TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 308

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 308

 Raon gaped in surprise as he watched the Gambling Monster.

"If it's the Six Kings Assembly..."

"Exactly... It's a gathering of the leaders of the six factions (house) to discuss past and future matters."

The Gambling Monster nodded slowly.

"As expected..."

Even when he was under Derus Robert, there had been times when the Six Kings Assembly was convened.

Of course, being part of the Underworld, he hadn't been able to go near the conference room and had been stuck underground.

"Why is the Six Kings Assembly being convened all of a sudden?"

Raon raised an eyebrow in confusion.

The Gambling Monster smirked and raised his finger, pointing it towards Raon.

"Right. Because of you."

"Because of me?"

Raon narrowed his eyes as if asking what the Gambling Monster was talking about.

"Thanks to you, it was revealed that Eden had established a branch near Cameloon and the White Blood religion openly kidnapped people from the neutral city and set up a new base."

The Gambling Monster clicked his tongue in annoyance as if wondering why he had to explain the obvious.

"We need to deal with the increasingly active and aggressive activities of Eden and the White Blood religion."

"Ah, I see."

Rimmer chuckled and nodded his head.

"But how did you know about it? You are usually not interested in this kind of stuff."

He murmured in surprise as he looked at the Gambling Monster.

"Why would you think that?"


"You've been gallivanting around without contacting me for a whole week! Haven't you realized that I've been swamped with work?"

The Gambling Monster glared at Rimmer and sharpened his tongue.

"Because you're not interested in work, you probably didn't even know that the Six Kings Assembly was being convened! You useless giant-eared brat!"

Raon sighed deeply as he watched the glaring Gambling Monster and the grinning Rimmer.

"He's right."

It seemed that the squad leader didn't know why the Six Kings Assembly was being convened either. He had been too caught up in having fun during his vacation.

"Ahahaha. Can't argue with that."

Rimmer scratched the back of his head awkwardly, his expression that of a gambler caught red-handed.

"I didn't even see you around the gambling dens you often frequent. Where on earth have you been?"

"The atmosphere around here isn't great."

He wiped his finger across his lips as he munched on something. His pupils were half-dilated.


Raon let out a deep sigh.

He's a lunatic who can either elevate a family or ruin it. There's no in-between with people like him.

"That might be true."

But watching Rimmer being tormented by gambling, Raon felt a sense of peace. He finally felt like he had returned to his family.

"You'll see me later."

After giving Rimmer a playful punch, the Gambling Monster turned his gaze to Raon.

"You mentioned finding a sparring partner, right?"


"Normally, only the leaders of each house attend the Six Kings Assembly, but now, even young talents who are just beginning to gain fame are attending. It's a place where they hold social gatherings for the younger members of the families."


Raon nodded in understanding.

"Read 'social gathering' as 'showing off'."

Rimmer chuckled and waved his hand.

"I'm better. No, you're better." They imitate the adults while posturing. It's quite amusing to watch."

"Well, it's not entirely wrong."

While the Gambling Monster revealed that to Rimmer, he nodded in agreement.

"At these social gatherings, the young talents also engage in sparring matches. Even though they're young, they've already mastered the highest level of martial arts in the Six Kings Assembly. It's a good opportunity to challenge each other."

"It's also because the young men want to show off in front of women. They'll find any reason to show off their superiority. They'll start fights on their own if they have to."

"That's probably true."

Raon nodded his head.

"I can see how that might work."

Seeing that the young martial artists would be forced to compete against one another, Raon felt that he could clearly see the dynamics at play.

"Sounds good."

Although there would be a significant difference in strength between them and the others, being able to experience the highest level of martial arts from different houses would greatly help in raising their own skills.

"Actually, you're participating by force."

"Forced participation?"

"Yeah. There was an official letter stating that you must participate in the Six Kings Assembly competition. The departure is in a week, so get ready."

The Gambling Monster grumbled, suggesting that if he wanted to object, he should do so on his own.

"Does The head of house also participate?"

"The head of house has never attended in person. He always sent representatives. Even that brat went once."

"Yeah, that's right."

Gambling Monster pointed at Rimmer, who grinned and waved his hand.

"As for the location…"

"It's Owen Kingdom."

"Owen Kingdom..."

When the name Owen was mentioned, memories of the third prince Greer de Owen, whom they had met during their training days, came to mind. It had been a long time since their encounter in Cameloon, so he must have undergone significant growth as well.

"The Six Kings Assembly will be more helpful than you think."

Rimmer smirked and drew a small circle with his finger.

"It's not just kids who go there."

After telling him to look forward to it, he climbed over the training grounds wall.

"Where are you going? I have something to say to you!"

"Ah, leave me alone for a bit! Why do the spirits like me so much!"

Gambling Monster stood still for a moment and then hurriedly chased after Rimmer, but he had already leaped over the wall.


Gambling Monster stared at the disappearing wall, grinding his teeth in frustration.

