't even realized that his hand was shaking.

'What's going on?'

He saw his reflection in the tea's water.

With wide-open eyes, sweat formed on his forehead.

It was a situation he had never experienced before in his life, a feeling of confusion, or rather, fear.

Yes, at this moment, the Alliance Leader felt terrified.

'What the hell is happening?'

He needed time to understand what was happening to him.

Of course, the time didn't have to be long.

He only needed to recall a few seconds ago; that brief moment would be enough.


The man named Young Master Kim.

"But it's inappropriate to treat a guest like this."

When Young Master Kim said that, it seemed that the proud Imperial Family couldn't hide their arrogant nature.

At the same time, he wondered why the Namgung Family, who were not as tall as the Imperial Family but had formidable noses, especially the stubborn Sword Saint, bowed to Young Master Kim.

At that moment...

A tremendous energy suffocated him.

He couldn't express it in words.

Since he had acquired a large amount of Inner Energy, the Alliance Leader enjoyed measuring the levels of others using his Inner Energy.

In moments like this, the other person also rebelled against him to challenge him.

However, no one could surpass his Inner Energy.

Of course, he had never faced the Inner Energy of the Heavenly Demon or the Evil Alliance Leader, but even the Sword Saint, who was skilled in martial arts, had to acknowledge the Alliance Leader's Inner Energy.

Later, those called "Masters" cunningly avoided his Inner Energy test, probably because it wounded their pride.

So the Alliance Leader continued the test with his subordinates and promising young talents.

There was no easier way to discern a person's true character.

And, according to the words of the Commander General, Jegal Miryeo, it was also a kind of "perverse hobby."

'But this is no longer a mere hobby.'

Unknowingly, Go Sebeom raised his Inner Energy to resist the dominating energy.

But his Inner Energy wasn't enough.

'Because that energy is not Inner Energy.'

Since he was an expert in Inner Energy, he could tell that the enormous energy was like the air filling the space.

It was a natural energy, an energy that encompassed nature.

It told him to bow immediately.

But as the Alliance Leader, he managed to stay calm and avoid bowing, exerting all his strength not to do so.


In the moment he let out a deep sigh, he could realize who was responsible for that energy.

But unfortunately, he couldn't continue his thoughts.

The enormous energy he had been containing dominated him even more.


When he finally trembled while holding the cup, Go Sebeom was able to regain his composure.

Finally, he could understand how it felt to be dominated by someone.

At the same time, he also realized that the Inner Energy test he had conducted in the past was just a pitiful human pastime.

Reality was different.

Even if a human becomes stronger, they cannot stop the arrival of a hurricane.

Even an emperor cannot prevent the wind from knocking down the wheat in an autumn field.

'Before Young Master Kim, I am like wheat bending and breaking in the wind.'

But Young Master Kim's energy was different from a hurricane.

It didn't raise violent winds, didn't emit sharp sounds, and didn't cause a commotion in the surroundings.

It was simply calm.

But it dominated everything.

"Alliance Leader."

Through the calmness, a clear voice rang out.

It was like the sun peeking through the clear sky after the hurricane had passed.

Young Master Kim spoke.

"How long will you keep your guest standing?"

Go Sebeom felt his mouth go dry and tried to moisten his lips with his tongue, but he realized his mouth was dry. He couldn't do anything.

'I have to observe him.'

He had to observe Young Master Kim.

But why did he feel so frightened?

Even though he wasn't from a powerful Sect or a great family, Go Sebeom had become a respected master. He was a genius among geniuses.

However, he was also a human experiencing this unknown and vast world for the first time.


He took a deep breath.

And then took a sip of tea.

The tea was already cold, but it still had a distinctive taste.

He lowered the teacup.

'I made a mistake.'

Young Master Kim. He had made a huge mistake regarding him.

After all, he had tried to use his Inner Energy against such a formidable opponent.

It was truly embarrassing, even absurd.


