IBRV (Novel) Chapter 35


Enosh Shan Oried has been weak since birth.

He was born so weak that he was judged as a terminal patient.

Doctors said Enosh wouldn't live more than three years the day he was born, and it would be difficult for him to reach seven when he turned three.

The day he turned seven, they said it would be hard for him to reach ten, and the day he turned ten, they said he would never make it to twelve.

Every time Enosh didn't die on the day the doctor predicted, they beheaded the doctor who said so.

In fact, what the doctor said wasn't entirely wrong.

If he were a normal child, Enosh would have already died.

However, he had the emperor at the pinnacle of all power and wealth as his father, and the emperor, who cared for the youngest prince, did not sit idly waiting for his son's death.

All kinds of good medicines and doctors were attached only to Enosh, and the child's lifespan was repaired day by day.

That's how the youngest prince, Enosh, survived to this day.


He wouldn't really live past twelve.

In the winter of his twelfth year, a few days before sunset, the youngest prince, who had rapidly weakened, died.

"The trigger was probably this clandestine auction and the epidemic."

After that, Duke Miriel, who had almost lost his granddaughter, and the emperor, who saw his dying son, completely destroyed the clandestine auction and turned the underworld into enemies.

"Cough, cough, cough."

At the sudden coughing sound, I snapped out of my thoughts and quickly raised my head.

"Damn it, is it okay to leave merchandise here in such a cold place? Low-level bastards, they brought people and don't even know how to sell them. Do they even know how much this body is worth?"

Enosh, who pretended to be strong and complained, was trembling.

The sound of his breathing was so loud, as if it were mixed with iron.

"What if he dies...?"

No, not here, at least.

After the death of the youngest prince, the emperor went mad and sent his army to catch the culprit who had spread the epidemic.

The emperor put a hefty reward, and soldiers made false certificates for the reward, and even innocent people confessed through severe torture, and all were executed.

The emperor pardoned them, and finally, the heroine, who grew up, even led a coup.

I think I said it at the beginning, but this novel...

Surprisingly, it's the death of the dragon's head*.

(N/T: refers to a story that completely collapsed halfway through.)

At first, it worked well as a child-rearing novel, but when the heroine becomes an adult, it suddenly turned into a political-themed novel, and the protagonist became the leader of the rebels...

Ah, rebels with the Etham family backing them...

So, to sum up this story in one word, the emperor, who was shocked by the death of his beloved youngest prince, met the culprit and felt a real blow.

It means the wise king turns into a tyrant when he learns that the commoner he tried to care for while staying up all night killed his son.

"...no, I can't intervene. No way."

What should I do if sparks go wrong and fly towards me, who was in the same cell?

But it seems he's really suffering.

Upon closer inspection, only his voice was strong, his lips were blue, and his face was pale.

After thinking about it, I quickly took off the tunic I was wearing and gave it to Enosh.

Enosh, who had been crouched down, looked at me and wrapped his body with the tunic without any hesitation.

"You're a stupid bun, but you have sense."

As if that wasn't enough, Enosh's body shivered.

"I can't help it."

I cautiously approached Enosh and wrapped my arms around his waist.

Enosh trembled and violently twisted to get out of my small arms.

"Are you crazy?! Are you, after all, a spy sent to seduce me? Really, cough! Sending a bun like you, cough, cough! Makes no sense! Cough, cough!"

No, that's not it.

He was coughing as if he was out of breath, but his true spirit was not dying at all.

"It's cold."


"It's cold, you look sick..."

Enosh squinted at me and then snorted.

"Excuses. I know this body is marvelous. It's not common to see this kind of face. However, it's useless to seduce me. This body already has a fiancée. She is truly noble, beautiful, elegant, and even wise. No matter how much you yearn for me, I have nothing in my heart to give you."

"No, I'm not interested."

In the face of his mute self-esteem, I kept my mouth shut.

Indeed, in terms of appearance, he is not inferior to Richard or Lucilion, who I don't know why he's still here.

"I'm not interested."

"What? You're not interested in me? How is that possible? Even if you pretend you're not, it's obvious."

Ah, it's annoying.

"I also like someone else."

Before any more misunderstandings, I added a few words.

"I like the female protagonist."

Even if it was just a well-organized script, I liked it when I lived in Korea.

In the end, no matter the adversity, she walks towards a happy ending, and I loved the fact that there are many people who love the heroine for no reason.

It felt like the heroine was eating my loneliness for me.

"...What, is that so?"

Cough, cough!

His cough worsened, probably because he was in the middle of his feverish speech.


"I also like... someone. I'll allow you to get closer."

".... It's cold."


"You're sick."

I turned my head away.

Then, as if Enosh was nervous, he moved his eyes and soon wrinkled his face.

"Do you know who I am? Even if you dare to do your best to save this body, it's not enough...!"


"If this body dies today, I will definitely say that you killed me!"

I involuntarily raised my head and looked at Enosh, who was smiling like a winner.

The arrogant little prince nodded towards me.


I clung to Enosh's back like a cicada again while making a dissatisfied expression.

"It's a bit dark, so it's not very warm. A small brazier would be better than this. Well, don't worry. The knights will come soon. Seeing your greatness, I'll beg my escort to save you as well."

"And what if they don't come?"

"Why wouldn't they come? They'll come if they don't want to die. But why do you keep talking nonsense? Do you know who this body is? This body..."

"I don't know, they probably won't come."

Because they didn't come in the novel either.

In the novel, it's Albion who saves Enosh.

"Because one of the knights accompanying Enosh in the first place belonged to an anti-noble faction."

Enosh must have already been infected by the plague.

He must have passed out before coming here, so he must have been infected then.

So, at the very least, it was better to apply insect repellent as soon as possible to avoid deterioration.

I know how to make insect repellent.

It was Callan Etham who developed the repellent after hearing the heroine's story in the novel.

Although the exact proportions didn't appear in the novel, the ingredients were present.

If it's Callan Etham, I'm sure he can make it with just the ingredients. To do that, the information had to be delivered as soon as possible.

"There's still time."

The recipe isn't difficult, and the herbs aren't hard to find, so I can probably prepare it right away.

I need to write a letter.

Anyway, there's still a lot of time before the auction begins.

People don't pass by here either.

High-end products will be in the last order, so I don't think people will come for a while.

After thinking for a moment, I put my hand inside Enosh's wrapped tunic.

"What, what are you doing?! Shameless person who doesn't even know shame! After all, was it a lie when you said you had no interest in this body?!"

"No, I need to write a letter."

I showed him the paper and pencil I bought earlier, then I crouched down and unfolded the paper.

Fortunately, they didn't search me, as if they didn't think I was carrying anything dangerous.

"What are you doing?"

"A letter."

"A letter? Why all of a sudden?"

"Oh well. You don't need to know."

I was about to write a letter, after a few words, when a proud hand stopped in front of my eyes.


"Give me some of that for this body too. Cough, cough."

I handed over pencil and paper, unable to listen to the worsening cough.

"Bun, what should I write in the letter?"

Contrary to what I thought, Enosh, who didn't write a single word, asked me with a pale face.


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