RDM (Novel) Chapter 448

C 448

Red Water was a city located at the entrance of Guizhou.

It was a gateway city that had to be passed through to move from Sichuan to Guizhou Province.

Most of the trade caravans and courier groups coming from Sichuan stopped at Red Water for a day to check their goods for any issues.

Due to these circumstances, there were several large guesthouses in Red Water for trade caravans and courier groups.

It was dusk when the Zigong merchant group entered Red water.

To rest comfortably in a guesthouse in Red Water, they had not taken any breaks throughout the day.

"We're at Red Water."

"Ah! We'll be able to sleep in a soft bed tonight."

The bodyguards and workers showed their excitement.

Their faces were full of fatigue.

No matter how accustomed they were to long journeys, they were bound to become exhausted from such a forced march.

Lee Sin-pil called one of the bodyguards and gave an order.

"Go ahead and check if there's a guesthouse available for us."

"Understood. It's not a busy season for caravans, so there should be plenty of empty guesthouses."

"Go and check for yourself."


The bodyguard went ahead into Red Water, riding his horse.

Zigong merchant group leisurely followed him.

Pyo Wol sat on the carriage and looked at Red Water.

It was evident from a distance that Red Water was a bustling city.

This was because people could be seen moving busily from afar.

Pyo Wol got down from the coachman's seat.


"Older brother!"

Do Yeonsan and Eun-Yo  greeted him excitedly.

Pyo Wol said to them.

"Let's go together for a while."



Throughout the journey to this point, Pyo Wol rarely got down from the coachman's seat. He didn't want to interfere with Do Yeonsan and Eun-Yo 's time together.

While driving the horse, Do Yeonsan enthusiastically explained the surrounding scenery to Eun-Yo . He vividly described the landscape on behalf of Eun-Yo , who couldn't see.

His descriptions were so realistic that Eun-Yo felt as if she were actually seeing the scenery with her own eyes.

With his hat pulled down deeply, Pyo Wol looked straight ahead. Finally, the Zigong merchant group entered Red Water.

As soon as they entered Red Water, many people looked at the Zigong merchant group.

Most of them looked without any particular thoughts, but among them were some sharp gazes.

These were the eyes that stared with some intent and persistence.

They scrutinized the faces of the Zigong merchant group members with their sharp eyes.

The gaze that had examined the faces of Lee Sin-pil, Goo Sang-hak, and the bodyguards gradually moved towards the back of the caravan.

Their eyes focused on Pyo Wol.

He was the only one in the Zigong merchant group who had covered his face with a hat.

At that moment, Pyo Wol slightly removed his hat.

However, Pyo Wol's appearance had slightly changed. He had altered his facial features using a method called the Reverse Bone technique.

Those who covertly checked Pyo Wol's face soon relaxed. His face, hidden under the hat, was more ordinary than they had expected.

Pyo Wol pulled his hat down again.

'There's one behind that wall and another behind the left panel. Both of them are holding papers.'

Although they acted naturally, they couldn't deceive Pyo Wol's eyes.

Pyo Wol whispered to Do Yeonsan.

"Can you check the papers held by the man in his mid-forties behind the wall and the man in his thirties sitting at the left panel? They seem to be carrying facial sketches."

"Got it, brother!"

With his response, Do Yeonsan naturally got off the carriage.

Do Yeonsan approached the left panel that Pyo Wol had pointed out, pretending to buy a gift for Eun-Yo .

"How much is this?"


"Isn't this hairpin for sale?"

"Ah, of course, it's for sale."

The owner of the left panel looked noticeably flustered.

At that moment, Do Yeonsan sneakily glanced at the paper held by the owner of the left panel.

There was a face drawn on the paper. And the face looked familiar. It was Pyo Wol's face drawn on the paper.

'Brother's suspicion was right.'

In that case, the person watching Pyo Wol from behind the wall must also be holding a facial sketch.

Do Yeonsan threw a silver coin to the owner of the left panel, bought the hairpin, and naturally approached the man behind the wall.

Fortunately, the man was distracted and did not even glance at Do Yeonsan.


Do Yeonsan confirmed the facial sketch in the man's hand. It was definitely Pyo Wol.

He gave a slight nod towards Pyo Wol, who responded with a nod as well.

'As I thought!'

Even if he had been So Yeowol, he would have left watchers here.

Pyo Wol had a conspicuous appearance.

If he had entered with his original appearance, he would have undoubtedly caught their attention.

They didn't pay any attention to young Do Yeonsan. He wasn't the face drawn in the sketch, and his young age didn't raise any suspicions.

Being young had its advantages.

Most people tended to be careless.

Do Yeonsan returned to the wagon seat with a grin.

He handed Eun-Yo  the hairpin he had just bought.

"It's a gift!"

"A gift?"

Eun-Yo was surprised.

Since she couldn't see, she hadn't realized Do Yeonsan had bought the hairpin.

It was an ordinary hairpin, too expensive for the silver coin he paid. However, Eun-Yo 's shoulders trembled as she held the hairpin.

It was the first gift she had ever received in her life.

It was a casual gesture for Do Yeonsan, but it caused a great wave in Eun-Yo 's heart.

Do Yeonsan smiled and said, "I'll buy you something better next time."

"You'll buy me another one? Why?"

"Just because I want to give you something."