Although he had released immense energy, Young Master Kim only smiled with a calm and serene smile on his pale face. He didn't seem tired at all.

He even seemed relaxed, as if he were taking a stroll.

And he was.

-Cale! I feel a great power flowing through my body! I think it's thanks to the sisters who awakened!

The excited elder spoke about his increased power.

-Human! I heard a Sound Transmission! The Commander General is interrogating Elder Ho intensely about who you really are!

Raon had eavesdropped and transmitted the information secretly.

And the face of Go Sebeom, who had been thinking of making a joke, turned serious.

'I like it.'

Cale was satisfied.

'It's nice that the martial arts world is like this.'

Without the need for explanation, if he showed his power once, most martial artists would focus on him.

And they would be watching him closely.

'Really, they will keep reacting according to strength.'

A corner of Cale's mouth twisted slightly.

He entered the space where Go Sebeom was.

There was no one to stop him.

Tap, tap, tap.

His slow steps approached Go Sebeom slowly.

"Oh my goodness!"

Jegal Miryeo, the Commander General, watched him.

She couldn't even stop him from entering, even without Go Sebeom's permission.

Even the warriors waiting in front of Go Sebeom's chamber said nothing.

In fact, she couldn't reprimand those warriors.

'That energy from earlier...'

The immense energy that was directed at Go Sebeom.

She didn't have to directly face that energy.

But in an instant, the energy passed by her and the escort warriors.

'It was definitely intentional.'

Young Master Kim must have sent a warning to stay still if they didn't want to be overwhelmed by this energy and not do anything foolish.

-Elder Ho, please, tell me something!

The only thing she could do right now was to confront Elder Ho.

She frowned.

-Don't you understand? You just felt it, and you still can't grasp it?

Elder Ho felt irritated.

Those people in the Murim who acted so arrogantly, as if they couldn't see anything!

It's right in front of their eyes, and they choose not to see!

That's why they're being so despised by the Blood Cult!

Anger began to well up.

He retorted to the Commander General.

-Nature Realm! Young Master Kim is someone in the Nature Realm!

When she heard the words "Nature Realm," Jegal Miryeo froze as if struck by lightning.

Seeing this, Elder Ho ran his tongue over his lips and uttered another sentence.

-Please, call the Band Leader. And could you stop the Alliance Leader's unpleasant hobby? Tsk, we all know that the Commander General is secretly supporting the Alliance Leader's test!

Elder Ho shifted his gaze from Jegal Miryeo to the Alliance Leader and transmitted a Sound Transmission.

-Alliance Leader.

When Go Sebeom was surprised...

-Nature Realm. I believe you will understand what I mean.

As Go Sebeom remained petrified after hearing those words, Elder Ho quickly rushed ahead of Cale.


Seeing Cale's bewildered expression, Elder Ho smiled and pulled the chair in front of the Alliance Leader.

"Young Master, please, have a seat here."

Tap, tap.

He even dusted off the cushion.

Elder Ho scolded himself, telling himself that he needed to regain his composure, even though he himself.

He must do his utmost not to leave a bad impression on the Murim Alliance.

"Oh, Young Master Kim doesn't have a teacup. I will take care of bringing one quickly."

Elder Ho showed a kindly smile towards Cale.

"Thank you, Elder Ho."

Why is he acting like this?

Although he wondered why Elder Ho suddenly behaved that way, Cale sat in his seat thinking that what's good is good.

-Human! That guy behaves like Granpa Ron.

That's right.

Cale was surprised when Elder Ho quickly took a teacup and placed it carefully in front of Cale.

Cale took a sip of tea while reminiscing about Ron. His demeanor was like that of an Imperial Family member who was used to being served by others.

"Alliance Leader."

Cale finally spoke as the silence lingered.

"Do you know why I came here?"

The Alliance Leader had no answer to that question.

He didn't know why Young Master Kim had come to the Murim Alliance.

