RDM (Novel) Chapter 464

 C 464


Today, for the first time, the poor learned that the sound of a pig being slaughtered could come from a human mouth.

The man who had stuck his fingers into Pyo Wol's chest let out a scream and flew through the air.

He had flown about five metres, before crashing into the wall of a house.

All this happened after he tried to slap Pyo Wol's cheek and was slapped in return, knocking him out instead.

The man who had been slapped by Pyo Woll was stunned and shook his head. The slight rise and fall of his chest didn't seem to indicate that he had stopped breathing.

"What are you?"

"How dare you attack the Dark Sword Manor?"

The martial artists of Dark Sword Manor looked at Pyo Wol with shocked expressions.

Although they spoke fiercely, they didn't dare to draw their weapons.

The martial artist who had just been slapped and sent flying by Pyo Wol was a top-ranked expert within Dark Sword Manor. At least in the slums, there was no one who could stand up to him.

Such an expert could not resist a single strike.

From that single move, they could tell that Pyo Wol was an expert far beyond their league.

The problem was why such an expert was guarding the entrance to the Gi Family Clinic.

As far as they knew, the Gi Family Clinic had no connection with a master of this calibre. At least, not as far as they could tell.

The martial artists of Dark Sword Manor hesitated to act rashly and just looked at each other's faces.

Then one of them cautiously stepped forward. Having seen what happened to the previous man, his attitude was extremely polite.

"May we know who you are?"

"I see no reason to tell you."

"Is it because of your relationship with the Gi Family Clinic?"

"What are you going to do with this information?"

Despite Pyo Wol's dismissive reply, the man didn't lose his temper.

He continued to speak carefully.

"If you have no connection with the Gi Family Clinic, we would appreciate it if you would step aside. We will overlook the fact that you hit one of our men".

"Overlook it?"

"Isn't it better for both of us? We, the Dark Sword Manor, came to the Gi Family Clinic to negotiate, not to fight. If you don't have any connection with the Gi Family Clinic, wouldn't it be better for both parties if we step aside here?"

The man's words were very wise.

He said it was for the sake of both of us, but in reality he just wanted to get rid of Pyo Wol without causing any damage.

The man's eyes were constantly scanning the surroundings.

It showed that he was constantly aware of his surroundings.

This alone showed how quick the man was.

Where did such an expert come from?

The man was the second in command of Dark Sword Manor. However, his martial arts skills were not very strong.

He only won the favour of Dark Sword Manor because of his extraordinary intelligence and eloquent speech.

The Gi family clinic was located in the centre of the slums.

Although it was in the slums, it was a prime location in the city.

If they could take over this place, they could sweep away the slums and build a new mansion district.

They had threatened the Gi Family Clinic several times to sell the place, but they had not listened.

The more negotiations stalled, the more Dark Sword Manor lost.

That's why the impatient man showed up with his men.  If they couldn't reach an agreement, they would take the Gi Family Clinic by force.

He had heard rumours that the owner of the Gi Family Clinic had some martial arts skills, but they didn't think it was enough to threaten them.

If he were truly a great martial artist, he wouldn't have settled in a slum like this.

But an unexpected obstacle appeared.

It was Pyo Wol.

The man carefully made another proposal.

"If you withdraw now, we'll make sure that you'll be well compensated."

"What kind of compensation?"

"Excuse me?"

"I don't like vague answers. Be specific."

"Ah, in that case..."

The man rolled his eyes.

A smile crept across his lips. He thought Pyo Wol was more than halfway convinced.

"We plan to clear this area and create a street full of luxurious mansions. If things go well, we'll give you one of the high-end mansions."

"What about the poor people who live here?"

"We are going to kick them all out. Many of them have already been sold to us for silver."

"Did Dark Sword Manor have that much wealth? Enough to buy all the old houses in this slum area."

"Haha! We have a solid financial backer and people supporting us. So, don't worry."

"Who are they?"

"Excuse me?"

"Who are the people supporting you?"

The man's face stiffened.

It was strange for Pyo Wol to be probing so persistently.

Finally, the man realized that Pyo Wol was not at all persuaded.


He cursed.

Of course, he didn't want Pyo Wol to hear him.

The man tried to hide his hardened expression and said,

"I can't say more than that until I hear your promise."

"Is that so?"

"If you want to know more than that, promise me you'll back off."

"I promise. Who are the involved parties...?"

"You must keep your word. There are two organizations that have our backs: the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate."

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was a major military base that controlled the Soyang region, and the Hundred Cliff Gate. was the largest sect in Soyang.

They could be called the most powerful groups in Soyang.

It was because of their support that Dark Sword Manor could act so boldly.

"Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate?"

"Now that I've told you the truth, please step aside. I don't believe a master like you would ever go back on his word."

"Go ahead."

Pyo Wol obediently stepped aside.

"Let's go in."

The man confidently led his followers into the Gi Family's Clinic.

One of the followers whispered to the man,

"Do you really intend to give the mansion to the man, you don't even know who he is?"

"What does it matter? Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate will handle it well."

"You're truly amazing."

The follower discreetly gave a thumbs-up, making sure Pyo Wol couldn't see.

The Hundred Cliff Gate, being the largest martial arts sect in Soyang, had many skilled martial artists.

Although they didn't know Pyo Wol's identity, they believed that the masters of Hundred Cliff Gate's would be able to handle him.

For now, their priority was to threaten the Gi Family Clinic and take the building.

They confidently entered the clinic.

The slum dwellers who had watched from afar cursed at Pyo Wol.

