RDM (Novel) Chapter 466

 C 466


Jo Jang-pyeong's groan echoed throughout the room.

His condition was truly miserable.

His face was disfigured beyond recognition, and his left arm was dislocated and dangling.

Both his legs were broken, and his intestines were so mangled that he could barely breathe.

This was the price he paid for attacking Wind Saint.

If Jo Jang-pyeong was a respected master in Hunan, specifically in Soyang, Wind Saint was a recognised master at the highest level in Kangho.

He was no match for Wind Saint in the first place.

Wind Saint harshly punished Jo Jang-pyeong for fearlessly attacking him.

Jo Jang-pyeong was still alive because he possessed a fairly strong inner qi. Had he been a little weaker, he would have already left this world.

Wind Saint looked down at Jo Jang-pyeong with cold eyes and said:

"If a moan escapes from your mouth, I will pull out your tongue."


Jo Jang-pyeong clenched his teeth and suppressed his groan.

He felt like he was going to die, but there was nothing he could do to avoid it.

Ya Yulin crawled over and asked:

"Are you alright? That man is Wind Saint."

For a moment, a murderous intent flashed in Jo Jang-pyeong's eyes.

"You should have told me that.

If he had known it was Wind Saint, he would never have attacked.

He knew his place.

No matter how ambitious he was, he would never dare to challenge a true master like the Wind Saint.

Wind Saint asked:

"Whose idea was it?"

"I apologize."

Ya Yulin bowed his head.

Wind Saint's eyes glinted eerily.

"Was it your idea?"

"I am guilty of death."

"If you're guilty of death, you should die."

"Hmph!! Please, spare my life!"

Ya Yulin grabbed Wind Saint's hem and pleaded.

Jo Jang-pyeong hurriedly knelt as well.

His legs were broken and in pain. However, he knew that if he couldn't bear the pain now, he would really lose his life.

He endured the pain and said:

"Please, spare me. I was wrong."

"What did you do wrong?"

At Wind Saint's question, Jo Jang-pyeong quickly racked his brain.

There was only one thing he and Ya Yulin were involved in together.

"Is it because of the Gi family Clinic?"

"Ha! You're pretty quick."

"By any chance, are you related to the Gi Family Clinic?"

"The former master of Gi Family Clinic was my longtime friend."


Jo Jang-pyeong thought he had stepped in shit.

'Out of all the people, was he related to the Wind Saint?'

His opponent was one of the Three Saints.

He was a fearsome master whose martial prowess was considered among the top ten in the world. If he had known he was related to such a master, he wouldn't have dared to touch the Gi Family Clinic.

"I apologize. I will compensate you, and ensure that nothing like this happens again."


"Also, I will protect the Gi Family Clinic from others, and support it."

Jo Jang-pyeong spat out words without a pause.

He had no choice if he wanted to live.

Somehow, he had to win over Wind Saint's heart.

Fortunately, his efforts seemed to paid off, as Wind Saint withdrew killing intent.

"You guys take care of the Dark Sword Manor."

"Of course."

"If I hear even the slightest rumor, you can imagine what will happen."

"Don't worry. We'll make sure not a word gets out."

"And I was never here."

"What? Oh, I didn't see anything."

"If there's a rumor that I'm staying in Soyang, I'll think you spread it."

"That will never happen. Please trust me."

Thump, thump!

Jo Jang-pyeong repeatedly bowed his head on the floor.

Ya Yulin joined him as well.


"Please believe me. The fact that you're here will never get out."

"Don't pay any attention to where I am, and don’t even look at me."

"We will do as you say."


Wind Saint smiled with satisfaction.

Both Ya Yulin and Jo Jang-pyeong were ambitious and quick-witted.

In his heart, he wanted to cut their throats right away, but that would attract attention.

Drawing people's attention was not what he wanted.

"I will be watching."

With that final word, the Wind Saint disappeared.

No sound, no movement, like a ghost.



Only then did the two of them let out a sigh of relief.

Jo Jang-pyeong's face contorted.

As he relaxed, a terrible pain surged through him like a tidal wave.

"Wind Saint..."

"I'm sorry, Master Jo. I didn't have the time to warn you as I was suddenly captured."

"No! What could Master Ya Yulin have done if Wind Saint took action himself?"

Absolute masters were such beings.

A master who had reached Wind Saint's level of cultivation could only be stopped by a master of a similar level.

No matter how many martial artists there were in Heavenly Treasure Pavilion

and Hundred Cliff Gate, stopping the Wind Saint was impossible.

The only fortunate thing was that Wind Saint had no intention of taking their lives.

Ya Yulin said:

"Let's pretend there was no plan to push the slums out."

"I agree."

"Then all that's left is to take care of the Dark Sword Manor."

"Of course, we must."

With that, the Dark Sword Manor's fate was sealed.

Although a hunting dog is destined to be devoured after the hunt, the Dark Sword Manor was devoured before he could finish the hunt.

It was the two men who brought them in. But they felt no guilt in disposing of them.


Pyo Wol opened his eyes.

It was still dark in the room, as the sun had not risen yet.

Pyo Wol got up and went outside.

As expected, the world was still enveloped in darkness.

Pyo Wol went to the well and washed his face briefly.

