RDM (Novel) Chapter 450

C 450

The Zigong Merchant Group unloaded their belongings at the largest guesthouse in the Red Water city.


The guesthouse had a stable for horses and a large warehouse. The horses were placed in the stable, and the loaded cargo was stored in the warehouse, with the guards taking turns watching it.


Because the goods were so valuable, even if they were stored in a warehouse, they were guarded closely.


On the first floor of the guesthouse, guards who were not on duty and workers were sitting and having a meal.


Do Yeonsan and Eun-Yo sat in a corner of the guesthouse.




"That's crazy."


The guards and workers looked at Eun-Yo's appearance and marveled.


Eun-Yo's face was incredibly beautiful without her veil.


Although her eyes were unfocused, they appeared mysterious in the dim light.


Eun-Yo played with her chopsticks, picking up a little bit of the food on the table and eating it.


Although she couldn't see, her actions were no different from ordinary people.


The eyes are responsible for half of the information humans perceive. However, Eun-Yo's highly developed senses compensated for her eyes, allowing her to live without any inconvenience in her daily life.


"It's delicious! The cook here really knows how to make food."




"Look at these dumplings. The ingredients are neither too much nor too little. It's not easy to create such a harmonious blend."


"That's true!"


Do Yeonsan marveled, as if he had just learned something new.


Just then,


"Ahem! Miss."


Someone cleared their throat and approached the table where the two were sitting.


He was a very large man, and his gaze was fixed on Eun-Yo.


The man was another guest staying at the guesthouse.


He pointed to a table in the back and said,


"The person I serve wishes to see you up close. Please join us for a moment."


"Why me?"


"Our master is a very influential person in this area."






Eun-Yo's response made the man's brow furrow.


He glanced at others and spoke politely.


"Didn't you come with Zigong Merchant Group?"


"And so?"


"If Zigong Merchant Group wants to safely leave the Red Water city, it would be best for you to spare a moment of your time."


Although his words were polite, the content was nothing short of a threat.


"Our master is the ruler of Red Water city, the sub-administrator of the Red Water city."




"If the Red Water city administration decides, no one can unload their cargo here. It's nothing for them to tie up with the Zigong Merchant Group for a day or two. If a large trading company like the Zigong Merchant Group is held up for two days, the losses would be considerable. However, if you spare just a moment of your time, you can easily leave the Red Water city."


The man spoke smoothly, as if he had done this kind of thing more than once or twice before.


The sub-administrator of the Red Water city was a notorious playboy in the area.


He couldn't resist beautiful women.


Eun-Yo caught the attention of such a sub-administrator.


Eun-Yo's mysterious appearance was enough to attract his attention.


'No matter how great Zigong Merchant Group is, they can't do anything about the Red Water city’s administration.'


The sub-administrator's father and the administrator of Red Water city, Kwak Ho-cheol, was known for his cruelty.


For this reason, all the trading companies and couriers that entered this area were mindful of Kwak Ho-cheol and the Red Water city’s administration.


Sub-administrator Kwak Ji-mun observed Eun-Yo carefully.


Seeing that none of the Zigong Merchant Group guards approached her, he was certain she was an uninvited guest. There were occasional cases like this.


Travelers would accompany trading companies or courier agencies on long journeys.


Kwak Ji-mun thought this was the same situation, so he ignored Lee Shin-pil, the head of Zigong Merchant Group, and sent his subordinate directly to Eun-Yo.


There wouldn't be a problem since they showed a polite attitude on the surface.


The man stared at Eun-Yo with an intense gaze.


He naturally thought Eun-Yo would follow him, as most people he had met so far had done.


However, Eun-Yo's reaction was different from his expectations.


"I'll pass."




"She said she doesn't want to."


At that moment, Do Yeonsan intervened.


The man's eyes widened in surprise.


"You be quiet."


"Why don't you be quiet and get lost?"


"This bastard..."


"If you open your mouth again for no reason, you won't be able to chew food with your teeth ever again."


"Damn it!"


The man was about to explode with anger.




Do Yeonsan's fist hit the man's mouth.


His jaw broke, and all his teeth flew out.


"Ugh, ugh!"


The man looked at Do Yeonsan's hand with a disbelief expression, then fell backward.




"What happened?"


"What's going on?"


Kwak Ji-mun's subordinates were startled and jumped up. At that moment, Do Yeonsan got up from his seat and walked toward the table where Kwak Ji-mun and others were sitting.


The sight of the young boy walking with a wobble exuded a strange sense of intimidation.


Kwak Ji-mun frowned heavily as he watched Do Yeonsan approach him fearlessly.




Sensing that the situation might escalate, Lee Shin-pil got up from his seat to intervene. At that moment, Do Yeonsan waved his index finger at him as if telling him not to interfere.




In the end, Lee Shin-pil had no choice but to sit back down.


Kwak Ji-mun's pupils slightly trembled at Lee Shin-pil's reaction.


It was too assertive for someone who was just joining the trading company.




Finally, Do Yeonsan arrived in front of Kwak Ji-mun, pulled a chair, and sat down.


Kwak Ji-mun glared at Do Yeonsan and said,


"How dare you disrespect the warrior of Red Water city. Your guts must be hanging out."






"Since you're older, I'll just call you brother. Brother, if you want to die, just bite the knife upside down and slam your head. That way, you'll die alone, and no one else will be harmed."


"What? This kid, do you know who I am, and you're talking nonsense. What are you doing? Get this brat out of here."


Kwak Ji-mun snapped at his subordinates standing on either side of him.




"You, come out! You brat."


The subordinates reached out towards Do Yeonsan.


