TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 113



On the frost-covered moss was the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.

Just approaching it made one's hands turn cold.

"Human, won't you freeze if you touch it?"

"Yes, it's likely."

Cale obediently nodded at Raon's question and looked at Choi Jung Soo.

"Hey, Choi Jung Soo."

"What is it?"

"Do you have any useful information about taking medicine/elixirs?"

Choi Jung Soo innocently smiled.

"I don't know, I've never tried it."

...Not someone I should ask.

Cale recalled something he had forgotten for a while.

At that moment, something appeared in front of him.

"I kept it just in case."

Three white gloves were in front of Cale.

Choi Han handed them over with a shy expression.

"...Thank you."

Although he didn't want to, he couldn't ignore Choi Han's accumulated experience.

Cale once again remembered Choi Han's experience as he put on the three-layered gloves.

"Human, wait a moment!"

Raon cast a spell to maintain body temperature on the innermost glove.

Cale spoke sincerely.

"You're the smartest."

"Of course! I'm a great Dragon! Smart, kind, and awesome!"

"Yes, yes."

Cale casually responded and put his hand on the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.

It wasn't that cold.

'Although it's medicine, I didn't expect to have to take it like this.'

I didn't think I'd have to take the medicine in such a chaotic atmosphere.

When I read martial arts novels, I see them being taken in a quiet and serene atmosphere.

"Human! Eat it right away! I'll watch you from here! If anything goes wrong, I'll take you directly to Grandpa Ron!"

"No, no. That's not allowed."

"Why isn't it allowed? Choi Jung Soo, who only thinks about himself after eating, explain to me!"

"W-Well, in martial arts novels, you're not supposed to interrupt when taking medicine. You can suffer serious damage if you do it wrong."

"Oh, I see."

Choi Han nodded at Choi Jung Soo's words and murmured his approval. Then, they both quickly averted their gazes when their eyes met.

Raon asked Cale.

"Human, can I help?"

"No. Don't get involved."

Cale hadn't learned martial arts, so there was no possibility of him being affected, but it was still better to be cautious.

He had a feeling something wasn't right.

So he simply limited himself to putting the ginseng root into his mouth as the three continued to chat by his side.

Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.

Although it had withstood a thousand years, it didn't look very big.

It was the size of ordinary ginseng.

It was big enough to eat in one go.

So he ate it.


A groan escaped from Cale's mouth.

"Human, does something hurt?"


"Hey, are you okay?"

The words of the two people and the Dragon were thrown out at the same time, but Cale simply chewed the ginseng root and responded.

"It's bitter."

And then he closed his eyes.

For some reason, he had the feeling that the surroundings had become quiet.

But he didn't know why.

Now he had to focus on this thousand-year ginseng root.

In martial arts novels, it was said that once the elixir was swallowed, its energy instantly spread throughout the body.

"Oh, I can't swallow it."

Each time he chewed it, it became more bitter.

It tasted like dirt.

No, was it mossy?

In some martial arts novels, they said the elixir instantly dissolved in the body.

Wasn't that a lie?

Cale's forehead wrinkled more and more.

"...Human, this medicine seems really bitter. Your expression doesn't look good at all."

The Dragon's murmur reached his ears.

'I'll swallow it.'

Cale, after chewing a little, immediately swallowed it.

At the same time, he tensed up.

'What's going to happen now?'

A great energy was stirring in his body; was it the start of a battle between him and this thousand-year ginseng root?

Or perhaps it was the process of receiving that energy and feeling pain.

It was then...



-This is exciting!

The Vitality of the Heart. The old-looking crybaby was very excited.

Suddenly, something seemed unsettling.

-Cale, we're finally going to wake them up!

At that moment...


No sound came out of his mouth.


His heart was beating strongly.

The Vitality of the Heart. No, Cale's heart began to beat violently.


Again, his heart beat strongly.


Cale's mouth opened wide.

"What is this? What the hell is this?"

It didn't hurt.

But he was feeling it.

"Choi Han, the Human is cold right now!"

"For a moment, let's just observe."

Cale could feel how a chill spread from his wide-open mouth throughout his body.

And it was intense.

'It's cold.'

His body was filled with intense cold.

A thousand years of cold.

The Qi accumulated for a thousand years buried in the snow. And that cold covered the inside of Cale.

'Could it be that he's suffering from severe hypothermia?'

At that moment, while thinking that...


Once again, his heart beat strongly. His body trembled.

At that moment...

-I'll send it to the Water Sister!

The bloodstream that began at the heart.

The blood flowing through Cale's body began to absorb that cold.

And it moved.

Cale didn't know where that power was heading.

However, he felt that one of the many Ancient Powers sealed within his body was being released.

That strange scene manifested before Cale's closed eyes.

-I'll continue with the Shield Sister!

Where the cold had disappeared.

Cale stopped for a moment.

"...Choi Han. This is strange. I can smell the forest scent on the Human."

Cale followed Raon's words and could smell the forest scent on himself.

No, more than the forest scent, he could sense the smell of a much larger forest.

For a simple ginseng to withstand the cold and yin of a thousand years, it had to contain the forest within its small body.

-Good! Very good! Does it not hurt?"

The crybaby was right, it didn't hurt.

Once again, Cale could feel the blood in his body wrapping around the seal to awaken another sealed power.


But he didn't feel cold.

It was like being in the middle of a forest in early winter, after the first snowfall, and breathing in the fresh air.

Cale got lost in the pleasant sensation.

The more he did so, the more the cold and forest scent rose from him.

Seeing this, Choi Jung Soo muttered.

