TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 300

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 300

Crimson lightning covered the dark sky.

As if a thunderous dragon had descended from the heavens, the world shimmered with a reddish glow.

The sprawling brainwaves that had stretched across the sky converged into a formidable line above the barrier.


Before the echoing thunder could cease, lightning as twisted as a chain of iron links pierced through the boundary of the ethereal realm.


The invincible barrier of celestial energy that once defied all was torn as if it were mere parchment. 

The patterns of the moon and stars that had once resisted the frost of Wrath were shattered, embedded into the ground.

Amidst the collapsing barrier, a man descended. 

With crimson eyes that dominated the world, he cast an imposing presence.

The moon, which had cowered in darkness, radiated a defiant light behind him, and the distorted starlight regained its position, shimmering down.

The equilibrium of the world, once disrupted by the chaos of magic, was being restored by the presence of a single man.

"Glenn Zieghart"

The White Blood religion leader beheld the man who overwhelmed the world by himself and gritted her teeth.

"To appear so unexpectedly and alter the very heavens, do you believe you've transformed destiny?"

Tacheon looked up at the still flickering red sky, his eyes narrowed in disbelief.


"Glenn Zieghart!"

"Destructive King of North has come in person?"

"Such a thought..."

The high-ranking members of the White Blood religion and Eden were overwhelmed by the aura emanating from Glenn, unable even to stand straight.

"These vermin have gone too far."

Glenn's low voice expelled darkness onto the land.

"Move now, and you'll die."

His voice became a proclamation that reverberated through the earth.


As the pain of the Fifth Apostle, pierced by the Blade of Requiem, became unbearable, a faint moan escaped him, and a red line appeared in the center of his face.


The line spread thickly, splitting the Fifth Apostle's body in half. 

Even the power of regeneration did not activate. 

He was dead on the spot. 

There was no swinging of the sword, no process of wielding the aura. 

There was only the result of the Fifth Apostle being cut down.

Raon swallowed a dry gulp as she observed Glenn's back.

"So this is the Destructive King of North...."

The man who had triumphed in the continental war, known as the Brain God.

The name of the strongest swordsman in the current era was not a falsehood.

"Is he even stronger than that guy?"

It had been twenty years since Raon seen Derus Robert, but Raon didn't think he could have grown stronger than Glenn is now.

-Indeed, he's the King's rival.

Wrath nodded with a tired voice.

-If only the King could have brought his true body, it would have been a good match.

He furrowed his brows, lamenting the fact that the King couldn't manifest his true form.

"Raon Zieghart."

When Wrath ignored him and tried to show off, Glenn's voice sounded.

"To bear the name of Zieghart and be captured or kidnapped, how pitiful. But still..."

Without turning around, he spoke. 

It seemed like a misconception, yet his voice quivered slightly.

"You held out well."

His words seeped into his heart. 

Maybe it was due to the warmth he felt for the first time, his nose was tingling. 

He bit his lips to endure the blurriness that was clouding his vision.

"An aged man who can't even muster the strength to raise his sword, crawling here and asking where you are?"

The White Blood religion leader raised herself. 

A formless energy emanated from her, adding to her mysterious presence.

"Coming all the way here, your grandson seems quite valuable. But..."

Tacheon raised his hand, his gaze narrowed. 

His energy momentarily covered the entire area.

"Are you here alone?"

Upon realizing that there was no one else except Glenn, Tacheon's lips dried up slightly.


Glenn's chin rose slightly. 

A supremely arrogant expression.

His air of arrogance made him seem as powerful as Tacheon, not inferior.

"Since you've come seeking your own grave, we should offer you a fitting reception."

Tacheon stretched out both hands, directing his attention to the White Blood religion's aura.

"Very well. Just this once, I'll let you hold my hand."

As the feet of his armor gently pressed on the ground, the White Blood religion's face was revealed.

She was a mesmerizing beauty with transparent skin like first snow, dark hair and eyes. 

She wore a blood-red dress that revealed the contours of her body, and a sweet fragrance tickled the nose.

