RDM (Novel) Chapter 459

C 459

The Wind Saint had lived his life with nothing but pride.

Even in the most desperate of circumstances, he never once bowed his head to others or asked for help.

Rather than killing his pride, he would have preferred to die, even if it meant impaling himself on a sword.

If it was his own life that was at stake, he wouldn't have asked Pyo Wol for help even if he was dying. But since it was Nam Shin-woo's life that was at stake, he killed his pride and begged Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol thought it was unexpected.

He hadn't thought that the Wind Saint would be so attached to Nam Shin-woo'.

Nam Shin-woo felt the same way.

His desperate feelings were clearly visible on his face as he looked at the Wind Saint.

Without a second thought, Pyo Wol stepped in front of the Wind Saint.

Baek Ho-gyeong looked at him with anger in his eyes.

"It would be better if you didn't."


"Because you will regret it."

"I'm already living with countless regrets. It doesn't matter if one more is added."

"Do you know who he is?"

"It's Wind Saint, isn't it?”

"His name is Jang Cheon-sa."


"You really don't know, huh? Haha! This is just..."

Baek Ho-gyeong wore an incredulous expression.

A sarcastic laugh naturally formed at the corner of his mouth, as if to say, "How could you not know that?"

Pyo Wol didn't like Baek Ho-gyeong's attitude.

He didn't like him to begin with, but he didn't like him even more when he looked down on him like that.

Pyo Wol walked towards Baek Ho-gyeong.

His steps were as silent as a thieving cat's, and the mockery on his face vanished. The smirk on Baek Ho-gyeong's face disappeared.

A master can tell the level of an opponent by their movements alone.

By observing Pyo Wol's footsteps, Baek Ho-gyeong could discern his martial arts style and expertise.

Baek Ho-gyeong spoke again.

"This is your last warning. If you back off now, I'll pretend nothing happened. Don't regret it, and make the right choice."


Pyo Wol gave no response.

Baek Ho-gyeong's expression turned cold.

He felt that his proposal had been completely ignored.

It was the first time in his life he was so completely ignored, and it made him angrier.

Despite the hot flames rising in his chest, his head remained calm.

He was aware that Pyo Wol was not an opponent to be taken lightly, independent of his anger.

His opponent was fully conserving his energy, while he himself had exhausted more than half of his internal strength fighting the Wind Saint.

Regardless of their original martial arts prowess, he was at a disadvantage.

As time passed, the situation would become even more unfavorable.

'Let's finish this quickly.'

His thoughts were brief, and his actions swift.


Baek Ho-gyeong unleashed the ultimate move of the White Lotus, called Hundred Lotus Sky.

In an instant, countless dazzling white lotuses bloomed in the darkness.

The petals of the white lotuses fluttered as if scattered by the wind, then plunged directly toward Pyo Wol.

It was similar in form and power to the legendary secret technique of the Tang Clan, Ten Thousand Flowers Rain.

Puff, puff, puff!

The petal-shaped qi pierced through Pyo Wol.


For a moment, Baek Ho-gyeong's expression contorted.

The image of Pyo Wol being pierced by the qi disappeared like a mirage.

'An afterimage?'

Suddenly, he felt Pyo Wol's presence behind him.

He had used his demonic shadow exchange to fool Baek Ho-gyeong's eyes and moved behind him.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The three soul reaping threads targeted Baek Ho-gyeong's vital points like venomous snakes, but he was an absolute expert for a reason. In an instant, a protective energy surrounded him.

Blocked by the protective energy, the Soul Reaping threads lost their strength and were deflected to the side.


Baek Ho-gyeong lunged into Pyo Wol's embrace, unleashing the White Lotus technique.

It was a technique capable of destroying anything.

Baek Ho-gyeong was confident that if he could land a single strike on Pyo Wol, it would render him unable to resist.

The White Lotus technique was a martial art created to destroy the human body.

Its power was such that it could tear through walls of steel as thick as a stone.

Pyo Wol didn't dodge the White Lotus technique but instead threw a punch straight at it.

It was the Fist of Destruction.

Baek Ho-gyeong's hand and Pyo Wol's fist collided in midair.


With a loud explosion, both men were thrown backward.


Baek Ho-gyeong grunted as he regained his balance.

He was pushed back more than ten paces from the initial point of impact.

This was the first time he had suffered such a loss in a head-on clash since he had cultivated the White Lotus Technique.

The hand that had collided with Pyo Wol's fist throbbed with pain, as if it were crushed.

It was impossible for a hand forged in the White Lotus technique  to actually be crushed. But it was true that he received a shock enough to feel pain.

'Where is he?'

Baek Ho-gyeong looked around for Pyo Wol, but Pyo Wol was nowhere to be seen in his field of vision.

'Has he fallen?'

Baek Ho-gyeong thought it was unlikely.

Although Pyo Wol would have suffered as much damage as he had, he wasn't the kind of person to fall from just that much.

If he were that easily broken, he wouldn't have earned the title of Reaper. Pyo Wol was as relentless as a wolf and as lethal as a venomous snake, and there was no way such a being would back down from this much damage.


At that moment, a faint sound of air being sliced came from the side.

Baek Ho-gyeong unleashed the White Lotus technique towards the sound.


At that moment, a thread-like energy struck his palm.

The finely condensed energy pierced through his palm and flew towards his forehead.


Baek Ho-gyeong clenched his teeth and swung his hand outward, narrowly avoiding the threaded serpent qi that grazed his temple. Beyond his palm, he could see Pyo Wol holding the threaded serpent qi.

Even in the darkness, his unnaturally pale face stood out, with features more beautiful than a woman's and a single streak of red light flickering in his black eyes.

It was a fitting appearance for someone with the title of Reaper.

