TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 329

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 329

 Raon absorbed the majestic blue light emanating from Cardis's sword, tucking his lower jaw tightly.

"To think I'd be facing this."

While the Radiant Sword Technique wasn't widely showcased as Derus Robert's creation, every time Raon employed it, it had severed the necks of renowned villains, solidifying its place as one of Derus's distinguished sword techniques.

With two decades having elapsed, it's likely that new sword techniques have been developed or mastered, but one thing was certain: the Radiant Sword Technique remained a significant part of Derus's repertoire.

Understanding the intricacies of this technique could bring Raon closer to revenge.


If he defeated Cardis, who wielded the Radiant Sword Technique, Derus's pride would crumble along with it.

While Raon wore a smile on the outside, inside, he anticipated Derus's face erupting in rage, a face that would unleash an inferno.

"I didn't expect you would resort to using this technique against me."

Cardis stood the shining sword on the ground, pressing his lips tightly together.

"However, now that you've forced me to use the Radiant Sword Technique, the outcome is as good as decided. You should've finished it before I brought out this technique."

"So, the true form of Flowing Cloud Sword technique begins now, but you're resorting to other techniques?"

Raon looked at Cardis and smirked.

"Doesn't this seem a bit unfair?"

"Even if it is, it doesn't matter."

Despite his words, anger streamed from Cardis's eyes.

"It's better than losing."

"I suppose that's true. As long as I manage to win somehow."


Raon agreed and nodded, which only fueled Cardis's intensity. His gaze alone could kill a person; his intent was palpable.

"Seems like my provocation hit home."

Maybe it was because he had grown up in a well-off family. Cardis had always been the center of attention, a genius born with exceptional talent. So, brushing off light teasing wasn't out of the ordinary for his.

"Light teasing? It's relentless mockery!"

Wrath sighed deeply.

Your tongue has crossed the line of propriety. Even just watching from the side, I can feel the rage!

He shook his head, agitated.


The light emitted from Cardis's sword intensified. In an instant, she moved.


In that fleeting moment, she swung the sword down with force, tracing a diagonal line of brilliant blue energy. The flow was majestic yet rapid, resembling the Flowing Cloud Sword technique but with a higher level of technique.


Raon wielded Glacier to its fullest extent, performing the Silver Breeze Flow technique. The rotating blades of wind sliced through the blue light of the Radiant Sword Technique.


The powerful rebound from the Radiant Sword Technique felt as though his wrist was about to be torn away. He struggled to give his trembling hand strength and raised his head.


The current created by Cardis's Radiant Sword Technique continued unabated, far surpassing the level of the Flowing Cloud Sword technique.

"It's different from Flowing Cloud Sword technique."

Unlike Flowing Cloud Sword technique, which had been broken by the Silver Breeze Flow, the light of Radiant Sword Technique continued unabated. It meant that the skill level of this technique was beyond comparison.

"It's like the person has changed."

How amusing.

Only now did tension seep into his chest. The real duel was about to begin.

"You've seen it, haven't you?"

Cardis raised his sword, a chilling smile on his lips. Strangely, Raon now appeared more composed, as if he had regained his composure.

"You'll never be able to sever this technique."

"Well, I won't know until I try."

"Arrogant fool."

Raon frowned as he charged forward. Since he had realized he couldn't break through the Radiant Sword Technique with the Silver Breeze Flow, his movements were relentless.


With the Azure Wave Blade, he swiftly penetrated the space and struck down Cardis's Radiant Sword Technique.


Raon resonated the ring of fire with his own aura. With a pulsating sound in his heart, he advanced.

"The more I retreat, the more I'll be cornered."

The Radiant Sword Technique controlled space, just like the Flowing Cloud Sword Technique. The more one retreated, the stronger the technique became, making it crucial not to back down.


Raon lowered his center of gravity and unleashed the Silver Breeze technique, a light yet swift sword strike. The gust of wind-imbued strike hit the core of the Radiant Sword Technique.


Despite attacking first, he felt a pain in his shoulder muscles as if they were tearing apart.


Enduring the pain, he immediately followed up with another Silver Breeze technique. With each clash of swords, bone-jarring impacts reverberated through his mind.


The issue wasn't the pain. Despite employing the Silver Breeze to its fullest, the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique remained unbroken. It was expanding its territory, dominating the arena more with each passing moment.

