IBRV (Novel) Chapter 62

C 62


Almost reflexively, I grabbed Lillian Daisy's pink dress as she tried to go back the way she came.

Lillian Daisy's fierce gaze fell upon me.

"Bollo, what are you doing? Why aren't you coming?"

"Wow! Enosh! Can't this pretty unnie come with us...?"

In response to my words, Enosh furrowed his brow and sighed.

"Lady Lillian is a busy person, stop talking nonsense and come quickly."


Lillian Daisy's lips opened very slightly and then closed tightly.

Don't shut your mouth here!

You're not busy!

You actually have time!

Why can't you speak even though you have a mouth?!

And Enosh, you shouldn't be like this either, what you're doing is not considerate!

"Oh, unnie is busy?"

I had no choice but to look at her with wide-open eyes, pretending to be an immature child.

Lillian Daisy looked at me embarrassedly, glanced at Enosh, and bit her lower lip.

Oh, your pretty lips will get hurt, unnie.


"Really can't...?"

I clenched my fists and took a fighting stance.

She looked at me with a strange expression, as if she didn't understand my stance, then shook her head slowly.

"Because today's work is done... I'm free."

Lillian Daisy finally spoke candidly.

"See?! Enosh, she's not busy!"

"... Is that so? You don't have to feel obligated. This bollo originally doesn't know the topic."

Is he treating me like an ignorant bollo for playing the role of cupid?

"Should I give up?"

My heart chilled a bit at the words of that arrogant man.

"... It's not like that, I'm free."

Lady Lillian Daisy spoke forcefully once again.


When I turned my head slightly, Enosh was stiff.

As time passed without a response, Lillian Daisy's face became heavier and more dejected.

"No, are you going to ruin this like this?"

Just as I was about to stamp my feet, Lucilion approached Enosh and slapped him hard on the back.


Enosh's body jumped.

Lillian and I were left gaping at the savage action.

"What are you doing, you bastard...?"


Despite Enosh's fierce spirit, Lucilion smiled brightly.

"My teacher is trembling."

Then he pressed his lips close to Enosh's ear and whispered.

"Control yourself. Silly prince."

He had an impeccable smile on his face, so I was stunned for a moment.

However, my clear hearing clearly shattered my delusions. Good hearing is also a problem.

"Oh, sorry. I was a bit surprised..."

Fortunately, Enosh seems to pay attention when someone hits him on the back.

Furthermore, some quite honest words came out.

"It's a boring schedule where we were just planning to have a snack while taking a walk..."

Enosh approached slowly and extended his hand to Lillian Daisy.

"If you're okay with it, how about we take a walk together?"


Lillian Daisy responded rather quickly and placed her hand in his palm.


A sigh escaped my lips.

"By the way, I can't believe Enosh is such a nervous person in front of someone he likes..."

If he normally avoided her so openly like this, I would understand why, as she wrote in the letter, Lillian Daisy went back the way she came when their eyes met.

"I would run away too..."

Every time their eyes met, she must have made a very strange expression, but there was no way she would have had the courage to go and talk.

"Is it a step?"

After Enosh's death, Lillian Daisy turned black alongside the Emperor... so this would be better.

"...After his death."

I saw Enosh's face smiling awkwardly, unable to properly express his joy.

And next to him was Lillian Daisy, who had a much brighter expression.

"And so, the child ends up dying."

Strangely enough, the heroine who was not abducted this time could not get involved with Enosh.

Enosh refused to be treated by the heroine.

Enosh's death was the heroine's first awakening, but now that everything has collapsed, what does Enosh's death mean?

"Come on, teacher."

Lucilion, who was a couple of steps behind, reached out to me.

When I stretched out my hand, he took my hand and slowly followed his steps.

Thinking of Enosh's body, we took a short walk through the greenhouse and sat at a table on the other side of the greenhouse.

"Wow, unnie is studying such difficult things!"

"...Hmm, it's no big deal. It's a basic requirement for His Highness's fiancee. But..."

"Yes. She's not in the same position as you, Bollo. For Lady Lillian, that's standard."


That's not a compliment, you idiot!

You can't say it's natural! Isn't she working hard for it, huh? Among noble ladies, there are words that can praise you for being outstanding or say something completely different!

"Haha, where in the world is that standard? So, I won't even be able to reach the standard?"

"Yes, isn't that right?"

Can't you get the idea?

".... You fool..."

"What? Did I come here or not? You and your lackey are getting too high and mighty for me."

Enosh threatened.

Of course, it wasn't scary. Although he said that, I couldn't feel any malice.

I had more confidence than anyone else in distinguishing between people who were malicious to me and those who were not.

"By the way, who is he?"

"I am my teacher's pet."


Lillian Daisy, who was elegantly tilting her teacup, hesitated at Lucilion's comment.

"His pet...?"


Lillian Daisy's expression turned slightly surprised, then turned to me.

"No, he's a friend who's staying at my house for a while."

".... Ah."

"Which family is he from?"

"I'm not a noble."

"...You're not a noble?"

Lillian Daisy looked at Lucilion in silence. Lucilion's etiquette while eating was almost perfect.

In other words, he was more noble than a noble. It would have been impossible if he hadn't been educated from a young age.


He replied with a smile.

"It's good to go out and have tea after a long time. Even Bollo seems to say useful things sometimes."

"...I'm not a bollo."

"Ugly bollo."

As I clenched my fists and stared at him, Enosh laughed as if I were laughing.

At the sound of the refreshing boy's laughter, the hand placed gently on Lady Lillian's lap tensed slightly.

"When did you three become so close?"

"Ah, that..."

"It just happened. It's something the young lady doesn't have to worry about."

Enosh cut him off before he could make an excuse.

Then, he tilted his teacup to the side.

"Is it top-secret because the prince was kidnapped?"

Well, the palace was very quiet to say that the Emperor's favorite prince had been kidnapped.

The Emperor is not one to sit still.

That said, it was clear that someone had intentionally prevented it from spreading.


There's no particular reason.

Wouldn't finding the missing prince be a good thing?

Of course, the Second Prince is the Second Prince, but...


Enosh looked at me as if paying attention and cleared his throat.

"...Ah, right."

Lady Lillian tilted her head in disappointment.

The prince told me not to speak, so if I opened my mouth incorrectly, I would earn his distrust.

"I don't want to be hated for no reason."

I wanted to talk to Lady Lillian separately later, so I finally kept my mouth shut.

"His Highness the Second Prince was kidnapped, and my teacher was also kidnapped at the same time. Oh, it's top-secret, so don't tell anyone, my lady."

Lucilion munched on a cookie and casually said.

It was the moment when everyone here almost fainted.


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