TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 299

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C 299


Dorian's chin trembled as he looked at Raon, who had defeated the fifth Apostle and the Old man.

"W-What are you doing right now!"

Raon, who had hoped to survive alone, had committed an unimaginable act.

"You fool! Idiot! Useless brat!"

Raon was so shocked that he couldn't even speak properly.

"You still can't curse properly."

Raon smirked as he looked at Dorian.

"Are you laughing now? Now even you won't survive! Everyone will die!"

Dorian trembled and his eyes rolled back.

"Surviving with humiliation is meaningless."

"But, you're different from us..."


Raon slowly shook his head.

"My life and your lives are the same."


"People always look at the results. They rank strength by how old someone was when they became an expert, or when they wielded a sword."

I accumulated results for my past life to survive, and I produced results now to advance further.

"But results weren't everything."

Raon sighed. 

He bit his lips while facing the White Blood religion leader at the pinnacle of the continent and the eyes of Tacheon.

"Even if I achieve the same results by going through the dirty process like them, I can't be happy."

Even if he kills Dorian and the hostages and survives, becoming a Grandmaster, or even surpassing that level, today's actions will remain in his heart forever, never to be erased.

"I won't leave regrets behind anymore."

Misaligned life is enough in one lifetime.

This life is not alone. 

With people who believe in him, he will go through a process that he won't be ashamed of and achieve results.

"No matter what you do."

He manipulated the chain of injustice, elevating the spirit's intensity in his voice.

He felt determination in his voice.

"I won't be broken."

Raon faced the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon with the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem dripping with hot blood.


But the reactions of the two monsters were far beyond his expectations.

"They're smiling?"

Both monsters were smiling as if in a good mood. 

They were ignoring the fallen guards and the old man, just gazing at Raon.

"A bit disappointing. I thought it was all about the results."

The White Blood religion leader lightly flicked his fingers.

"I prefer your way. Excellent results don't come without a good process."

Tacheon nodded with a satisfied smile.

"If it doesn't suit your taste, how about retreating now?"

"I can't do that. I've lost them (followers/believers) to that child. The loss is significant."

"If we look at it that way, our side has it worse. We've lost not just masters, but even Grandmasters."

Once again, they were evaluating themselves.

Calling them crazy wouldn't be enough to describe them.

"By the way, it seems you knew all along."

The White Blood religion leader turned his gaze to Tacheon and playfully twirled his finger.

"You're underestimating me too much. How could I not know what the Leader knows?"

Tacheon slightly smiled and nodded.

"If you knew, then why did you accept the bet?"

"I wanted to see for myself the child, I wanted to see what kind of person he is."

"It's too late for that."

"Because he's already under White Blood religion."

The White Blood religion leader lifted her chin while leaning against the furnace.

"That's not true. Merlin hasn't approve it yet."

"Since that child devoured Merlin's precious soul, would Merlin stand for him? He'd probably want to kill him instead."

"I'm not sure."

Tacheon shrugged, as if he couldn't be certain himself.

The White Blood religion leader tilted her head in confusion.

"Then how about a second bet?"

"You really love making bets." (No, it's the author of this novel who loves it lol)

"Without a bet, this complex situation won't be resolved."

The White Blood religion leader nodded lightly as she looked at the fallen Fifth Apostle and the old man, whose body were rising in the regeneration process.

"I still haven't properly seen Raon's swordsmanship. How about we each send one person and compete to see who can subdue him first? It might be quite entertaining, don't you think?"

"The only thing I know was about his surprise attacks (on Forth Apostle), it  wouldn't be a bad idea."

"Both of you, come this way."

In response to the White Blood religion leader's call, the Fifth Apostle and the old man approached their leader.

The old man, with a pierced chest, seemed dazed, but the Fifth Apostle, whose throat was torn open by the Blade of Requiem, fixed a fierce gaze on Raon.

"You got what you deserved."

As the White Blood religion leader lightly flicked her finger, the blood that had been flowing incessantly from the Fifth Apostle neck stopped, and the wound seemed to heal as if touched by fire.

