RDM (Novel) Chapter 449


C 449

Go So-kyung froze in the middle of undressing.

Several traps had been set around her room. They were simple, but the kind of things that a common warrior would never discover. They were efficient, and if someone had been caught, she would have been alerted immediately.

The man had infiltrated after neutralizing all the traps she had set up. He couldn't have been an ordinary person.

Pale skin and a beautiful face, even whiter than the woman's.

The moment she saw him, she recognized his identity at once.

"Pyo... Wol!"

"Did So Yeowol send you?"

"You're hasty. Women don't like men who rush like that."

"The women I've met have said otherwise."

"Ha! With that face, if you whispered, everyone would fall for you. How many women have fallen for that face of yours?"


Her half-undressed clothes fell to the floor.

Go So-kyung spoke, holding her slim waist with both hands.

"How about me? Compared to the women you've slept with."


"Worth possessing?"

Go So-kyung approached Pyo Wol as she untied the knot of her inner clothes.

A captivating smile appeared on her face.

It was a face and expression so beautiful that any man would be tempted.

As she approached, a fragrant scent became stronger.

Go So-kyung reached out with her white hand and wrapped it around Pyo Wol's neck, locking eyes with him.

"How about it? Don't you want to possess me?"

"I do want to."

"Then possess me. I'll be your woman tonight."

"I can't do that."


"Because the poison on the ring you're wearing is frightening."


In an instant, Go So-kyung's expression changed, and she tried to stab Pyo Wol's neck with the finger while wearing the ring.

An almost invisible fine needle protruded from the inside of the ring.

The needle was coated with a deadly poison that would cause instant death once pricked.

Go So-kyung had seduced Pyo Wol, which was out of character for her, just for this moment.

The poison-coated needle was about to pierce Pyo Wol's neck.


Suddenly, something sprang from Pyo Wol's collar and bit Go So-kyung's finger.


Go So-kyung's face turned pitch black in an instant.

Suddenly, her head started spinning, and her vision darkened.

These were the symptoms that appeared when poisoned.

The creature that bit Go So-kyung's finger was Gwia.

Gwia's bite made it impossible for her to stab Pyo Wol with her poisonous needle, and she froze in place.


Go So-kyung grasped her throat with both hands.

Her throat was swollen, making it difficult to breathe.

Pyo Wol knelt on one knee, meeting Go So-kyung's gaze.

"Did you receive orders from So Yeowol?"


Go So-kyung gasped for breath, looking at Pyo Wol. Her eyes were bloodshot as if they were about to burst at any moment.


At Pyo Wol's cold words, Go So-kyung bit her lips.

She couldn't focus her mind due to the pain that felt like her entire body was being burned.

Instinctively, she realized that she couldn't survive this.

To survive after being poisoned by such a deadly toxin, one would need a miraculous antidote like a grand detoxification pill.

It was unreasonable to expect such a miraculous antidote to be readily available.

Her death was a foregone conclusion.

There was no reason to tell the truth now that her death was certain.

With blood-stained lips, Go So-kyung struggled to speak.



Suddenly, she vomited black blood.

After convulsing a few times, she stopped moving completely.

She had died in agony.

It was a fitting end for someone who dealt with poison.

Although he didn't learn anything from her death, Pyo Wol was not disappointed.

The corpse revealed more than he had expected.

Pyo Wol examined her palm.

There were thick calluses on the palm, extending from her little finger. It was a common sign among swordsmen who gripped their swords in a reverse grip.

There weren't many people in the martial world who wielded their swords in a reverse grip.

One of them was the assassins, like Pyo Wol himself.

The traps that Go So-kyung had set up around her room were also primarily used by assassins to protect their hideouts.

Judging by her age, she might not have learned her skills directly from So Yeowol, but it was clear that she had lived a life as an assassin.

Pyo Wol searched Go So-kyung's belongings and hideout.

Coo coo!

At that moment, Pyo Wol heard the cooing of a pigeon.

There was a hidden space behind the wall.

There, he saw a pigeon trapped in a cage.

It was a carrier pigeon, commonly used for sending messages.

It seemed that Go So-kyung used it to report to her superiors.

It was when Pyo Wol took out the cage and placed it on the table.

"Who's there?"

"Ah! The leader."

Suddenly, the door opened, and the voice of a bodyguard was heard.

Turning his head, he saw Go So-kyung's subordinates looking at Pyo Wol and the corpse with shocked expressions.

Seeing the already darkened and discolored corpse of Go So-kyung, he clenched his fists in anger.

"Why is the leader...?"

"That person is..."

The man who was monitoring the Zigong merchants looked at Pyo Wol's face and was surprised.

It was because of the face drawn on the wanted poster.

"It's Pyo Wol!"

"What did you say?"

"Damn it!"

The other men were taken aback and drew their weapons.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Pyo Wol unleashed his Soul Reaping Threads.

The threads, made of qi, penetrated the brows of all the men except the one who had been watching the Zigong merchant group.

They died instantly without even a scream.

Only one person was left alive.


The man's eyes trembled as if there had been an earthquake.

In an instant, all his colleagues were dead, and he alone survived; he was in shock.

Pyo Wol approached him.

"Uh, ugh!"

The man let out a painful moan and retreated.

