RDM (Novel) Chapter 456

C 456

Eun-yo tightly closed her mouth.

She instinctively felt that Wind Saint was different from ordinary people. The same went for Do Yeonsan.

'This person is dangerous!'

Both had something in common: they were not normal people.

Eun-Yo had been subjected to a mysterious treatment at the Xiaoleiyin Temple, and Do Yeonsan had had his body taken over by the Ghost King

Both were far from ordinary.

On the other hand, Wind Saint's identity was unclear, and is essentially a Taoist, which is why he feels uncomfortable with these two people who are against the rules of the world.

The emotions the two felt towards him were similar.

If Pyo Wol hadn't been there, they would have all run away. That's how uncomfortable Wind Saint's presence was.

An intrinsic sense of rejection that had nothing to do with his high status.

That was the emotion they felt towards each other.

Pyo Wol asked Wind Saint.

"Where will you sleep?"

"I couldn't even find a place to eat; how could I find a place to sleep?"

"Sleep here. I'll arrange a room for you."


Instead of answering, Pyo Wol called one of the martial artists from the Zigong merchant group.

"If there's an extra room, give one."


The martial artist replied without asking any questions.

In any case, the Zigong merchant group had practically rented out the entire inn. Giving away one room was no big deal.

As the martial artist stepped back to report to Lee-shin-pil, Wind Saint said.

"Thank you! Honestly, I was at a loss."

"With your level of martial arts, it wouldn't have been difficult to find a room."

"If I solve everything with force, what would be the difference between me and a group of evil-doers?"

"But it's true that it's useful."


"Don't say what you don't mean, and tell me honestly. What brings you here?"

"And why are you here?"

"Didn't I say? I happened to drift to this place."

Pyo Wol stared intently at Wind Saint.

A mysterious existence with everything concealed behind a veil except for the nickname Wind Saint.

No one in Kangho knew Wind Saint's past or true identity.

Pyo Wol had once asked Hong Yushin of Hao Clan about Wind Saint's identity. But even Hong Yushin didn't know Wind Saint's true identity.

"How long are you staying here?"

"It depends on the situation. Why are you with them? You obviously didn't join the group for a job."

"We're just traveling together because we have the same destination."

"Where is your destination?"

"We're not close enough to have a heart-to-heart conversation."

"Right! I saw you after such a long time, I momentarily got confused. We were never on good terms."

Wind Saint's eyes darkened.

At one point, Wind Saint had considered killing Pyo Wol for the sake of the world. He still didn't think very highly of Pyo Wol.

One of the names he heard most often while traveling with Nam-Shin-woo and Kangho was Pyo Wol.

Reaper Pyo Wol.

That name had now become synonymous with terror.

As far as Wind Saint knew, it was the first time a warrior from an assassin background had made such a presence in the world.

It was truly an unprecedented event.

Unaware of his complicated thoughts, Nam-Shin-woo asked excitedly.

"How is Sochu doing?"

"He's doing well."

"I'm glad."

"Stop by Chengdul sometime. Sochu is waiting for you."

"I'd like to, but..."

Nam-Shin-woo glanced at Wind Saint.

It meant that he couldn't go without Wind Saint's permission.

Pyo Wol's gaze suddenly went to Wind Saint's sleeve.

His sleeve was stained red. It was clearly blood.

There were also blood droplet marks on Nam-Shin-woo's sleeves and clothes.

'So, they were the ones who killed the bandits.'

The wounds left on the bandits' bodies were clearly caused by Wind Saint's signature technique, the Wind Ocean Sword.

The somewhat clumsy looking wounds were undoubtedly inflicted by Nam-Shin-woo.

Wind Saint covered the blood-stained area, aware of Pyo Wol's gaze.

At that moment, Nam-Shin-woo cautiously asked.

"Who are you, brother and sister?"

"Ah! Let me introduce you. These are Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo, who live with me."

"Nice to meet you, Yeon-san! Sister Eun-yo!"

Nam-Shin-woo greeted the two first.

"Hello! Nice to meet you."

"You said your name is Shin-woo? Nice to meet you!"

Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo also greeted Nam-Shin-woo warmly.

Although Wind Saint was a bit annoying, Nam-Shin-woo felt a strange sense of camaraderie with them.

They laughed and chatted as if they had known each other for a long time.

Seeing Nam-Shin-woo's face, which was usually dark, filled with laughter, Wind Saint's expression darkened.

'I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing.'


Wind Saint let out a deep sigh without realizing it.

If the innkeeper hadn't brought out the meal at that moment, the atmosphere would have been heavy.

"Let's eat."

"It looks delicious."

"Thank you for the meal."

The three children started eating quickly.

Although they had come separately, all three children had traveled a long way and were extremely hungry. They hurriedly stuffed food into their mouths.

Because of this, the conversation paused for a moment.

Wind Saint looked at the children for a moment and then spoke to Pyo Wol.

"Do you want to have a drink?"


"Then I guess I'll have to drink alone."

Wind Saint didn't show any signs of displeasure at Pyo Wol's refusal.

He knew that drinking was forbidden for assassins.

Wind Saint called the innkeeper and ordered a bottle of alcohol.

Pyo Wol quietly ate his meal, and Wind Saint drank alone.

And so the night deepened.


The room assigned to Pyo Wol was quite large.

There were three beds, so each of them took one.

Without checking, they could tell that Lee-shin-pil had made the arrangements.

Eun-yo, lying on the bed, turned her head to look at Pyo Wol.

"Older brother, what kind of person is the Wind Saint?"

"A person with the most secrets in the world."

"I thought so. I couldn't read anything about him."

Eun-yo had a gift for insight.