"...This, Rok Soo."


When Raon reacted to those words, Choi Han subtly changed the subject.

"It looks like people are gathering outside."

"They're not close."

The Choi family had an uncomfortable conversation. Among them, Choi Han slightly opened the small window in the room.

The hallway where Cale was staying.

There was no one crossing the hallway wall that connected to the training ground.

However, some people had gathered nearby in silence.

They weren't many.

But they all looked at this place with surprised faces.

Including the Sword Saint and Namgung Mahyuk.


"It's amazing."

The Sword Saint sincerely exclaimed.

"Even if the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng is a strong elixir, it's amazing that it can emit energy like this."

"...During the elixir ingestion, the surroundings are filled with nature according to the nature of the elixir. It's astonishing."

"That's right. Maybe this is part of the Nature Realm."

The conversation of these two men didn't reach beyond the wall.

When Choi Han saw the Sword Saint among the people, he closed the window.

"It seems like he'll be okay."

As long as he was here, nothing would happen to harm Cale.

"Choi Han, the Human seems to be happy."

As Raon said, Cale sat comfortably, smiling.

The fresh winter air filled the room.

Just enough to not be cold.


Cale heard the Crybaby's voice.


-It was delicious! It's a new herb flavor!

The sound of the voice of the Glutton Priestess, the indestructible shield.

-... Damn bastard. Was it the God of Balance? Did he seal me?

The Sky Eating Water. He could hear a voice uttering aggressive words.

"To what extent has the seal been unleashed?"

To that question, the shield and the water responded successively.



The seals of the two Ancient Powers had not been fully released. Nevertheless, their voices reached Cale.

Even with the use of the precious Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng, these figures were still disappointing.

'No, it's not. This is still a tremendous achievement.'

Especially being able to use even seventy percent of the Unbreakable Shield's power was something very good.

'As long as I have the Unbreakable Shield alongside my Vitality of the Heart, at least I won't get seriously hurt.'

Furthermore, I have the Sky Eating Water, which is more than enough offensive power, so even if I have to fight, I should be able to hold my own.

-Now just organize everything!

Cale's smile intensified at the Vitality of the Heart's words.


He took the elixir. It was easy to swallow, causing no pain or discomfort, and things continued smoothly and seamlessly, leaving Cale satisfied.

It seems he'll need to get more medicine in the future.

Of course, it would be difficult to obtain medicine of about a thousand years of age, considered a treasure, in the Namgung Family, one of the richest places in the Justice Faction.

'Nevertheless, there's probably something at the Imperial Palace.'

If Chief Eunuch Wi brings it, then he just needs to wait.

'If not, I could ask Jungwon if there's any place with valuable medicine.'

Of course, that person might also mention balance and say they can't say anything.

'If he wants to save his own world, he'll probably say it.'

Cale doesn't mind that.

'Can I open my eyes now?'

-Yes, yes.

In a good mood, Cale opened his eyes, ignoring the elderly man's cheerful response.

At that moment, the cold and forest scent surrounding him instantly disappeared and were absorbed by Cale.


Choi Han asked calmly.

"Was it helpful to you?"

When he was asked that question, Cale didn't hesitate to respond more than ever.

Yes, it was very helpful.

He just had to say that.

-Organization complete! Now, get rid of the impurities on your own!


The Vitality of the Heart spoke with cheerful freshness.

-Due to the organization, impurities were generated in the blood! You have to get rid of them! It doesn't hurt!


Cale was about to sigh.

But he couldn't.


Blood was dripping from his open mouth.

"Hey, Human! Human! Is this okay?"

Raon approached Cale, surprised, dropping the fruit it was holding in its front paws.

"Choi Han-ah, this human is acting strange! He's smiling and coughing up blood with a relaxed expression on his face. It's the first time I've seen something like this!"


Choi Han also seemed puzzled.

Beside him, Choi Jung Soo picked up the sugar candy Raon had dropped and looked at Cale with a perplexed expression.


Cale coughed up a handful of black blood, then wiped it away sharply from the corner of his lips.

"I'm fine. Really fine."

The faces of the two Choi Family members and the young Dragon wrinkled.

Whether he liked it or not, Cale spoke honestly.

"Seriously, I'm fine. I want to keep taking more of these elixirs. I feel healthy, no, I'm getting healthier."

Words poured out of his mouth, and he avoided the suspicious looks of the three people.


Then, the door opened.

Few people could open the door to where Cale was staying without saying a word.


Ron's eyes locked onto Cale's.

Cale unconsciously wiped the blood from the corner of his lips with the hem of his long sleeves.

"I'll bring you a change of clothes."

Ron smiled benevolently and disappeared to fetch the clothes.

Cale turned around with an unidentifiable shiver and locked eyes with Choi Jung Soo.


Choi Jung Soo hesitated, then said.

"Cheer up."

Cale's eyes turned cold, and he moved away from Choi Jung Soo.

That night.

All the Martial Artists residing in the Namgung Family Mansion spoke of the cool and refreshing aura emanating from the best room.

Our benefactor is an existence in the Nature Realm!

This was the moment when the rumor became a fact within the Namgung Family.

Of course, the Namgung Family did not manage to breach the high walls of the mansion.

"Is that so?"

It was enough to shake the pupils of the Lord of Anhui Province, who received an urgent call from a subordinate staying in the Namgung Family Mansion.


The next day.

Cale spoke with the Sword Saint and the Family Head.

"I'm heading directly to the Murim Alliance."

He had already met with Choi Jung Soo, and his seal had been slightly broken.

Now, all that was left was dealing with the Blood Cult.

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