IBRV (Novel) Chapter 28

Ah, what is this feeling of incongruity?

Their appearance, which looks beautiful just by looking into their eyes, emitted a danger signal.

The writer of <Adopted> was never someone who gave good looks to extras.

To be honest, there was hardly any description even for me.

So, with this level of appearance, they're definitely either a lead role or an important supporting role.

"It doesn't matter."

Just give this and go.

Honestly, I don't want to get more involved.

If they were a lead or supporting role, they'd all be entangled with the female protagonist, so I didn't know if my information would somehow fit into that.

"Even if it's just a description of my appearance, let alone my name..."

Obviously, the intelligence of the Etham family will find me immediately.

They carefully took the bun I gave them, looked at it closely, and started biting into it.

I looked at them and turned away.

"... Oh, I should give you this too."

I took out a small blue fragment from inside my money pocket.

It was a fragment received from Richard's treasure chest the other day. And this was part of the "Fragments of Balance."

Actually, the "balance fragment" wasn't a single piece.

Originally, it was a round blue gem like a pearl called the "Balance Stone," but the first head of the Etham family started to split and distribute "The Balance Stone" to those in need.

There are seven fragments in total, and the largest fragment is the Erno Etham fragment, which is a collection of three fragments.

And this is a piece of that fragment.

"Even in the novel, there was a story that Richard was the owner..."

So later, when the heroine asked for it, Richard passed her the piece without saying anything.

I received it from Richard this time.


Of course, I didn't steal it, but in fact, Erno Etham wouldn't have lost anything if I had told him in advance.

Maybe I should have added more protection. I felt a slight sense of guilt.

I can't give back the three.

Excluding Erno Etham and the one I received from Richard, there must be three more scattered fragments, but the future High Priest will have two...

"Where is he?"

I couldn't remember very well.

Tap, tap, tap, tap-

Tap, tap, tap, tap-

And why does it feel like I'm not walking alone?

When I stopped walking, the shadow following me also stopped. I swallowed nervously.

"... Who is it?"

Did someone recognize me?

Very nervously, I walked to a place with a lot of people and slowly looked back.

"... you."

The one following me was the boy from before.

"Why...? I don't have any more food."

"I... Can I follow you?"

My eyes naturally widened at the youthful beauty. No, not that.

"What? What do you mean...?"

"I have nowhere to go."

I was at a loss for words for a moment at the murmur that came from the bowed head.

"I'll make you my teacher..., no, let me do it now."

They said, kneeling in the middle of the street.

Of course, my speech was blocked, and people's gazes started to wander.

"Ar-Are you crazy? Get up quickly!"

I quickly grabbed the boy's shoulder.

"Please, let me follow you, Teacher."

I opened my eyes wide at the sad voice and the kneeling figure.


"I think I did something wrong? Is a noble here...?"

"No matter what, kneeling in the middle like this..."

No, no!

I can't!

I stood there bewildered and held the boy's shoulder. The blue eyes that looked out from under the tunic were downcast.

"Let's go... Let's go quickly..."

"Can I really follow you...?"

I don't know why he's acting like an abandoned puppy. I nodded sharply.


The boy's face reflected under the tunic lit up. I stared at his face for a moment, then quickly turned around.


Obviously, they are one of the main or important supporting characters!

No matter how you look at it, they must be. If it was a supporting role, there was a high probability that it was a very, very important supporting role.

When I turned around, the boy hurriedly followed me.

"I have one too."


"I have what you're holding in your hand, Teacher."

When I turned my head to follow his gaze, I saw my hand holding the "Fragment of Balance."

"You have this...?"


He rummaged inside his tunic and handed me something.

It was a "Fragment of Balance."

Also, two pieces larger than mine.

".... Two pieces?"


Strange thoughts passed through my head.

Because, except for the ones Erno Etham lost, there are four pieces of "Fragments of Balance" left in the world.

Of these, I have one piece, and I don't know where the other is, and the other two pieces...

"The future High Priest has them, but..."

Erno Etham's three pieces shouldn't be lying around on the ground...


Anxious thoughts passed through my mind.


Probably not.

Why would the future High Priest be here? Shouldn't they be in the temple?

I shook my head, trying to dismiss the thoughts in my head.

"Teacher, where are you going?"

"To Duke Collin!"

"Ah... If it's that family, it's this way."

The boy walked ahead, taking my hand carefully.

"Now, why are you following me...?"

"As I said, I have nowhere else to go."

A lie.

There's no way they wouldn't be looked for in the temple.

If they are really that person, I think they should already be in the temple as a priest candidate.

"It's here."

Arriving at the mansion, I put them in the shade of a tree near the enormous main gate.


"I'll be back soon."

"And if you don't come back? I don't even know my teacher's name."

Why the heck am I their teacher...?

"I'm Eirin. I'm not lying."

Of course, I can go out and discuss why they're following me.

And I don't know if I'll be able to get in.

But Richard needed a family. Every child needs a family.

"If I have a place to return to, I'd rather go back."

Especially if it's a place where you can be loved.

"Hello, can I meet the Duke?"

I smiled and greeted the soldier guarding the gate.

"What? I don't know why, but you can't meet the Duke casually."

"Oh... I know where the Duke's son is! So, can you let him know...?"

"Girl, stop talking nonsense...."


Another soldier beside me whispered to the soldier in front of me.

The soldier's expression turned strange.

"... Unconditionally? But she's a girl. Surely her parents made her..."

"You don't want to disobey orders."

"It's not... ah. I understand. Wait a minute. I'll be right back."

The soldier told me to wait for a moment and started running toward the mansion.

I turned around and saw the boy in a tunic standing under the tree, looking at me with the same attitude.

"Duke Collin..."

Duke Collin was a family on a scale similar to Duke Etham.

That said, Duke Etham had a bit more of an advantage.

This was a family with a long lineage that produced outstanding mages.

It's said that he was cynical and cold with everything except his wife and the child born from her womb.

Such a devoted person that he would even give up billions in profit if it involved something related to his family.

"Will he believe me?"

I'm sure he'll give me a reward, but I haven't decided what to ask for.

"If I ask for money..."

There will definitely be a record in the bank account, but no matter how much I think about it, I think Erno Etham will check the account record.

"So... What should I ask for?"

While lost in thought, the soldier returned.

"His Excellency the Duke wants you to come in."


"...Ha, when I said there are no more liars, you're bothering me again. Looks like I'm going to have to pull out another corpse."


Now that I think about it, this personality wasn't a joke...

In particular, I heard he hated lies, so the moment you told a lie, your throat would fly off.

I swallowed nervously and clenched my fists.

"I'm not lying..."

It's not like there's any evidence at this moment...

"This way. If it's a lie, you better apologize immediately."

The soldier whispered softly and opened the door.

When the door opened, I could smell ink and paper.

Inside, a clean-looking man with slicked-back hair was handling paperwork with an expressionless face.

He exuded indifference to the world in his eyes and a slightly raised gaze.


He said without taking his eyes off the papers.


"Didn't you say you knew my son? Impression, appearance, characteristics, name, anything is fine, so tell me what you know."

It was a refreshing and cold voice.

It was on a different level from Erno Etham's voice, which was friendly and soft even on the outside.

When I didn't say anything, the purple eyes, which seemed as if they had been weary for a long time and were emotionless, strangely gleamed and reached me.


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