TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 111


What's going on here?

Cale pondered for a moment.

'How did we end up in this situation?'

The road to the Namgung Family mansion, which seemed to be a fortress in itself.

Cale glanced out the carriage window.

Outside the right window were the Celestial Guardians (Blue Sky Guardians in other translations) of the Namgung Family.

Outside the left window was the cavalry of the Lord of Anhui Province.

Cale was being escorted in a golden carriage on both sides.

Murim and the government's army.

Surrounded by people who were similar but had entirely different paths, Cale could see the people from the Lord of Anhui Province murmuring beyond them.

Whatever it was they were whispering, Cale didn't have the courage to think about it.

Instead, he asked:

"Chief Eunuch Wi."

"Yes, Young Master."

"...Didn't I clearly ask you to discreetly send the Golden Guard?" (Note: Previously referred to as Golden Order / Embroidered Uniform Guards in other translations)

"Yes, that's correct. Haha."

Chief Eunuch Wi, a former member of the Eastern Office, avoided Cale's gaze.

"...I clearly wrote that, but I don't understand why the Lord of the Province showed up."


Fist King, Mok Hyun, let out a sigh.

"It seems like the Emperor must have intervened."

Cale kept his mouth shut.

What could he say about what the Emperor did?

'As expected, only Crown Prince Alberu knows how to make things work.'

If it had been Alberu, he would have discreetly sent the Golden Guard.


He probably would have infiltrated the Golden Guard and come to check the faces of the Blood Cult members before returning.

'...But isn't that a bit...?'

Cale quickly erased the image of Alberu's situation from his mind.

Whether it was the Central Plains or the Roan Kingdom, their leaders were truly unique.

'How should I treat the Lord of Anhui Province?'

For now, Cale didn't get off the carriage and planned to go to the Namgung Family mansion to have a conversation with the Lord of Anhui Province.

'If we treat him like a Duke in Roan...'

Lord of the Province.

Although it wasn't a hereditary title, his influence was similar to that of a Duke in the Roan Kingdom.


Cale made a decision.

'Let's do it my way.'

After all, this was the Central Plains.

Let's make it comfortable.

He wouldn't return to this place even if he acted a bit strange; who could follow him all the way to Roan?

The carriage stopped.

Cale stepped down in front of the Namgung Family mansion.

"Oh, this is..."

A massive wooden gate that looked like it had been there for a long time.

A tall stone wall extended alongside it.

Cale couldn't see the end of the wall; the mansion was large.

'I heard there are other mansions on the outskirts as well.'

What incredibly vast wealth!

A small smile crept onto Cale's lips.

They had a lot to offer.

His heart needlessly thumped.

"Welcome. Young Master Kim."

Namgung Mahyuk.

The head of the Namgung family approached and cupped his fist in front of Cale.


Cale had never cupped his fist to greet someone.

He hesitated, then extended his hand.

"Pleased to meet you. Family Head."

Namgung Mahyuk was tense.

'A person in the Nature Realm. And one who has the power to purify a Living Jiangshi.'

That's why he was nervous before meeting Young Master Kim.

It wasn't known what a Master of that caliber would do if his judgment was twisted.

In fact, Namgung Mahyuk was the most anxious person in the entire family, including the former Family Head, the Sword Saint.

So he was very anxious before meeting Cale.

Especially when he looked out of the carriage window and saw Young Master Kim, who was a dwarf but emitted a slightly cold and indifferent aura, his senses became even tenser.

'...Just as my father said.'

But in person, Young Master Kim looked at his Namgung Family with a gentle smile.

He then first extended his hand to Namgung Mahyuk, despite being a Family Head of the Imperial Family.

"Family Head?"

"Ah. I'm sorry."

Namgung Mahyuk took Young Master Kim's hand.

It was then...

"Hello, I'm So Raehak, the Lord of Anhui Province! Nice to meet you for the first time."

