TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 328

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C 328


"Raise the flag of Zieghart!"

"Show us Robert's sword!"

"Frostfire Sword of Valor!"

"Blue Sword! Blue Sword!"

The arena resounded with the cheers of the audience. Most were eager for a splendid duel, a good fight, but some were staking their lives on the outcome.

"Anticipation is making me jittery..."

"R-Raon isn't going to win, is he?"

"Cardis has to win, no matter what. He even bet his soup ration..."

"The reputation's different. Let's believe in the Blue Sword."

"Right. Cardis is a Master Grade. He can't lose."

"Raon's odds are much higher! It has to be Cardis!"

When predicting the outcome of a fight, there's a saying to look at the gamblers' odds.

Though Raon's popularity exceeded Cardis's, the betting odds still favoured Cardis. Not many had bet on Raon's victory.

"19 years old and yet so strong. Raon Zieghart is indeed a monster of extraordinary caliber. But even monsters have their limits. He's not on Cardis's level yet."

"Yesterday it was Borini Kitten, today Garona, and he sustained many injuries. His stamina would be drained from the fight."

"Right. Cardis is relatively fresher and in top form!"

"He's ranked fifth among the Twelve stars of Continents' elite! If you don't trust that, who else can you trust?"

"True winners always win!"

Gamblers shouted Cardis's name with firm conviction.

"Cardis! Cardis! Cardis!"

"Blue Sword! Blue Sword! Blue Sword!"

"Don't be ignorant. The victory definitely belongs to Raon."

Amidst the gamblers' urgent shouts, a different voice interjected.


"Who's that?"

"It's me."

Gamblers turned their heads to see where Raon's name was coming from. A red-haired elf with a roughly tied bun was grinning smugly.

"The sword light of Zieghart!"

"That elf has been winning since yesterday! He even predicted Burren and Runaan's draw! He's unstoppable! Invincible!"

"I heard he's just a novice at the gambling den..."

"You wouldn't be afraid of betting against Raon, would you?"

"Of course."

Rimmer raised the gambling voucher while nodding. The numbers weren't clear, but it looked like he had bet over 500 gold coins.


"You bet all that money?"

"Are you crazy?"

"You know Raon's level is lower than Cardis's!"

The gamblers shook their heads in disbelief.

"Of course I know. Exhausted and injured."

"But why..."

"Because it's Raon."

Rimmer grinned with excitement as he focused on Raon, ignoring Cardis.

"That kid has never lost on the arena. And..."

He's never cost me my money either.

He clenched his hands together and sent a prayer.

"I entrust it to you today as well. My Lord of Luck!"

The announcer alternated his gaze between Raon and Cardis and swallowed nervously. The match hadn't even begun, but the force exuded by the two of them felt as if their skin was being torn apart.

"Are both of you ready?"



Raon and Cardis exchanged glances and nodded at each other.


The announcer clenched his chest as if it were pounding heavily from strenuous exercise and descended beneath the arena.

"Alright then… the final match of the Six Kings Assembly Duel! The Master level championship begins!"


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"Cardis! Cardis! Cardis!"

His hand pointed towards the arena, and thunderous cheers erupted, yet the arena itself remained quiet.

Raon and Cardis stared at each other just as they did before the duel began, unmoving.

Gradually, like a horse warming up its legs before a race, they steadily raised their energies while searching for openings in each other's defenses.

The concentration of both reached its peak, and the audience members started to hush, one by one. Before they knew it, the arena was engulfed in silence, reminiscent of a library.


Right before Raon and Cardis's momentum reached its zenith, the sound of a young magician's wooden staff hitting the ground reached their ears.


A minor sound that they would typically ignore reverberated through the tranquil arena. In that instant, it seemed like flames were igniting from Raon's sword, carrying the heat of the sun. Cardis's sword surged with an aura imbued with his conviction.


Raon lunged forward in response to the sound and attacked Cardis. Recognizing the sound as a signal, Cardis moved gracefully, gliding softly and fluidly, inching closer.

