RDM (Novel) Chapter 467

 C 467

Wind Saint muttered with an incredulous expression.

"Did the sun rise from the west? Huh, it's hard to believe that the stubborn friend of mine would apologize."

The divine physician was a person who would justify anything in the name of saving people.

In fact, he saved many lives and revolutionized medical science.

If only the medical techniques he established while wandering the world were spread, countless lives could be saved.

His pride reached the sky.

There wasn't a single person who could stop him from doing as he pleased.

Even Wind Saint couldn't.

His seemingly unbreakable pride bent just a little. Though it was shaky, he apologized.

It was unbelievable, but it was evidence that the divine physician was considering his granddaughter's feelings.

It felt like a dream.

Gi Seon-hye approached Pyo Wol and said,

"Since my grandfather has apologized, please let go of your anger. From now on, I'll make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen."


The divine physician couldn't say anything and just let out a pained groan.

Last night, he had long conversations with his son and granddaughter. And they made a few promises.

First, he would not leave their home without saying anything.

Second, while staying at their home, he would not cause any trouble.

Third, he would pass on the medical techniques he learned while wandering the world to Gi Seon-hye


Those were the promises he made.

If he broke even one of them, Gi Mu-seong and Gi Seon-hye would never see his face again.

In the end, the divine physician had no choice but to make these promises.

With Gi Seon-hye taking this stance, Pyo Wol could no longer consider the divine physician an enemy.

Pyo Wol asked Gi Seon-hye,

"What brings you here?"

"Ah! Wind Saint asked my grandfather to watch over Shin-woo"

At her answer, Pyo Wol looked at the Wind Saint.

Wind Saint nodded and said,

"Shin-woo's regenerative ability is abnormal, so I asked him to take a look. Maybe we can uncover the secret behind it."

If possible, it would be good to remove such an ability from Shin-woo. Then, at least, he could live a normal life like everyone else.

The divine physician asked,

"Where is the child?"

"Follow me."

Wind Saint led them to Shin-woo's room.


Nam Shin-woo looked at the people who entered his room with a sleepy face.

Wind Saint said with a kind smile,

"This old man is a famous physician I know, and he's willing to examine you. Is that alright?"


Nam Shin-woo nodded without hesitation.

He knew that Wind Saint cared for him deeply.

"Stretch out your arm."

The divine physician took Nam Shin-woo's pulse.

With his eyes slightly closed, he examined Nam Shin-woo's pulse and muttered,

"Strange. How strange! How can a person's pulse be like this......"

"Is it really bad?"

"You should feel it too."

The divine physician let Gi Seon-hye feel Nam Shin-woo's pulse.

A physician like Gi Seon-hye, who was not yet fully skilled, needed to see as many patients as possible. The more illnesses she encountered, the more her skills would improve.

Studying a peculiar constitution like Nam Shin-woo's, which was hard to come by even once in a lifetime, could greatly expand their experience.

Gi Seon-hye focused on Nam Shin-woo's pulse with her eyes closed.

Thump! Thump!

Nam Shin-woo's pulse was a mess.

Sometimes it beat strongly, other times it was barely perceptible, as if his heart had stopped.

Gi Seon-hye was greatly flustered, as she had never encountered such a pulse before.

She removed her hand from his pulse and said,

"How could he be alive with such a pulse?"

"A normal person would have died a long time ago. The fact that he's still alive is a miracle in itself."

"Is there really such a thing as immortality?"

At Gi Seon-hye's question, the divine physician thought deeply with his eyes closed.

After a while, he spoke,

"I can't be sure right now. It could be a hidden pulse, or it could be a side effect of taking some elixir unknowingly."

"Hidden pulse? I guess that's a possibility."

Gi Seon-hye nodded her head.

There were countless hidden pulses in the body. There might be one that exhibited such strange symptoms.

"We need to watch him closely to find out. If it's all right, I'd like to take Nam Shin-woo to the clinic for further examination. If it's a hidden pulse, we'll treat it, and if he unknowingly took an elixir, we'll find an antidote.

"You mean taking him to the Gi Family clinic?"

"Isn't it more convenient there for examinations?"


Gi Seon-hye nodded her head.

Although it looked shabby on the outside, the Gi Family clinic had everything that was needed for practicing medicine. Acupuncture needles, high-quality medicinal herbs, and furnaces and pots for extracting the proper medicinal strength.

These were the best things that were hard to come by in Kangho.

The divine physician asked Nam Shin-woo,


"Why don't you follow this old man to the Gi Family Clinic?"

"If Master Pyo Wol approves, I'll go."

Nam Shin-woo looked at Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol nodded his head.

"Let's move our dwelling to the Gi Family Clinic. I was planning to stay here for a while anyway."


"Get up. Let's head to the Gi Family Clinic right away."


Nam Shin-woo immediately got up from his seat.

That's when Gi Seon-hye spoke up.

"Oh, by the way! You should be prepared for some commotion while staying in the Gi Family Clinic. Although the dark sword manor has backed off, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate behind them won't give up on the Gi Family Clinic so easily."

"There's no need to worry about that."


As Gi Seon-hye tilted her head, Wind Saint casually continued.

"They will never bother the Gi Family Clinic."

"What do you mean... No way?"

Gi Seon-hye's eyes widened in surprise.

The divine physician chuckled and said,

"Do you think that guy would leave any aftermath? The owners of both Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate are probably shitting their pants right about now."

Although Wind Saint was called by that nickname because he loved freedom and had a free-spirited nature, he also wouldn't tolerate anything that tried to confine him.

