TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 330

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 330

 King Leckros widened his eyes as he looked at the arena, where not even the slightest bit of energy was left.

"What in the world was that sword technique just now…"

Cardis hesitated, considering whether he should strike his sword down to stop the match, when suddenly Raon's swordsmanship underwent a rapid transformation.

Eerie white aura emanated, erasing all traces of the Radiant Sword Technique's flow that had existed in the arena.

While it was known that Zieghart possessed exceptional sword skills, the existence of such mysterious techniques was entirely unexpected.

"It's not that he overpowered it with strength; he erased its essence entirely. Just like the ocean washing away drawings in the sand…"

Chamber leaned forward, his body suspended in the air. Her eyes widened in astonishment just like everyone else.

"He was concealing such a technique until now."

"That's not the case."

Ogram nodded towards Raon.

"Right now, here, he has created a new sword technique based on the Radiant Sword Technique."

He swallowed hard, narrowing his eyes.

"He's an extraordinary child, but I never thought he would have the potential of a Grandmaster…"

Having exceptional sword talent and possessing the ability to craft sword techniques were two different things. If the former was a one in a thousand chance, the latter was a rare ability with a one in a hundred thousand probability.

"Well, this is interesting. Quite intriguing."

Flush rose to Chamber's cheeks. Her pupils shimmered in a deep blue, like a cat that had just found its prey.

"A beautiful gemstone in its purest form. I want to refine it…"

"For this time, our minds seem to be aligned."

Ogram nodded heavily.

"I'm curious to see what happens if we teach him the swordsmanship of the Union."

He looked at Raon with an intrigued glint in his eyes.

"Hey, Old man. How exactly did you raise that kid?"

Ogram released a short breath and turned his head to Glenn.

"By what means… Old man?"

Glenn's expression was hard to describe with words. He appeared genuinely joyful, yet there was a suppressed look in his eyes, as if he was trying to contain his happiness.

Fake smiles are usually displayed on the lips, not in the eyes, but Glenn was the opposite.

His eyes were crescents, yet he forcibly kept his lips downturned, resulting in a strange expression.

"Huh? Is he even breathing?"

Apparently forgetting to breathe, Glenn's face gradually turned pale.

"Old man! Snap out of it!"


Ogram stood up, shaking his hands, and only then did Glenn blink and exhale.

"What in the world…"

"Cough, it's nothing."

Glenn cleared his throat and quickly raised his hand. His expression returned to the usual emptiness in the blink of an eye.

"If things continue like this, will it end in Raon's victory?"

Chamber chuckled at Derus.

"Of course not."

Derus lightly shook his head.

"Cardis hasn't given up yet."

He glanced sideways, looking at Glenn and the other leaders of the Six Kings.

"Such duels contribute greatly to the growth of these kids. It might be best to let things get a little intense."


"I'm having fun! I like this."

Ogram nodded as if to ask what he wanted to know, and Chamber also made a circular motion with his finger.

"Alright, I understand."

King Leckros sighed shortly, a little worried but seemingly resigned.

"Yeah, you're right. We can't stop now."

Glenn nodded slowly. His trembling lips stopped, and a confident smile formed.

"The kid's swordsmanship isn't complete yet."

*   *   *

Raon clenched his left fist tightly.

"It's been erased."

The overwhelming aura of Cardis that had enveloped the entire arena vanished like foam sprayed with water.

Not a trace of even the slightest mana remained, as if it had never existed in the first place.

"As expected of that line…"

The single line that had erased countless sword auras that had filled his mind was not the trajectory of an ordinary sword technique.

It wasn't just about countering enemy auras, sword techniques, flow, and even breathing. It was a sword technique imbued with an overwhelming aura of emptiness that erased all aspects of the opponent's offense in an instant.

"To think such a sword technique could be created…"

Wanting to create a synthesis of the Radiant Sword Technique and the Flowing Cloud Sword technique to sever the flow of opponent's techniques, he had unintentionally created an unexpectedly transcendent sword technique.