"Is that the White Blood religion leader?"

She looked to be in her mid-twenties, quite different from the street urchin. 

She was captivating just to look at, as if her very existence exuded enchantment.


Where had he seen her before?

Although it didn't come to mind exactly, there was a familiar feeling about the appearance.

"While it's heartbreaking to see the branch destroyed, it would be a great gain to take the life of the the Destructive King of North."

Tacheon's voice flowed like water from his dry throat. 

Light and darkness emerged from his hands, gradually enveloping them.

"If you had remained hidden in the northern corner, you might have lived out your lifespan."

A white aura emerged around the White Blood religion leader. The essence of vitality at its extreme. A purity even greater than the mana of nature rose up to the heavens.


Raon kneeled, clutching his chest. 

Even using the Ring of Fire couldn't provide relief from the overwhelming aura of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon's. 

It felt as though his throat was tightly blocked like wet paper.

Their previous displays of power were nothing compared to what they were showing now.

Glenn Zieghart remained calm even as he withstood the auras of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon alone. He merely observed everything before him, much like when he sat on the Throne of Alhyunsil.


Raon forced his breath, gasping for air.

'I must watch this battle, even if it costs me my life.'

Glenn Zighart, the White Blood religion leader, and Tacheon. 

The clash of the leaders of the Continent Warlords, those who stood at the pinnacle of the continent.

If he absorbed every detail from beginning to end, he would be able to advance further.

"Stay back."

Glenn lightly tapped his chin and spoke.

"And watch closely."

As his words reached him, the auras of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon diminished, allowing everyone to breathe much more easily.

'Is he helping me?'

Raon had thought that Glenn might tell him to endure on their own, but it wasn't the case. 

It felt like he was seeing a slightly different person from the Glenn in audience chamber.

"Leaders of the Demons."

Glenn cast a cold gaze towards the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon, like ice.

"Not bad for loosening up. Come."

"This old man..."


The haughty tone of Glenn's voice made the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon flinch.

"You're as formidable as ever."

Tacheon chuckled softly. 

His smile was laced with arrogance, and vitality overflowed from it. 

An aura more potent than the mana of nature dyed the earth crimson.

"Don't think this is the same as thirty years ago. You've aged, and we've become stronger."

A crimson aura spread around the White Blood religion leader. 

The land melted away, and the sky resounded with screams.


The battle began with the White Blood religion leader. 

The moment her hands touched the ground, flames of vitality surged forth. 

Flames of unprecedented intensity wrapped around Glenn's entire body.


Tacheon extended both his hands forward.

Sanctity and malevolence, light and darkness intersected as they reached for Glenn's upper body.

The attacks of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon were initiated in an instant, much like the Ice Realm of Wrath. By the time they had created their auras, they were already touching Glenn's body.

Glenn remained expressionless even as he faced the simultaneous attacks targeting his upper and lower body. 

With a calm gaze that seemed to dismiss emotions as extravagance, he moved his foot.


With a light step, the axis of the earth twisted, and red lightning surged forth. 

The intense discharge distorted the air, melting away the flames and light created by the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon.

"No warm-up exercises needed."

Glenn gestured as he looked down at the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon.

"Show me your full power."

"Bloody Explosion!"

The White Blood religion leader gathered her hands again. 

Arounɗ her, the surging vitality swelled, transforming her appearance.


The earth split, and a white tidal wave, covering the entire territory of the branch, surged forth. 

Each wave of vitality possessed a power even greater than a mighty river.

To think that such a phenomenon could be created with auras was beyond imagination. 

It was a display of power that evoked awe, despite being directed at an enemy.


Tacheon raised his hands. 

As his fingers spread, hundreds of luminous swords, formed of light, radiated from his grip.

Holy swords. 

Each possessed an extreme blade of swordsmanship and magic.

A hundred blades and the tide of vitality collided. 

There was nowhere to escape the onslaught.

Glenn faced the terrifying offensive, which seemed to defy reality, and raised his sword calmly.

"Jin Nae."