Seeing this, Raon swallowed hard.

"She can heal wounds like that?"

She managed to treat a wound filled with the deadly aura of blood in an instant. 

The White Blood religion leader wasn't just powerful in terms of physical strength; she possessed mysterious abilities as well.

"Now that you've experienced it, it's time to repay."

The White Blood religion leader pointed his finger at Raon.

"Since he's going to be your junior, don't treat him too harshly."


Despite his response, the Fifth Apostle emanated a strong aura.

"If that's the level..."

When Taechon glanced to his left, the Man in the snake helmet stepped forward.

"Can you handle it?"

"Of course."

The Man in the snake helmet nodded and stood beside the Fifth Apostle.

"The one who inflicts a fatal wound on Raon first wins. You don't have to kill him, just do as you wish…"

"Can I join this bet too?"

Stepping forward, Raon interrupted the White Blood religion leader. (lololol no bets without Raon in it)



Both the White Blood religion leader and Taechon turned their heads towards him without objection.

'This is an opportunity.'

They still regarded this situation as a game.

The reason was their overwhelming power.

They believed that their current superiority couldn't be changed no matter what actions they took, which gave them such confidence.

'I can use this.'

This bet wasn't being taken seriously. 

It was merely a game where they wanted to witness their power directly. 

He had to seize the moment when they let their guard down.

"Wrath. Can you break through this barrier?"

-At the current state, creating a hole should be possible. Is now the time?

"Gather your strength."


"They gave me time by underestimating me. I can't waste it."

This area was right in front of Cameloon, and Owen Kingdom were nearby. If they could break through the barrier and get out, the chances of surviving would greatly increase.

'But it's just a speck of dust.'

Raon pushed aside his impatience and calmed his mind.

"How do you plan to participate?"

The White Blood religion leader nodded as if prompting him to speak.

"If I can defeat both of them, you have to retreat."

At the moment, his power was at the level of Intermediate Master. 

The Fifth Apostle and the Man in the snake helmet were at the Superior level. 

From their perspective, this was an winnable bet.


The White Blood religion leader turned his head slowly.

"What do you think?"

'l'II accept."

"Then I'll accept it too."

Both of them nodded simultaneously.

'I Don't believe their words.'

Although the White Blood religion leader and Taechon were monsters standing at the peak of the White Blood religion and Eden, they were capable of breaking any agreements at any time.

Even if he won this bet, they would never uphold their promise. 

Intervening in this fight was meant to create a path for him to escape.


Raon handed the sword he had taken to Dorian.

"T-This is…"

"You protect them."

He indicated the people who were starting to regain their senses.

"Show your resolve as a Zieghart's swordsman."

"Ah, I understand."

Dorian received the sword with a mixture of surprise and anxiety. 

He stood in front of the people, trying to hide his fear, and drew the sword.

"You made us wait quite a while."

Raon stood in front of the Fifth Apostle and the Man in the snake helmet, gripping the two swords.

"You managed to deceive me quite cleverly."

The Man in the snake helmet narrowed his eyes.

"I told you. I'd come back."

"Hmph. Who would believe those words?"

"Anyway, thanks for helping me earlier."

"Shut up!"

He sharpened his gaze, his irritation evident.

"Fine. Go ahead and talk now."

The Fifth Apostle stepped between the Man in the snake helmet and Raon, releasing his aura.

His powerful aura coiled around his rock-like fist.

"When we start, I'll take you both down."

He released a powerful energy wave not just towards Raon, but also towards The man in the snake helmet.

"I'd rather fight you one-on-one."

The man in the snake helmet spat on the ground and furrowed his brows.

"Then go ahead and start."

With a signal from the White Blood religion leader, both The man in the snake helmet and the Fifth Apostle simultaneously struck the ground. 

Strong energy emanated from their swords and fists, showing no intention of holding back.

Watching the penetrating sword strikes and the pouring fist strikes, Raon relished the sight.

"This battle is the turning point."

This fight was just a part of the plan. 

It didn't matter if his body got injured; he needed to finish quickly to minimize energy consumption.