Eun-Yo  bowed her head.

Her neck was flushed, but Do Yeonsan didn't notice and looked at Pyo Wol.

"Brother, your facial sketch is confirmed."

"Go ahead first."


Do Yeonsan answered without asking for a reason.

He knew what action Pyo Wol would take.

Pyo Wol naturally got off the wagon when he was out of sight of the watchers.

No one in the Zigong merchant group noticed Pyo Wol's disappearance.

Pyo Wol quietly approached the area where the watchers were.

As soon as he saw the two men, Pyo Wol climbed onto the roof of a nearby pavilion.

He watched the movements of the two men from there.

The two men, unaware of Pyo Wol's gaze, busily checked the faces of the people entering Red Water.

Finally, when the sun set, no more people were seen entering Red Water.

'It seems like everyone who will come today has arrived.'

'It's time to withdraw.'

The two men exchanged glances.

The two people, with their opinions in agreement, packed their belongings and withdrew.

"You've worked hard."

"So have you."

They left the surveillance spot and joined together.

Comforting each other for their hard work, they walked side by side.

They had no idea that Pyo Wol was following them, and they talked without a clue.

"What kind of mission is this? Waiting for someone who may or may not show up. It's been so boring all day."

"Just bear with it for another two weeks. Didn't they say we can withdraw if the person doesn't show up by then?"

"Seeing that he hasn't appeared yet, it doesn't seem like he’s coming this way."

"We don't know that. Anyway, all we have to do is monitor this place until the deadline."


They chatted away, unaware that Pyo Wol was secretly following them.

Pyo Wol walked on the wall, looking down at them.

No one noticed him walking silently like a cat.

The men arrived at a dead-end alley after a while and looked around. Seeing that no one was around, they carefully pushed a part of the wall. Then, the entire wall moved, revealing a secret space.

Without hesitation, the two men entered the secret space.

After they hid themselves, the wall slowly returned to its original state.

Just before the wall closed completely, Pyo Wol, who had been hiding, jumped inside.

Pyo Wol, who had entered silently, looked around the interior.

It was a dark space without a single torch.

It would have taken quite some time for someone entering for the first time to adapt to the darkness, but Pyo Wol adapted in an instant.

'Is this a storage?'

Leather bags were stacked on one side, and various tools hung on the wall.

Pyo Wol discovered a door on the opposite wall.

The door was locked from the outside.

Pyo Wol took out a small lock pick and inserted it into the gap in the door.


The sound of the lock being cut was heard.

When he pushed the door, it opened silently.

Upon leaving the storage, a mansion surrounded by high walls appeared.

It was a typical northern-style structure, with the storage and house surrounding the courtyard in the middle.

It didn't match this hot southern region, as it was a structure chosen to block the harsh winds and cold of winter.

There was only one reason to build such a house in the south, not the north.

It was to avoid the gaze of others.

The structure, which was tightly enclosed by buildings, perfectly protected the interior from the gaze of others.

At least inside, it meant that one could live without worrying about the gaze from the outside.

The inside of the mansion was quiet as if there were no people. To an outsider, it looked like a place where no one lived. But Pyo Wol had seen people enter the mansion with his own eyes.

Moreover, he sensed the presence of several people with his senses.

It was a room in the farthest corner of the mansion.

Four men and one woman were gathered in the room.

The men who had entered through the emergency passage reported to the only woman.

"We've checked everyone who came in today, but there was no one suspicious."

"Are you sure? Did you examine every single one of them?"

The woman's voice was extremely sharp.

She was the person in charge of this place.

She was in her early thirties and her name was Go So-kyung.

She boasted stunning beauty, but no one in this place harbored any lust for her.

They knew well how ruthless she could be.

If one harbored any improper thoughts, they could be melted away by a handful of poison. In fact, one person had died that way.

In response to Go So-kyung's inquiry, the man who had been keeping watch answered.

"There was one suspicious guy, but after checking, it turned out he wasn't the one."

"A suspicious guy?"

"Yes! He was wearing a hat deep down on his face, so it aroused suspicion. But when he took off the hat, it was a completely different face."


"I'm certain. Among those who entered today, there was no one similar to him."

"Well, that's a relief."

Go So-kyung finally relaxed her stern expression.

The man who had been keeping watch cautiously opened his mouth.

"We've been stationed here and surveilling for quite some time now. I'm not sure if this is all just a waste of time."

"Don't think about it."


"Don't think with that not-so-great head of yours. All you guys need to do is follow orders."


The man answered weakly.

Go So-kyung sneered at him.

'Hmph! These guys have no patience whatsoever.'

She didn't enjoy this lifestyle either. But since the order had been given from above, she had to carry it out as a duty.

"Later tonight, go out and check if he has arrived."

"Do we really have to do that?"

"We're dealing with the Reaper. We don't know what face he'll wear or how he'll enter."


The men answered weakly.

Their faces were full of dissatisfaction, but they did not argue.

It was their rule to follow Go So-kyung's orders.

Go So-kyung stood up from her seat.

"I'll go to my room, so report if there are any unusual events."


Go So-kyung left the man behind and returned to her room.

The sticky wind made her body feel clammy.

She was about to take a bath when she had a strange feeling.

She cautiously looked back and saw a man with an unusually pale face standing there.

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