The piercing light of lightning seemed to be encapsulated within the Sword, which cleaved through the heavens and the earth.


The Holy Sword that dominated the heavens clashed head-on with the Blood Fury that reshaped the earth, creating blades that would cut through all things in the world.

The collision of power against power resulted in the buildings of Eden being crushed into dust, and the innards of the earth were exposed.


A grand sound of impact enveloped the world.

 The lightning, spreading like fire, erased the waves of blood energy, and shattered the light swords.

Glenn's absolute power stood alone against the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon. His title as the top of the continent was by no means an exaggeration.

"Are you acting arrogantly with that level of skill?"

Glenn narrowed his eyes as if he found them pathetic.

"It seems your temper has become short."

"This is just the beginning."

With a hearty smile, the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon raised their dark and blood energies. 

Their energies intensified gradually. 

Neither of them had fully unleashed their power yet.

"This time, I'll take the lead."

As Glenn's left foot pressed against the ground, his body shot forward in front of Tacheon. 

An extraordinary movement in space. 

A perfected form of the Supreme harmony steps.


As if brushing aside the bothersome, Glenn swung down his Thunderstrike Sword. 

Its simple yet rapid sword strike was immensely powerful. 

As the blade extended like a streak of light, darkness arose the moment it touched Tacheon's neck.


The darkness clung to the Thunderstrike Sword, refusing to let go, like a living creature.

"You're holding on well."

A huge whip, reminiscent of a dragon's tail, was gripped in the White Blood religion leader's grasp. 

It was made of blood energy.


As the falling whip split into hundreds of strands, it wrapped around Glenn's entire body.


Even in this critical moment, Glenn's steady gaze did not waver. 

A radiant light akin to the sun spread from his Thunderstrike Sword, pushing back the darkness.

"Is magic pushing you back?"

Tacheon frowned as he retreated. 

In that moment, Glenn's sword drew a long arc.


The powerful lightning emitted by Glenn's Thunderstrike extended like the horizon, cutting through hundreds of strands of blood energy and cleaving through Tacheon's darkness.


The aftermath of this incredible force caused Eden's structures to collapse entirely, and the ground split like a drought-stricken paddy field.

Glenn looked at the shattered ground and clicked his tongue.


As he extended his right foot and raised the Thunderstrike Sword, lightning and storms surged, pushing the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon back.


Glenn pressed forward again, using the Supreme harmony steps to appear in front of the White Blood religion leader.


The White Blood religion leader realized his movement and formed a sword from blood energy to defend herself. 

As Tacheon licked his lips, darkness rose as he attempted to penetrate the gap between them.


The white light, red light, and black light clashed incessantly, creating a massive congregation of light.

The three transcendent beings, beyond human, gradually moved away from the battleground, pouring forth their might in the empty field's sky.


Even though they were significantly distant, the aftermath of the three's power reached out, making it difficult to stand properly.


An explosive sound came from the direction where the battle had collapsed.

Raon turned around, panting heavily. 

Merlin, wide-eyed, was looking this way.

"What, what is this...."

"It's because of the brat that you kidnapped a few days ago the Destructive King of North himself came here. Ugh..."

Stepping away from the pillar of frost, the man in the snake helmet was tending to his wounds.

"And even the reason for the kidnapping is ruined."

He raised his finger and pointed at Raon's face.

"That bastard tricked you and devour your dragon's soul."


Merlin's head turned mechanically. 

Her pupils widened at the sight of Raon without his mask.



Raon frowned, his stomach churning with anxiety.

'I can't deceive her.'

While it would be easier to use Merlin in this situation, he couldn't lie to her, possibly due to Rockta's spirit being absorbed by him.

"I won in the battle of the spiritual realm."


Merlin remained seated, her gaze beneath the mask seeming hazy. 

It was a look that seemed almost absent-minded.


The Tenth Apostle, who were suppressed by Glenn's pressure, snapped out of it thanks to Merlin's scream and stood up.

"Now's the time. Secure Raon Zieghart."

In response to his command, men and women holding the Blood Furnace immediately moved.