He was so astonished that he couldn't even muster a laugh.

"But what's more important…"

This sword technique is not yet complete.

Though he had lost his strength and stopped midway, erasing the opponent's attacks was not the entirety of the White Void technique true form.


The true essence of the White Void sword technique was to erase all of the opponent's power.

"But the recoil is too intense."

As soon as he used the White Void, his mind felt like it was burning, and even now, relaxing would make him dizzy to the point of fainting.

Considering the heavy aura depletion from the use of the aura, he couldn't use the White Void Sword Technique recklessly.


He had to do it once more.

He needed to draw out the true form of the White Void Sword Technique, even amidst excruciating pain, a surging aura, and a disrupted state of Glacier.

"I also have to get my revenge."

He glanced at his shoulder, where the scar ran deep. Had he been just 0.01 seconds late, his arm would have been severed. He couldn't just endure without retaliating; he had to repay this wound as well.


Raon suppressed the churning feeling in his stomach and lifted his head. Looking at the bewildered Cardis, he clenched his jaw.

"Surrender. Your sword can't reach me."

This time, it was his turn to set a trap.

Cardis scratched his temple as if tapping it with his fingernail.

'What's going on?'

What just happened…

The moment Raon unleashed his sword technique, a powerful aura surged forth, and Cardis had tried to sever Raon's arm with the Radiant Sword Technique.

'No, he was definitely cut.'

Even now, blood was spurting from Raon's shoulder. It meant that the sword had definitely struck.

'But then…'

Why did it all disappear?

The sea of aura that had filled the arena, the subtle technique of the dual swords that had filled that sea, even the breath that had generated that technique—all of it had been erased.

'It's the Radiant Sword Technique! Not the Flowing Cloud Sword technique, but my father's Radiant Sword Technique!'

Unlike the widespread visibility of the Flowing Cloud Sword technique, the Radiant Sword Technique had not been shown often. It was a transcendent sword technique that shouldn't have vanished so emptily.


Cardis swallowed a dry spit and looked at Raon. His sword held no traces of energy, appearing completely empty.

"What have you done this time?"

"I erased it."

Raon's voice was calm as if he were stating the most obvious thing.

"Just erased it."

Even his gaze was clear and direct. There was no hint of the mocking politeness or teasing tone that he used in jest.

"Surrender. You've lost. Cardis Robert."

Raon lowered his hand as if indicating that it was all over.


Cardis ground his teeth.

"The Radiant Sword Technique won't be defeated by the likes of you!"

He roared in anger, releasing all the aura he had hidden to challenge the top twelve on the continent.


The immense energy emanating from Cardis shook the training ground, and shattered fragments floated in the air.

"I must never lose!"

If it had been only against the Flowing Cloud Sword technique, he might not need to feel Irritated. But if he pulled out the Radiant Sword Technique and lost, it would bring disgrace to his family. He had to win even if it meant staking his life.


Cardis unleashed the Radiant Sword Technique in a fit of rage. The blue starlight began to ripple along the trajectory of his sword.

'Why he is not moving?'

Raon didn't try to evade or block as he had done before. He stood in the center of the training ground with his eyes closed. Seeing him so composed, an inferno erupted within him.

'I have to endure.'

If he succumbed to anger, he would play into his opponent's hands. He needed to tightly hold onto his rationality and shatter Cardis's sword technique.

'Render his right arm unusable for life.'

Even if healers or clerics tried, they wouldn't be able to fully heal it. Raon resolved to sever tendons and mana circuits to the point that it couldn't be fixed and fully unleashed the Radiant Sword Technique.


The converged Radiant Sword Technique and the Windstorm Finishing Strike combined, and the small light that had illuminated the sword's edge turned into a sea of blue starlight that covered the entire arena ground.


This was the stage could unfold the Radiant Sword Technique's finishing strike.