"Is that the Blue Crest Step?"

The Blue Crest Step was an advanced martial technique symbolizing "riding the waves," enabling practitioners to move freely even mid-air.


Suddenly, Cardis's approaching sword exuded both sharpness and gentleness. It was the signature technique of the house Robert lineage, the Cheongun Hyunseonggeom (Azure Crest Flowing Sword or Azure Crest Fluid Sword), which seized control of space with its flowing motions.

"I miss it."

Aching for it deeply.

Seeing the unique swordsmanship of the house Robert lineage that he had wanted to learn but couldn't, his heart trembled.


Raon let out a heavy breath.

"My body isn't in its best condition."

The injuries from yesterday, when he shattered the Tacheon's aura, as well as the injuries sustained from his fight with Garona, were still healing. Moreover, his encounter with aura and the depletion of his stamina had taken a toll.


Facing the house Robert lineage's unique technique, a surge of power and icy determination coursed through him. It felt as though he could accomplish anything.

"Your swords."

I'll shatter them.

With a cold smile, Raon swung down his Heavenly Drive sword. The resonance of the fangs of insanity imbued in the silvery blade revealed its sharp fangs.


As their auras collided, the shockwave vibrated the arena, but Cardis stood his ground. He continued executing the Azure Crest Flowing Sword, the Robert lineage's representative technique, as if the collision hadn't affected him.

"This time...."

Raon slightly lowered his chin and extended his left foot forward. Utilizing the rotation of joints and muscles extending from his ankle to his wrist, he unleashed the fangs of insanity bloodline move, the fangs of insanity Blood Art.


As if a fiery beast unsheathed its claws, a razor-sharp strike flew towards Cardis's chest.


Cardis swung his sword fluidly, as if drawing a circle with a brush, and positioned it at the center of his Aura.


The power of the charged Heavenly Drive Sword was intense, but Cardis's stance remained steady.

He continued the Flowing Cloud Sword  technique with a relaxed expression, as though he was enjoying tea time rather than engaging in a duel.

"This is how it's done."

Raon grinned and nodded.

"This is the Flowing Cloud Sword technique."

The Flowing Cloud Sword was like the flow of a river, constantly moving and connecting, eventually crashing into the sea, creating enormous waves.

In other words, if one couldn't sever this unyielding flow, they would be engulfed by the waves, facing complete defeat. The saying "unceasing" fit this style of swordsmanship perfectly.

"Indeed, it's tough with fangs of insanity sword technique."

Cardis's Flowing Cloud Sword had already reached an advanced stage. Disrupting the flow of his swordsmanship, which was like a grand river, wouldn't be easy with a refined fangs of insanity.

"But there's a technique that can make it possible."

The Gale Swordsmanship passed down from Rockta contained the subtlety of the Severing Sword Technique, which could break the flow of martial arts. With that technique, it wasn't impossible to disrupt Cardis's massive flow.


Raon exhaled, his energy shifting from the sword to the aura.

He released the fierceness imbued in the blade into the cold wind, following up with the Supreme Harmony steps footwork. He shattered space as he moved forward, positioning himself to Cardis's left.

"A predictable move."

Cardis chuckled and continued the Flowing Cloud Sword technique. This was already the fifth transition. The rippling energy filled the air.

"You'll be swept away by the waves."

"Then I'll have to leave the sea before the waves hit."

Raon clenched his fist, invoking the first transition of the Gale Sword Technique.


A rotation initiated from his latissimus dorsi, coursed through his joints, and generated a potent spiral force. A blade of silvery wind extended diagonally, piercing Cardis's energy.


A different resonance from before. The sound of slicing through thick paper erupted, ending Cardis's flow that had been woven skillfully.

"What, what's this!"

Between the severed energies, Cardis's eyes widened as he staggered.

"It's just a coincidence!"

However, being a member of the Twelve Stars of the Continent, he quickly adapted to the shock. In an instant, Cardis regained his composure and resumed the Flowing Cloud Sword technique.

"Not according to your will."