He stepped on the Jin-gak pressure point.

Simultaneously employing the Ten Thousand Flames and Glacier techniques, he deflected The man in the snake helmet 's sword strike with the Heavenly Drive sword and cut through the Fifth Apostle's fist strike with the Blade of Requiem.


Swords clashed with swords, and fists collided with fists, creating a tremendous shock that shook the ground.


The Fifth Apostle chuckled and gathered rotational force from his shoulders into his fist.

The powerful martial energy-infused punch pierced Raon's chest.


The man in the snake helmet clicked his tongue and swung his sword downward, spitting out a short command. 

The sharp, swift strike of the sword, sharp as a blade, poured down toward Raon's head.


Raon activated the Supreme harmony steps. 

The moment his left foot pushed the ground, his perspective shifted. 

In an instant, he tore through space, creating distance between himself and the two opponents. 

It was the manifestation of the Supreme harmony steps release from its shell in the spiritual realm.



The Fifth Apostle and The man in the snake helmet , both rushing from left and right, clashed their weapons and fists against each other, expecting Raon but finding nothing.


As they halted their steps, Raon activated the Supreme harmony steps. Like an arrow released from a bow, in a brief moment, the arrow moved toward The man in the snake helmet .

"You're ignoring me?"

"Because you're familiar."

Raon bit his lip and unleashed the Heavenly Drive sword. Flames erupted fiercely from the blade, targeting The man in the snake helmet's shoulder.

"That's a technique I already know!"

The man in the snake helmet lowered his center of gravity and drew his sword diagonally.

The vigorous energy spread like waves, erasing the flames of Heavenly Drive sword.

However, that was a deception. 

The real attack came afterward.


Raon pulled energy up from his energy center with his right hand. 

The Heavenly Drive sword glowing brilliantly, shot toward The man in the snake helmet 's chest.

Raon's Zieghart Style Swordsmanship

First form: Frost Pond.

"That's a technique I also know!"

The man in the snake intercepted the strike of the Frost Pond.


The clash of swords produced a powerful shockwave.


The man in the snake helmet's pupils seemed to widen as if they were about to pop out. 

He couldn't properly withstand the first strike of the Frost Pond and was pushed back.


"It's simple."

With a subtle clench of his teeth, Raon executed the second strike of the Frost Pond.

"Because I've become stronger."

"Damn it!"

The man in the snake helmet tried to raise his energy to form a defensive stance, but the second strike was faster. 

Glacier frigid aura, fueled by the absorbed spirit of Rockta's, pierced through the red energy and struck the man in the snake helmet chest.

"He took that hit properly."

The outcome was achieved by unleashing the known sword technique with power and speed beyond the predicted range. 

If the man in the snake helmet remained vigilant, it wouldn't have ended so easily.


Impaled by the icy blade, the man in the snake helmet staggered back and even stumbled.


Without pausing to savor his victory over the man in the snake helmet, Raon immediately turned around.

"You arrogant bastard!"

The Fifth Apostle lunged like a shadow, throwing a punch.

 A gray surge of energy shot forth, aiming for Raon's heart.


Using the rotational momentum of his body, Raon swung the Blade of Requiem. 

The flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation merged with the ghastly energy, intensifying the heat.


A powerful impact ensued, but it wasn't over yet. 

Since the Fifth Apostle had released another energy strike with his left fist.

"I need to read the flow..."

He resonated the Ring of Fire in its polarity.

The approaching strike of the Fifth Apostle's fist gradually slowed down. 

The wrinkles and wounds on the full-packed fist, followed by the flow of life force, became visible.

"Strength, diversity, and swiftness."

The fist of the Fifth Apostle held strength, speed, and diversity, all mixed together. 

The tenfold expanded fist aimed for Raon's vital points.

"I can't avoid all of them."

Dodging all of those fists in his current state was impossible.

He gave up evasion.


Raon swung the Blade of Requiem and unleashed the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Flame Wall.


The Fifth Apostle's energy strike collided with the Flame Wall, sending shockwaves through his entire body. 

