RDM (Novel) Chapter 465

 C 465

When Pyo Wol returned to the guest house, he was alone.

Wind Saint, who had gone out with him, went off on another errand.

Even without hearing it, it was easy to guess what his business was.



When Pyo Wol returned, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo greeted him happily


"Where's Shin-woo?"

"He's sleeping."


"He seemed tired."

Pyo Wol thought that was understandable.

They had been traveling non-stop until they reached Soyang.

It must have been tough for the younger Nam Shin-woo to handle, even more so than Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo.

Eun-yo asked,

"What about Elder Wind Saint?"

"He has a separate business. He will probably come back late."

"I see."

"Have you had dinner?"

"We're about to. I just told the innkeeper to bring it to the annex."

"Good job."

From here, it was only a few hundred miles to Qiyang, where the New Moon Manor was located.

If Pyo Wol decided to use his Qigong, he could reach it within a day.

Soyang was a city bordering the New Moon Manor's territory. Anything done here would be noticed by the New Moon Manor.

They had come so cautiously to investigate the true nature of the New Moon Manor, and now they could not afford to reveal their identities.

Fortunately, this place was a guest house operated by the Hao Clan.

As long as they stayed in the annex, their identities would not be leaked to the outside.

Soon, the innkeeper entered with a tray full of food.

"Are you hungry? This is the food that the master cooked with great care."

"It looks delicious."

"It smells good."

Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo were impressed.

The smell alone made them imagine how delicious it would be.

The innkeeper placed the food on the table.

"Enjoy your meal."

He bowed his head and stepped back.

Not a single word was said that could make Pyo Wol's party uncomfortable. It meant that he had been well-trained in the Hao Clan.

There were countless members of the Hao Clan scattered throughout Kangho. However, most of them were low-ranking members, and only a handful were part of the upper echelon.

The innkeeper was recognized for his intelligence and being groomed to join the higher ranks.

Although he was working as a waiter in the guesthouse, he was learning how to read people, interact with them, gather information, and process the information he obtained.

After learning everything he could at the grassroots level, he would be sent somewhere else to receive different lessons.

Then he would be sent to an important location in Kangho to work for the Hao Clan.

That was the way the Hao Clan cultivated their talents.

The food the innkeeper brought was quite delicious.

They used good ingredients and did not overuse the seasoning.

It was just right for their taste.

Pyo Wol and Eun-yo ate only a small amount, as they were accustomed to. The rest was for Do Yeonsan.

Before Do Yeonsan finished eating, Eun-yo set aside some food for Nam Shin-woo.

"I'm getting sleepy now that I'm full."

Do Yeonsan muttered with a satisfied expression.

It had been a few days since they had had a proper meal, so they ate hastily. They felt drowsy after getting full.

Eun-yo said with a smile,

"If you're sleepy, go inside and rest."

"Can I?"

"Yes, you can."

"Then I'll sleep for a bit. What about you, sis?"

"I'll stay and chat with Orabeoni for a while."

T/n- Orabeoni refers to older brother in Korean


Do Yeonsan nodded and went inside.

When only the two of them were left, Eun-yo said,

"He's a good kid."

"Yes! He is a good kid."

"Though he's young, he has determination."

"He would. He's always been exceptionally responsible."

"Considering his upbringing, it's not surprising."

Eun-yo and Do Yeonsan had been practically glued to each other during the journey. Naturally, they talked a lot and learnt a lot about each other.

Now, Eun-yo's heart had also warmed up to Do Yeonsan.

The two continued their conversation for a long time.

There weren't many people in Kangho who could understand Pyo Wol. Conversely, there were very few who could understand Eun-yo.

They were one of the few people who could understand each other. That's why their conversation flowed so well.

Suddenly, Pyo Wol closed his mouth. Eun-yo, who had been wearing a puzzled expression for a moment, soon realized why Pyo Wol was doing so and fell silent as well.

A moment later, the door to the annex opened, and a man revealed himself.

It was Geum Pishang of the Hao Clan, who had let them in Soyang.

Geum Pishan greeted the two with a bow and said,

"How do you find your accommodations?"

"It's great. We're well-rested thanks to you."

Eun-yo replied.

Her expression changed.

The relaxed expression she had shown to Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan disappeared, and her unique cold and haughty atmosphere took over.

Eun-yo said,

"Can we hear the Hao Clan's information now?"

"Of course. But..."

Geum Pishang  trailed off, looking at Pyo Wol.

He was asking with his eyes if it was appropriate to have this conversation in front of the still young Eun-yo.

Pyo Wol said,

"From now on, you can think of her as my representative."

"So, should I think of her as the representative of Grandmaster Pyo?"

"That's right!"

"Understood. Then..."

Only then did Geum Pishang  accept and continue speaking.

Pyo Wol thought Geum Pishang  was quite reasonable.

Although Eun-yo exuded a mysterious atmosphere, her appearance had not completely outgrown her childishness. It was possible for someone to underestimate her because of her youth. However, there was no such sign from Geum Pishang .

He really thought of her as Pyo Wol's representative and shared the information he knew.

"After receiving the message, we've been keeping an eye on New Moon Manor. Although we haven't been able to find out much during the short observation period, we recently discovered something unusual.

"What is it?"

"It's an abnormal flow of supplies. Given the size of the New Moon Manor, it's not strange for a lot of supplies to be coming in, but as far as we can tell, it's excessive."

"Why do you think that?"

"You must know that manors are money-consuming monsters. Even large manors find it difficult to maintain their scale without proper business establishments."

A manor was the embodiment of wealth.

Large manors would create huge gardens and vast lakes on unimaginable expanses of land, and place numerous pavilions and decorations around them.

