TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 112



Upon hearing that sound, Family Head Namgung Mahyuk stopped and looked at Cale.

Cale casually responded, "Just wait a moment, I'll check something."

"Oh, I understand."

Cale took out a Mirror from his pocket.

Ding, ding...

Meanwhile, message sounds kept coming in.

Cale touched the Mirror's screen to check the messages. Namgung Mahyuk watched with curiosity.

'What's that?'

This dazzling Mirror definitely didn't look like a common Mirror.

Although it wasn't clearly visible because they were sitting face-to-face, it was filled with an unknown language.

'What kind of mysterious object is this?'

The Family Head wondered who this Young Master Kim really was.

'It seems he's not a person of this world.'

He even thought that he might not be from this world but from the legendary Celestial Realm.

However, if he had vomited blood and suffered pain, then he must be Human.

'...Perhaps he's connected with the Celestial Realm and the Mortal Realm to maintain peace in this world.'

No, no.

Namgung Mahyuk stopped his deepening thoughts. Instead, he looked at Cale with a complicated gaze.

On the other hand, Cale's lips twitched slightly.

"Why are you like that?"

<Please get my alter ego out of Raon-nim's personal space.>

<P-please help me!>

There were many accumulated messages.

Suddenly, he realized that Raon had gone somewhere with Beacrox while he was getting the medicine (elixir).

Naturally, he thought he had gone to get some food from Beacrox.

<To fulfill my promise... Please convey the message!>

<If this continues, I'll get sick.>

He had to say it right away.

"I'm suffering here too."

Chief Eunuch Wi, who had come with Namgung Mahyuk, shivered.

Ring, ring, ring...

And the messages trembled as well.


Cale spoke casually.

He didn't know how to do Sound Transmission, so he had to convey his intention through the Mirror.

Namgung Mahyuk and Wi ignored him.

"Let's talk about what happened earlier. What do you think?"

He still tried to phrase his words indirectly.

Of course, he added some words just in case he didn't understand.

"This is about the seal on my power."

At that moment, Wi and Namgung Mahyuk's pupils trembled violently, but Cale didn't notice because he didn't pay them any attention.



For a moment, there was no response from Jungwon. (Note: Remember that I call the Ego that customizes the Central Plains World Jungwon)

"Aren't you going to respond? Should I break your alter ego?"


<I will respond! I was just checking for a moment! I was reviewing the Balance Dictionary published by the God of Balance>

The Balance Dictionary?

Cale thought the God of Balance did all sorts of things.

<Oh, it seems partially undoing the seal with the elixirs is possible!>

Cale's forehead furrowed slightly.

"Partially? Isn't it possible to completely undo the seal?"


Then Jungwon's explanation followed.

<It's possible to break all the seals considering the Balance of this world, but I don't think Cale-nim wants to do that.>


Before he could pose his question, he got an answer.

"Because every time one of Cale-nim's Ancient Powers unlocks, there is a high probability that the powers of your colleagues will be sealed one by one. Especially, the highest target is Raon."

Oh, so we shouldn't do it.

Cale accepted.

"However, it seems possible to unlock 'part' of the seal!"

"Because the Balance between the worlds and within the world is important too. Causal relationships and Balance within the world are equally crucial!"

The Balance within the World.

That was important too.

"Especially, if it's just a common elixir, its effect would be almost negligible. However, an elixir of that level would be considered a treasure even in these Central Plains. If such a treasure is used and nothing happens, that alone would disrupt the balance."

Cale looked at the continuing message.

"Even if it's only a small part of the sealed powers, it will be unlocked!"

Toc, toc.

He touched the Mirror's screen and muttered quietly.

"So, even if I can't unlock all the seals of my power, maybe I can unlock some."


"And it's unknown to what extent that part would be. It could be very small. Is that what you mean?"

"...Yes, that's right."

Ding-ding... ding.

"I'm sorry for not being of help! This Jungwon still doesn't have enough power. I can't ignore the call of the Gods like Shaolen-noona..."

Ding-ding-ding... ding.

"Please don't break my alter ego... it would take me more than a hundred years to reform it... hng."

Cale turned off the Mirror's screen.

He had finished with his business, there was no more conversation to share.


But another message came.

"Stop. Or would you prefer me to break it?"

At Cale's warning, the message tone stopped immediately.

Cale turned off the Mirror and looked back at Namgung Mahyuk.

"Family Head?"

Why does he seem so dazed?

"Ah, no-"

Namgung Mahyuk stammered, then let it out.

"Well, about that seal..."


Cale responded casually.

The Namgung Family was an ally now, so they should know a bit.

It wasn't a big deal either.

"Currently, most of my power is sealed, so I apologize for seeking a way to undo that seal for a moment."

"Ah, I understand."

That was the only exclamation Namgung Mahyuk could make.

'Even that guy didn't know that Young Master Kim's power was sealed.'

Chief Eunuch Wi, the close confidant of the Empress Dowager. Though he was fine now, before, just like him, he couldn't hide his surprise either.

"My father said Young Master Kim's realm is the Nature Realm."

But is that realm mostly sealed?

"Ahem, ahem."

Namgung Mahyeok coughed a little.

'Thank you, Father!'

Bringing someone like this as a benefactor!

'Namgung Yuhak, that bastard, I must make him fix his head once and for all!'

He forgave him because he was the youngest and cute, but he almost got into trouble in front of the esteemed Young Master Kim because of that bastard Namgung Yuhak.

"Family Head, I appreciate the gift."

Cale chuckled and grabbed the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng in his direction.

'The Indestructible Shield and the Sky Eating Water. I wish those two powers were partially unlocked.'

They would be very useful in future battles against enemies.

And now that Cale knew how to unlock part of the seal, he could use it in the future.

"Young Master Kim."