However, he couldn't respond by saying he didn't know.

'He's from the Imperial Family, and moreover, he's an expert in the Nature Realm.'

Go Sebeom finally regained his composure.

He began to understand the situation.

Young Master Kim wasn't an insignificant collateral member of the Imperial Family who posed no threat to the Emperor, but rather the hidden sword of the Imperial Family.

The moment he realized that, a cold sweat formed on his forehead in a different manner.

Before he knew it, Jegal Miryeo had approached Go Sebeom and Cale.

Seeing this, Go Sebeom opened his mouth.

"I don't know."

Without anyone pointing it out, his tone became formal.

'If he has reached the Nature Realm, he must be considerably old.'

Go Sebeom regarded Cale as a powerful hidden expert, a veteran in the Jianghu (Martial Arts World) who was older than him.

"If I may, I told Elder Ho not to speak too much."

"Then, may we hear the reason now?"

Jegal Miryeo asked cautiously.

Cale's gaze settled on her.

Jegal Miryeo stopped in the face of his indifferent look. It was like a window looking through everything; his eyes seemed to penetrate anything.

"Commander General."

"Yes, Young Master."

"May I test you?"


The expressions of Jegal Miryeo and Go Sebeom darkened upon hearing those words.

As expected, the Alliance Leader's test must have angered the Master in front of them.

'Well, since we brought this on, we can only endure it.'

Making a decision, Jegal Miryeo opened her mouth.

'Very well. I am prepared for any test.'

In her calm tone, Chief Eunuch Wi and Fist King murmured in admiration.

Although her martial arts ability was the lowest, she had the courage to face the test of someone in the Nature Realm.

As everyone was ready to pass judgment on Jegal Miryeo, Cale casually muttered.

"Blood cult bastards. Bastards deserving of death."

Jegal Miryeo fell silent for a moment.


She asked, not understanding.

Cale responded seriously.

"Repeat what I just said."

Cale was thinking that the Commander General was not a spy for the Blood Cult. However, since Jegal Eunso was a Living Jiangshi, it was necessary to confirm the people from the Jegal Family at least once.

"Oh, did you forget? I'll say it again."

Cale gave Jegal Miryeo, who looked puzzled, another example.

"Blood cult bastards. Bastards deserving of death. Listen and repeat."


Jegal Miryeo asked again, and even the Alliance Leader, who was stunned, was bewildered about how to act.

"Alliance Leader!"

Someone hurriedly entered the fifth floor.

When Cale turned his gaze to the person who seemed to have a high rank.

-Young Master, she is Kang Gohee, the General of the Justice Corps, one of the main forces of the Murim Alliance, and a member of the Mount Hua Sect.

Wi Chul Myeong provided the newcomer's identity.

Kang Gohee. She stopped upon seeing Cale and then spoke.

"The Golden Guard is approaching the Murim Alliance! What is happening? Suddenly-"

Her words became increasingly confused.

The Commander General, the Alliance Leader, and Elder Ho. Those she knew well, all looked at one person.

Cale, under that gaze, looked out the window.

Towards the gates of the Murim Alliance, the red-clad warriors were approaching.

It was the Golden Guard.

Cale's expression turned grim.

-Human! A large number of them is coming!

That's right.

With their red robes billowing, the members of the Golden Guard passed countless gates and rushed fiercely toward the Murim Alliance.


Cale clicked his tongue without even realizing the gazes directed at him.

" seems they're coming to see me."

And then, with an awkward laugh, he gestured casually.

Of course, he also told Jegal Miryeo.

"Please, proceed."

Finally, when Jegal Miryeo uttered curses against the Blood Cult, Cale explained why he had come here.

The Blood Cult, the Jiangshi, the Great War Between Good and Evil. Everything was transmitted to the leader and right-hand of the Murim Alliance.

And when the Golden Guard stopped in front of the Murim Alliance's gates, it was also the moment he conveyed the intention to take Cale with them.

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