With most people, she could tell what they were hiding just by meeting them once. However, even with her gift, she couldn't read Wind Saint's intentions.

It was as if he had built a massive barrier around his heart.

The barrier was so high and solid that she couldn't see beyond it with her abilities. It was the first time she had encountered someone with such a strong mental barrier since meeting Pyo Wol.

"Older brother?"


"I have a bad feeling about this."

"How so?"

"I just do."

Eun-yo trailed off.

It seemed like she shouldn't have mentioned something that she couldn't explain in words.

Pyo Wol said,

"It's hard to trust someone with so many secrets easily. Your feelings are not wrong, so there's no need to blame yourself."

"Do you feel the same way, older brother?"

"I didn't like him from the moment I first saw him."

When Wind Saint first met Pyo Wol, he had the intent to kill.

At that time, Pyo Wol's skills were not on par with Wind Saint's.

If they had faced each other directly, Pyo Wol would have died at Wind Saint's hands.

Luckily, nothing happened, but Pyo Wol never forgot that memory even once.

He endures it because, thanks to Wind Saint, Nam Shin-woo is still alive

Regardless of his personal feelings, it was because of Wind Saint that Nam-Shin-woo could breathe and live.

Pyo Wol looked up at the ceiling, using his arm as a pillow.

Do Yeonsan had already fallen asleep, probably due to fatigue.

His snoring made it difficult for Pyo Wol to concentrate.

Soon, Eun-yo became quiet as well.

She must have fallen into a deep sleep.

However, Pyo Wol could not fall asleep easily.

For some reason, he felt uneasy.

Pyo Wol knew that when he felt this way, something bad always happened. In the end, he gave up on sleeping and went outside.

Upon going outside, Pyo Wol walked around the courtyard of the inn alone.


Realizing there was no one around, Gwia slid down from his body to the ground.

Gwia followed Pyo Wol, taking in the fresh outdoor air.

Pyo Wol noticed that Gwia's appearance had changed slightly.

The small horns on its head had grown larger and its color had become more vivid.

When Pyo Wol reached out his hand, Gwia naturally climbed onto his palm.

Gwia stared at Pyo Wol with its bright red eyes. Pyo Wol looked deep into Gwia's eyes as well.

They looked into each other's eyes and made a connection.

Ordinary people might find snakes disgusting, but Pyo Wol didn't think so at all. He actually found it very adorable.

Gwia playfully coiled around Pyo Wol's body, treating it like a playground.

Pyo Wol closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch of Gwia slithering over his skin.

He had no idea how much time had passed.

Suddenly, Gwia raised its head and looked at the night sky.

Almost simultaneously, Pyo Wol looked in the same direction.


Immediately after, there was a loud explosion from the inn.

As if a meteor had fallen, the roof of the inn where Pyo Wol was staying exploded.



Right after that, two men jumped out through the gaping hole.

An elderly man with fluttering silver-white hair and a younger man who looked to be in his early fifties.

They both unleashed their martial arts against each other.

"Wind Saint!"

"Nine Abyss Ghost Demon. To follow me all the way here..."

It was Wind Saint and Baek-Ho-gyeong .

Baek-Ho-gyeong confronted Wind Saint with his martial arts as if he had met an enemy of a lifetime.

The problem was that the power of his technique was so vicious that all the surrounding buildings were shattered.

"What's going on?"


The sudden disaster caused all the guests staying at the inn to jump out. Luckily, most of them had learned martial arts and reacted quickly. If they hadn't, they would have been crushed to death by the debris.

In the darkness, Baek-Ho-gyeong 's hand glowed white.

It was Baek-Ho-gyeong 's martial art, White Lotus Hand

Baek-Ho-gyeong 's martial art,White Lotus Hand, was among the top three most destructive hand techniques.


Every time Baek-Ho-gyeong  swung his hand, the area exploded as if bombarded by wall-piercing projectiles.

It was truly an astonishing power.

However, Wind Saint's martial arts were by no means inferior to Baek-Ho-gyeong 's.

He put his index and middle fingers together and formed a sword clasp.

A powerful energy gathered above his sword finger stance.

It was Wind Saint's signature technique, Wind Ocean Sword.

Wind Saint swung his Wind Ocean Sword, and a blade-like wind arose, colliding with the White Lotus Hand.


An explosion beyond comparison to anything before occurred.

Fortunately, this clash took place in the air, so the inn did not suffer further damage.


"Older brother!"

Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo escaped the inn and joined Pyo Wol.

Having reacted quickly, they were not injured.

"What on earth?"

"Eh! That person is the one from yesterday, right?"

Do Yeonsan recognized Baek-Ho-gyeong .

Eun-yo also frowned and said,

"Why is he here?"

One of them was a member of the eight constellations, and the other was a martial artist belonging to the three saints.

Both were absolute masters who dominated Kangho.

Though they didn't belong to any particular factions, their individual martial prowess was enough to rule the martial arts peak.

Suddenly, Pyo Wol furrowed his brow.

He saw someone slumped against Baek-Ho-gyeong 's side.

The limp arms and legs suggested that the person had lost consciousness.

The problem was that the weakly swaying figure was someone Pyo Wol knew.


The person who had been subdued by Baek-Ho-gyeong  and lost consciousness was none other than Nam Shin-woo.

Fortunately, it didn't seem like he was dead, as there was still a pulse in his chest.

Wind Saint reached out for Nam Shin-woo.

"Hand over Shin-woo."

"Wind Saint! I will take this child."

"How dare you!"

Wind Saint was furious.

At that moment, Baek Ho-gyeong raised his hand.

Black shadows rose from the roofs of the surrounding houses around the inn.

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