"That, that..."

"What is he doing? Just stepping aside like that?"

"There's not a single person in this world we can trust."

Even though he heard the criticisms, Pyo Wol didn't bat an eye.


He crossed his arms and leaned back against the gate pillar, counting to himself.

'One, two, three...'

It was at that moment.

"How dare you!"

A thunderous roar erupted from within the Gi Family Clinic, making the slums tremble.




"P-please spare us!"

The miserable screams of Dark Sword Manor's men, who had confidently entered the Gi Family Clinic, followed the loud noise.

Only then did Pyo Wol take his back off the pillar and enter the Gi Family Clinic.

Inside the Clinic, a truly gruesome scene unfolded.

The men of Dark Sword Manor were all sprawled on the ground, their arms and legs twisted in grotesque ways.

In the center stood the Wind Saint.

His face was filled with rage as he leaned back.

He was angry because the treatment he was receiving from the divine physician was interrupted.

Fortunately, Dark Sword Manor's men entered just as the divine physician was withdrawing the needle. Had they interrupted at the height of the treatment, the internal damage could have been even worse.

His anger reached its peak, as he was nearly disturbed at a crucial moment.

In a single move, he had incapacitated all of Dark Sword Manor's men.

There was no way that a bunch of slum-dwelling Martial Artists from a single sect could stand a chance against the absolute master of Wind Saint.

"Who's behind you fools? Who sent you?"

The wind saint immediately grabbed the fallen martial artist by the scruff of the neck and locked eyes with him. But the martial artist couldn't answer.

He had already lost consciousness.

His internal organs and meridians were severely damaged, and he was foaming at the mouth.

The Wind Saint grabbed the collar of another martial artist, but he too was unconscious.

The Wind Saint's gaze turned to Pyo Wol.

"You must know, right? Who's targeting the Gi Family Clinic?"

"Dark Sword Manor, Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, and the Hundred Cliff Gate, they said."

"Why them?"

"They want to evict all the people living here and build luxury mansions."

"Are they attacking a clinic, which saves people's lives, for such a trivial reason?"

"Because man's desires know no bounds."

"Hah! The laws of heaven have indeed fallen to earth, How dare they try to take over a clinic that saves lives for such a reason."

The Wind Saint was genuinely furious.

"They can't negotiate, so they've resorted to force."

Gi Mu-seong  and Gi Seon-hye, who were taking care of the patients, came out.

Their faces were full of anger as they looked at Dark Sword Manor's men sprawled on the floor.

Then, the divine physician came out.

After glancing at the men lying on the floor for a moment, the divine physician looked at Gi Mu-seong .

Gi Mu-seong  bit his lip, perhaps shocked by the fact that they had been attacked.

The divine physician said,

"If such a thing happened, you should have asked for my help sooner, shouldn't you? Why did you let the problem get so big?"

Gi Mu-seong  exploded in anger at the divine physician's seemingly reproachful tone.

"I stirred up trouble? Do you have any idea how hard I've tried to resolve this matter peacefully? Do you even realize how many times I've visited the Dark Sword Manor to talk to them?"


"'You've always been like that, you'd come in whenever you felt like it, and then you'd leave with a bunch of nasty things to say, and then it was all up to me to clean up after you. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me and Seon-hye to clean up after the things you'd say without knowing the circumstances? You don't, you won't, because that's the nature of you, to be irresponsible."


The divine physician was taken aback by his son's unexpected outburst.

He hadn't expected his son to react so strongly to something he'd said without thinking.

"There's nothing that me and Seon-hye haven't done to support the Clinic while you've been practicing medicine in the comfort of the outside world, and even when everyone who trusted and donated to the Gi Family Clinic dropped out, and we had to pay out of our own pockets to make ends meet, we never complained, because we thought this was our calling. You shouldn't talk to us like that, I don't know about anyone else, but you shouldn't talk to us like that."

Gi Mu-seong 's forehead and neck were bulging with veins.

For the first time in his life, the divine physician was at a loss for words as he looked at his son.

He had never imagined that his seemingly meek son would harbor such deep anger inside.

To make matters worse, even his granddaughter appeared to agree with Gi Mu-seong 's words.

They looked unfamiliar to him.

The fact that his own flesh and blood were showing such emotions was a great shock to him.

"Did I make the problem bigger? Yes! I did. Why? Because I didn't want to ask you for help. You'd just leave anyway. Why should I consult and seek solutions from someone who could leave irresponsibly at any time? When you meddle and claim to solve things, it's those left behind who have to clean up the mess."


The divine physician couldn't say a word.

He had never dreamed that his son and granddaughter would think of him this way.

He thought they would understand, since he was practicing life-saving medicine. But deep down, they were resenting him.


The divine physician looked up at the sky, unable to say anything.

Gi Mu-seong  said,

"Just don't do anything. We'll handle it. Whether we lose the clinic or move it elsewhere, we'll figure it out. So please, just don't do anything. I'm begging you."

"I'm sorry. I really didn't know you guys would feel that way."

"You didn't even care. So let's just live as if we never knew each other."


The divine physician called out desperately, but Gi Mu-seong  and Gi Seon-hye went inside without a response.

Wind Saint approached the lonely divine physician.

"Come on, let's go inside."

"They don't want to talk to me."

"All the more reason for you to muster your courage."

"Do you think I was wrong as well?"

"As someone who has never had a family, what am I supposed to say about this? I just know that if you don't talk to them now, you may never have the chance to talk to them again.


"Be brave."


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