"How did he become more childish over time?"

"He's always been like that, so don't mind him."

"Don't you feel like you're looking at a mischievous little kid?"

"Well then, would you, Gambling Monster, be willing to deal with your mischievous opponent instead of a little kid?"

Raon approached lightly with a faint smile, stepping closer to Gambling Monster.

"When I was kidnapped, I learned a few things. I'd like to sort things out."

"For sure."

Gambling Monster let out a hollow laugh and furrowed his brows.

"You must know what I was yearning for from you, right?"

Gambling Monster laughed coldly and drew his sword.

"Of course."

Raon nodded and tightly grasped the hilt of the Heavenly Drive sword.


As soon as Gambling Monster snapped his fingers, Raon stepped on the ground. The heat of the flames from Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, which had become thicker and wider after healing his wounds, rushed through the energy center and surged towards his Heavenly Drive sword.

In a fleeting moment, a mighty energy engulfed his entire body and caused flames to erupt from the Heavenly Drive sword.


Gambling Monster's pupils enlarged as he observed Raon's changed pace of using the aura. With a bit of restraint in his grip, he drew the sword to its full length.


As the blade scraped against the scabbard, the razor-sharp edge of the sword produced a clear ring. The resonation of Cheongwoo improve  vibration shot towards Gambling Monster like a shockwave. 


Although the Cheongwoo far beyond what it used to be, Gambling Monster easily deflected the shockwave by lightly parrying the sword.


However, Gambling Monster's expression didn't look pleased. His face contorted as if he was looking at something unbearable.

"Not only has aura level risen, but his swordsmanship itself has improved. What on earth did he eat over there in Eden?"

Raon stepped forward while activated the Supreme harmony steps. The moment he attempted to swing his sword diagonally to cut down Gambling Monster, blades poured forth from empty space.

A powerful energy, as if shattering the earth, emanated from the distant blades.


After catching his posture by applying the footwork, he raised the Heavenly Drive sword and struck it. The ferocious fangs of the sword let out a roar.


Gambling Monster's and Raon's sword strikes clashed head-on, causing both of them to be pushed back simultaneously.


As the two swords rebounded, Raon and Gambling Monster immediately stepped forward while employing their techniques.


Raon spun the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation as he swung the blade downward. It looked like a descending sun turned into a sword.


Gambling Monster swung his sword in response. From the hazy blade emerged a tremendous force that seemed capable of splitting the ground.


Gambling Monster's sleeve was torn apart, fluttering in the wind.


Gambling Monster frowned deeply as he stared at his torn sleeve.

"Are you doing the same thing we did when we first fought?"


Raon nodded.

"I wanted to show you how much I've grown."

Raon used the same swordsmanship that he used during their fight with Gambling Monster. He wanted to display his growth, but Gambling Monster seemed more surprised than he expected.

"It seems you've become incredibly strong. I feel like pulling out your hair out of frustration."

"That's fortunate. I have a lot of hair."

"Your arrogance has grown as well."

Gambling Monster let out a chilly laugh and aimed his sword forward.

"Let's start for real."

"Of course."

Raon nodded his head and operated the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation with fervor.

Both of them simultaneously kicked the ground and revealed their swords, pointing them at each other's throats.


*  *  * 


Rimmer stood on a tree behind the fith training ground, watching the fight between Raon and Gambling Monster with admiration.

"Not bad."

He took out a flask from his waist and took a sip.

The cool yet sweet liquor refreshed his throat, waking up his senses. The liquor was delicious, the weather was nice, and he was enjoying a fight. He couldn't ask for more.

"That aside..."

Rimmer squinted his eyes as he watched Raon pressuring Gambling Monster.

"That guy has gotten stronger again."

He had been surprised when they met at the Eden Branch, but now he had grown even more. The guy who used to wince in pain from just minor injuries had somehow reached a higher level, and Rimmer couldn't fathom how.

"Is he absorbing the power of top experts or something?"

It didn't make sense, but at times, such thoughts did cross his mind. Such rapid and unbelievable growth was generally considered impossible.

"Now, he could probably defeat an upper Master level if he tried."

Currently, Raon's level was at Intermediate Master level, but if he went all out, he felt like he could even take on an upper Master level.

"It's terrifying."

Every time he saw that 19-year-old monster whose power level kept increasing, Rimmer's hair stood on end. He would have had nightmares if he were an enemy.

"This troublesome brat! Fine! Let's see this through to the end!"

Gambling Monster took a step back and lowered his finger. A dark energy emanated from the ground where he stepped, enveloping Raon.


Raon was being drawn into Gambling Monster's power, but he didn't seem panicked. In fact, his eyes glinted, as if he were exploring something.


Rimmer sighed in frustration as he watched Raon vanish into the black space.

"Could he be already probing the mental realm? If that's the case..."