"Still, I have to keep going."

Raon exhaled heavily and extended his left leg. He activated Glacier with his aura and unleashed the Silver Flame Annihilation Strike of the Silver Breeze. (this makes my brain hurts, most of Raon techniques translations are constantly changing every time, lmao)


A frigid and meteoric torrent of energy poured forth, yet the Radiant Sword's light didn't fade.

Twisted but unyielding, the light grew stronger, emanating an increasingly powerful radiance.


Raon couldn't block the sincere strike generated by the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique and was pushed back to the edge of the arena.


The unease within him intensified. The injuries he had sustained from Garona seemed to have worsened.


As he wiped away the blood trickling from his lips, Raon relaxed his posture.

"What's the difference?"

The essence of the Flowing Cloud Sword Technique and the Radiant Sword Technique were the same. A technique that grew stronger with the flow. However, despite the similarity, the difference in power between the Flowing Cloud Sword Technique, which imitated water, and the Radiant Sword Technique, which imitated stars and light, was too great.

"I need to understand that difference."

Shaking his head to dispel the pain, Raon stepped on the ground activated the Supreme Harmony steps. Moving towards the back of the arena, he conjured a whirlwind. Blades charged with intense heat shot towards Cardis's head.

"It's meaningless."

Cardis swayed his ankle, elegantly raising his sword. The dazzling light shot up along its trajectory.


The fiery beast that had roared through the earth was now melting away within the blue light.

"Changing your sword technique won't help."

As Cardis aimed his sword at Raon's neck, a wry smile appeared on his lips.

"The outcome is already decided."

In response, Raon provocatively met his gaze and exuded an arrogant look.

"What are you saying?"

"What does it mean to you?"

"Didn't anyone who said that to me end up buried in the ground?"

With his eyes gleaming red, Raon leaped into the blue light of the Radiant Sword Technique.

"So, you're going to end up the same way."

*   *   *

"Sir, Radiant Sword Technique!"

"The Radiant Sword Technique of the Sky Sword Saint's brilliance!"

"To think they were hiding such a secret technique!"

"As expected of the Blue Sword! The difference in skill is clear!"

The gamblers cheered in amazement as they watched Cardis overwhelm Raon.

"Indeed, victory belongs to Blue Sword!"

"Blue Sword! Blue Sword! Blue Sword!"

"Finally, he's catching up!"

"Lena! I'll buy you something delicious on the way back!"

They celebrated with laughter and excitement, as if the outcome of the match was already decided.

"Rimmer, now you must be feeling nervous."

"Not just a small amount, but all that gold lost – how will you handle the bitterness?"

"Don't tease him like that; he won't even be able to sleep tonight."

"It's all over now. Let's go settle the scores!"

"It's over?"

Despite the taunting and mocking from the gamblers, Rimmer's expression remained unchanged. Instead, his eyes took on a more relaxed gaze as he turned his head.

"What are you looking at?"

He shrugged as if asking what they were talking about.

"The flames and cold of the Frostfire Sword of Valor techniques didn't work at all, isn't it all over now?"

"That's right. He defeated Matis, Borini Kitten, and Garona with those sword skills, but none of them worked now."

The gamblers shook their heads, convinced that the fight was finished.

"You all don't understand."

Rimmer smirked and raised a finger.

"Do you really think I look like I'm cornered?"

He pointed at Raon's face as if questioning their judgment. Raon's eyes, despite being struck by the Radiant Sword Technique, sparkled with an ecstatic glint. He looked like a child who had just found a treasure.


"Why is he smiling?"

"Could it be?"

"What on earth is that kid...?"

The gamblers swallowed their dry throats while watching Raon smile despite spitting out blood.

"My disciple is a madman who laughs in the face of danger."

Rimmer ran a hand through his hair. With a confident look, he chuckled at Raon.

"When that brat makes that expression, he'll never lose."


Conversations about victory and defeat were not limited to the gambling arena.

"The Radiant Sword Technique, it seems that the Blue Sword is firmly determined."

King Leckros smiled as he observed the grand light emanating from Cardis' sword.

"It's getting more and more interesting."

Ogram nodded approvingly, his head nodding with satisfaction.

"I'm itching for a fight."

He flexed his thick fingers, as if eager for battle.

"Stay calm for a moment. You musclehead."

Chamber gestured to Ogram and floated into the air.