That was the true identity of Wind Saint.

Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the Hundred Cliff Gate wouldn't even glance at the Gi Family Clinic, let alone the slums.

Wind Saint spoke to Pyo Wol.

"As you can see, things have turned out this way. Although that old man has a strange personality, he is good at taking care of people, so he'll take good care of Shin-woo."

"It seems so."

"Don't worry about the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion or the Hundred Cliff Gate. They won't have the energy to bother you."

Pyo Wol looked at Wind Saint with an unexpected expression.

Wind Saint turned around and said,

"I don't know why, but I've noticed that you don't want to reveal your identity. If I'm with you, you'll inevitably attract attention. It would be more convenient for you to have Shin-woo and me stay in the Gi Family Clinic instead."

"Are you being considerate?"

"I don't like it personally, but you’re the only one Shin-woo can rely on besides me."

With that said, Wind Saint walked over to Nam Shin-woo.

Wind Saint and Nam Shin-woo left the annex with the divine physician.

Pyo Wol looked at Gi Seon-hye, who was still there.

"And you?"

"I have something I want to ask."

"Go ahead!"

"You haven't eaten yet, have you? There's a nice stall, let's get some food and talk."


Pyo Wol nodded his head.

Coincidentally, he was feeling hungry.

Pyo Wol looked at Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo. The two waved their hands and said,

"We'll eat here, so you two can go."

"I have something to do, so I can't go out. Brother, you can go alone."

Pyo Wol didn't insist any further on their polite refusal.

He left the guesthouse with Gi Seon-hye.

They headed to a back alley far away from the guest house. After passing through the dark alleyway, which seemed to be a place where people would never approach, a surprising scene appeared.

A fairly large empty lot was filled with a considerable number of people doing business.

"What's this place?"

"It's a market for people from the slums."

"They gather here to do business?"

"The downtown area doesn't accept them, they can't afford to rent a proper shop, and the stalls don't accept them, so they gather in abandoned back alleys like this one. People don't usually come here, but if they do, they can find a lot of useful things."

As Gi Seon-hye explained, Pyo Wol looked at the items on the market.

There were no proper stalls, so the goods were scattered on the ground.

From everyday items like rusty knives and dented kettles to unidentified herbs and various objects of unknown origin. It seemed as if all the garbage in the world had gathered here.

What might be considered unnecessary to the rich was useful to the poor.

"In the slums, we call this place the Dew Market."

"An unusual name."

"That's because it's only open for a short time in the morning and then disappears, just like the dew that disappears when the sun rises".

"That makes sense."

"Since the goods don't sell all day anyway, they sell for a short time in the morning and spend the rest of the time doing other things to make a living".

"They live busy lives."

"They have no choice but to raise their children, and that's the only way they can get enough food to get through the day."

Gi Seon-hye's eyes were full of compassion as she looked at the poor.

"Oh my! Are you here, young lady?"

"What brings you here?"

"Young lady!"

The poor people who were doing business were delighted to see her.

Among those doing business here, there wasn't a single person who hadn't received help from Gi Seon-hye's place.

They were lowly people who struggled to make ends meet, but they looked at her with respect.

Just by seeing their reactions, one could easily tell the kind of treatment Gi Seon-hye received in this place.

Gi Seon-hye led Pyo Wol deeper into the Dew Market.

There were many stalls selling food.

They were selling food to people who had just finished their morning business.

Gi Seon-hye guided Pyo Wol to one of them.

"Here it is."

It was a food stall run by a hunchbacked old woman.

"Oh my! Young lady."

The old woman, who was cooking noodles, stopped and looked at Gi Seon-hye in surprise.

"Can we have beef noodles?"

"Of course. But the seating is a bit shabby..."

"What does the seating matter? To me, the beef noodles made by grandmother are the best in the world."

"Who is this gentleman?"

"He's an important guest from Gi Family Clinic."

"Oh my! Then I must make it as delicious as possible. Please wait a moment, I'll whip up a bowl for you."

"Thank you."

"I should be the one thanking you. Thanks to you, young lady, for fixing my back and legs, I'm able to run this business."

The old woman showed her toothless gums with a bright smile.

Gi Seon-hye took a seat and spoke to Pyo Wol.

"Please sit. Not trying the beef noodles here would be like wasting your time in Soyang. I hope you don't mind eating food from a street stall like this?"

"Not at all!"

"I'm relieved. I was a bit worried, actually."

There were quite a few people who had a preconceived notion that street food would be dirty. And in many cases, it was. But the old woman who ran the stall she was sitting at was far from that.

The old woman had an obsession with cleanliness. As a result, her stall was spotless, even if it was located in a dirty area.

The old woman quickly rolled up the beef noodles and put them in front of the two.

"I added more noodles for the gentleman. If it's not enough, let me know and I'll roll more."

"This should be enough."

"Enjoy your meal."

Pyo Wol bowed his head and smelled the noodles.

The aroma was already appetizing.

He picked up his chopsticks, stirred the noodles, and took a sip of the soup first.

The spicy soup warmed him up from the inside.

Seeing this, Gi Seon-hye grinned.

"You know how to eat."

She also drank the soup first, just like Pyo Wol.

The sensation of the hot soup going down her throat was satisfying.

Having finished the soup, it was time to eat the noodles.

They ate the noodles as if they were competing with each other.

Slurping noises filled the air as the conversation paused, and the sound of them enjoying their noodles echoed.

The old woman looked at them with a smile on her face as they ate her beef noodles.

'How well do they get along?'

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