He would likely have accomplished what half of the Twelve of the Stars Continent did

*  *  *

Zieghart Audience chamber


Glenn looked at Martha , who was bowing her head, and slowly parted his lips.

"Are you okay?"


Martha raised her head slowly. Her pupils were clear and determined. There was no sign of wavering.

"Are you okay now?"


Martha nodded firmly.

"My lord and Raon said there will be a chance to save my Mother. My mother might be going through something even harder than I am, so there's no time to be sad or despair."

Her eyes emitted a solemn light, as if she fully trusted Glenn and Raon's words.

"In that case, I'm glad."

Glenn offered a faint smile. He had been prepared to console her if she seemed down, but seeing her clear gaze made him proud.

"There's one thing I want to ask."

"Go ahead."

"How do I become stronger?"

Her pupils radiated a solemn light, almost eerie in intensity. It seemed as if she fully trusted the words of herself and Laon.

"Well, then I'm glad."

Glen offered a faint smile. He had been ready to console her, even to the point of feigning comfort if she was downcast, but her clear gaze made an impressive sight.

"I have one thing I want to ask."

"Go ahead."

"What should I do to become stronger?"

Marta bit her lip.

"Your achievements are exceptional, even when excluding your age. Trying to progress at a rate faster than that would be like trying to build a sandcastle with holes in it."

"But Raon..."

"Raon is beyond comparison, even to the me of this era. Since his pace is different, instead of trying to catch up, think about what you can learn from behind."

Glenn slowly lowered his gaze and then raised it.

"Your strengths lie in your instinctual ability to identify an enemy's weaknesses and your seamless swordsmanship using Titan Aura. You've been focusing solely on those strengths to build your power, but now is the time to see more."

"If you mean seeing more..."

"Observe and learn from other martial artist. Assess your strengths and weaknesses on your own. It's too early for you to concentrate on just one thing. If you want to aim higher and farther, now is the time to broaden your horizons."

He raised his hand with a gentle smile.

"There will be Six Kings Assembly this time. You should join too."

"Understood. Can I ask one more thing?"

"Go ahead."

As Glen nodded, Martha bit her lip and opened her mouth again.

"Um, can I also use the sword field?"

"Sword field creation is a bloodline martial art that only those with the Zieghart lineage can use. Without the pure Zieghart bloodline, it's impossible... or so I thought, there is someone who shattered that belief"


"That person harnessed the flow within Zieghart's bloodline to maximize the elemental power, effectively nullifying the restrictions. You might get a hint if you ask him directly. However, I wouldn't exactly recommend it."

He suggested that if she's really curious, she should seek out Limer and nodded his head.

"Thank you."

Martha straightened her back with a confident posture, lowering her head.

"Go ahead."


Without hesitation, she turned her back and left the room.

"It's nice to see her so composed."

Sheryl glanced at the door Martha exited from and let out a refreshing laugh.

"Yes. I was worried, but it seems like her resolve has strengthened instead."

Roenn also offered a faint smile and nodded.

"Denier has raised his daughter well. We can look forward to her future even more."

Glenn also nodded, apparently satisfied with his conversation with Marta.

"Well then, why don't you try approaching Raon like that? It was just perfect for today."


As Roenn narrowed his eyes, Glenn cleared his throat and turned away.

"Who wouldn't understand that?!"

Of course, he wanted to be that way. He wanted to be softer towards Raon than anyone else, but whenever he saw Raon, his body and face stiffened.

"Lord Glenn."

Sheryl stepped forward and stood in front of Glenn.

"If I were to attend the Six Kings Assembly this time, would that suffice?"

Glenn had never participated in an open Six Kings Assembly until now. It seemed that she was taking the initiative this time, thinking he wouldn't go again.

"To go with Raon and the children, I would have to…"


Glenn slowly shook his head.

"I will go this time."



Both Sheryl and Roenn blinked their eyes simultaneously. Glenn going himself was something they hadn't expected, so their expressions were filled with astonishment.

"The Lord is going in person?"

"Is that true?"

"The time has come for me to go at least once."

Glenn lowered his eyes as if it was nothing important.

"Perhaps you could show off a little."


"Well... um?"

He gestured towards the two individuals and furrowed his brows.

"Sheryl, Roenn."

Glenn called the two people with a stern expression.

"Step out for a moment."


The two individuals looked at Glenn's stern expression, nodded their heads, and exited the chamber.


In the silence-filled chamber, Glenn clenched his jaw.

"Come out."

As his last syllable disappeared, the space in front of the door split apart eerily.


From the torn dimension, an old man with golden hair flowing down like melted gold walked out. The overwhelming flow of mana accompanied the mysterious atmosphere, as if his existence wasn't of this world.

"It's been a while."

The old man with golden hair walked toward the center of the chamber, leaning on his staff. His voice seemed to resonate thinly as if coming from another world.

"Yes, it has been a long time."

Glenn raised an eyebrow as he looked at the old man.

"Dragon lord."


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