"This time, Cardis seems to have the upper hand. I really don't know who will win."

She murmured with interest, her cheeks flushing slightly.

"Yes, indeed."

Derus Robert nodded with a solemn gaze.

"The Eyes of the Frostfire Sword of Valor is not yet extinguished. We must wait a little longer to determine the outcome."

Even though he could observe Cardis's dominance, he refrained from declaring victory.

"Sir, what are your thoughts at this moment?"

Chamber posed the same question to Glenn once again.

"No change."

Glenn responded without even casting a glance at Chamber.

"Raon will win."

"Quite the affectionate view."

Chamber chuckled and stepped back.

Derus looked at Glenn briefly and then turned his attention towards Cardis.


He communicated with Cardis using his intent, ensuring that no one else could overhear.

Cardis lowered his gaze slightly, as if expressing remorse for employing the Radiant Sword Technique.

[It doesn't matter. What's more important is to incapacitate him.]

Derus's words were gentle.

[Provoke him and then target his right arm.]

Upon receiving the instruction, Cardis nodded subtly.

Derus observed Raon with cold determination, his lips curving into a faint smile.

'I can't afford to miss a chance to gauge Glenn's response.'

*   *   *


Raon expelled the coagulated dark blood that had gathered in his mouth. The impact of the elevated Radiant Sword Technique had worsened his injuries, causing the stagnant blood to resurface.

'I still don't have a clear understanding.'

He had attempted both the fangs of insanity technique and the Frostwind Technique, yet he was unable to identify a vulnerability in the Radiant Sword Technique or disrupt its flow. Based on his observations thus far, it was nearly a flawless mastery of the sword.

'However, there is no such thing as absolute perfection in the world of swordsmanship.'

Except, perhaps, when facing Derus Robert. Cardis's swordsmanship could not be entirely flawless. There must be openings that Raon could exploit.

"Mocking me with that air of superiority, only to find yourself in this situation."

Cardis raised his chin, emitting an air of arrogance.

"This illustrates the gap in skill. You are incapable of shattering the Radiant Sword."

He taunted, smirking as he aimed his sword.

Raon narrowed his eyes while studying Cardis's sword, which emitted a resplendent light.

'No other option.'

Raon's only recourse was to shatter it using sheer force.

He eased his shoulders and took a deliberate breath. Infusing the Glacier frigidity with opposing energy, he re-grasped his sword.


Cardis shifted his stance, reminiscent of a breaching whale, and brought his sword downward. The refined precision of the Radiant Sword Technique's blade enveloped the space.

'His target?'

Contrary to before, Raon detected an enigmatic intent emanating from Cardis's sword now. It was an extremely concealed intention, perceptible only to him and the opponent before him—a concealed intention known only to those engaged in this standoff.

'Is he aiming for my arm?'

It felt like a provocation, as if Cardis intended to sever his arm at the shoulder.

'Seems like a directive from Derus.'

Simply from Cardis's movements, Raon gleaned the unfolding scenario.

'Who's going to fall for that?'

With a light chuckle, Raon drew the Heavenly Drive Sword in line with the arena ground's axis. The blade, honed to its peak, clashed against the Radiant Sword Technique.


While the sword strikes couldn't break through the Radiant Sword Technique's luminous barrier, the battle was far from over.


The trail of the sword's trajectory was followed by the sprinting frosty thorns, piercing into the light.


The intense cold of the blade caused ripples in the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique, yet it remained unbroken.

'Even the Frostwind Blade can't do it.'

Even with two strikes from the Frostwind Blade, the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique was colossal, as if it was the ocean itself.

"Just that much, huh?"

Cardis was already confident in his victory. He was preparing the groundwork to sever his opponent's arm with heightened assurance.

'This is the chance.'

Now, when the opponent was fixated on the outcome, was the best time to unveil the secret of the Radiant Sword Technique.


Raon stepped forward and positioned the Heavenly Drive Sword behind his shoulder. A moment later, an intense blaze ignited, a temperature on the brink of explosion. The power of the Flame Dragon Sword, the Flame Dragon Technique (I think this is one of the beast/technique from the Fangs of Insanity sword technique), was truly as powerful as its reputation.


The roar of the Flame Dragon resounded over the shimmering blade, directed towards the Radiant Sword Technique's radiance.

"It's not enough to break it."

