TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 301

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 301

 Tacheon raised his left hand. 

The gloomy night sky seemed to be drawn by his hand, creating a massive darkness.


The eerie darkness stretched with dozens of elastic legs, enclosing Glenn from all directions.


Unearthly language flowed rapidly from the mouth of the White Blood religion leader. 

The flowing blood energy around her twisted and turned, creating a white spear.


The spearhead formed from condensed blood energy was enormous yet razor-sharp, capable of slaying even gods.


Tacheon clenched his fist with his left hand.

The surrounding darkness that had been surrounding Glenn gathered and trapped him.


As the darkness created by Tacheon began to constrict Glenn, a luminous beam shot out from the blood spear created by the White Blood religion leader.


The blood spear struck the heart of the darkness with pinpoint accuracy.


A powerful shockwave spread within the darkness. 

The darkness split, and the blood spear emerged with red sparks.


Glenn used a thin black blade to simultaneously push away the wall of darkness and the blood spear, displaying an astonishing feat of strength.


Glenn lightly flicked his wrist, causing the blade's aura to flare up and create a scarlet vortex.


The massive blood spear split in half and the prison of darkness shattered into pieces.

"Damn those techniques..."

"This won't be easy."

The White Blood religion leader gritted her teeth, and Tacheon twisted his lips in frustration. 

Both of them wore expressions that conveyed their dissatisfaction with the current situation.

"It seems like you're not as formidable as before."

Glenn glanced at the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon, tilting his chin upward.

"There's no need to stall any longer."

He activated the Supreme harmony steps.

Folding the air, he moved forward and reached Tacheon.


Glenn swung his True Heavenly Sword towards the wide-eyed Tacheon. 

In an instant, like a lightning strike, Tacheon's body was split in half.

"Faster than I thought."

Although his body was divided in half, Tacheon didn't die.

 Like torn paper, he fluttered and melted into the darkness, returning to his original form.

"Is this your end?"

"I mixed it up a bit. Of course, not just me..."

As Tacheon's pupils rolled to the left, a mist of blood energy surged behind Glenn.


Blood spurted from Glenn's back.

 He immediately countered with his True Heavenly Sword, but the blood haze remained in place, unfading.

"I'll play with you slowly and then kill you."

The voice of the White Blood religion leader echoed from within the mist. 

While resembling a vampire's mist-forming ability, the fact that it couldn't be cut by the determination-filled sword indicated a more advanced level of magic.

"So that your grandson who you came to save can  witness your corpse."

"Death, huh?"

Glenn laughed coldly, raising his True Heavenly Sword high.

"If possible, that wouldn't be too bad either."

The resonance attached to the True Heavenly Sword spread like a fan, creating a massive lightning storm across the entire sky.


The lightning tendrils covered the sky, intertwining like a net.

Just as the saying goes, the net of the sky was wide yet dense, and Glenn's lightning net didn't miss the mist-transformed White Blood religion leader or Tacheon who had seeped into the darkness.

"Heaven's Net?"

The White Blood religion leader frowned, clasping her hands together. 

In the blink of an eye, a higher-level technique was completed, and a wall made of blood energy shot up.

"Oh no!"

Tacheon licked his lips and rotated his right hand clockwise. 

The rising white light in his grip transformed into a massive sphere resembling the sun, encasing his body.


The lightning tendrils, enraged by the mesh, shattered the blood wall and the white light, causing a fearsome explosion.



Both the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon didn't look pleased even though they hadn't been directly hit by the lightning. 

Their expressions twisted into grimaces, seemingly impacted internally.

"It seems we don't have much room to spare."

Light and darkness swirled around Tacheon's hands simultaneously. 

A massive energy, reminiscent of day and night themselves, surged forth.

"Right. It's meaningless to try to buy time."

The White Blood religion leader nodded her head slightly and brought her hands together.

 The white blood energy rising above her shoulders gradually turned transparent, like water.


As the absolute waves produced by the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon collided, the fabric of space twisted, and deformed patterns emerged in the air.


Glenn lifted his True Heavenly Sword and spun his foot.

 From the ground he struck, red lightning surged and entwined him.


The energies of the three individuals clashed, creating an immense storm of mana. The storm, rising from the ground and reaching the sky, prompted all three to move simultaneously.


*  *  *

Raon gritted his teeth.

He raised his right arm, which was shouting for them to retreat, while looking ahead.

"They're worthless demons! Cut them all down!"

"Charge, Heavenly Blade division!"

"If you fall behind the Heavenly Balde division, your training will be doubled tomorrow! Push forward, Light Wind squad!"

Zieghart's swordsmen ignited intense flames in their eyes and charged towards the spirits of Eden and the White Blood religion, swords drawn.

"Damn it!"

After driving Roenn away, the Tenth Apostle stretched out his hands. 

With irritable eyes full of anger, he pointed at Zieghart's swordsmen.

