IBRV (Novel) Chapter 42

"... Really?"

"Yes, it's still in progress, so there are side effects, and we need to do more experiments, but..."

Still, it was a much faster development than in the original story.

Plus, Callan Etham was only eleven years old. Silian Etham was ten, right?

Having achieved such a feat at this age, it seemed to understand why Duke Miriel favored them.

"Oh...? Then..."

Am I not stealing the role of the heroine? I can't do that.

"Oh well, anyway, I'm glad I saw you wake up. Since I've seen you, I can go to sleep now."

Callan Etham yawned and rubbed his eyes slowly.

Looking closely, the dark circles under his eyes were significant.

"Brother, are you sleepy?"

"Yes, I couldn't sleep for days because you told me to develop this. After that, I couldn't sleep because I was worried about you."

The content in a simple tone was not so light for me, and I was speechless for a moment.


Has anyone trusted me so obediently? Has anyone cared about me so blindly?

I was always alone on bad days, and few people simply accepted and believed my words.

Perhaps it was a common misfortune.

If you look around the world, there must be many more unfortunate people than me.

Some people might say I have delusions of persecution while attending a good school district in a nice neighborhood.

However, the fact that others' misfortune was greater than mine did not mean I was indifferent to the misfortune that befell me.

I have never been in that house with a comfortable mind.

Because that's what an unwelcome guest is.

"I'm glad you're safe. Let me know when you go out of the house in the future."


A hand slightly larger than mine stroked my hair. It was a warm and gentle touch.

As I stared at his face, I held onto the hem of Callan Etham's clothes as he was about to get up.


"Sleep with me."

I had the courage to say it.

Somehow, I didn't want to be alone today.

I liked the warmth of others.

It was nice to hold someone's hand, and it was nice for someone to hug me.

So I went out several times. It's not strange to complain like this to your lover.

I longed for the affection of my lover that I couldn't ask for from my family. But, it's not needed anymore.

I swallowed hard and lowered my head to hide my nervous expression.



"Is it really okay?"



Callan Etham, whose eyes were sparkling, said with a wide smile. Looking at his face, I couldn't help but smile.

"I'll quickly go put on pajamas!"


Callan Etham opened the door with a bang and rushed out, shouting, "Give me my pajamas!!" as he dragged someone down the hallway.


It sounded like the sound of a wall breaking.


I laughed and involuntarily relaxed my body.

Silian Etham stood awkwardly in front of me, staring at me.

"Oh, I think I'm a bit sleepy too."

Silian spit out words in the air as if he was reading a Korean book, awkwardly patted my back several times, then extended his hand carelessly and stroked my hair.

Unlike Callan Etham, his hand had calluses.

Then he stood there still, as if waiting for something.

"Oh, no way..."

What he had just done was exactly what Callan Etham had done.

"Brother can sleep with me too if you'd like..."


Before I could finish speaking, a firm response came as if he had been waiting for it.

"I'll put on pajamas too."

"Oh? Yes..."

When both of them left, the room that had been roaring with laughter fell silent in an instant.

"... But are they doing the same with the female protagonist?"

From what I remember, in the novel, both of them were very close to the heroine.

"I don't know..."

I didn't know what awaited me, but I didn't have the confidence to worry about others.

"I want to sleep again..."

Although I had slept a lot.

"When I wake up, I need to write a letter to Richard..."

I'll have to ask Lucilion to deliver the message as well.

And to Enosh...

"Am I working too hard?"

My eyes opened at the flood of thoughts.

"I just wanted to make a lot of money and live quietly..."

Suddenly, it became strange.

I propped my head on the blanket and groaned, then let out a deep sigh.

It probably wasn't a dream.

I pinched my cheek with my hand.

"It hurts..."

It hurt enough to bring tears to my eyes.

"Do I really have a family...?"

I can't believe it. I slowly buried my face in my palms. The corners of my mouth involuntarily lifted.

"I also have a father..."

"You're saying something obvious."


"Good morning, daughter. Did you have sweet dreams?"

He asked, passing his thumb gently over my cheek. I smiled widely and nodded.

"Yes! Father!"

"... It's okay to keep it short."


Wasn't this what I wanted?

"The title you just said."

"Ah... Dad!"

"That's right, my daughter is wonderful too."

He said, covering my forehead with his large, cold hand.

"I missed you..."

When I shivered and opened my arms, Erno Etham obediently took me into his arms and patted my back.

"Eirin, do you remember when your birthday is?"


It's because I can't remember the birthday of a stranger.

"I checked to put you on the family register, but it was confirmed that you weren't even on that bastard's family register."

"... Oh?"

"I think it will take some time to put you on the family register. Do you have a favorite day?"


I shook my head slowly.

A birthday I had never celebrated in my previous life, it was just a number indicating my resident registration number.

Of course, even after coming here, I had no thoughts about my birthday.

"Alright, then I'll choose arbitrarily."


"It would be good to choose a date that's neither too late nor too early. I also have a gift for you."

"A gift?"


Erno Etham wore an earring with six pieces together.

Maybe that's why Erno Etham's complexion looked good.

"If this is a dream, I hope this dream continues forever."

I fell into Erno Etham's arms.

"Did you have a scary dream? You've become more childlike."

"Did I...?"

"Of course not."

Hearing that gentle voice made my eyelids feel heavy.

"If you're sleepy, go to sleep. I'll stay by your side."


He laid me down on the bed and covered me with a blanket.

My eyes were glassy. My mind sank slowly. Feeling Erno Etham's warmth, I opened my mouth and stammered.



"Why do you hate me?"

I asked without even knowing what I was talking about.

"What do you mean...?"

Erno Etham, who was questioning the girl, fell silent. It was because the girl was already in a deep sleep.

Erno Etham never hated Eirin. Since they met, he had always been kind to the girl.

But these words now were filled with resentment.

It was something more fundamental than just resenting her actions.

"I always wonder what my daughter is hiding."

The red fruit that suppresses the berserk, the "balance fragment" he didn't know where it was, and the information about the cure for the infectious disease that ultimately didn't explode...

There were too many things to be suspicious of. If he were the original Erno Etham, he would have subdued the girl or killed her immediately.

Because it's better not to have variables.

"Somewhat, I don't feel that way."

It was the first time in his life that he felt this way.

Erno Etham stroked the girl's hair.


Callan Etham entered in pajamas but quickly fell silent at Erno Etham's gaze.

"Father? What are you doing here? Didn't you say you were busy dealing with the underground auction?"

"It's been resolved. In the afternoon, I plan to go to the imperial palace."


"Because getting Emperor's approval for Eirin is the fastest way to put Eirin on the family register of the Etham family. If we go through all the troublesome procedures, there will be no end to it."

Being included in the family register is a simple matter that can be easily handled if the Patriarch permits it, but Eirin's birth itself was not registered.

To suddenly adopt a child into an aristocratic family, royal family approval was required.

Originally, it was a law to prevent an illegitimate child from being deceived and forced into an arranged marriage or used as an object, but it was definitely troublesome at times like this.

"Oh, I'm thinking of making Eirin the next matriarch. How does that sound, son?"

Callan's mouth hung open at Erno's sudden words.

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