IBRV (Novel) Chapter 60

C 60

[Professor, you know well that crying sadly won't solve everything. Crying with a handsome face won't solve anything.]

[The only people who can cry and solve something are those blessed with a well-equipped environment. Isn't that so?]

[It will be useless even if you cry because no one will help you.]

Hill Rosemont, who was calmly walking down the hallway, couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"It's funny."

It was so funny that he almost vomited.

How could he not be pleased after such a thing?

Someone was approaching from the other side. Hill Rosemont, as always, lowered his eyes slightly and casually tried to pass by.

Even if the opponent didn't stop right in front of him.

"...Who are you?"

"Ah, I'm Hill Rosemont, who will work as Miss Eirin's tutor starting today..."

Hill Rosemont, who pretended to be very nervous and shrunk his body to the maximum, cautiously replied without even raising his head.


The youthful voice seemed to have doubts.

Lucilion's head tilted slightly.

Hill Rosemont silently raised his head.

"Is there any tutor who smells like this?"

Hill Rosemont slowly raised his head at his mocking comment.

"I don't know about others, but I see a lot of ghosts clinging to you."

"Um, what are you talking about...?"

"Even a demon would be better than you."

Lucilion scanned Hill Rosemont up and down. Hill Rosemont also looked at Lucilion slowly.

"...Is he someone from the temple?"

Having penetrated it at a glance, it was clear that he had a fairly high level of divine power.

"If I use my abilities right now, I'm afraid they'll find out where I am..."

Lucilion, who moved his fingers for a moment, relaxed his hands and let out a sigh.

"If you do anything to my mistress, it won't end in a simple brainwashing."


"That's Eirin. A noble person."


Hill Rosemont's eyes narrowed.

He silently bowed his head and closed his mouth. It was not in his plans to cause trouble here.

"We'll see."

The boy, who seemed to be three or four years younger than him, walked past him with an arrogant expression on his face.

As Lucilion walked away, he slowly straightened his back.

Hill Rosemont's lips drew an arc as if they were going to tear apart.

"Pfft, ha, ha, ha!"

He burst into laughter bordering on madness.

There was no one in the empty hallway.

He raised the corners of his mouth to the point of disgust, covered his mouth with his hand, and burst into laughter.

"Recently, they said one of the candidates for high priest at the temple disappeared..."

He walked slowly and entered the room that had been assigned to him.

"You were hiding here? Things have become more interesting."

The cold and dull voice eventually turned into madness.

Hill Rosemont, who had been laughing for a long time because it was interesting, took off his round glasses and slowly brushed his bangs.

The round eyes that were covered by the glasses became slightly fierce, the forehead was exposed, and the atmosphere changed abruptly.

"Moreover, if it's a silver lizard with that light..."

In reality, he can see that it's not a mutant lizard.

And among non-lizards, there was only one type that was often mistaken for lizards, according to his knowledge.

Of course, if you call it a lizard in a broad sense, it would be a lizard.

Returning to his room, he took out a dictionary written on the Southern Continent that was on the side of the bookshelf.

He quickly moved along the bookshelf. Near the end of the bookshelf, his hand slowly stopped.

"...As expected."

He thought he had seen it somewhere.

The scales are pale pink when reflected in the light, not perfect silver.

At birth, it looks like a normal lizard, but after a short period of growth, you can quickly realize that it's not a normal lizard.

"A dragon."

He murmured softly.

"I heard they went extinct thousands of years ago..."

He thought that only the instincts of the dragon, which had already diluted over a long period of time, flowed through the blood, but he didn't know that something "real" could be born from it.

"Haha, it's funny, funny! Very funny! I was just thinking about a mutant lizard..."

After seeing her, he changed his mind.

He had seen many Suin lizards and had met several mutants.

However, the one he had met today was not a mutant.

"Life is fun like this! Damn it, damn it. I want it. A real dragon... How lovely it would be to add it to my collection..."