"Kill them all!"

At his command, the White Blood religion followers stepped back and formed their battle lines. 

Emitting ominous blood energy, they drew their weapons.


The death knight helmet and Sheryl clashed head-on at the center. 

Frenzy and determination clashed, the white sword against the black, causing the ground to tremble.


The man in the snake helmet slowly rose, clutching his abdomen that Raon had struck.

Since the Death Knight helmet was blocked by the Leader of the Heavenly Blade division, the next command was up to him.

"Retreat and you'll die instantly! Fight to the end!"

At his shout, the spirits of Eden were incited with frenzy. 

The outburst of frenzy soared into the sky, forming a demonic shape.


Zieghart, Eden, and the White Blood religion's warriors collided at the center. 

Waves of aura, resentment, and frenzy competed, generating endless sparks and shockwaves.


"What, what are these brats!"

"Hold your ground! It'll be more dangerous if you retreat!"

"They're not even worth a piglet!"

Though their individual powers were impressive in their own right, each flash of their swords sent the White Blood religion followers and vampires recoiling.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the battlefield.

'What's going on?'

Why are they...?

Not only the collateral squad/division but even the direct line division/squad who treated him like a bug were now slashing at the enemies with anger-filled swords.

It was hard for Raon to understand this action, considering the dismissive glances they had exchanged within the family.

"Why are they fighting like this? The reason is simple."

Rimmer looked back at Raon with a small smile.

"Because they're family."


The word "family" wasn't making sense to him.

Given how the direct line treated him like he didn't exist, he couldn't comprehend this behavior now.

"Internally, they may be jealous and fight amongst themselves, but when facing external enemies, they stand united. That's what family is, and that's what Zieghart is."

Rimmer squirmed her teeth as if he was also getting angry.


Raon bit his lip, gazing at the vbattlefield. 

The word that had sounded so hollow in his previous life now warmed his heart.


Burren slowly turned his head. 

He parted his trembling pupils and spoke.

"Ar-Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

Raon nodded.

"Fine? That's impossible!"

He opened his mouth wide, unable to believe it.

"Look at yourself before saying that. There's not a spot on you that isn't covered in blood! You idiot!"

Martha scowled as she scanned Raon's whole body.


Raon examined his own body. 

From his veins to his skin, everything was ruptured and soaked in blood due to the use of Wrath's energy.


Runaan approached, biting her lips. 

Her fierce eyes had disappeared, replaced by brimming purple irises filled with sorrow and anger.

"Sorry I couldn't save you."

She wiped away the blood with a handkerchief and continued to apologize.

"Sorry for coming late."

"It's... fine."


Just as she was saying it's fine, Dorian crawled over, tears streaming down his face.

"Really, really, I reeaally thought you were dead!"

He pounded the cracked ground with his fist and shook his head wildly.

"Why did you come so late! I even left the continent tracking perfume behind!"

"This place is in an area we couldn't explore, so it took some time to search."

Rimmer shook his head as if he was annoyed.

"Still, thanks to you, both Raon and you could survive."

He ruffled Dorian's hair and smiled.

"You really went through a lot."


Dorian buried his face in the ground and began to cry out.

Seeing Dorian like that, Raon smiled.

"That's how it should be."

Seeing Dorian's cowardly and crybaby side eased her mind.

-Yeah. That suits that guy.

Wrath also chuckled, as if he had expected that.

"Squad vice-leader!"

"Glad to see you again!"

"I really wanted to see you!"

"Thank you for your hard work!"

The members of the Light Wind squad maintained their formation and turned to look back, exchanging joyful smiles.

"Me too."

Hearing Light Wind squad members' voice, his heart raced. 

It was a pleasant flutter, as if clouds were lifted off his heart.

"Me too."

Meeting the gazes of all the Light Wind squad members, he nodded his head.

'I never thought I'd say something like this.'

He hadn't anticipated saying that he had wanted to see someone. 

Today, his life had changed dramatically.

"Alright, the battle isn't over yet."

Rimmer clapped his hands lightly.

"Get into position. Raon, Dorian. Protect the hostages until the end!"


Just as the swordsmen refocused their attention on the battleground, powerful shockwaves erupted from three directions.


From the right, a black oak helmet moved. 

In the center, an old man with a furnace, and from the left, a bull's helmet, all started to move.

"They're coming to capture me."

Raon frowned. 

They were willing to endure the loss of their subordinates to capture him as a hostage.

"Defensive formation!"

"Defensive formation!"

At Burren's command, Light Wind squad Swordsmen gathered in the center and raised solid defenses.


Rimmer casually kicked the ground and intercepted the aura and vigour unleashed by the old man with the furnace and the bull's helmet.


Light Wind squad focused their defenses at the center and blocked the attack from the black oak helmet.


The swordsmen staggered from the intense impact, but none of them fell.