The Lord of the Province approached Cale.

And upon seeing the Lord of the Province's face, Cale paused for a moment.


There's something about him.

A typical smile of a loyal vassal or politician.

The Lord of the Province, So Raehak, approached Cale with a broad smile. Cale recalled the words that Chief Eunuch Wi had spoken in the carriage.

"Young Master. The Lord of the Province, So Raehak, is considered a very flexible and communicative person. Although he lacks a bit in military skills, he has been entrusted with Anhui, who has the backing of the Namgung Family."

He's very flexible.

Meaning, he appropriately crosses the line between legal and illegal.

He's very communicative.

Meaning, he can navigate both the court and the Murim World well and has political skills.

Therefore, the Royal Family/Imperial Family expects him to lead the collaboration between the Government and the Namgung Family, which is virtually monopolizing power.

Cale interpreted Chief Eunuch Wi's words in this way.

"Pleased to meet you, Lord of the Province."

That's why Cale spoke with a warm smile.

"Yes! I'm delighted to be able to serve such a noble member of the Imperial Family."


Cale admired the Lord of the Province, who, though not comparable to Alberu, had a skilled and well-oiled tongue.

"Such a noble member of the Imperial Family, you say? I'm not anyone important. I'm just Kim Hae-il."


So Raehak was surprised for a moment.

"Cough, cough. It seems I almost made a mistake. Nice to meet you, Young Master Kim."

Cale released Namgung Mahyeok's hand and offered his hand to So Raehak.

So Raehak quickly took his hand.

'I'm losing my mind!'

Although he was smiling amiably, his insides were so complicated that it seemed like they would burst.

'A noble whom even the Emperor sends the Golden Guard to protect?'

The Emperor and the Dowager Empress.

Those two people survived the oppression of the former Emperor and reached the pinnacle of the Central Plains.

That's why there were hardly any nobles close to them.

Most of them had been killed by the former Emperor.

Furthermore, the bloodlines of the former Emperor had been sent to the peripheral regions by the Emperor.

'But suddenly they issue an order to protect someone who even wears a golden plate?'

Didn't that person seem like the Emperor?

And that too with the Golden Guard?

Not only that.

<Treat me as if you are serving me, without any deficiency>

The Emperor had said to serve him as if serving him.

'Is this his hidden brother?'

So Raehak looked at Cale with his heart pounding strongly.

'I heard he is the benefactor of the Namgung Family.'

What is this person's true identity?

However, So Raehak activated his vast experience accumulated through his life of administration.

'Young Master Kim, how long do you plan to stay in Anhui?'

He calmly asked.

'This person is hiding his identity,' So Raehak thought.

With the appearance of Young Master Kim Hae-il.

"So we should act accordingly," he waited for Cale's response.

"Well, I probably won't stay for long."

"Is that so?"

Cale noticed So Raehak's discomfort, who held his hands together without letting go of the handshake offered by Cale.

Unbeknownst to that, So Raehak gently asked.

"Then, how about you stay comfortably in the place we've prepared?"

Namgung Mahyeok tried to interrupt him.

But So Raehak ignored him and quickly added.

"His Majesty has ordered us to take care of Young Master Kim without any shortcomings. Therefore, I would like to have the chance to attend to you."

These words left Namgung Mahyuk and the Sword Saint speechless.

On the other hand, some of the nearby Elders felt uneasy.

'Did the Emperor order that?'

They could sense the Emperor's feelings towards Young Master Kim.

On the other hand, Cale's expression stiffened slightly.

'Due to the Emperor's personality, it doesn't seem like he told the Lord of the Province those words with good intentions.'

The Emperor that Cale had seen was not a person with that kind of noble heart.

'On the contrary, it would be more beneficial for me to be close to the Government rather than approaching the Murim, so it's more likely he has the personality of asking me to take care of him.'

Additionally, he would try to find out about Cale's evaluation or something like that through So Raehak.