Suppressing the sensation of being overturned, Raon advanced and twisted the Blade of Requiem.


Deeper hues of flames blossomed from the crimson blade. 

Fragments of fiery blossoms, detached from the Flame Wall, coalesced into a fierce storm aiming for the Fifth Apostle's neck.

"I won't fall for it twice!"

Even when faced with the torrent of flames charging directly at him, the Fifth Apostle didn't panic. 

He extended a powerful energy strike forward, erasing the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation Flames in an instant.


As the Fifth Apostle's strike overpowered the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Raon took one more step forward.


After employing the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation , Raon drew the Blade of Requiem he had stashed in the scabbard. 

As the red blade glistened, an illusionary melody filled with resentment and cries resonated.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordsmanship.

Third form: Silvery Sword Dream.

The Fifth Apostle's senses drastically dulled, while the intricate technique of the Silvery Sword Dream caused the Blade of Requiem to advance towards his throat.


The Fifth Apostle quickly regained his composure. 

He defended his throat with his left hand and simultaneously unleashed an energy strike with his right. 

An astonishing reaction. 

Seeing him manage both offense and defense in this brief moment, it was clear that he wasn't elevated to the level of a Master for no reason.

"But that reaction will be the death of you."

What I'm aiming for is not your neck.

After the initial surprise attack and the subsequent battle, I kept targeting the neck, so in the Fifth Apostle's mind, there would only be the thought of defending his neck. 

This was a misconception-induced illusion that led to an attempt to defend the neck.


The strike of the Silvery Sword Dream hidden behind the false blade extended towards the Fifth Apostle's heart.


The Fifth Apostle urgently attempted to retract his offensive strike, but it was already too late.

The Blade of Requiem sword had already revealed its target.


The Blade of Requiem cleaved through his life force and pierced the Fifth Apostle's left chest.

Just as he was about to crush the man's heart with the ghastly energy, his strength suddenly drained from his hand.

"What is this..."

"That's enough."

The White Blood religion leader extended her hand. 

He hadn't even manipulated his life force, yet she somehow stopped his movement.

"As far as I'm concerned, the Fifth Apostle dying here is not acceptable."

With a light gesture of her hand, the Fifth Apostle, who now had a hole in his chest, was pulled towards the palm of her hand.

"As the man in the snake helmet mentioned, you really do possess strength beyond that of master."

Tacheon applauded without even looking at the fallen Fifth Apostle on the ground. 

The intensity of desire in his eyes grew even stronger.

"Since Raon won the bet, would you like me to send him outside?"

He looked at the White Blood religion leader and inquired.


The White Blood religion leader answered as if asking something so obvious.

"That's not possible."

Her gaze was fixed on the red stain on the ground. 

The eyes of Tacheon, consumed by desires even greater than the Fifth Apostle's, felt like they were piercing through her heart.

"That's right, we can't just let go of such a gem."

"Indeed, that's our sentiment as well."

Tacheon nodded as if he understood.

"What nonsense is this!"

Raon glared at the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon.

"You said you'd let me go if I won!"

"It's not necessary to always uphold promises."

"Actually, you're the ones breaking the promise."

"And yet you're the pillar of Eden?"

"That's how I could become the pillar of Eden."

Tacheon taunted Raon with a smirk.

"Well, even though it might not be an exchange, we'll give you the choice."

He flicked his finger.

"Choose between Eden and the Blood Sect."

More nonsense. 

Choosing one would mean the other side would fiercely attack with everything they've got.

"For God's sake!"

Raon bit his lips until it bled and knelt down.

Despite the facade of despair he projected, his inner self remained surprisingly calm.

'Wrath. Let that power out and allow me to use it.'

-That thing?

'You have a technique you used in your true form.'

'The large-scale cold technique that froze the entire field in an instant. If I used that, I could immobilize the two of them.'

-You mean the Ice Realm?

'If that froze the entire mental realm at once, then yes.'

-Well, in this world, there's a thing called causality. A cause and effect.

'It can't be done just because you want to?'

-It means it's difficult.

