IBRV (Novel) Chapter 61

C 61

Sure, here's the translation of the article into English:

After a small crunching sound, silence continued among the three.


"Hahahaha! What's this, you fools!"

Suddenly, bursts of laughter filled the room. It was so silly that I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Between Enosh and me, who erupted in laughter, only Lucilion blinked as if he couldn't grasp the sense of humor.

"... My goodness, the second prince... did he laugh?"

"I haven't seen him do that in years..."

I heard a faint whisper behind me.

Fortunately, Enosh didn't seem to hear it as it was drowned out by his laughter.
"Hahaha, seriously... you're so silly, it makes me laugh."

"... I didn't do anything."

Rolling, Enosh looked at me with a head full of feathers and then burst into laughter again as he pounded the bed with his fist.

"They say being stupid is a skill. Bollo, that's you."

"... Are you renewing your insults?"

Enosh got off the bed lightly. His face, which had always been sickly, seemed to brighten a bit.

"Why are you suddenly getting up?"

When I asked with a head tilt, Enosh snorted.

"Silly bollo, have you lost your memory? Didn't you ask to go out?"

"I'll talk to the imperial father later, so don't worry about that..."
"I already got his permission!"

I raised my hands high, jumped, and triumphantly declared.

Before coming here, I had spoken with His Majesty's assistant in advance and received permission.

"You have permission?"

"... From the Imperial father?"

"... Incredible, he never allowed it every time I asked. I guess he didn't want to deal with a silly bollo."
Enosh, who had been doing well, skidded.
Enosh crossed his arms arrogantly and nodded towards Lucilion.

"Hey, ungrateful bastard."

"Your self-introduction is quite refreshing."

"... What?"

Seeing Lucilion with a subtle smile, Enosh trembled and pointed at Lucilion.

"What's your name?"

Lucilion's eyes narrowed at Enosh's words.
He remained silent for a moment, then slowly opened his mouth.

"My name is Lucilion."

"Lucilion? Just the name is magnificent. Especially, I'll allow you to come see this body with the bollo."

"... What?"

Lucilion wrinkled his face and asked in response. The smile that had been covered like a mask had completely disappeared.

"... What's that reaction?"
"With all due respect, Your Highness the Prince, I'm not interested in men."
Lucilion said with a firm expression.

"... What?"
The strangely distorted face immediately wrinkled. Enosh, already dressed in underwear, pointed at me.

"I'm not interested either! Besides, this body already has someone it likes!"

Enosh shouted and looked at me.

"Ah, he's talking about Lillian. It seems he really likes her."

And he didn't seem to have any intention of hiding that he liked her.

It felt so good.

"... Ugh, is that so?"


Lucilion, who sighed in relief to the point of exaggeration, even seemed a bit sarcastic to me.

"Then let's go."

The maids quickly opened the door.

It was evident that even their breath was stifled not to offend Enosh.
As I followed in Enosh's footsteps, he stopped in front of the door.

Enosh, who frowned, said.

"... What's going on here?"
The unusually cold voice seemed to welcome an uninvited guest.
"Who's here?"
When I peered behind him, there was a beautiful girl.
The girl had beautiful rose-red hair that hung abundantly, and her lovely orange eyes gleamed as if soaked in sunlight.


The proud and elegant girl bit her lower lip and soon returned to having an expressionless face.

"Lady Lillian."

Enosh added.


The person Enosh likes?

"But why is her tone so stiff?"

The arrogant tone she had written in the letter was also an issue, but it sounded like she was seeing someone she didn't like.

"... My father and His Majesty asked me to visit the Second Prince, but I think I got the date wrong. I didn't know you had a prior appointment. Let's go back."

It was a cold, very cold voice.

It made me wonder if this would come out of a 10-year-old girl's mouth.
"... The aristocratic world is scary."

Well, there are many people in the 21st century who are in their parents' arms even after turning 20.

No, there were many people who didn't know how to cook, didn't know food prices, and didn't know how to recycle or dispose of garbage.

However, in this world, the average debut age in the social world was thirteen, and the age of majority was seventeen.

