RDM (Novel) Chapter 458

C 458

The leader of the Blood Cloud Ghosts felt something was off.

The rear was too quiet.

The Blood Cloud Ghosts had been trained to move stealthily. Even if they were running at full speed, their footsteps would be as silent as a cat's.

They called this skill the Night Cat Technique.

As the name suggests, it was almost soundless, like a cat racing through the darkness.

However, it had never been this quiet before.

It was too quiet, even for them.

It was as if nobody was following them from behind.

'Could it be?'

The leader of the Blood Cloud Ghosts looked back.

His eyes wavered for a moment.

Half of the men running behind him had disappeared without a sound. In their place was a white-faced maiden following them.

A blind girl with unfocused eyes.

The moment the belt in her hand flashed, one of the Blood Cloud Ghosts members running in the rear fell with a 'flick.'

The blind girl caught the falling body of the Blood Cloud Ghosts member and silently placed it on the ground. She then caught up with the Blood Cloud Ghosts at the back with terrifying speed.

"That, that..."

The horrifying sight left the Blood Cloud Ghosts’s  leader speechless.

The members of the Blood Cloud Demon’s who were running behind him also sensed the strange atmosphere and turned around.


"What's going on?"

They too had spotted the blind girl, Eun-yo, and let out a guarded cry.

They had sent five of their companions to take care of her, but she was alive and well, hunting them down from the rear, having deceived their senses.

"What is she?"

The Blood Cloud Ghosts’s leader shouted as he turned around.

The other members also changed direction and surrounded Eun-yo.

Instead of answering, Eun-yo lifted the belt imbued with energy.

A faint red light shimmered from the belt.

Her gaze was fixed on the boy hanging on the side of the Blood Cloud Ghosts’s leader.

Nam Shin-woo was being treated as nothing more than baggage. At the very least, if they had thought of him as an equal, they wouldn't have treated him this way.

Although she had only met Nam Shin-woo yesterday, she didn't feel like he was a stranger.

His appearance reminded her of her own miserable past.

Before being saved by Pyo Wol, she had also been treated like that at the Xiaoleiyin Temple,

That made her even more angry.


She burst into the midst of the Blood Cloud Ghosts at a terrifying speed.

The energy-infused belt tore through the air like a sword. The Blood Cloud Ghosts also attacked her with their swords.


Sparks flew as they clashed.

Depending on how the energy was infused, the belt could become as hard as a sword or as soft as a whip.

It possessed the power of both a sword and a whip.


A Blood Cloud Ghost member blocked the belt with his sword. In an instant, Eun-yo changed the flow of energy, and the once-hard belt wrapped around the sword like a whip.


The Blood Cloud Ghost’s member eyes widened.

Before he could do anything, the sword slipped from his grasp, and Eun-yo's fingertips sank into his chest.


From her fingers to her wrist, she gently dug into his chest like tofu.


The man screamed and collapsed.

There was no way to survive with a pierced chest.

The man died on the spot.

"You witch!"


Seeing the deaths of their comrades, the martial artists of the Blood Cloud Ghosts attacked frantically. But Eun-yo had narrowly avoided all of their attacks, and she used her belt to strike.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew in all directions.

The Blood Cloud Ghosts, having lost a comrade, charged in without regard for their own safety.

Driven into a corner by the Blood Cloud Ghosts, who charged like demons despite their injuries, Eun-yo found herself in a dire situation.

The leader of the Blood Cloud Ghosts threw Nam Shin-woo aside and lunged at Eun-yo.

The sword in his hand aimed for Eun-yo's throat.

By the time Eun-yo noticed the leader's surprise attack, the sword was almost at her throat.

She couldn't react in time and her eyes widened in fear.


But the sword never reached her throat. A blast of qi from somewhere knocked the leader's sword away.

"Let’s go together."

The person who had sent the qi blast emerged from the darkness.

It was Do Yeonsan, who appeared out of breath.

His entire body was covered in the blood of the Blood Cloud Ghosts members.

He asked Eun-yo,

"Are you okay?"


"It was dangerous. From now on, let's go together."


Do Yeonsan smiled, seemingly pleased with Eun-yo's answer. However, his expression quickly turned cold and serious.

If he had been even slightly late in intervening, Eun-yo would have lost her life.

He could never forgive anyone who harmed Eun-yo.

Nam Shin-woo was no longer his concern.

His focus was now on the leader of the Blood Cloud Ghosts.



A powerful blast of qi flew towards the leader of the Blood Cloud Ghosts.

A sword aura also burst from the leader's sword.


The qi and the sword aura collided, causing the surrounding bushes to shake violently.

Eun-yo muttered as she looked at Do Yeonsan,

"That fool!"

Pyo Wol's order to them was to rescue Nam Shin-woo. However, Do Yeonsan had forgotten Pyo Wol's order, and out of anger at nearly being killed, he was relentlessly attacking the Blood Cloud Ghosts leader.

He was really foolish. But she didn't dislike his blind devotion.

The fact that there was someone in this vast world who looked only at her made her happy.


The fight between Wind Saint and Baek Ho-gyeong had become more intense.

The area had long since turned into ruins due to the battle between the two absolute masters.

Fortunately, Pyo Wol had thrown them to the outskirts of the city, preventing any casualties. However, if they had continued fighting in the downtown area, hundreds of people would have lost their lives by now.

Pyo Wol watched the two fight with his arms crossed.

At this point, he didn't want to intervene any further.

Instead, what he was doing was observing.

Both Wind Saint and Baek Ho-gyeong had almost no known background in the world.