If a real Reaper existed, it would look exactly like this. However, there was no time to admire it forever.

Pyo Wol was an opponent that had to be defeated at all costs.

A foe worth fighting to the death.


Baek Ho-gyeong roared and launched a series of fierce attacks.

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

The air was torn apart, and the ground exploded.

It was truly a terrifying display of power.

But Pyo Wol managed to dodge all the attacks by a hair's breadth.


Staying low to the ground, Pyo Wol charged forward.

It was terrifying to watch him run, curving back and forth like a viper.

The combination of his snake steps, the darkness, and his black blood robe made it difficult to make out his form.

If it weren't for the red light flickering in the darkness, it would have been nearly impossible to determine Pyo Wol's movements.

Boom! Crash!

The darkness was torn apart by the White Lotus technique, but none of his attacks managed to land a proper hit on Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was like a ghost.

Even Baek Ho-gyeong, one of the most formidable fighters, felt a chill down his spine due to Pyo Wol's movements.


The threaded serpent qi pierced through the darkness.

The fact that he could condense his energy into something as thin as a thread was astonishing. If Pyo Wol had not been his enemy, Baek Ho-gyeong would have sincerely admired him.

Baek Ho-gyeong felt the need to draw upon the hidden ace that he had kept concealed until now.


The atmosphere around them changed.

It was as if the sky was collapsing, with a tremendous weight pressing down on the air.

It was difficult to breathe, like being trapped in a swamp.

Even a great expert like Pyo Wol felt the pressure from Baek Ho-gyeong's overwhelming aura.

The Void Shadow Fist.

It was another martial art technique he had mastered.

It was the legendary martial art technique of the once-called Black Martial Empress.

Having refined it over a long time, its power was close to groundbreaking.

"Ha! Heaven Crushing Sky!"

Baek Ho-gyeong roared loudly as he unleashed the ultimate move of the Void Shadow Fist on Pyo Wol.


An enormous pressure was instantly applied to Pyo Wol.

The pressure of the heavens pressing down on the world.

That was the essence of Heaven Crushing Sky.


Rocks and pebbles within the area of the attack crumbled under the incredible pressure.

The rocks turned to dust and scattered.

At the center of it all was Pyo Wol.


Baek Ho-gyeong's roar echoed through the air.

He even employed a secret technique called the latent power explosion.

The latent power explosion was a dangerous technique that temporarily drew out one's latent potential, but it had severe side effects.

If used carelessly, it could turn the user into a cripple.

Even the Black Martial Empress, who created the latent power explosion technique, had become crippled after using it. After extensive research, she managed to significantly reduce the damage caused by the technique. Although she couldn't completely escape the side effects, at least it prevented her from becoming a cripple.

The pressure on Pyo Wol doubled.

It felt as if he was being crushed under a massive mountain.

Pyo Wol couldn't move even a single step and stood frozen in place.

Baek Ho-gyeong wore a cold smile on his face.

It was a risk worth taking.

It was then that his gaze landed on Pyo Wol's hand.

A strand of soul reaping thread extended from Pyo Wol's hand. However, the direction in which it was heading was strange.

It wasn't directed toward where Baek Ho-gyeong was standing, but instead in a completely different direction.

'Was he unable to fully release it due to the pressure?'

A thought crossed his mind that this wasn't the case.

The Pyo Wol he had experienced wasn't the kind of person to be unable to execute a technique just because of this much pressure. If that was the case, there must be another trick up his sleeve.

Baek Ho-gyeong focused his gaze on the soul reaping thread extending from Pyo Wol's hand.

The soul reaping thread continued to extend.

The energy strands connected like a thread, densely surrounding him like a spider's web.


He felt a chill down his spine, and an extreme sense of danger approached.


At that moment, Pyo Wol pulled his hand.


The net of energy that was spread around Baek Ho-gyeong instantly tightened around him.

It was the Spider’s Silver Net technique.

Pyo Wol had secretly set up the Spider Silver Net while circling Baek Ho-gyeong.


Baek Ho-gyeong hastily released a protective energy barrier and thrust his body into the air.

The backlash from using the Heaven Crushing Sky and the latent power explosion was imminent.

His internal organs and head were shaken. Nevertheless, he continued to exert all his strength and propelled himself forward.


Baek Ho-gyeong, who had barely escaped the Spider Silver Net , let out a desperate scream.

He managed to escape by a hair's breadth, but his left wrist was severed, and he sustained deep gashes on his side and shoulder.

The Spider Silver Net had even cut through his protective energy barrier.

Despite the excruciating pain, Baek Ho-gyeong quickly got up.

He knew that if he stayed down due to the pain, it would be the end.

He hurriedly picked up his severed arm and propelled himself backward.

He landed on a tall tree about fifty yards away from Pyo Wol and glared at him.

"You! I will never forget this day."

Without waiting for Pyo Wol's response, he disappeared into the darkness.

Pyo Wol told Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo:

"Take care of Wind Saint"


Pyo Wol Launched himself into the air, pursuing Baek Ho-gyeong.

He never left any loose ends.

Even seemingly insignificant enemies could become significant threats if left unattended, let alone an absolute master like Baek Ho-gyeong.

He needed to finish things when he had the chance.

That was Pyo Wol's nature.

In an instant, Pyo Wol vanished in the direction where Baek Ho-gyeong had disappeared.

"He, He..."

Wind Saint's jaw dropped, having witnessed the scene.

He had heard rumors about Pyo Wol's persistence, but he had no idea it was to this extent.

His tenacity surpassed imagination.

For the rest of their lives, if someone were to become his enemy, they would probably never be able to sleep at night.

"It's unbelievable."

Wind Saint shook his head.

Nan Shin-woo approached Wind Saint.

"Master, are you okay?"

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