Naturally, it seemed that children had no choice but to become adults quickly.

"...Ah, yes."

Enosh responded calmly.

"... What is this?"

When I looked at Enosh in confusion, he turned his head and didn't even look Lillian in the eyes.

No, you should try inviting her for a cup of tea!

"... Is he embarrassed?"
No way.

This sick, arrogant, and insolent prince, Enosh?
"Then I will leave."
Is he leaving like this?

Indeed, is he pretending to dislike her on the outside while liking her on the inside?
I stared at the back of Enosh's head for a long time with my head held high. The back of his neck seemed warm.

Looking at the slightly reddened back of his head, I sighed in despair.

"... He's really embarrassed."
This dishonest person.

"Oh, uh, wait...! Hello, Lady Lillian!"
I suddenly stepped in front of Enosh and greeted Lillian.



It was quite cold...

Lillian turned her head with a cold look when our eyes met.

"I quickly notice things like this...."

That's the look of someone who hates you.
I felt that she didn't like me much either.


Is there no reason?

I've never seen Lady Lillian, and Lady Lillian probably never saw me.

"Let's go, bollo."

Enosh said nothing more and coldly passed by Lady Lillian.

"Is this how you treat someone you like?!"
It was just when I panicked and was about to follow Enosh.

"You know the topic. It takes that level to get along with someone."

I stopped walking at the sound of a small voice in my ear.

I remembered.
Lillian Daisy.
The one who blackened alongside the blackened emperor and squeezed countless misdeeds with that clever head...

"Enosh's fiancée."

As if I had waited, I stood still at the contents of the novel <Adopted> that came to my mind.


Lucilion's voice from the side flowed into my ear.
I felt a tingling sensation, as if someone had hit me on the back of my head.
Not many people cried for the death of the notorious tyrant prince, Enosh.

There were so many people he expelled, and the lives of other people he ruined were overflowing, so there was no way anyone would cry.

Yes, at most, Emperor and Empress Enosh's parents, and the heroine he had a brief friendship with.

And there was a young lady who came late at night and looked into the coffin for a long time before leaving.
<The place was silent. It was a quiet night when people busy with the memorial service left behind two guards.

Few people really shed tears for the death of the notorious Second Prince Enosh.

"At least, Sharnae said, "If I leave like this, you'll definitely feel lonely. Because the prince was very lonely."
She stayed until midnight and returned when someone from the duchy came to meet her.
When the guards yawned and were about to start their shift, a young lady in a black dress appeared.

The girl, with a black veil and her hands clasped together, looked at Enosh, who had long since cooled down.
The girl couldn't take her eyes off him for an hour.

"His Highness looks at peace only after death."
Before she could finish her peaceful words, hot drops of water fell onto the dead boy's cheek.
"If you intended to hide it for the rest of your life, you should have left without saying a word."

Lillian Daisy cried softly.

"I hate the world. His Highness, I hate the world that points at you and curses you. And I hate you for forcing me to do this."
She carefully held Enosh's hand, which had cooled and stiffened a little.

"The world calls His Highness the worst tyrant, so I will become the worst villain."

She let out a short sigh.

"Isn't that how the fiancée of a tyrant should be?"
Lillian Daisy added a word and bowed, pressing her forehead against the back of her hand.

"I love you, Your Highness. If only we had been a little more honest with each other before things turned out like this... That would have been good."

Lillian Daisy turned around and left the building as if nothing had happened.

And from that day on, the name Lillian Daisy was etched as a stigma in society.>
"... After this, Lillian will definitely rule the world and become the queen of society."

An arrogant tyrant who tramples on things she doesn't like, not hesitating to do bad things.

As if remembering Enosh.

Perhaps that's why Enosh's name never left its nickname.

[As expected, she's the fiancée of the late tyrant prince. She's doing the same thing!]
Those were the words of someone who had wandered through social circles.

Every time Lillian Daisy acted like a wicked and arrogant woman, Enosh's name was not forgotten and passed from mouth to mouth.

As if the world couldn't allow Enosh's name to be forgotten...

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