At that moment, a deep voice from Namgung Mahyuk sounded.


Cale, who was looking at the elixir, shifted his gaze towards him.


Namgung Mahyuk's face was astonishing.

No, it was solemn.

"Indeed, our Namgung Family will surely lead the annihilation of the Blood Cult. The sword of the Namgung Family will be at the forefront to establish justice and cooperation in the Justice Faction."

Why is he suddenly saying this?

Cale was puzzled but thought it was convenient.

'It seems like the Sword Saint has convinced him.'

Cale smiled gently at the newly allied Namgung Mahyuk.

"I'm moved by the cooperation of the Namgung Family. Thank you for joining us."

"It's not necessary."

Although Namgung Mahyuk was grateful to Young Master Kim as Taewi's great-grandfather, from the Family Head's point of view, he saw him as a golden rope.

He had to hold onto that rope.

"Well, I will leave now."

"Yes, if you need anything, please let me know. I will do my best to serve you."

...Seriously, why is he acting like this?

Cale wondered about Namgung Mahyuk's words but just smiled and exited the room.

Of course, the box containing the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng was being carefully carried by Wi.

Cale looked at Chief Eunuch Wi, who followed him without saying a word.

'...Actually, the power I need the most right now is the Fire of Destruction.'

Currently, Cale had different levels of Ancient Power Seals depending on his attack and destructive power.

The two with the most seals were the Sky Eating Water and the Fire of Destruction.

'The one that's more sealed is the Sky Eating Water.

The strength of that power was so strong, Cale discovered that this time.

'Well, since it's a power capable of devouring Gods, it must be strong.'

Since he always restricted himself when using this power, Cale still didn't know the true extent of the Sky Eating Water.

'Someday I'll have to know the limits of this power too.'

Wouldn't it be useful somewhere?

After organizing his thoughts up to here, Cale took a step towards Wi, the Chief Eunuch.

"... Young Master?"

Wi looked at Cale when he saw his appearance that seemed to have an important matter.

Cale asked him as if nothing happened.

"By any chance, are there any medicines with Fire Energy in the palace? Something of this quality."

He pointed to the box containing the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.

"... May I ask why you are asking that?"

Cale paused at Wi's serious expression.

'Oh, did I say it without reason?'

Although he spoke carelessly on purpose, he was actually demanding that Wi bring a medicine of similar quality to the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng from the Imperial Palace right now.

Cale felt a little intimidated but decided to push forward.

'I'm trying to save the Central Plains right now! I can demand something like this!'

He said with a carefree and valiant expression.

"It's because of the seal."

"...I see."

Wi clenched the hands holding the box tightly.

'I'm surprised the power he was using until now is sealed.'

Aside from that.

'It's absurd to risk your life to save one person while you're with sealed powers!'

So what if the blood vessels inside the body are twisted and energy decreases!

Contrary to his indifferent appearance, Young Master Kim was really something.

"Young Master."


"I will definitely bring the medicines."

Cale paused for a moment due to Wi's seriousness, and he didn't realize the word "medicines."

"You don't need to go through so much trouble. I'm simply asking if you can give them to me."

"I will definitely give them to you. If I can't, I will return to the palace and negotiate with His Majesty the Emperor."

No, there's no need to go to that extreme.

Cale tried to speak up, but Wi spoke while looking at him.

"If you take the medicines, won't you feel less pain?"

Cale answered honestly.

"I don't feel much pain."

He wanted to give Chief Eunuch Wi solid arguments so that he could persuade the Emperor about the importance of the medicines.

"Instead, I will be able to purify the bodies of the Living Jiangshi more effectively."


Wi suddenly let out a sigh as he looked up at the sky.

'Why are people acting like this today?'

Cale wondered curiously, but Wi stared at the sky for a long time and closed his eyes tightly.

Then, he slowly opened his mouth.

His lips trembled a little.

"I will take care of it and come back with something that can help."


Cale responded with a shaky voice.

Wi opened his eyes.

The look in his eyes was somewhat bitter.

"The imperial palace is full of elixirs incomparable to this Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng!"

Cale came to a sudden stop at Chief Eunuch Wi's sudden increase in volume.

'Incomparable to this Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng?'

Right now, they were having a conversation as they headed from the Family Head's room to the guest room.

They were still close to the Family Head's room.

If they spoke this loudly, the Namgung Family people, who were at a certain distance, could hear them.

Especially because Raon was nowhere to be found, Cale had no idea who was nearby.

Therefore, Cale stiffened and opened his mouth.

"This is a precious gift."

"...Haha, I really have nothing to say about Young Master's generosity."

Chief Eunuch Wi smiled gently as if he couldn't help it and shook his head.

-...I can't ignore what the former member of the Eastern Office says.

Chief Eunuch Wi ignored Sword Saint's sound transmission.

He was the one who deliberately raised his voice so that the Family Head or Sword Saint could hear.

This way, they can offer even more valuable things because they were proud men of the mighty Namgung Family.

"Let's go."

"Um, yes."

Cale followed Wi, who started walking with a bright smile, with an uncomfortable expression on his face.


"I will be your escort."

"Well, this seems like it'll be very useful, doesn't it?"

The first was said by Choi Han, the second by Choi Jung Soo.

"Humans, eat this when you're done, it's a sweet treat from Beacrox!"

Raon was on the side of Cale, holding the treat in his two front paws.

Cale suddenly asked Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo, excluding Raon.

"Are you both available?"


"...It is my duty to protect Cale-nim."

The first response was from Choi Jung Soo, and the second was from Choi Han.

Cale sighed and looked down.

There was the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng, radiating an extreme Cold Energy (Yin Energy).

-Let's eat it!

-And see our sisters!

OK, let's do it.

Cale reached out for the elixir.

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