Managing a manor required hundreds of people to reside there.

Naturally, the cost of maintenance was astronomical.

While ordinary manors consumed tremendous costs, those associated with Kangho saw their expenses skyrocket.

The more martial artists residing there, the more astronomical the maintenance costs became.

The New Moon Manor was one such manor.

It was one of the largest manors in the world, so the cost of maintaining it would be enormous.

Geum Pishang  continued,

"Based on our calculations, a manor the size of the New Moon Manor needs more than 200,000 nyangs of gold per year to maintain."

"What's the basis for that calculation?"

"We calculated based on the operating costs of manors of similar size. By adding the operating costs proportional to the number of residents, and calculating the supplies, food, weapons, etc., that's the cost we arrived at."

"I see."

As Eun-yo seemed convinced, Geum Pishang  continued,

"However, no matter how much we calculate, the income that the New Moon Manor brings in doesn't meet that amount."

The New Moon Manor had its own businesses like escort services and merchant groups. It also received substantial donations from other  merchant groups and escort services. However, even taking all of that into account, it fell far short of the New Moon Manor's annual operating costs.

"Are you sure?"

"I've been in Soyang for over ten years. Naturally, I've observed the New Moon Manor as my top priority. I can tell you about the businesses they operate even with my eyes closed."

"So, you're saying that a secret influx of funds is coming from somewhere."

"And it's likely an enormous amount."

"Do you have any idea where it might be coming from?"

"There are a few places, but nothing is certain yet."

"Let's find out together."

At Eun-yo's suggestion, Geum Pishang  nodded and told her everything he knew.

Eun-yo and Geum Pishang  exchanged information and made inferences, forgetting that Pyo Wol was even there.

It seemed like it would take quite a long time for them to reach a conclusion.

Pyo Wol quietly got up and left the room.

He trusted Eun-yo and left it to her.

Eun-yo had the ability to handle it.

With her skills that had built an intelligence network in Chengdu in a short period of time, and Geum Pishang 's information, they would surely find a good solution.

Pyo Wol sat down and looked up at the night sky.

Numerous stars twinkled as if they were about to pour down.



The Hundred Cliff Gate was the largest martial arts faction in Soyang.

The leader of the Hundred Cliff Gate, Jo Jang-pyeong, was a master who had learned a martial art called the Azure Cloud Thunder Fist.

When he unleashed Azure Cloud Thunder Fist, it was said that lightning energy was contained in both fists. There was no one in Soyang who could resist his fist power.

Jo Jang-pyeong built the Hundred Cliff Gate with his own martial power.

Like most people in the world of martial arts, Jo Jang-pyeong was also extremely proud.

He couldn't dare to call himself the best in the world or the best in the region, but at least he thought he was the best in Soyang.

His ambition was equally great.

"I can't be satisfied with just being the best in Soyang. I must become the best in the region, beyond Soyang."

The problem was funding.

For the Hundred Cliff Gate to grow even larger, a substantial amount of funding was needed. It wasn't easy to raise funds through legitimate means.  It was Ya Yulin who approached him.

The leader of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, Ya Yulin, suggested to Jo Jang-pyeong that they drive out the poor and build luxury mansions.

Initially, the slums were located on the outskirts of Soyang, but over time, as Soyang expanded, the area became prime real estate.

If they could build luxury mansions there, they would make a tremendous profit. Ya Yulin promised to share half of the profits with Jo Jang-pyeong.

Without hesitation, Jo Jang-pyeong accepted Ya Yulin's proposal.

Using the Dark Sword Manor , they evicted the poor or bought their houses at rock-bottom prices. The problem was the Gi Family Clinic.

"Once we drive out the Gi Family Clinic, there will be no more obstacles."

Jo Jang-pyeong smiled and raised his glass.

It would just take a little more time, and everything would go according to his plan.

Jo Jang-pyeong thought so and drank.

That's when it happened.


Suddenly, a strong vibration was felt.

The table shook, and the liquor bottle on it rattled.

Jo Jang-pyeong's eyes changed in an instant.

"What's going on?"

Feeling that something was wrong, he jumped up from his seat.


At that moment, his door was shattered, and a strong gust of wind rushed in.


Jo Jang-pyeong covered his face with his hand and looked towards the door.

A middle-aged man was walking into his room, holding someone's nape.

He didn't know the identity of the middle-aged man, but he recognized the man held by the nape right away.

"Leader Yayul?"

The man with a resigned expression, held by the nape, was Ya Yulin, the leader of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

"Why are you here?"

"Ru-run, Sect Leader Jo."

At Ya Yulin's words, Jo Jang-pyeong clenched his fists.

He knew Ya Yulin wasn't the kind of person to speak so weakly.

As the leader of the wealthy Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he protected himself with numerous bodyguards and treasures.

The fact that Ya Yulin was captured in such a pathetic state meant that the opponent was an exceptionally skilled master.

Jo Jang-pyeong secretly gathered his energy and looked at the middle-aged man.

"Who are you? If you release Leader Ya Yulin and leave now, I will forgive you."

"Hehe! How ridiculous. How dare someone like you say that to me."

"I am Jo Jang-pyeong, the leader of the Hundred Cliff Gate. I have every right to say that."

"I've heard your martial arts are quite formidable. Show me what you've got."

The middle-aged man, who threw Ya Yulin aside and spread out his hands, was none other than  Wind Saint.

He had visited the Hundred Cliff Gate after the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.


Watching Jo Jang-pyeong unleash his Azure Cloud Thunder Fist with all his might, Ya Yulin tightly closed his eyes.

"No, don't!"

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