One was a member of the Three Saints, and the other held a seat among the Eight Constellations.

It would have been natural for their backgrounds to be somewhat revealed after reigning at the top of Kangho for so long.

Even Pyo Wol's background was somewhat known. However, the two who were fighting now had little to no information about them revealed.

As one reaches the realm of an absolute master and occupies a high position in Kangho, it's natural to attract the attention of others. Many people dig into their past, and information groups like Hao Clan swarm in like a pack of wild dogs to bite and tear at even the smallest hint of suspicion.

In doing so, something small is bound to come out. However, there was nothing like that for the two of them.

Even the Hao Clan couldn't figure out their backgrounds.

It was an impossible feat by Pyo Wol's standards.

To avoid the attention of Hao Clan like wild dogs, one needed the protection of a force that matched their own.

If they could find out the origin of their martial arts, they could find out which faction was protecting them.

Pyo Wol focused his energy on his eyes and watched their battle.

Baek Ho-gyeong used a martial art called the White Lotus Hand to mercilessly attack Wind Saint. His techniques contained an incredibly powerful destructive force.

Boom! Boom!

Huge boulders crumbled like sand, and the earth shook, revealing its innards.

It had unbelievable destructive power that could be exerted with bare hands.

On the other hand, Wind Saint's martial arts were blatant.

True to his nickname, Wind Saint, he freely controlled the wind.

Condensing the wind, he used it like a blade to attack the White Lotus Hand.


After watching their fight for a while, Pyo Wol let out a thoughtful sound.

It was because the way the two of them fought each other seemed quite familiar.

When Baek Ho-gyeong unfolded the White Lotus Hand, Wind Saint countered with the perfect technique as if they had made a binding.

Of course, it could be because Wind Saint's martial arts were superior.

At that level, one could immediately respond to an opponent's movements just by watching them. However, no matter how fast their reaction was, they couldn't match each other's moves as if they had made a binding.

It was one of two possibilities.

Either they had known each other for a long time and were well-versed in each other's martial arts, or they had recently fought a lot and had thoroughly grasped each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Pyo Wol thought the former possibility was more likely.

Judging by the way they looked at each other, their attitudes, and the content of their conversations, it was clear they had known each other for a long time.

'Wind Saint and the Third Seat have known each other for a long time? There was no such information in the Hao Clan.'

As Pyo Wol's doubts grew, something happened.


Suddenly, Wind Saint's presence grew larger.

A fierce wind, incomparable to anything he had faced before, raged around his entire body.

This was the Heavenly Wind Illusion Strike.

It was the strongest technique possessed by the Wind Saint.

It was a terrifying technique where the wind was loaded with blade-like strength and sent flying like a storm.

Only the Wind Saint could execute this exclusive technique.

In response, the hands of the Baek Ho-gyeong glowed a bright white.

An unparalleled energy gathered in his pure white hands.

It was the ultimate move of the Baek Ho-gyeong, the White Lotus Breaker.


With his battle cry, the two strongest techniques collided.


It was a clash of strength against strength.

The aftermath was anything but light.

A dazzling light spread in all directions, and the ground in the center sank as if a meteor had fallen.

Beautiful trees were uprooted, and boulders the size of houses flew off into the distance.


Wind Saint and the Baek Ho-gyeong were both on the ground.

Both of them were deeply wounded, and it was pitiful to see them struggling.

The one with the larger wound was the Wind Saint.

His side had been torn open so deeply that his entrails were visible.


The Wind Saint desperately tried to close the wound on his side, but blood continued to gush out.

If he continued to lose blood like this, there was no guarantee of his life.

Baek Ho-gyeong's injuries were also severe.

Barely standing with blood all over his body, his gaze remained sharp.

This made him seem even more eerie.

Struggling, Baek Ho-gyeong approached the Wind Saint.

"Hehe! You never thought this day would come, did you? Master Jang."

The moment his name was called, the Wind Saint raised his head to look at Baek Ho-gyeong .Even in his confusion, he responded to his real name.


Master Jang!


It was a name he had long forgotten.


For decades, he had been called the Wind Saint instead of his real name, and he himself had forgotten it.


But now, for the first time in decades, he heard his real name from the Baek Ho-gyeong .


Struggling, the Wind Saint asked.


"How... how do you know?"


"Did you think there would be eternal secrets in this world? Wind Saint!"


Baek Ho-gyeong 's eyes were filled with murderous intent.


His face, already covered in blood, seemed like a demon from hell with his intent to kill.


The Wind Saint stared blankly at Baek Ho-gyeong  approaching like a demon.


Baek Ho-gyeong 's murderous intent was vividly transmitted through the air.


The Wind Saint could feel Baek Ho-gyeong 's anger, as if torturing him would not be enough.


The Wind Saint understood him.


If he were in the Baek Ho-gyeong's position, he would have done the same.


Not far from him was Pyo Wol.


If he asked Pyo Wol for help, he could escape this crisis. But he didn't want to.


The moment he heard his real name, the will to live disappeared from him.




He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.


He was trying to accept death. But at that moment, he heard the desperate voice of a boy.




It was a familiar voice to the Wind Saint.


When he opened his eyes and looked, he saw Nam Shin-woo running towards him with Do Yeonsan and others.


Nam Shin-woo was in tears when he saw the Wind Saint in terrible condition.


Seeing Nam Shin-woo desperately calling out to him, the Wind Saint felt something surge deep within his heart.


It was a desire to survive.


He turned his head and looked at Pyo Wol.


"Help me.”

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