Raon hit the ground with the Supreme Harmony steps. Like a whirlwind, he unleashed the second transition of the Gale Sword Technique, White Wind Encompassing the Sun.


White Wind Encompassing the Sun resembled a dot an immortal would place in the sky. The fierce energy, resembling a firmly placed brush stroke, pierced through the core of the Flowing Cloud Sword.


Cardis stepped back, creating a surge of energy waves. It was an attempt to reestablish his flow that had been broken.


With a twist of his wrist, Raon activated the Glaciaer Cold, freezing his sword momentarily.


The Black Sable tribe secret technique, acquired from Garona, caused the second disruption. The flow Cardis had been trying to reestablish was brought to a complete halt.


Raon nonchalantly turned his wrist. The situation fit the term "overwhelming" perfectly.

"How... How is this possible?"

Cardis's mouth hung open in disbelief.

"Just performing well would suffice."

If the Flowing Cloud Sword represented a river's movement, the Gale Swordsmanship acted as a wind-made dam. A martial art that maintained a flow would inevitably become prey to the Severing Sword Technique.

"Given your growth."

Having battled against Matis, Borini Kitten, and Garona, Raon's mastery of the Severing Sword Technique had taken several leaps in an instant.

Not only mastering the skill of severing flows, but also enhancing his power and speed, Raon's Severing Sword Technique was capable of cutting through even Cardis's advanced Flowing Cloud Sword.

"Just earlier, you mentioned something about waves, but that can't be all, right?"

Raon tilted his head, clicking his finger as if to say, "You should demonstrate the skill that matches your confident words."

"Shut up!"

"The Severing Sword Technique has reached a whole new level!"

Ogram chuckled and lifted his back from his chair.

"To think that these youngsters, who don't even pay attention to the ancient technique, would master it to this extent! Truly reminiscent of Garona's brothers! The more I see, the more I like it!"

He applauded Raon even though the battle was not yet over.

"Do the youngsters of today not learn the Severing Sword Technique?"

Chambers, the magician, raised an eyebrow in bewilderment.

"Yes. Knights or warriors who master the Severing Sword Technique are not common."

King Leckros nodded, tucking his chin.

"Why is that?"

"Because it's a challenging skill to master. To sever an opponent's flow, one must possess a high level of martial enlightenment, as well as excellent eyesight and hand-eye coordination. It demands significant investment of time, effort, and talent compared to other sword techniques. However, since achieving mastery takes too long, most warriors opt not to pursue the Severing Sword Technique."

He savored the rarity of the Severing Sword Technique itself.

"Even our Kingdom, renowned for their exceptional eyesight, have few masters of the Severing Sword Technique. To see someone as young as our friend here wielding it... it takes extraordinary talent and determination. One might even envy the God of War."

"Hmm, nothing special."

Glenn put his hands in his pockets and calmly nodded.

"Anyone can achieve that level."

He made it sound unremarkable, but his fingers trembled slightly.

"The inspiration he's been through, I can't fathom what drove him to have such high standards. To be at his level, I wonder if there's anyone to be proud of when he's brought out."

"Considering that boy, it seems there is."

Chambers wagged his finger and smiled knowingly.

"Oh, right."

Ogram seemed to have understood as he slowly nodded.

"At that level, it's not someone anyone can be called a genius. Even if it's that kid, he didn't lack. He may not be to my liking, though."

He clicked his tongue briefly and turned his head.

"If it continues like this, it'll end up boring."

Chambers flicked his finger back and forth like a pendulum. His gaze seemed to be testing others' reactions rather than expressing genuine feelings.

"I wouldn't know."

King Leckros crossed his arms and nodded.

"The Severing Sword Technique becomes stronger the more it's used. Even if the flow is disrupted, as long as it's connected little by little, it will eventually reach the sea. We must continue to watch."

Even though information about the Flowing Cloud Sword had spread widely, the reason house Robert's representative sword technique was chosen as the Severing Sword Technique was due to its strong capability to continue the flow even after it was disrupted.

"That's not the only reason."

Ogram gave Derus a puzzled look.