Wrath let out a short sigh.

"The power the King can give you has its limits, but even with that, your body will deteriorate. You might even collapse from severe pain."

'I'll be fine. I can endure it.'

Thanks to experiences from his past life, he was familiar with pain. 

As long as he didn't die, he could endure it.

"Tch, anyway."

Wrath clicked his tongue and attached himself to Raon's wrist.

"Entrust your body to the King. I don't mean you to surrender, but follow the flow that the King generates."

As soon as he finished speaking, an immense power, emanating from the seething rage in his soul, flowed into Raon like a tidal wave.

"Now's the time!"

Wrath opened up a new path through the flow of cold mana circulation. 

Following that flow, Raon simultaneously wielded Wrath' energy and his own aura.


His teeth clenched. 

The fearsome power surged through his entire body like it was tearing him apart, and his body seemed like it would burst like a dam.

"Keep going!"

"I know!"

Perhaps due to ruptured blood vessels, his vision went blurry and intense pain coursed through his body. 

But he held on and continued using the energy.

"Imagine it. The sight of everyone frozen!"

Listening to Wrath' voice ringing in his ears, he closed his eyes. 

Recalling the Ice Realm that he had seen in his true form, he unleashed all the gathered energy in his hands.


There was barely a sound. 

The surging cold energy, disregarding time and space, froze all the elite members of the White Blood religion and Eden, including the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon.

"You've done well."


Raon rose, coughing up blood. 

Despite the severe internal injuries caused by wielding such overwhelming power in an instant, now wasn't the time to tend to his wounds.

"Bring the people!"

"Ah, yes!"

With heavy steps, he headed towards the barrier. 

He needed to break through the barrier with the additional cold energy Wrath was sending.

'Use that wave this time, Wrath.'


Following Wrath' lead, he extended his hand.

The icy tide that rose from his hand smashed against the barrier.


There was a muffled sound as the ground seemed to warp.

A blue light emerged within the barrier. 

But ultimately, it didn't shatter.

'Even Wrath' power can't break it?'

Raon swallowed dryly as he watched the recovering barrier. 

He didn't know much, but he had never seen Wrath' judgment be wrong. 

He couldn't have imagined that the barrier would be impervious to it.

"That's a shame."

At a soft voice from behind, he urgently turned his head. 

The giant ice that had encapsulated the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon had melted in an instant.

"You just remain inside here, the barrier only becomes even stronger. At this point, no one can break it, I assure you."

Tacheon smiled slyly.

"I didn't know you were hiding such power. If I let my guard down, I might not be able to move for a while. I'm curious how a master level could wield such power."

"I thought it was an unrefined gem. But apparently not."

The White Blood religion leader lifted her chin, took a step forward, and directly met his gaze.

When he saw her black pearl-like eyes, his heart sank.


Raon clenched his teeth. 

When he turned around, he saw Dorian and the hostages who were once held captive, kneeling with sad eyes.

"Is it over?"

Everything he had planned had fallen apart. Even with Wrath' help, it seemed impossible to overcome the barrier they faced using his current body and aura.

"Now, all that's left is a gamble."

There was only one option left. Surrendering himself to Wrath with the resolve to die.


-...You still have the King's subordinates, so give it a shot.

Wrath' voice carried a tension unlike usual.

"You're mine."

"I cannot allow that. After seeing you, I cannot possibly let you go."

The desires embedded in the eyes of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon were palpable, radiating an intense light. 

The two monsters reached out with enormous hands, determined not to let him slip away.


Seeing the grasping claws of the two monsters who were trying to grab his head, Raon clenched his fist until it bled, refusing to let go.

'Wrath. To you...'

Just as he was about to give himself up to Wrath, the White Blood religion and Tacheon suddenly stopped.

"Could it be..."


Both of them stared wide-eyed at the sky. 

This was the first time he had seen them look surprised.

'What's going on?'

With a trembling head, Raon followed their gazes. 

In the dark night sky, a golden star twinkled.

'A golden star?'

As their red pupils met the star's gaze, the entire world was bathed in a reddish hue.


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