At that moment, Do Yeonsan slightly scratched a plate with his fingernail.




The chilling scraping sound echoed throughout the room.


The next moment, the faces of the subordinates and Kwak Ji-mun changed drastically.


The empty plate was split in half as if it had been cut with a knife.


Although he had been blinded by lust and tried to act foolish, he was also a skilled warrior. That's why he could recognize how exceptional Do Yeonsan's skill was.


His father, Kwak Ho-cheol, hadn't even reached that level.


Do Yeonsan tapped the broken plate with his finger and said,


"Brother, do you think your neck is stronger than this plate?"




"Do you think your father's neck is stronger than this plate?"




"I understand you, brother. When you see a beautiful woman, you're attracted and want to hold her hand, right?"




"But you have to look at the person and decide. Brother, you're really lucky today. At least I'm the one you encountered. If it were our brother, there wouldn't be a single living creature left in Red Water city tomorrow."


Do Yeonsan was laughing cheerfully. However, Kwak Ji-mun and his subordinates' faces were pale.


It was because they couldn't breathe due to the oppressive aura emanating from Do Yeonsan.

Their entire bodies trembled as if they were quivering prickly pear.






Moans escaped from Kwak Ji-mun and his subordinates' lips.


When they could no longer endure and reached their limit, the crushing aura disappeared like melting snow.






"I just want to be quiet and leave."




"I want you to help us rest quietly."


"I'll do that."


"Thanks! I knew I could talk to you. I appreciate it!"


Do Yeonsan pushed his chair back and stood up.


His face was still full of cheer. However, to Kwak Ji-mun, he seemed more terrifying than any evil spirit.


'What is with this guy? Where did someone like him come from?'


He didn't even dare to dream of revenge.


The broken dish on the table seemed to be a vision of his own future.


Do Yeonsan possessed such a fearsome power, and he couldn't even imagine how terrifying his older brother would be.


"Bring that guy here."


He ordered his subordinates to bring the collapsed Geohan.


They hurriedly ran and dragged Geohan back.


Seeing Geohan's miserable state, they no longer wanted to stay there.


They hastily left the inn, fearing that Do Yeonsan would come after them.


Do Yeonsan sat back down, chuckling.


Eun-yo glanced in his direction and said,


"You did a good job. At least you didn't go too far."


"I don't want to draw any more attention."


"Well done!"




Do Yeonsan Laughed innocently at Eun-yo 's praise.


The people from the Zigong merchant group who saw this scene felt chills run down their spines.


They had guessed that Lee Sin-pil had entrusted them with someone extraordinary, but they never imagined that the seemingly young Do Yeonsan would possess such power.


'We better not even look in their direction.'


"If that child possesses such power, how much more terrifying would his older brother be?"


It was then.




Someone opened the door and entered the inn.


The faces of those who saw his attire froze even more.


The man wearing a hat adorned with a black blood robe was none other than Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol quickly glanced around the inside of the inn and walked straight to the table where Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo  were sitting.




Do Yeonsan waved his hand at Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol nodded and sat down next to him.


He immediately read the frozen atmosphere of the inn.


"It seems something happened."


"Ah! Some guy was flirting with Eun-yo , so……."


"Did you kill him?"


"No, I just gave him a stern warning."


"Then it's fine."




Do Yeonsan smiled as if he knew Pyo Wol wouldn't press the issue further.


Eun-yo put down her chopsticks and asked Pyo Wol.


"Did everything go well with your task?"




Pyo Wol nodded, and Eun-yo  smiled as if she knew it would.


The scent of blood hung around Pyo Wol.


It wasn't the smell that could be buried by killing one or two people.


It was clear that at least six or more people had died at Pyo Wol's hands.


Pyo Wol easily killed people, but he never did so recklessly. He only killed when there was a good reason.


Pyo Wol tortured the man using his soul reaping thread.


The man clenched its teeth and endured, but it was useless.


He couldn't bear the pain caused by the soul reaping thread moving through his veins. Unable to withstand it, he tried to kill himself, but Pyo Wol wouldn't even allow that.


Pyo Wol tortured the man to the point where it could neither live nor die. Eventually, unable to withstand the pain, the man revealed everything he knew.


As Pyo Wol had suspected, the man was one of the spies So Yeowol had placed.


So Yeowol had dispatched people like the man to every base in Kangho.


People like the man stayed in the base, building their own intelligence networks. They only acted when they received orders from So Yeowol.


The Silver Dragon Marker, which had cooperated with the Galactic Escort Bureau when they entered Sichuan, was one of So Yeowol's bases.


At least, they chose a base on the outskirts of Sichuan, far away from Chengdu because they were afraid of Pyo Wol.


'So Yeowol, you've been busy all this time!'


It was clear that So Yeowol had been constantly moving since escaping the heaven and earth net. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to build such an efficient intelligence network in the world.


Pyo Wol asked the man.


He asked if the information network they were operating was under the command of Guryongsalmak. The man said that he only obeyed So Yeowol's orders.

In other words, it meant that So Yeowol was operating an information network separate from Guryongsalmak.


At that moment, Pyo Wol realized.


So Yeowol was part of Guryongsalmak, but she wasn't entirely submissive to them.


Thinking about it, So Yeowol had always shown a rebellious nature even in the underground cave. It wasn't easy to picture her submitting to anyone.


No matter where So Yeowol belonged or who she was under, she was a woman who could only be satisfied by reaching the top.


A poisonous mushroom called So Yeowol was growing in Guryongsalmak, which had been thought to be perfect.


What Pyo Wol had to do was make the most of this poisonous mushroom named So Yeowol. And that was one of the things Pyo Wol was best at.

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