As he raised his sword to initiate the finishing strike, Derus' determination reached him.

[Unleash the Manryeong Radiance.]

"Manryeong Radiance?"

The Manryeong Radiance was the finishing strike that adorned the end of the Radiant Sword Technique. To say it was everything of the Radiant Sword Technique wouldn't be an exaggeration.

[It's fine if it's revealed. Just make sure to strike decisively. Prevent him from rising any further.]

That meant to cut Raon's arm in a way that it couldn't heal. His father was indeed someone who understood him well.

Cardis nodded slightly, indicating that he understood the message, and gripped his sword.


After a swift spin, grand starlight spread over the edge of the sword, swelling to the point where it extended beyond the arena ground and reached the spectator seats.

"It's over!"

As Cardis advanced and attempted to initiate the finishing strike of the Radiant Sword Technique, Raon moved. His expression was urgent, as if he hadn't expected such an immense power to gather.


Ice flower petals bloomed one after another over the blade that faced Raon. Fragments of frost encasing the aura spread towards the sea of starlight.

"A splendid sword technique."


The true essence of the Radiant Sword Technique was a counter-attack technique. The stronger the opponent's sword strikes, the more powerfully it would be returned, making it optimal for slashing the opponent's shoulder.


Cardis waited until the cold cluster of ice blossoms raised by Raon covered the surroundings before swinging his sword. Along the trajectory of the silvery blade, the sea of starlight that had covered the training ground began to move.


The sea of light composed of energy began to engulf the storm of icy flowers in an instant and swelled even more.


Cardis drew a cross with his sword. The sea of stars, as brilliant as a galaxy's demise, spread out like a web, seizing control of all the space. It was the Radiant Sword Technique's finishing strike, Radiant Sea of Stars, which he had used a moment ago.


The immense power of Radiant Sea of Stars, combined with the sword's motion, descended upon Raon's shoulder line.


Just before the sword would descend upon Raon's shoulder, an unavoidable white shadow emerged over his blade.

"This is it."

The strange energy that had erased the previous Radiant Sea of Stars was undoubtedly this.

"I won't fall for it twice!"

Cardis twisted the tilt of his sword, setting the blade at an angle. The smooth flow of the sword suddenly bent, creating a massive wave.


The sea of stars that had filled the surroundings condensed over the blade, creating a fearsome wave that swept forth. It was the Radiant Sword Technique's final move, Manryeong Radiance.

"I can't stop this."

It wasn't just a simple sword technique; it was an energy that consumed and obliterated space as it grew. No matter how extraordinary a sword technique was, its power couldn't erase it.


When the immense energy that a human couldn't endure attempted to erase Raon's shoulder, the white shadow reached out its pure white form.

"Useless... Ah!"

Neither fast nor slow, neither light nor heavy, the sword simply approached like a phenomenon.


At the moment Raon faced the mysterious sword, the Manryeong Radiance, which had concentrated all the energy, halted.

The sea of starlight tore apart, the energy dissipated, and the intricacies of the sword technique vanished.

Before the white shadow of emptiness, there was nothing that could survive.

It was a scene akin to a dream in a world that wasn't reality.



With a harsh slicing sound, blood spurted from Cardis's right shoulder.

When he turned his head, his arm lay on the ground, and blood sprayed like a fountain from his dislocated shoulder.


The feeling of returning from a dream to reality. Intense pain surged from where his arm was torn from his shoulder.


Cardis screamed, clutching his shoulder. With his cry, time, which had stopped, began to flow again.


Raon exhaled as if he were on the verge of death.

"I've completed it."

The true Baekyoungseom. (White Void)

Using the White Void for the second time, he realized its true essence.

White Void wasn't just erasing the opponent's sword technique; it was a counter-technique that delivered an unavoidable attack to where the opponent had aimed.

'That's why…'

He raised his head and looked ahead.


Cardis was gripping his bleeding shoulder and screaming in agony.

He cut off that arm.