Cardis had already seized the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique that had engulfed the arena ground, constructing a wall of resilient energy in front of the Flame Dragon.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Despite the collision with the searing heat, the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique remained unbroken.

Instead, it emanated an even more intense light, generating a magnificent sea of stars. The entire arena ground seemed to be enveloped by the Radiant Sword Technique's brilliance.

Raon clenched his fist, overwhelmed by the dazzling light.


Thanks to the intense assaults of the Frostwind Blade and the Flame Dragon Technique, he was finally able to discern the secret of the Radiant Sword Technique.

'It's about positioning.'

The reason the flow of the Radiant Sword Technique remained unbroken was due to its unique style of swordsmanship, which pre-arranged energy in the space where the opponent's attack would land.

Disrupting the flow was practically impossible because the opponent's attacks would enter the space that had already been filled.

'Who would've thought it was such a simple method.'

It was simple, making it difficult to comprehend, yet at the same time, it wasn't easy to disrupt. It was a method that synergized well with a style of swordsmanship focused on controlling the battlefield.


Raon exhaled deeply.

'It feels like diving into ice-cold water.'

Despite the nausea from his injuries and the trembling of his limbs, a refreshing exhilaration coursed through his mind.

The harmony of the fangs of insanity sword technique and the Flame Dragon Technique. The sensation of finally fitting that last piece of the puzzle.


The ring of fire accelerated to a point where it was a blur, outlining countless sword trajectories in Raon's mind. His vision was flooded with an endless array of sword patterns.

"Thanks to you, the Sea of Stars has finally been completed."

Cardis pointed at the radiant cluster of the Radiant Sword Technique that enveloped the entire arena ground, a smile forming on his face. This space was entirely his. No one could escape it.

"To give up now is your last opportunity."

He licked his lips. The aura that only Raon could sense spread coolly. Though he was saying "give up," it was, in reality, a provocation.

"Give up? Does that word even exist?"

Raon laughed coldly, raising his head.

"I expected that's how you'd answer."

Cardis nodded with a satisfied expression.

"Come forth! Show me the entirety of your swordsmanship!"

He suddenly gestured with a flourish, as if he were ready to receive any and all sword techniques. However, that was a trap. The moment the sword left his hand, a counter strike would slice through his arm.

'I know that, but...'

It must be done.

In order to complete the jumbled sword techniques swirling in his mind, he had to press forward.

It was the moment to step in, just like Martha, who unhesitatingly plunged forward between the shattered sword edges.


Raon pulled in all the energy of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and thrust his sword.

From his ankles to his wrists, he channeled the muscle and joint rotations upwards, infusing them with the heat of the manhwa sphere.


From the Heavenly Drive sword's edge, an intense rotation surged. The depiction of the Blossoming Backlash in the form of the changed manhwa sphere was like the changing of the seasons.

The tightly spinning Blossoming Backlash exploded in a furious whirl, unleashing a tremendous wave of heat.

"A fine sword strike."

Cardis chuckled coldly as he spun the Radiant Sword Technique. The sea of light that enveloped the space instantly erased the aura of the Blossoming Backlash, turning around and advancing towards Raon.

Counter attack technique. The Radiant Sword Technique's Blossoming Backlash was a sword technique infused with counterattack mastery, much like the Flowing Cloud Sword technique. The entire field of vision was filled with the majestic azure light conjured by the Radiant Sword Technique.

Even while facing despair-inducing radiance, Raon's mind did not stop working.

The Fangs of Insanity balde that felled Martis, the disruption of Borini Kitten's flow with the Frostwind sword Technique, the true rotations and rear attacks derived from the battle against Garona, and finally, Cardis's Radiant Sword Technique, which left behind a powerful presence.

All these experiences began to converge, forming a single line that would erase the chaotic sword patterns from his mind.


Cardis's sword strike connected with Raon's right shoulder. As if tracing the slow, deliberate path of a child's touch that slowly opened the skin and caused blood to well up, the line drawn in his mind reached its end.


Along that line, a brilliant light illuminated his mind.

Raon let go of the grip on his sword, drawing the Heavenly Drive sword along the manifested line in his mind.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordsmanship.

Fifth form: White Void. (Baekyoungseom)

A white shadow blooms on the cold blade.

The blade with white essence in it erases the sea of stars as it flows. Everything, including the flow, strength, and even breathing, returned to nothingness.


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