TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 309

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 309

"Glenn Zighart."

The golden-haired old man addressed as Dragon lord narrowed his eyes while looking up at Glenn.

"I believe you know why I have come here even without an explanation."

"The reason you've come..."

Glenn tilted his head slightly as he peered at the old man.

"Our dealings with the dragons should already be concluded."

"Knowing all that and yet playing word games, you're not acting like yourself."

There was a hint of mild irritation in the old man's gaze, as if he was reproaching Glenn.

"What's the matter with you? Have we become so close as to discuss such matters?"

Glenn chuckled coldly while resting his chin on his palm.

'An annoying fellow has arrived.'

The golden-haired figure before him was a dragon, and not just any dragon, but the Dragon Lord who ruled over all dragons.

Every time he came, he didn't bring good news, so just looking at his face was enough to make Glenn irritated.

"Well, go ahead. Speak your mind."

The Dragon Lord lightly flicked his tongue and straightened his posture, aligning his back and neck. It was a graceful posture that seemed to embody the word 'nobility'.

"As I mentioned before, your power is capable of disrupting the balance of this continent. Even our dragons, who are the world's mediators, would be overwhelmed by it."

He looked at Glenn with a slightly annoyed expression.

"Whether it's the ancestors of Zieghart or you, I don't know how humans acquired such power, but that power is in discord."

"Out of discord?"

"Your power, when used, damages the center of the world more and more. It's a power that goes beyond causality."

"The power of dragons doesn't disrupt the balance as well? It's amusing for the strongest race to say such a thing."

Glenn scoffed at the Dragon Lord.

"We have been accumulating power slowly over long years. It's different from you, who only took to the skies in the last century or so."

The Dragon Lord furrowed his brow, drawing a long line with his finger.

"So, are you saying that even if your kin is abducted, you should stay here and suffer, even when there's power to rescue them?"

"You need to broaden your perspective. Even if they're kin, in the eyes of the world, they are insignificant. Those who have reached the sky, like you, must think about the greater good. The flow and balance of the world."

"You're talking nonsense." 

"What is that..."

"I said it's nonsense."

Glenn's smile deepened, and a thick, intense aura emanated from him.

"You Dragons would gather en masse to hunt down or annihilate a whole Kingdom (clan/family) if a Hatchling is harmed or injured. What kind of nonsense are you talking?"

Hatchlings are young dragons not older than 500 years and are protected by all dragons. There have been several kingdoms and families that were wiped out by dragon hordes after provoking a Hatchling, leading to their downfall.

"That, that's..."

The Dragon Lord couldn't answer and furrowed his brows.

"We're different from humans! Dragons have a duty to uphold the balance of this continent and mediate distortions..."

"Ultimately, it's okay for you and not for us, huh? It's amusing for the guardians and mediators of the continent to say that. Well, that's probably why you missed him that time. Or should I say he escaped?"


"For the greater good, for the balance of the continent. While I was once swayed by those words, it's different this time."

Glenn stared at the Dragon Lord with a chilling, almost eerie gaze.

"My grandson is more precious than hundreds of your Hatchlings. I have no regrets about my actions, so just close your mouth and leave."

"You probably already know."

The Dragon Lord didn't step back and bit his lip.

"You don't have much time left. Thanks to this incident, that short time has likely decreased even further."


"Glenn Zieghart. The cause you left behind will turn into a significant consequence that will engulf this family. From now on, you should think well..."

"More nonsense."

Glenn's dry voice blocked the Dragon Lord's words.

"All the accomplishments I've built, I will take them all with me. I won't hand them over to anyone."

"If you were to do such a thing, even if you were you..."

"It doesn't matter even if I can't ascend to the heavens."

His serious gaze didn't show the slightest wavering.

"I've never followed a predetermined path before, neither in the past nor now."


"One more thing."

Glenn's gaze turned toward the Dragon Lord. From his resolute eyes, a sharp intent emanated so intensely that it was almost spine-chilling.

"If by any chance you lay a finger on my family, you better be prepared. Whether the continent crumbles or faces destruction, I will cut the throats of every dragon in this world, regardless."

He was ready to draw his sword and fight immediately.

"Well, in the end, it's come to this. I have no intention of fighting you. However..."

With a sigh, the Dragon Lord raised his finger. Just like when he first appeared, a dimension split open behind him.

"If you disregard my advice, you'll surely regret it, Glenn Zighart."