Hill Rosemont, who immediately untied his worn shirt, trembled and shivered all over.

"A baby dragon that hasn't even hatched yet, I'll take the imprint."

A dragon is born and imprints only once.

Just as a newborn child imprints on its parents, when a dragon is born, it takes the creature it sees as its parent and imprints on it.

However, even at first glance, the dragon he had just seen was not imprinted.

"It must mean that there was no living creature it could identify as a parent when it was born."

So, the dragon will imprint for the second time when it passes its growth phase and becomes a hatchling.

To determine its parent.

Dragons grow by choosing parents and receiving a lot of love from their parents.

A dragon that has chosen a parent will do anything to protect its parent.

A dragon won't grow unless it has a parent.

Parents were absolute with dragons because a dragon couldn't become an adult unless the parents gave them affection.

Dragons would do anything to be loved.

They would kill those their parents told them to kill and save those their parents told them to save.

If they had good parents, they would grow up to be good, but if not, there were records that they sometimes became a bad dragon and destroyed the world.

"I heard that a long time ago, the first head of the Etham family ended a long war by possessing the most powerful dragon."

The dragon's blood acts to calm the chronic disease of the Etham family, madness.

"I want to have it..."

He took out the handkerchief that Eirin had given him from his chest and kissed it slowly.

"Haha, how happy I would be if I could have it..."

Just imagining it gave him goosebumps. He shivered.

He could get a loyal girl who only wants affection, who never betrays or doubts.

He slowly ran his finger over the description of the dragon.

"Dragon, the creature closest to the gods, has the mighty power to make wishes come true using the power of speech.

However, due to the many creatures that satisfy their greed and desire, the dragon died fighting a few of its kind for the rest of its life, and it was destroyed without leaving its blood in the world, blaming itself and regretting it.

Except for one dragon that he met and bonded with the right human."

Hill Rosemont slowly raised his head.

His bright green eyes gleamed with desire.

* * *

"... Enosh!"

"It's been a while, Your Highness. You're safe."

They barely met, and Lucilion stood in front of Enosh, who was pointing at him with the same stern face as always.

"Safe? You insignificant and stupid being! Do you see me safe now?"


"What? My whole body broke like a puzzle, and I barely put it back together. I'll cut off your head and display it outside the palace! Your face is pretty, so I'll take out your eyeballs and put gems in them!"

"Thank you for the compliment."

"Does this sound like a compliment to you? You brainless thing."


Lucilion, who casually responded with a smile like an old man overlooking Enosh's curses, also had a considerable mindset.

"Cough, cough, cough."

Enosh coughed dryly into a handkerchief and let out some wheezing breaths.

"Bastard! How dare you come here without permission?! What are you doing here? You're bringing a guy like this to give me high blood pressure!"

"I came for a visit. Didn't you say we could play?"


"The day is nice, so let's go for a walk. Have a snack in the garden."

"... Even if I want to go out, those old people with heads as hard as stupid rocks won't let me."

He knew that, and he had already obtained permission before coming to Enosh.


When he smiled, Enosh frowned in disgust and threw a pillow at me.


When I looked up at the belated sound, Lucilion, who was beside me, was holding the pillow that had flown with naturalness.



Then, with a slight movement of his arm, he threw the pillow right back where it came from.


The feather pillow, which hit Enosh's face, slid down.

"You, you... How dare you, reckless bastard?!"

Turning his body, Enosh grabbed the bed pillow with both hands and started throwing it at me with all his might.

"No, why me?!"

It was Lucilion who threw the pillow!

I didn't!

Tak, tak, tak.

"And why are you so good at blocking this?!"

Lucilion caught the pillow flying in front of me immediately and gently tossed it back to Enosh like flowing water.


At the same time, the finest feather pillow soared into the air, and feathers fell like snow.

The feathers that spilled like that stuck to our bodies due to static electricity.

It was the moment when the three of us turned into living geese.

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