As he washed his face, his mind became clear.

Pyo Wol sat on a bench and began practicing his internal energy cultivation.

As he practiced, Gwia quietly crawled out.

It disappeared into the bushes.

Pyo Wol knew this, but he didn't care. He knew that Gwia would return when the time came.

Pyo Wol focused only on his energy cultivation.

When he reached that level, he didn't need to practice much, but it was his belief that he should still practice from time to time to keep his internal energy and body in tip-top shape.

While he was concentrating on his training, Eun-yo, Do Yeonsan, and others awoke and came out.

They bathed, being careful not to interfere with Pyo Wol's practice.

By the time they were done, Pyo Wol was finished.

Somehow sensing that Pyo Wol's practice had ended, Gwia returned. Its belly was swollen, as if it had caught and eaten something.

As Pyo Wol reached out, Gwia slipped into his sleeve.

That's when it happened.

"What a strange creature."

Wind Saint's voice could be heard.

He had come outside and was watching the scene.

Pyo Wol looked at Wind Saint without showing any surprise.

There were two people beside Wind Saint.

Both were people he knew.

They were the Divine Physician and his granddaughter, Gi Seon-hye.

The Divine Physician stared at the sleeve where Gwia had disappeared.

"Where did you get it?"

There was madness in the divine physician's voice.

Since ancient times, snakes have been considered nourishing for the human body. Especially those with weak vitality have sought out snakes. Some snakes possessed special effects and were treated as precious medicinal ingredients.

The divine physician, being a doctor, had dealt with numerous snakes. Thus, he could easily tell the effects of a snake just by looking at its appearance.

When he saw the red snake that had entered Pyo Wol's sleeve, he felt his breath catch in his throat.

With red scales like red jade and tiny horns on its head, it was unlike any creature he had ever seen.

It had an extraordinary spiritual aura that couldn't be compared to any other creature he had encountered.

A snake with such spiritual power could be considered a spiritual creature.

If used as a medicinal ingredient, it could save countless lives.

The Divine Physician approached and spoke.

"Show me the snake."


"No, give it to me. I will buy it.  I'll buy it at any price.". Just hand it over."

"One more step from there and I'll cut off your breath."

"Do not be stubborn. A single snake can save many lives."

"I don't know about that. Gwia is my friend."

"You fool!"

At that moment, the Divine Physician yelled.


Suddenly, a metallic sound erupted in front of his nose.

When the Divine Physician came to his senses and looked ahead, Wind Saint had stepped in to block him.

Although he could only see his back, and couldn't make out his expression, the Divine Doctor thought that Wind Saint had received quite a shock.

Wind Saint's feet were ankle deep in the ground.

Wind Saint glared at Pyo Wol and opened his mouth.

"Did you really intend to kill him?"

"I warned him."

"You would kill the Divine Physician just for that? Do you have any thoughts? Or none?"

"Is there a law that says a Divine Physician cannot die?"

"He's been far more useful to the world than you. By comparison, you're......."

"If you're going to talk bullshit like that, leave, I can't take it anymore."

A faint red light flickered in Pyo Wol's eyes.

The moment Wind Saint saw those red eyes, he felt a shock that made his heart drop.

He realized that Pyo Wol was serious.

Just before, Pyo Wol had unleashed a lethal strike at the divine physician.

The lethal strike was aimed precisely at the divine physician's throat.

Right before it hit his throat, Wind Saint sensed it and narrowly blocked it. However, the divine physician, who was behind Wind Saint, had no idea about it.

It was far beyond his level of martial arts.

If Wind Saint hadn't blocked the lethal strike, the Divine Physician would have died without even realizing his breath had been cut off. It was then that the Divine Physician finally realized that he had narrowly escaped death.

A baffled expression crossed his face.

"You... you tried to kill me over a single snake? You must be out of your mind."

"What did you say?"

"I mean..."

"I don't care how many people you've saved or how many more you will save. You and I are strangers with no connection. But Gwia is different. Gwia can be considered my only friend."

"Insane! Putting me and a mere snake on the same level..."

The divine physician's beard quivered, but he couldn't do anything else, knowing that Pyo Wol had mercilessly attacked him.

At that moment,


Gi Seon-hye, who had been silent until now, stepped forward, shaking her head vigorously.

"I'm sorry. I'll apologize on behalf of my grandfather."

"You too think I was wrong?"

The Divine Physician was irritated by her appearance.



"No matter how important it is to save lives, you have no right to demand someone else's property."


"You promised not to act unilaterally anymore. You said you would care for your family and those around you, even though saving lives is important. But what is this, not even a day has passed, and we're back to your selfish ways, causing discord with others?"


"If you're going to do as you please again, I'll cut ties with you. Make a decision."


The divine physician's face contorted. He wanted to refute her words, but Gi Seon-hye was absolutely right, and he couldn't even make an excuse.

Gi Seon-hye spoke again.



"Apologize to him, say you're sorry."

"Do I really have to go that far?"



"If you can't do it, then our relationship ends here."

"Sorry... I... I am..."

"What did you say?"

At Gi Seon-hye's insistence, the Divine Physician narrowed his eyes and answered in a loud voice.

"I'm sorry. I was too hasty."

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