TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 104

Book 2 - C104 - Unbelievable (3)

"What nonsense are you spouting?"

The Sword Saint snorted. He spoke coldly to the Carnage Demon, who had changed her stance.

"You and I have different circumstances."

Indeed, the circumstances between the Sword Saint and the Carnage Demon were distinct.

The world believed that the Sword Saint was seeking the Sword Demon solely to reclaim his pride after losing in a duel.

The Carnage Demon, on the other hand, sought revenge as the Leader of the Sect of Carnage.

The difference was fundamental.

"What story will you tell if you ultimately want to kill the Sword Demon?"

"No, old man!"

The Carnage Demon acted as if she was surprised to be accused of something so terrible.

"Why do I have to kill him? Anyone would think I kill anyone who catches my attention! Really, where have you heard such a thing?"

As if to say she would stop talking nonsense, the Carnage Demon snorted.


The Sword Saint looked at her incredulously.

Nevertheless, the Carnage Demon quickly averted her gaze and gave a kindly grandmotherly smile to Cale.

'Let's survive first!'

Surviving was the most important thing to the Carnage Demon.

Despite being over sixty years old, she wanted to live one more day.

After killing the Sect of Carnage's Leader and reaching her ten-thousandth kill, she became the new leader of the sect to ensure her survival.

A rare assassin who managed to kill ten thousand times.

The previous Leader of the Sect, fearful of her reputation, sought a way to kill her, and when the Carnage Demon realized this, she struck first.

That's how she became the Leader of the Sect.

Afterwards, she led a modest life as the Leader of the Sect of Carnage, earning the title of Carnage Demon.


The Carnage Demon, who was smiling at Cale, stopped.

Even though she tried to smile with the kindest smile possible, the other's expression turned cold.

As if knowing what he was thinking.

'You really are someone not easily underestimated!'

The Carnage Demon tensed up.

'I've survived in this dirty Murim ground, even in the world of assassins! I can't die here!'

With that thought, she smiled, making an even more innocent gesture.


Growing increasingly uneasy, Cale felt that the Carnage Demon's smile was similar to Ron's.

'...Do all assassins smile like this?'

That fake smile (indulgent).

Cale began to feel uncomfortable around the Carnage Demon.

And the Sword Saint saw it.


The golden tip of his sword came within a step of the Carnage Demon.

"Hey, Sword Saint, calm down!"

The Carnage Demon urgently spoke to Cale.

"Young Master Kim, why don't you talk to me? I'm sure we can clear up this misunderstanding by talking."

She pointed with both hands at Choi Jung Soo.

"I never intended to kill the Sword Demon! I won't in the future either! And I'll never get close to you or the Sword Demon again! I swear on my honor!"

"Huh. I doubt you have any honor to stake."

The Carnage Demon pretended not to hear the Sword Saint's mocking comment.

In fact, honor was something she cared little about, she could give it to an ant that passed by.


When Cale stared at her intently, the Carnage Demon stood up politely.

Silence fell upon the surroundings.

There was a moment of stillness. But that didn't mean there was no movement.


When Sui Khan nodded, Choi Jung Soo stealthily approached him. Then, when his eyes met Choi Han's, Choi Jung Soo subtly averted his gaze.

Choi Han's brow slightly furrowed, and Choi Jung Soo frowned as he kept glancing at Cale and Choi Han.

Ron observed the scene silently and locked eyes with Sui Khan. The team leader, now Sui Khan instead of Lee Soo Hyuk, looked at Ron. Faced with that gaze, Ron smiled and looked away.

Only then did a languid smile form on Sui Khan's lips, and he placed his hand on Choi Jung Soo's shoulder.


He gripped him tightly.

Choi Jung Soo winced in pain and tried to say something, but someone else broke the momentary silence.

It wasn't Cale.

"Human, eat."

Pat, pat. It was Raon who patted Cale on the back.

Raon approached Beacrox, who was in a corner of the abandoned house.

Then, Cale looked at the Carnage Demon and opened his mouth.

"If I let you go peacefully, you won't approach him again, will you?"

"Huh? Yes, yes!"

The Carnage Demon vigorously nodded.

While observing the Carnage Demon, Cale didn't hear what Raon whispered to Beacrox as he approached.


He called him by his first name instead of his alias, Mo Ahn Biroh.

"Give me that thing you have tied to your back."


Beacrox, who now wore white gloves, looked at him quizzically, and Raon spoke very quietly into his ear.

"To the Central Plains in the form of a stone statue, give it to me."