On the opposite side, the high-ranking members of Eden also started rushing.


Raon bit his lip.

'I don't have the strength to withstand this.'

He had used up his last power, and his body was in tatters. 

He didn't even have the strength to raise the Heavenly Drive sword.

'But I can't be a hindrance either.'

Right now, Glenn was in the middle of fighting the two leaders of Five demons.

He couldn't burden him.

He resonated with the Ring of Fire. Suppressing the throbbing pain in her heart, she raised both swords.

'I won't just die without a fight!'

Just as he was about to forcefully bring down his sword toward the old man on the right and the black orc wearing a helmet on the left...

The wind blew.

With the emerald-colored wind tickling his head, a tall elf appeared before him.


A familiar blade extended from his hand, turning into a blue storm that simultaneously brushed aside the old man and the black orc's helmet.


Seeing his crimson hair flutter, Raon widened his eyes.

"This is beyond embarrassing."

Rimmer turned around and grinned. 

It was a smile that carried both concern and anger.

"Zieghart's Sword of Light"


The Tenth Apostle moved simultaneously, targeting Rimmer.

"I'm not the only one who came"

As Rimmer shrugged his shoulders, a thin sword pierced through the Tenth Apostle's neck like a harpoon.


The Tenth Apostle desperately swung his spear to fend off the attack, but blood dripped from his throat.

"I thought I could finish this in one go."

A man with blue triple swords somersaulted through the air and landed on the ground. 

It was the bald-headed, well-dressed butler Roenn.

"It seems my skills are a bit rusty."

The Tenth Apostle clutched his throat as blood gushed out.


Turning his head to the right at the sound of shattering rocks, a woman with vibrant violet hair wielding two differently colored twin swords blocked the Death Knight helmet head-on.


The female swordsman displayed an astonishing strength as she pushed back the Death Knight helmet, which was more than twice her size.


Sheryl, the Heavenly Blade division leader, turned her head with both swords lowered.

"I'm glad you're safe."

She raised the corners of her mouth slightly, giving a faint smile.

As Raon looked at the three individuals, his chin trembled. 

His heart raced. 

The emotions he had held back after hearing Glenn's voice were now churning like a tempest.

"I misspoke."

Rimmer chuckled and pointed at the sky.

"I should have said that we weren't really the only ones who came."

Simultaneously with his laughter, dozens of dimensional portals opened in the air.


Swordsmen bearing Zieghart patterns emerged from the ruptured dimensions.

Not only the Heavenly Blade division, White Lotus division, Void Sword division, Crimson Pact division, and Steel Embrace division that he often encountered, but also swordsmen from outside who were on missions, gathered in one place. (I'm sure not all of them are divisions)


The swordsmen enveloped the Eden branch with icy glares.

Unbeknownst to anyone, a siege net formed that no mouse or fledgling could escape.

In the final rippling dimension, familiar faces emerged.

Burren, Martha, Runaan. 

The Light Wind squad, now grown more mature since they were last seen, rushed forward.

"Light Wind squad! Protect the squad vice-leader!"

At Rimmer's shout, the Light Wind squad formed a wall of gusts, blocking the path in front of Raon.

They had endured, worried, but they didn't open their mouths to express relief. 

With resolute backs, they vowed to protect no matter what happened.


The hundreds of Zieghart swordsmen's sword movements turned into a wave of energy. 

The unified force swept across the land and sky.

Raon held onto his swords until his hands bled.

"I'm not alone, am I?"

Unlike in his past life, where his throat was cut along with the leash, now there were people beside him.

My sword. 

My life was entwined with them.


Rimmer held Raon's still trembling right hand and directed it towards the enemy.

"You've suffered. Don't let the most delicious part slip by."

He smiled faintly. 

Sheryl, Roenn, and all the other swordsmen looked this way and tightened their grips on their swords.


He swallowed her dry saliva. 

He shouted, containing the surge of determination from within.

"Annihilate the enemy!"

With Raon's resolute voice, Zieghart moved forward.


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