'...His expression is getting worse.'

On the other hand, So Raehak noticed the discomfort in Cale's slightly stiff expression, although it was subtle.

So Raehak was someone who quickly noticed subtleties.

'What should I do?'

But he couldn't withdraw the words he had already said.

Especially after mentioning the Emperor, he couldn't back down.

At that moment, Cale spoke.

"That would be inconvenient."

Cale rejected the Lord of the Province's offer.

So Raehak's eyes widened.

'Rejecting despite mentioning the Emperor!'

It seemed that Young Master Kim was closer to the Emperor than he thought.

Cale calmly said, unaware of So Raehak's thoughts.

"I have an agreement to stay with the Namgung Family, and a man's word is his word."

Cale thought.

'That's right, this is the Murim World where righteousness and cooperation are considered best.'

If you say something polite enough, they will believe you.

"I appreciate your kindness, Lord of the Province, but I am not a man of the Government, nor do I work for the Government, and I don't think it's a good idea to stay in your buildings."

Cale looked at the Sword Saint and smiled kindly.

"I think we can stay at the Sword Saint's residence, right?"

"Cough, cough. Yes, that's right!"

The corners of the Sword Saint's mouth moved up as he coughed in response.

So Raehak was surprised to realize that the modest-looking old man was laughing.

"Young Master Kim is truly an amazing human!" So Raehak thought, amazed at how this old man managed to make him smile while showing respect.

Furthermore, he easily rejected the Emperor's proposal with convincing arguments.

'Let's be cautious.'

So Raehak responded quickly.

"I understand your intention deeply."

The Lord of the Province gracefully stepped back, and finally, Cale was able to enter.

Of course, the process was a bit strange.


The massive doors opened.

Cale felt like he was experiencing déjà vu.

"Please come in, Young Master!"

"I am honored to meet the benefactor!"

Each descendant of the Namgung Family lined up in two rows, making way for Cale and greeting him.

Cale unconsciously looked at the Sword Saint.

The Sword Saint spoke with a satisfied expression.

"Our Namgung Family lacks nothing in treating a benefactor. The Namgung Family must be the best in everything."

Cale was taken aback as the old man, who looked to be over ninety years old, bowed and greeted him.

And he shuddered when he saw a child of about five years old looking at him with bright eyes.

-Human, something isn't right.

Finally, Raon also realized that something was amiss.

However, Cale was forced to move forward regardless of the overwhelming atmosphere.

Of course, to others, it seemed like he was heading towards the Family Head's Hall, following the Family Head rather calmly.

"Lord of the Province."

"Hmm. Let's ask if some people from the Namgung Family can stay on the Anhui side. If possible, we'll have some of those who will protect Young Master stay."

"Yes. Should I leave now then?"

The Lord of the Province spoke as he watched Cale walk away.

"I will retire for today."

"...What do you mean?"

"I will come again tomorrow. I will come every day until Young Master leaves."

The corners of his mouth lifted.

'I must set the line.'

The character hidden under that veil.

Young Master Kim Hae-il.

There was nothing wrong with making friends with him.

"It will be a busy time."

The Lord of the Province, seeing the people from Anhui Province looking at the Namgung Family, made a decision, thinking about the story of 'Young Master Kim' that would spread throughout Anhui and even throughout the Central Plains.

Before others stand out, I must stand out even more!

'He seems to value righteousness and cooperation, so I don't think bribes are a good idea.'

What would be best?

After watching Cale enter the hall, the Lord of the Province silently headed back to the Anhui Castle.


"Commander. What do you mean by that?"

"...Alliance Leader, it seems something is amiss with the Namgung Family."

The Alliance Leader of the Murim Alliance, Go Se-beom, furrowed his brow as he read the report delivered by Jegal Miryeo, the Commander General of the Murim Alliance.

"Young Master Kim? Who is that for Namgung to be so concerned?"