Raon narrowed his eyes.

'It's different.'

Before, even if it was a powerful technique, their formation would have been broken, but the swordsmen resisted it with clenched teeth.

Not just their strength, but their mental fortitude seemed to have solidified like rock.


As Raon was admiring this, a dangerous energy surged from behind. 

Turning around quickly, he saw a gray-eyed child emerging from the shadows. 

It was a vampire resembling a child who had been hiding in the shadows, waiting for a chance as the chaos between the The White Blood religion and Eden's spirits unfolded.

'This guy's dangerous.'

The aura emanating from his hands was formidable. 

A supreme level of master in martial arts.

Even if he were in perfect condition, defending against such an assault would have been difficult.


"Oh no!"


Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roenn all looked at the child and swiftly stood alert.

'No matter what.'

Suppressing the pain that felt like his flesh was being torn, Raon tried to lift his sword when a shimmering barrier appeared before heis eyes.


The child's outstretched hand hit the barrier and rebounded.

"What the hell is this guy doing!"

He turned to the right and yelled.



Merlin, who had been sitting motionless like she was dead, slowly stood up. 

The madness in her eyes was even more intense than before.

"It's not Raon, it's Rockta."

She gazed in their direction, eyes wide open and filled with madness.

"Not Raon, but Rockta."


"No matter what, it doesn't matter. Whether you're Raon or Rockta."

Merlin mumbled that it was the right thing to do and opened his mana. 

Powerful magic poured down like a shower from the dozens of magic circles that floated in the air.

"That crazy witch!"

Although the vampire created a barrier with both hands, he was forced to step back due to Merlin's relentless magical assault.


"Young master Raon?"

"What is this, what's going on? Why is that crazy witch...?"

Rimmer, Roenn, and Sheryl stared at Merlin and Rakn, their jaws dropping.

"I don't know either..."

Raon shook his head.

-That witch's really gone mad.


Merlin, as Wrath had said, wasn't ordinarily crazy. 

She didn't seek revenge, but rather protected him.

"Merlin! Now's not the time for that! No matter what, turn the situation around..."

Just as the man in the snake helmet was about to issue an order to Merlin, a massive bolt of lightning struck from the turbulent sky.


With thunder that pierced the heavens and earth, Glenn, White Blood religion leader, and Tacheon all descended to the ground simultaneously.


The three of them confronted the forces of Zieghart, White Blood religion, and Eden. 

They exuded an overwhelming aura.

Raon looked at Glenn and trembled.

'This isn't good.'

Glenn's uniform was torn in various places, and black blood dripped from his shoulders, waist, and back.

Even though he was the King of the North, facing both the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon at the same time seemed overwhelming.


Martha suddenly dropped the sword she had been gripping and sat down.


"Let's bring this to an end."

Martha moved closer, but when she was about to approach, White Blood religion leader gathered his hands in front of him. 

Through his crimson lips, a spread-out incantation emitted a mighty white light.


Behind her, the figure of a goddess stood. 

With 44 arms and three eyes, the deity with pure white skin slowly opened her eyes. 

Bloody tears flowed from each of her differently colored irises.

Mara Blood-Eating Guanyin. 

An eerie being known as a Blood Deity had appeared.


Tacheon simultaneously shattered the white and black beads he held in his hands. 

Eight wings emerged from his back. 

The right wings were made of white feathers like an angel's, while the left wings were demon-like, dark and sharp.


A grand radiance appeared behind the wings.

The sun and moon, darkness and light, were with him.


The two absolute beings emitted waves of energy that caused humans to vomit blood and collapse. 

A palpable shockwave. 

Even the Masters couldn't stand properly.


Raon kneeled down, his chin trembling. 

He couldn't lift his gaze or even catch his breath. 

He felt like his entire body was under a massive hammer.


"Ah, damn..."

"This, this is..."

Others couldn't withstand it on two feet either.

With their breath stifled, they collapsed to their knees, clutching their heads to the ground.

'How can we stop...'

They couldn't imagine how to block the onslaught of the two absolute beings, as if they were going to crush even the sky. 

It seemed that not even Glenn could win against the combined attack of those two.

"Lift your head."

Glenn took a step forward. 

The warm energy that emanated from under his feet dispelled the overwhelming energy of the White Blood religion and Tacheon, which was crushing their souls.

"What swordsmen should see is not the ground, but the sky."

Hearing his words, Zieghart's swordsmen rose to their feet, their bodies trembling. 

They looked at Glen with eyes filled with pride.

His broad and trustworthy back seemed to be inviting them to follow.

"Well done."

Glenn smiled faintly as he raised the True Heavenly Sword. 

The energy that surged from the blade reached out to the heavens and the earth, creating a crimson radiance.

"Sword field creation."

His resonant voice became a line that connected the heavens and the earth.

"Heaven's Limitless Sword."


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