His body trembled like a quaking prickly pear.

Since he realized Pyo Wol's identity, the fear he felt was even greater.

"The Reaper..."

"Who is it? The one who ordered to monitor me."

"I-I don't know anything."

"Is it So Yeowol?"

"I don't know."


At that moment, he felt a burning pain in his shoulder.

Pyo Wol had pierced his shoulder with a Soul Reaping Thread.


The man belatedly let out a terrible scream.

At that moment, Pyo Wol released anotherSoul Reaping Thread, piercing the man's thigh.

The man couldn't bear it and fell to his knees.

"Do you think I'll talk?"

The man was also experienced in being tortured.

He could withstand an ordinary amount of pain with a smile.

Pyo Wol looked at the confident man and laughed.

For a moment, the man felt goosebumps all over his body.

Pyo Wol placed his index finger on the man's palm and said,

"I recently discovered a new use for the Soul Reaping Thread. Aren't you curious?"

"Not at all."

"It doesn't matter. You'll find out soon enough."



At that moment, the Soul Reaping Thread penetrated his palm.

The thread pierced the center of his palm and burrowed into his veins.


A terrible scream burst from the man's mouth.

The Soul Reaping Thread flowed through his veins into his torso. The pain of the thread tearing through his veins was more intense than any pain he had ever experienced.

"Save me... Just kill me, please!"

The man writhed and begged.

With his index finger still on the man's palm, Pyo Wol spoke.

"Tell me everything you know if you want to die."


Tears and snot streaming down his face, the man nodded his head in a daze.

Only then did Pyo Wol retract the Soul Reaping Thread.

Fearing further torture with the Soul Reaping Thread, the man hurriedly spoke.

"I-I don't know anything. The leader handles everything. The leader reports to the superiors via the carrier pigeon every five days. And today is that day."

"Is that true?"

"It's true. If you spare my life, I'll help you."


"Well, that is..."

The man stammered.

At that moment, Pyo Wol struck the man's vital point.

The man's eyes rolled back, and he took his last breath.

It was the greatest mercy Pyo Wol could offer, allowing him to die without pain.

Pyo Wol glanced at the man's corpse for a moment before grabbing the birdcage and heading outside.

As soon as the cage door opened, the carrier pigeon flew into the sky. After circling in the air for a moment, the pigeon began to fly in one direction. Pyo Wol spread his Qigong and followed the direction the pigeon disappeared into.

The carrier pigeon escaped Red Water and headed towards the mountain.

Pigeons typically do not fly at night. They feed during the day and rest at night.

Even if trained as a carrier pigeon, their habits do not change easily. Therefore, it was clear that the superior of Go So-kyung, who received reports through carrier pigeons, was not far from Red Water.

A place where the carrier pigeon could arrive even at night.

The mountain the carrier pigeon flew to was exactly such a place.

Pyo Wol climbed to the top of the tallest tree nearby.

He could see the carrier pigeon disappearing into the forest in the distance.

Pyo Wol stepped on the high branches and followed the pigeon. Eventually, he arrived at a small hut deep in the forest.

There wasn't just one carrier pigeon that had flown to the hut. Several pigeons were perched on the window, cooing.

At that moment, the hut's window opened, revealing a weird-looking man with a bald head.

He checked the legs of the carrier pigeons that had flown in.

"What's this?"

The man suddenly burst into anger.

While all the other pigeons had small tubes containing letters attached to their ankles, only one pigeon had nothing.

The man's face twisted for a moment.

"Could it be?"

He hurriedly looked around.

At that moment, Pyo Wol kicked off the tree and flew towards the man.

"Damn it!"

The man discovered Pyo Wol belatedly and quickly raised his hand. In his hand was a small cylinder.


A hidden weapon was fired from the cylinder.

Pyo Wol swung his dagger horizontally.


An almost invisible, tiny hidden weapon collided with the dagger and bounced off.


Seeing that scene, the man hastily flew out of the hut.

He had realized that his opponent was Pyo Wol.

'How could it be him?'

The man's hairs stood on end all over his body, feeling extreme fear.

He was a close follower of So Yeowol.

He had specialized abilities in gathering information.

So Yeowol had ordered him to monitor whether Pyo Wol would leave Sichuan.

The man had stationed people like Go So-kyung in various places outside Sichuan.

The carrier pigeons that flew to his hut were all sent by his subordinates.

'I never expected him to follow the carrier pigeon. How on earth...'

He knew very well that Pyo Wol was a great martial artist. However, he never thought Pyo Wol would track him down by following a flying carrier pigeon.

'I have to inform him quickly.'

Fortunately, it was a dark night.

If he escaped into the dark bushes, it wouldn't be easy for Pyo Wol to catch him.

With that calculation in mind, the man sprinted with all his might.


However, before he could take ten steps out of the hut, he tripped and fell forward. At that point, his ankle had been severed.

The man endured the fiery pain and looked at where he had fallen.

There, a very fine silver thread, barely distinguishable to the naked eye, was stretched out.

Pyo Wol had set up a spider silver net (지주은망).


The man clenched his teeth and tried to get up. However, it was impossible to stand with his severed ankle.

In the meantime, Pyo Wol landed in front of him.

The moment he saw Pyo Wol's pale white face contrasting with the darkness, the man froze.

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