"...For now, he is supposed to be someone related to the Royal/Imperial Family, but we still don't have clear details."

Jegal Miryeo unfurled her fan and murmured softly.

"It seems this Young Master Kim is heading towards the Murim Alliance."


Go Se-beom lightly tapped on Young Master Kim's name in the report.

"Don't we know why he's coming to the Murim Alliance?"

"Yes. Since the Beggar Band's Great Elder Ho is there, we'll probably get more information soon."

"Is that so?"

The corners of Go Se-beom's mouth lifted.

"The one who made the Great Sword Saint bow. I'm intrigued by his appearance."


Cale made an effort to stay calm.

"Young Master, this is a small gift from our Namgung Family as a token of gratitude."


"I heard it from the previous Family Head. How many blows did Young Master Kim take to save Taewi?"

Without saying a word, the current Family Head sat down and swallowed saliva as he watched Cale sit in silence.

'So indifferent...'

It was amazing.

His composure and serenity, showing no surprise in this situation.

'So he's someone who has reached the Nature Realm.'

Namgung Mahyeok directed his gaze at Cale and controlled his own heart.

He spoke calmly.

"You know what it is, right? Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng."

It was a rare ginseng rescued from the snowy North Sea.

An existence that had endured not a hundred, but a thousand years.

It held the highest value as medicine.

However, until now, the Namgung Family had only kept it without using it.

'...Because it doesn't serve us much.'

Most of the Namgung Family's combat techniques contained Yang Energy.

Therefore, this ginseng, which contained Yin Energy, was a dangerous object that could trigger a negative reaction instead of a positive one.

Of course, it wasn't a big problem when it came to the Family Head or the former Family Head, but if they had to choose, it would be more efficient to consume other medicines containing positive energy rather than the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.

"I've heard that you use Fire Energy. So I assume your Fire Energy is running wild and has caused internal bleeding. I thought the Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng might help you control it."

Unlike normal ginseng, this ginseng also had Wood Energy due to the environment it grew in.

So, although there was Yin Energy when consuming it, the Fire Energy would irritate the throat and suppress the Yin Energy, cooling the agitated blood vessels to a certain extent.

After that, the Fire Energy would envelop the energy in the throat and circulate it back into the body.

Of course, Family Head Namgung Mahyuk knew it was inappropriate to say that this Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng was for treatment. Even Young Master Kim, who had reached the Nature Realm, would know that.

Simply put, it was about giving the best to Young Master Kim.

'Father, do you want me to give him a Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng? No matter how generous you are-'

'Idiot! Our Young Master Kim is an important figure in the Imperial Family! How many precious things would he eat? Even Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng must have been widely consumed in the Imperial Palace!'

'Is that so! Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng isn't even in the royal palace!'

'You can't give him trash from the Namgung Family, can you? Why? Do you want to hear that the Namgung Family gave trash to a benefactor?'

'No! I don't want to hear that!'

'Then give him what I told you!'


The Family Head shook off the conversation he had with the Sword Saint.

Instead, he looked at the silent Cale and tensed up.

'What's wrong?'

Cale remained silent, staring fixedly at the thousand-year ginseng in the sealed box.

'...Does he not like it?'

Could it be that this elixir isn't good enough for someone like him?

Just as the Family Head was thinking such thoughts.

In Cale's mind, the Vitality of the Heart, The Crybaby, was speaking.

-...If you eat that, it seems like the seal on the older sister will loosen slightly.

Cale's heart quickened.

-Mmm. The Shield Brother and the Water Sister. It seems they will wake up. No, the Water Sister is so strong, will only half of the seal be undone?

Oh my god.

Cale asked the The Crybaby.

'So taking an elixir can help break the seal, but what about the balance? The Central Plains didn't mention anything like that.'

At that moment...

Ding, ding, ding!

The Mirror on Cale's lap sent a message.

The timing was truly impeccable.

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