At that moment, Beacrox saw the fire burning in Raon's eyes.

The dark blue eyes were shining intensely.

"I have something to tell the Central Plains."

His voice was very serious.

Beacrox hesitated for a moment and then spoke.

"You mustn't break it."

"Of course! I won't destroy it! Even if the land of the Central Plains is destroyed, I won't touch the statue of the Central Plains. I'll only talk to it, like the Human, we'll just have a conversation."

The corner of Beacrox's mouth lifted in satisfaction.

The Chief Eunuch, who had been listening to the conversation from the side, blinked his eyes, sensing that something was amiss, but Beacrox kindly handed over the statue of the Central Plains from the bag tied to his back.

"...Thank you. Good Beacrox."

Raon grabbed it with his two front paws, looked at Cale, and headed to a corner of the abandoned house, a corner, and crouched down with his back turned.

Indeed, there in his arms was the Statue of Jungwon*.

(Note: As you may have noticed, the land where our protagonists currently are is the Central Plains, but the being that personifies that world is also called 'Central Plains,' so one can confuse the land with the being that personifies it. Therefore, from now on, I'll refer to the being that personifies the Central Plains as Jungwon.

PS: Jungwon literally means Central Plains in Korean.)

"Can you hear me, Statue of Jungwon?"

Raon began his dialogue.

Of course, the other side couldn't respond.

"Statue of Jungwon, release the seal on the Human. Do you want to see me destroy the entire Central Plains? I can do it. I am a great dragon. With a single spell, I can even destroy a mountain."

Wi shivered and stealthily moved away from Raon.

Then, a plea from the Carnage Demon reached her ears.

"Not only will I not approach you, but in the future, I won't accept any business related to Young Master Kim and the Sword Demon in the Sect of Carnage. I won't even look in this direction!"

Cale, who was listening, suddenly muttered.

"That would be difficult, wouldn't it?"


Cale smiled at the Carnage Demon's bewildered question.

"Carnage Demon, it would be a problem for you if you're out of my sight."

"What do you mean by that?"

Cale thought.

'In this situation, encountering the Carnage Demon is unexpected.'

However, it was good.

'The Carnage Demon is a renowned master of the Evil Faction.'

According to imperial intelligence, the Evil Alliance was the representative alliance of the Evil Faction, and the Sect of Carnage was the top group of assassins within it, and the Carnage Demon was famous within the Evil Faction.

In other words, the Carnage Demon was an influential figure in the Evil Alliance.

'If someone like that comes to me...'

He should make use of it.

He was already worried about how to handle the matter of the Living Jiangshi that was planted within the Evil Faction.

Now that the Justice Faction agreed to cooperate with the Namgung Family and Cale, a major issue had been resolved.

It was said that the Demon Cult was planning a meeting with the Murim Alliance and the Evil Alliance, so the Carnage Demon might be useful in investigating and observing what happens there.

But he was still concerned about the Evil Faction, which had no connection to them.

'I even thought about throwing Tunka into the Green Forest (Nokrim).'

Currently, the Evil Alliance was divided into two factions.

Among them, one faction was the bandits, who were under the control of the leaders of the 72 Nokrim Guilds, which was why Cale had been thinking about placing Tunka there.

'But if the Carnage Demon comes under my command,' he thought, 'there would be no one better.'

Furthermore, if the secret assassins join, it would be a very favorable situation.

Cale knew this from his experience with the Molan Family.


Remembering the Molans, Cale's gaze turned to Ron.

Unlike before, Ron had a friendly smile, looking somewhat relaxed. Cale avoided that gaze.

When Choi Jung Soo appeared, Cale had wondered what to do with Ron and Beacrox.

'Let's first resolve the Carnage Demon issue!'

He had a lot to discuss with Choi Jung Soo, but he postponed it for later.

It was nice to meet him after a long time, but the way they reunited was a total mess.

And the Carnage Demon was surprised by Cale's gaze towards Ron.

'...That guy-'

When he broke through the roof and descended, the first thing his eyes landed on was that white-haired man.

The strong man he had seen through his hiding spot at the inn.


Is Young Master Kim going to ask that guy to slit my throat?


"Carnage Demon, you've seen something you shouldn't have seen."

"...Am I not supposed to know that the Carnage Demon and Young Master Kim are friends, or that the Namgung Family and Young Master Kim are friends? I can keep my mouth shut about things like that, believe me!"


Ignoring the Sword Saint who was snorting, the Carnage Demon clasped her hands and looked at Cale.