With a trembling gesture, he vanished into the dimensional rift.


Glenn let out a cold laugh as he gazed at the space where the Dragon Lord disappeared.

"I always carry regret with me."


*  *  *

The black space that covered the training ground split open, and Raon and Gambling Monster both popped out simultaneously.


Gambling Monster frowned at the opening of the dimensional gate disappearing.

"I've increased the number of blades in the Black space, but your adaptation speed has gotten even faster..."

Comparing to their first encounter, Raon had an easier time breaking through Gambling Monster's Black Blade this time. Gambling Monster couldn't help but let out a hollow laugh at how baffling the situation was.

"It's not just about becoming stronger."

This guy is making progress toward the realm of sword manifestation. (Sword field creation)

He's even deduced the positions of the hidden blades, blades that are so carefully concealed they can't even be detected audibly. This indicated that Raon had advanced not only in cultivation and aura, but had stepped into the realm of sword manifestation, a clear step forward from the intermediate level.

"What in the world did you come to do from Eden?"

There was no way the captured guy's power level up this much. He seemed to have consumed elixirs and received sword training from someone.


Seeing Gambling Monster's flustered expression, Raon gave a faint smile.

"In hindsight, you could call it training."

He had taken two elixirs from Merlin, fought at the Snake helmet, and cultivated his combat instincts. He even used the mask to absorb souls. In fact, he had undergone more training here than he would have back home.

"Hmm, my head hurts. I'm getting tired of this. Sick of it."

Mumbling that he needed a drink, Gambling Monster left the training ground.


Raon sighed as he lowered the Heavenly Drive sword.

"A bit disappointing."

Just as he was getting into the rhythm, it ended, and he felt a bit unsatisfied. He thought he should go visit Danju-nim tomorrow. (Roenn?? and I might be wrong)

To Danju-nim? (Roenn?)

"Too see how much Aura has grown. It'd be good to lightly exercise and stretch my body while I'm at it."

...I suppose we'll hear that melody again.

Wrath closed his eyes slowly, offering a silent prayer for the departed soul of the minstrel.

'I'll just do it moderately.'

The King guarantees it. There's a mint chocolate and a cookies and cream level of difference between your "moderately" and the minstrel's "moderately."

'Cookies and cream is better, right?'

What nonsense are you spouting! Obviously, mint chocolate wins hands down!

'It probably doesn't.'

Wrath exchanged banter with Raon as he contemplated practicing swordsmanship alone.

However, the training ground's door swung open once more, and the Minister of External Affairs, Chad, entered. (Vian Assembly change to External Affairs, Chad Minister of External Affairs) 

"Minister Chad?"

"Raon-nim. It's been a while."

Chad approached with a gentle smile.

"Yes. It has indeed been a while."

Chad bowed slightly and assessed Raon's condition. He couldn't meet Raon's gaze properly, and his expression was awkward.

'Come to think of it...'

When Chad had provided information about Grandseville, he hadn't even mentioned the Seventh Apostle, let alone the Tenth Apostle. It seemed he had gone through hardships due to the kidnapping incident.

'Actually, it's not Chad's fault.'

Even Granseville's Black Market District Manager Dening Rose hadn't known about the existence of the Apostles or Merlin. It was only natural that Chad, who was far away, couldn't have known about them.

'However, setting that aside...'

He still couldn't fully trust Chad. There were too many aspects of his behavior that were suspicious.

"I apologize."

Chad immediately lowered his head, his position hardly mattered.

"I should have looked into it more closely. I made a mistake and caused trouble for Raon-nim. I'm truly sorry!"

"It's all right."

Raon gestured for him to stop. While he had anticipated an apology, he hadn't expected such a formal one.

"Even the Black Market people didn't know about it, so it's unreasonable to expect the you to know about the Tenth Apostle or Merlin."

"Even so! I failed to handle my duties as the


Chad bent at a right angle from his waist, lowering his head.

'Don't appear pitiful!'

Chad had become certain through this incident. Among the members of the Zieghart family, Raon Zieghart , the youngest grandson, was the most cherished to the patriarch. If he appeared hostile to this person, who knows where he would end up by the next morning.

"Please don't do that."

Raon grabbed Chad's shoulders and forcibly lifted him up.

"Please, stand up."

Raon extended his hand to Chad.

'He's definitely odd.'

As he had said, this incident wasn't the Minister's fault. Although Raon could accept the apology, there was no need for it to be so excessive.