Because Cardis had aimed for his arm, the White Void retaliated by severing Cardis' right arm. It was a sword technique that despised cutting in the exact same place that had been aimed.

'What a sight.'

To be honest, he could have stopped midway, but he hadn't done it intentionally. An eye for an eye, blood for blood. He deliberately cut off Cardis' arm.

'And also…'

In the middle, he concentrated the cold energy, delivering a strong shock to the tendons and mana circuits. Even if he reattached it, using his right arm like before would probably be difficult.

'Tit for tat.'

Cardis, too, wasn't merely trying to sever an arm; he aimed to create an obstacle. So, Raon didn't feel the slightest bit of pity.

'Then should I start the acting now?'

Raon took a deep breath and knelt down, approaching Cardis and grabbing his shoulder.

"Car, Sir Cardis!"

His lips trembling, he shook his eyes that were rolling back.

"I apologize! I was too exhausted, and I couldn't control my strength during the counterattack!"

He bit his lips, expressing that it wasn't intentional but unavoidable since Cardis had elevated his own life force first.


Cardis, in a state of both mental shock and agony from his severed arm, convulsed before his eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

"He, Healers!"



Summoning the healers, the ones who had stood in a daze rushed onto the arena ground.

"We, we need to attend to this quickly... Cough!"

As one of the healers called for the others, he choked on his words. Raon handed Cardis over to them and wiped away the blood that was sticking to him. The spilled blood mixed with the blood from Cardis' severed arm, staining the ground crimson.

"Ra, Raon, you might need attention too! Your injuries are severe!"

One of the healers attempted to grasp Raon's shoulder.

"No. Please take care of Sir Cardis first. It's urgent."

With his face becoming even paler due to his dwindling aura, Raon handed over Cardis' severed arm to the healer.

"Please attach it properly!"

"But even Lord Raon's complexion..."

"I'm begging you!"

"Ah, understood!"

Bowing his head, the healer nodded with his lips pressed together and stood up.

'A look of admiration?'

The healer, despite suffering a severe injury himself, wore an expression of admiration as he attended to Cardis first, likely impressed by Raon's sacrifice.


"What a concern for the opponent in such a state..."

"Truly a noble spirit. The spirit of a knight!"

"Raon Zieghart! You're amazing!"

"Really moved!"

The spectators, who were initially shocked by the severed arm, were now moved by Raon's sacrifice and began to cheer him on even more enthusiastically.

Huh, you're truly a demon.

Wrath shivered all over, as if his whole body were being blown away by the wind.

How could you wear the guise of a human and tell such lies…

He watched the audience clapping their hands and tightly bit his lips.

'I can't go yet.'

Raon gripped his emaciated shoulder. After regaining his senses from the pain, he raised his head and looked up at the stage.

King Ogrem and King Leckros nodded their heads and sent thunderous applause. Chamber gazed at him with eyes that held desires.


"What's that expression?"

He wasn't sure if he could say this out loud, but Glenn's expression seemed akin to that of a dog left in front of its food, waiting after being commanded to "stay" for training purposes. It was a face that looked like he was forcibly holding something back.

"Is he not in a good state?"

Thinking so, he looked at the last person. The others were merely appetizers before this.

Derus Robert. For the first time, his laughter lines vanished, and his expression turned as dry as a puppet's.

It wasn't concern for his son. It was the anger of having his own plans ruined, causing the golden mask to crack.

Seemingly trivial, but I can understand. Right now, Derus must be clenching his teeth to suppress the seething anger within him.

"This is it."

I wanted to see that expression.

His heart pounded wildly. It was a magnificent tumult, worrying that others might hear it.

His mood was uplifted.

Derus' face, contorted in anger, was a greater reward than the reputation he would gain at the awards ceremony, the elixirs, or even artifacts.

"It's too early to be surprised."

Raon clenched his teeth while narrowing his eyes.

"Because it's just the beginning from now on."


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