"Please, Young Master Kim, believe me."

Young Master Kim smiled. Then he said,

"Carnage Demon. You witnessed the scene of the Living Jiangshi's treatment."


The Carnage Demon didn't understand.

"Young Master..."

Wi panicked and spoke to Cale through a Sound Transmission.

-Young Master Kim, are you going to inform the Carnage Demon about this? She's one of the leaders of the Evil Faction! She's also cunning, so it's not easy to trust her-.

At that moment, the Sword Saint shrugged and said,

"Young Master Kim, are you thinking of attracting the Carnage Demon?"


That's when Chief Eunuch Wi realized what Cale was thinking and stopped sending more messages.

"Sword Saint, are you okay?"

At Cale's question, the Sword Saint nodded.

"Anyway, this will come to light. Right now, what's important for protecting the family isn't concealing the flaws, but treating them so they don't get hurt."

The Sword Saint spoke with determination.

"...What are you talking about?"

Only the Sword Demon couldn't understand this conversation.


Even Choi Jung-Soo, who didn't know much about the topic, could only look on in admiration.

"Allow me to explain it simply."

Cale casually said,

"The Blood Cult created a Living Jiangshi beneath the surface of the Murim and planted it within the Justice Faction. Among them, the victim came from the Namgung Family."

"...It can't be..."

The Carnage Demon's pupils shook in confusion.

She was looking at Namgung Taewi. Namgung Taewi, who had been deeply asleep until now, seemed to be in a strange state here.

"Yes, Namgung Taewi was one of the victims, and I cured him."

The Sword Saint smiled slightly at Cale's consideration in referring to him as a victim.

But the Carnage Demon frowned and raised her voice.

"That doesn't make sense! How can a Living Jiangshi be cured? That's, that's..."

At that moment, Namgung Taewi's red membrane/veil caught her attention.

A red membrane that she had been too distracted to notice until now.

"Carnage Demon. Your words are true."

The Sword Saint acknowledged Cale's words to be true.

"This, this..."

The Carnage Demon was dumbfounded by the Sword Saint's willingness to admit something that could have been a blemish on Namgung Taewi's reputation.

And at the same time, everything became clear.

The reason why Young Master Kim, who had reached the Nature Realm, had to use such immense and pure power.

The reason why the Sword Saint's forehead seemed to have aged suddenly.

Namgung Taewei sleeping alone.

And Young Master Kim, who had become both Namgung and the Sword Saint's benefactor.

And the meeting between the Murim people and the imperial family.

It all made sense.

And also the situation she was facing before her.

"Carnage Demon."

Cale said.

"If you hadn't seen it, you might have been able to remain ignorant of all this. But you've already seen it."


The Carnage Demon realized.

"Until this job is done, I don't think I can let you go, Carnage Demon."

She was caught in a very troublesome situation.

The truth was, the Blood Cult or the Murim Alliance was not her concern.

Instead, she was getting a headache at the idea of being dragged into the thick of things, into the heat of battle.

"I think we should start working together from today."

Cale seemed to smile brightly. Kindly.

"I have a lot of matters to attend to within the Evil Faction, and I'll rely heavily on Carnage Demon-nim to help me with that, as well as with matters related to the Blood Cult."

The Carnage Demon had never promised to help. But Young Master Kim had already stated that he would receive her help.

And the Carnage Demon couldn't refute that claim.


Young Master Kim, a Nature Realm martial artist, perhaps the strongest martial artist in the current Murim.

And the unknown assassin (Ron) with lethal skills.

Degul~ The Carnage Demon rolled her eyes.

Is there no way to escape?

Right then, Cale spoke quietly.

"With the Sword Saint, the Sword Demon, the Carnage Demon, and the Fight King. From now on, there will be nothing to fear from the Blood Cult."

Fight King...!

An old man with an evil smile chuckled as he looked at her.

It was the Fight King! One of the Three Kings...!

The Carnage Demon squinted her eyes.

'Dammit, I've walked into the tiger's den!'

The mountain king.

The tiger. Cale smiled satisfactorily as he looked at the Carnage Demon, the prey.

He had already found Choi Jung Soo, and now, the Carnage Demon could handle the Evil Faction for a while.

Now he had the time to quickly deal with the Blood Cult matter.

-Hey, Cale.

At that moment, the old whiner spoke.

-... How many more Living Jiangshi do we have to purify?

The old man sobbed.

Cale's expression hardened.

He realized there was another problem.

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