'He seems to be trying to gain trust with this.'

The more he thought about it, the more Chad's behavior and words seemed excessive. Suspicion was inevitable.

"Is it Karoon or Balder? Or perhaps someone else from the direct lineage?"

Now that the external war had ended, internal conflicts or incidents could easily arise again.

"Please accept this."

Chad offered a neck pouch.

"This is..."

"It's a tonic. It boosts physical and mental stamina. I heard that you've mostly recovered, but I brought it just in case."

He also took out a booklet from his pocket.

"I've noted the people to be cautious of and the situations to watch out for during the Six Kings Assembly  this time. Please take a look!"


"Then I'll take my leave."

Chad bowed his head again and turned away.

'Good. Perfect.'

He couldn't help making a mistake, but his handling afterward was flawless. Judging by Raon's expression, it seemed to have worked well.

'It couldn't be helped.'

With the valuable tonic and information about the Six Kings Assembly, he would be hard-pressed not to be pleased.

Chad left with satisfaction, leaving behind an array of swordsmen on both sides of the Zieghart main gate. It was arranged to bid farewell to Glenn, who was departing for Owen Kingdom.


Watching Chad's figure recede, Raon furrowed his brow.

'Something's off?'

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Someone who isn't close doing this much is the first one should be wary of.

Even Wrath mumbled about Chad's oddity.

'As expected.'

He had learned during assassin training not to trust kindness offered for no reason.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he touched the tonic Chad had given him.


He's someone to be cautious of.

*  *  *

One week later.

Countless swordsmen were arranged on either side of the Zieghart mansion's entrance. It was to see off the Light Wind squad, who were departing for Kingdom Owen.


Raon had finished his departure preparations and stood in the center, watching the Light Wind squad departure.

'Martha seems fine too.'

The words he had given to Martha seemed to have helped. She didn't show any signs of resignation or despair. If anything, she seemed to have more energy than usual.

"Burren and Runaan are as usual."

Burren was happily wagging his tail just from attending the Six Kings Assembly, while Runaan, who had lost his sharp gaze, was gazing up at the sky with determined eyes just like before. Seeing that even a small butterfly could land on his head without him moving, Raon felt relieved.

'But these guys...'

Had they been training during this time?

He had thought they were goofing off, as he hadn't seen them practicing at all in the training ground for two weeks. But that wasn't the case at all.

In this short time, the Light Wind squad had raised both aura and martial prowess to higher levels.

Clearly improved, it was evident that they had made progress. They had clearly improved significantly, so much that it made him wonder if they had trained without sleeping.


Seeing the progress of the squad, he felt that he himself had been the lazy one. He felt both admiration and respect at the same time.

No need to be too impressed.

Wrath raised his head from above Raon's head, looking at the Light Wind squad.

Those who realize their own helplessness and strive to overcome it will naturally become stronger.


Didn't you witness yourself being kidnapped? That feeling of despair back then has become the driving force for those youngsters.

'...Is that so?'

Thinking about how the Light Wind squad had wielded their swords even during their breaks, his heart grew heated.

"His Excellency is coming out!"

The majestic voice from behind made both the swordsmen on either side and the swordsmen waiting for departure kneel.

"We greet His Excellency!"

Raon also knelt and lowered his head. With the sound of footsteps, Glenn brushed past him. The aura of well-honed power, evident as one grew, flowed over Raon's shoulders, sending shivers down his spine.


Once again, Glenn stood at the front and began to speak. He had noticed this before, but he seemed to have the tendency to stand in front of his subordinates and lead the way, breaking through the path ahead.

He was the complete opposite of Derus Robert, who always sent his subordinates ahead without question.

"I don't ask for much."

Glenn turned back. His red eyes were calm and composed.

"Show them what Zieghart stands for."

With those words, he stepped forward. Roen followed from the left, and Sheryl moved from the right.

The Heavenly Sword division raised a massive aura of swords as they guarded him.

The sight of them blindly following Glenn without any suspicion, leading him without question, made it seem like they were a Windstorm Brigade dedicated to his cause.

Looking at Glenn, who was at the forefront, Raon clenched his fist.

"I may not want to become the Head of house Zieghart, but I want to become like Glenn Zieghart."

It wasn't that he wanted to emulate Glenn's absolute power, but he wanted to be the kind of person who fought at the front and led his comrades from the rear.

