RDM (Novel) Chapter 436

C 436

Ma Seo-Won walked the streets of the city.

A man of average build quietly followed her. A sword hung at his waist.

He was Jwa Se-gyeong, her bodyguard and the head of the Galactic Escort Bureau.

Jwa Se-gyeong was one of the top martial artists in the Galactic Escort Bureau.

He followed Ma Seo-Won, keeping a proper distance so she wouldn't be concerned.

Ma Seo-Won's face was slightly twisted.

It was because things were not going as planned.

She had just visited the Hao Clan Chengdu branch.

Her intention was to collect information about Pyo Wol through the Hao Clan. However, the Chengdu branch refused to provide her with information.

They claimed that providing information about Pyo Wol in Chengdu would be tantamount to hastening their death.

Having followed her father throughout Kangho since childhood, Ma Seo-Won had taken on the responsibility of gathering information on his behalf.

Thanks to that, she had much experience with this kind of work. However, never before had she encountered such resistance from the start.

It wasn't just the Hao Clan.

Everyone she met for the purpose of gathering information refused to provide it.

There were no exceptions, whether they were skilled martial artists, incredibly wealthy individuals, or lone wolves who had lived in the underworld.

As soon as the name Pyo Wol was mentioned, they looked around and trembled in fear.

It was the first time she had seen people exhibit such fearful expressions just by hearing a name.

Ma Seo-Won didn't know.

She didn't know the weight of the fear that the name Pyo Wol carried in Chengdu..

Pyo Wol had not only closed off the Emei Sect and the Qingcheng Sect.

An inescapable net had been set up to catch him.

Martial artists who boasted power in both Chengdu and Sichuan participated in this inescapable net.

Once the inescapable net was activated, it was difficult for any martial artist to withstand it.

Many martial artists would be overwhelmed by the pack of wild dogs rushing at them. However, Pyo Wol was different.

Pyo Wol silently killed numerous martial artists while making a mockery of the inescapable net.

The inescapable net collapsed, and the martial artists who tried to hunt him down were instead killed by Pyo Wol.

A significant number of Chengdu's martial artists witnessed the scene.

Even now, the sight of that time would reappear if they closed their eyes.

The sight of their comrades turning into corpses in an instant.

They hadn't even seen Pyo Wol.

All they saw were their colleagues who had suddenly stopped breathing and whose body temperature was chilling.

They never knew when, at any moment, Pyo Wol's dagger would slice their throats.

The memory of that time was so intense that some martial artists couldn't sleep properly for over a year.

Among the martial artists in Chengdu, it was virtually an unspoken taboo to mention what had happened at that time.

They were afraid that if they talked about Pyo Wol, they might receive a visit from him.

So it was only natural for them to keep their mouths shut when Ma Seo-Won, who was unaware of these facts, persistently questioned them about Pyo Wol.

Ma Seo-Won muttered to herself.

"It seems impossible to obtain information about him through ordinary means."

Ma Seo-Won gave up cleanly.

She didn't think she could get any information about Pyo Wol in Chengdu if she pushed any further, at least not in Chengdu.

Of course, if she pushed hard enough, she could gather some useful information. However, she didn't think it was worth taking such risks to find out.

'I was really curious about what kind of person he is.'

She wanted to see with her own eyes if he was as beautiful as the rumors suggested. But she didn't want to expose her side's information by pushing any further.

Ma Seo-Won returned to the inn.

As if to prove that the Galactic Escort Bureau had rented the entire place, the inn was filled with their people.

In the center of them was Ma Won-Ik.


"Did you have a good trip?"

Ma Won-Ik raised his head and looked at Ma Seo-Won.

Ma Seo-Won noticed that Ma Won-Ik's mood was different than usual.

"Did something happen?"

"The chief of the Snow Cloud Manor visited."

"I guess the negotiation didn't go well."

"He beat around the bush, but it's practically the same as rejecting our proposal."

"It's not easy."

"Did you have any success?"

"Not at all."

"I thought so."

"The people in Chengdu are more scared of him than we thought. Just mentioning his name caused a commotion."

"Is it that bad?"

"It's actually worse. If you see it for yourself, you wouldn't be able to ask any further questions."


Ma Won-Ik let out a deep sigh.

He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he didn't expect such a high hurdle from the start.

Ma Won-Ik cautiously said.

"We might have to resort to our last option."

"Is the original Buddhist scripture worth that much? If something goes wrong, we could suffer significant damage."

"The damage we suffer will be compensated from above. You have nothing to worry about."


"Don't worry about the damage, just focus on securing the original Buddhist scripture."

"I was short-sighted. You're right, Father."

"That's my daughter."

Ma Won-Ik smiled.

Ma Seo-Won also smiled and looked around.

Suddenly, a puzzled look crossed her face.

"I don't see Seok, the head guard, and a few others. Didn't you order everyone to stay inside?"

"There are always some who lose their minds."

"What do you mean?"

"It's obvious. They must have gone to gamble or visit the pleasure district."

"Are you going to let them be?"

"Trash has its own role to play. I'll handle it myself, so you don't worry."


Ma Seo-Won nodded her head.

She knew best how thorough Ma Won-Ik was in handling matters. Interfering any further would be no different from disrespecting her father.

"So, when's the right time?"

At Ma Seo-Won's question, Ma Won-Ik gave a sly smile.

"The faster, the better, as it's easier to catch them off guard."


"Brother! You're back."

As soon as Ma Eun-Yo heard from the chief that Pyo Wol had returned to the courier station, she rushed over.

Her face was filled with a happy expression.

She already knew that Pyo Wol was staying at Manhwa Roo. She was the one who instructed the owner of Manhwa Roo to treat Pyo Wol with the utmost care.