"Blue Sword isn't only mastering only one technique, right?"

"Well, I'm not so sure."

Derus turned his head slowly to look at Ogram. His usual smile remained on his lips.

"I just want to see a duel where both sides give their best, no matter who wins."

He smiled softly, as if it didn't matter who emerged as the winner.

"Anyway, it's boring."

Chamber turned his head abruptly towards Glenn.

"Mister, who do you think will win?"

"Raon will win."

Glenn immediately mentioned Raon's name without hesitation.

"Oh, are you that sure?"


He responded with a confident look in his eyes.

"How did this old man become so cool while I wasn't looking?"

Chamber chuckled and leaned against Glenn.


Derus looked at Glenn in that state before turning his head. A chilly smile spread across his lips.

*   *   *


The flow of the Flowing Cloud Sword shattered, and Cardis was pushed to the edge of the arena.

"What... What is this..."

Cardis's hand, which lowered his sword, trembled. His expression was even more astonished than before. It was the look of realization that breaking the Flowing Cloud Sword wasn't just a coincidence.

"What did you do? What did you just do?"

He shouted angrily for the first time. His eyes conveyed a message of not comprehending the situation.

"Only now do you stop using polite language that doesn't suit you."


"Using formal language while mocking with your eyes. It really suits your taste."

This wasn't just directed at Cardis. It was a piercing remark aimed at Derus, who watched from above.


Cardis clenched his teeth and raised his sword. His blade aimed for Raon's heart.

"As expected, this guy is easy to provoke."

Unlike Derus, who maintained a cool rationality even in the most intense situations, it was far too easy to break Cardis's façade.

"But I can't end it here."

Because there were still things he needed from you.

Derus hadn't just taught Cardis the Flowing Cloud Sword. He wanted to face higher-level sword techniques in preparation for the future.

"Do you think that just by parrying a few times and avoiding the Flowing Cloud Sword , you've nullified it?"

Ferocity ignited in Cardis's sunken pupils.

"But I did nullify it!"

Raon shrugged his shoulders.

"The Flowing Cloud Sword is a flower that blooms late. Now is when the real battle begins!"

"I'm frustrated because you don't listen to advice."

"I told you to shut up!"

"No. You told me to shut up."

"This guy!"

Cardis's eyes gleamed as he swung his sword. Amidst his anger, his swordsmanship continued with a more intricate flow, engulfing the space around him.

Regardless of his temperament, his skill was undeniable.


Suddenly, the river reached the sea, creating a massive surge. Waves of water inundated the land, a technique of the Flowing Cloud Sword known as Azure Waves.

"Remarkable power."

Devouring space, the approaching torrent was an overwhelming force, challenging to evade or block.

"Of course, it won't be easily contained."

If you can't block or avoid it, just break it.


Stepping on Supreme Harmony steps, Raon unleashed the Silver Seas Gale, a skill of the Wind Sword Seal. The silver storm that had obliterated both light and darkness clashed with the towering torrent of water.


Though the density and quantity of Aura were stronger in the Azure Waves, the one capturing the momentum was the Silver Seas Gale.

The storm infused with the sword's intricacies engulfed the torrent, expanding its size.

"This, this is…"

"We've reached this point."


As Raon's Silver Seas Gale absorbed the Azure Waves, a brilliant radiance erupted from Cardis's sword in the instant he attempted to continue his assault.


A mighty shockwave swept through the arena, dissipating the aura of the Azure Waves.


From Cardis's sword emanated a distinct, grand blue light unlike anything seen before.

"The Radiant Sword Technique!"

The Radiant Sword Technique, an ultra-advanced martial skill passed down only among the true members of the Robert family. This sword technique, infused with the ideals of light and stars, was one of Derus' weapons.

"Thank you."

Raon adjusted his grip on the Heavenly Drive sword as if savoring a meal after being famished.

"I'll make sure to enjoy this sword technique."

Can't you eat rice properly for once?

Out of nowhere, Wrath interjected with annoyance.

"Ah, bug off!"


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