Etching Glenn's back into his eyes and mind, Raon moved forward.

*  *  *


"Hail Zieghart!"

"Glenn Zieghart!"

"Destructive King of North! Destructive King of North! Destructive King of North!!"

When they arrived at the Toritin City near the Owen Kingdom, the citizens came out and cheered for the name of Zieghart, or rather, Glenn Zighart.

All eyes were focused solely on Glenn. Since he had single-handedly defeated the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon, who were disasters incarnate, even the average people knew that it was only natural.

The Zieghart swordsmen strode through the city with pride, as if Glenn's praise was directed at them.


"Destructive King of North!"

"Glenn Zieghart!"

Ignoring the cheers and gestures of the people, Glenn, who was on his way to the lodging, turned around. He gestured for Raon to come forward.

"You called for me?"

Raon stood by Glenn's side and matched his pace.

"Do you hear those cheers?"


"The reason they're shouting Glenn Zieghart's name right now is because of me."

Glenn looked at the people with cold eyes.

"It's because I crushed the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon that such cheers are coming out."

That was true. Most of the cheers were indeed for Glenn's name.

"So, what if I were to disappear?"


Not knowing exactly what he was asking, Raon didn't answer right away.

"These cheers would fade into the ground, towards Zieghart. No, they would turn into flames of malice that had been suppressed within me. If everyone is aiming for Zieghart, what would you do?"


Raon slowly lowered his eyes. Glenn seemed to be contemplating what would happen after he was gone.

He wasn't sure why Glenn was asking him, but he began to envision that future as he organized his recent thoughts.

"In the past, I would have left."

If this had happened before he was kidnapped to Eden, he would have left with only the people from the annex. Glenn meant nothing to him back then.

"But now, it's different."

As a result of this incident, the image of Glenn that had been ingrained in his mind had changed significantly.

Family and people. Leaving aside the annex, he was now intertwined with the name Zieghart. Even if the family was disappointed in him, he couldn't leave even if he had to cut off the dirty parts.

"Well then, I should do what I do best."

Even if he was young, he wanted to do something that would benefit the family.

"I will train them."

"You will train them? What do you mean?"

"I will push the swordsmen of the family to the brink of death and make them strong. Not just one Lord named Glenn Zieghart, but the name Zieghart itself will be something they fear."

Raon gazed at the setting sun slowly sinking below the horizon, a faint smile on his lips.

"Just as the sun sets and rises again, I believe the family name works the same way. Even if the family temporarily declines due to your absence, I will push everyone so that a strong foundation that won't crumble will be there for the name to rise again."

"Are you saying you want to become the head of house?"

"I have no intention of that. I'll just do what needs to be done in my position."

Raon firmly shook his head. He had no interest in becoming a one.

"I see."

Glenn made a stiff gesture and then turned his gaze away. He seemed disinterested now.


Raon smacked his lips and turned back.

'I guess he's not pleased.'

But there was nothing he could do. He had spoken honestly, and he didn't regret it.

*  *  *

That night.

A massive rumbling echoed from the mountains surrounding Toritin City.


Glenn leaned against a massive rock that had been split in half, breathing lightly.

"How wise."

When he had asked Raon about the future and returned with an answer, he had thought there was only one answer.

The answer that he would become stronger and be the family's pillar. It might have been a clichéd answer, but it was the most fitting answer for that situation. Anyone would have answered the same way.

But Raon was different.

"To roll everyone..."

It wasn't about becoming strong alone, but about becoming strong together with others. It wasn't about individual growth, but about growing as a family. The words struck his heart, making it race.

"That was his goal after realizing."

Raon had already arrived at the goal that he had struggled to reach. He couldn't contain his laughter. He barely managed to hold back the urge to embrace Raon tightly.

"Isn't he truly remarkable?"


"Of course."

In response to Glenn's question, Sheryl and Roenn, who stood on either side, nodded simultaneously.

"Through this incident, Raon seems to have realized what the family truly is."

Sheryl smiled gently.

"Yes. He's not only growing in strength, but also mentally. I'm looking forward to what lies ahead."

Roenn also let out a cheerful laugh, looking at Glenn.

"He's not just saying that because he's your grandson. He's going to be someone significant."

Glenn frowned as if he was annoyed.

"For now, write down what that boy said today. Those are words that everyone should hear."


Rimmer let out a deep sigh as he looked at Glenn.

"No, for now, let everyone know that you value your grandson."


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