"Thanks to you, I was able to rest comfortably."

"I'm glad."

Pyo Wol's gaze turned to Do Yeonsan, who was beside Eun-Yo.

"How's life in Chengdu?"

"It's good."

"Is it?"

"It couldn't be better."

"It looks that way."

At Pyo Wol's words, Do Yeonsan seemed to feel a little stung and stared blankly into the air.

Eun-Yo naturally joined their conversation.

"I'm glad to see you looking well, brother."

"Thank you."

"Let's all have dinner together today for the first time in a while."

"Let's do that."

"I'll ask the chief to prepare it."


"Then, please rest, brother."

Eun-Yo left the main hall with a smiling face.

Naturally, Do Yeonsan followed her.

The way he blushed while watching Pyo Wol was quite cute.

'So this is how fate connects people.'

Pyo Wol had not expected that Do Yeonsan would take a liking to Eun-Yo, and that Eun-Yo would accept his feelings.

Pyo Wol thought it was a good thing.

He himself had neither the desire nor the circumstances to settle down with someone, but they were different.

They were not exposed to the martial world like him, so if they continued to live as they did now, they could lead an ordinary life like other people.

"I should start training my body again."

After returning to the Red Pine Manor, he had been living a relaxed life.

He had completely let go of his martial arts to give his tired body a rest. However, there was no eternal rest except for death.

If one was alive, and living in the martial world, they always had to hone their martial arts skills.

If one took a day off, they had to practice for two days to regain their original skills, that's how martial arts worked.

Now that the rest was over, it was time to train to regain his skills.

Pyo Wol headed to the training ground.

The training ground was surrounded by high walls, and its floor was covered with solid blue stones.

Pyo Wol closed his eyes while standing in the middle of the training ground.


He first took a deep breath.

As he exhaled the breath that filled his lungs, he twisted his body back and forth.

He was loosening up his stiff body first.

After loosening up for a while, Pyo Wol began to move in earnest.


He began to move around the training ground.

He slid like a snake while stepping in his footwork.

He was performing the Meandering Steps.

When he first learned the Meandering Steps, the movement was monotonous. It was fast, but there was no significant variation other than the sliding motion. However, now it was different.

It seemed as if dozens of snakes scattered and gathered, constantly changing.

The biggest characteristic of the Meandering Steps is that it doesn't make any noise.

Not only the footsteps but even the sound of cutting through the air was not heard.

The Meandering Steps was infused with the profound knowledge Pyo Wol had gained over time.

Footwork reflected the identity of one's martial arts.

The characteristics of the Meandering Steps were also the traits of the Aguido style(body destruction).

Secretive, snake-like, and never missing a weak point.

After the Meandering Steps came the Black Lightning.

As he unfolded the Black Lightning, his mental power stimulated his nerves.

The body's reaction speed increased several times, enabling him to seize the initiative.

Following the Black Lightning was the Jade Breaker.


The air where he threw his fist shattered.

The air exploded continuously.

After loosening up his body with the Jade Breaker, Pyo Wol pulled out his Soul Reaping Threads.

Ten Soul Reaping Threads emerged from his ten fingers.


Ten strands of Soul Reaping Threads chaotically crisscrossed the air.

Now, maintaining ten strands of Soul Reaping Threads didn't drain him much. It seemed that, with his current physical condition, he could maintain them all day long.

Pyo Wol retracted nine of the threads and left only one. He then focused his inner energy on that one thread. As a result, the faint Soul Reaping Thread became clear.

It had transitioned from Soul Reaping Thread to Threaded Serpent Qi.


Pyo Wol unfolded his steps and swung theThreaded Serpent Qi.

Darkness was torn apart by the Threaded Serpent Qi.

Pyo Wol wasn't satisfied with that.


He infused his mental energy into the Threaded Serpent Qi.

The Black Lightning Threaded Serpent Qi unfolded.

The faint lightning in the Threaded Serpent Qi illuminated the darkness.

The Black Lightning Threaded Serpent Qi that Pyo Wol unfolded was dazzlingly beautiful.

To an unknowing person, it would have seemed like a mysterious dance, so graceful. But its power was deadly.

Pyo Wol unfolded the Black Lightning Threaded Serpent Qi and painted a picture in his mind.

Ant Hell.

It was a battle strategy unique to Pyo Wol, gradually revealing weaknesses and making the enemy feel that they could win if they approached just a little closer.

Pyo Wol worked to harmonize Ant Hell and the Black Lightning Threaded Serpent Qi.

There was no enemy, nor was there a sparring partner.

But in Pyo Wol's mind, an opponent existed vividly.

All the powerful opponents he had fought so far came back to life in his mind and attacked him.

Pyo Wol unfolded his martial arts against them.

To others, it might have seemed like he was dancing alone, but in Pyo Wol's eyes, the attacking enemies were clearly visible.

He mixed in the Spiritual qigong and even unfolded the Earthbound Dark Net.

In this way, Pyo Wol unfolded all the techniques he had learned and realized.

Pyo Wol forgot everything and devoted himself only to martial arts.

He forgot the flow of time, the place he was in, and even the fact that he was practicing martial arts.


He came to his senses because of the water droplets hitting his skin.

The cold sensation broke his immersion, and he returned to reality.

It was raining heavily.

The raindrops that had been falling one by one soon became thick like rods.

Pyo Wol stood in the middle of the courtyard, drenched in the pouring rain.

A dense cloud of steam rose from his head and shoulders.

Although his immersion was broken due to the rain, he felt extremely good.

It was because the techniques that had been separate seemed to have come together as one.

It felt as if the individually shining beads were finally threaded together with a single string, forming a completed necklace.


It was when Pyo Wol exhaled the breath he had been holding.


Do Yeonsan called him with an urgent expression

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