TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 604

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 Chapter 604


Looking at Rimmer, Raon clenched his lips tightly.

‘This is driving me crazy...’

If he had been alone, he wouldn't have minded risking his life to fight Roman, but right now, there were many people he had to protect.

He couldn't understand why Rimmer was suddenly causing trouble when Roman said he would leave on his own.

The very act of naming Roman as "the lying bastard" was so shocking that it would undoubtedly damage his reputation. He didn't appear to be backing down.


Roman's eyes turned grim, as if he was about to cut Rimmer's throat right away.

"You're going to die because of that mouth someday."

"Oh, yeah. I'll die, and you'll be the lying bas... Hup!"

Raon stepped forward, pressing his foot on the ground with the Supreme Harmony steps and muffling Rimmer's mouth.

"Please shut up. Please."

He hit Rimmer's waist with his knee, preventing him from struggling.


Rimmer stumbled and sat down, reeling from the impact on his waist.

"Because of that idiot, the flow has been disrupted, so say it again."

Roman glanced at Rimmer for a moment before turning his gaze back to Raon.

"Two years ago, when accepting the life-and--death duel, I didn't think you would grow this much. It's an unbelievable improvement. However..."

He turned his gaze down, twirling the axe on his fingertips.

"Two years have given me new strength too. You’re still lacking. If you want to survive, climb higher."

"But if I survive, won't you die?"

"What is a life-or-death battle? It's a fight where someone lives and someone dies. It's a blessing for a warrior to die by the hands of a stronger one."

Roman smiled coolly, saying that it would be lucky if a warrior could die in a battle where he gave his all.

Raon squinted his eyes at the smile that bloomed on Roman's lips.

'Is this the real personality of Axe King Roman?'

He had thought that Roman was a madman who broke his promises every time they met, but now that he thought about it, he hadn't killed anyone before, and he wasn't doing it now.

He didn't touch the weak, but instead set goals for them to move forward.

Even if he said he wanted to fight me who had grown stronger, it was clear that he was approaching it with consideration.

He wasn't a good person, but he couldn't be labeled as simply evil either.

'Humans have many faces.'

Raon nodded, gaining an understanding of life different from the one he had in Zieghart.

"I will see you on January 1st next year, Axe King Roman."

He showed appropriate courtesy, knowing Roman's intentions.

"It's surprising that such a monster came out under your command."

Roman sighed as he looked at Rimmer and turned away.

"Don't run away."

As if he no longer had any regrets, he got on the Misfortune and left without a word.

'It won't be easy.'

Roman is strong even now, but next year, he might stand even higher. To defeat him head-on, something more than effort was needed.

'Can I do it?'

No, it's better to think about how to do it.

The life-or-death duel have reached a stage where they can't be avoided. Now, the only thing to think about is how to defeat the Axe King Roman.

Raon watched the Misfortune sailing away and released his grip on Rimmer, who he had been holding.

"Hey! Lying bastard! You're going to die! To Raon!"

As soon as his mouth was free, he shouted "lying bastard" at Roman.

Why don't you open that skull? I think there's thick pasta instead of a brain in there.

'Maybe so.'

Raon sighed and stood in front of Rimmer.

"What are you thinking? Why did you provoke someone who would leave on his own!"

"I hate it when he breaks promises."

Rimmer frowned, looking in the direction Roman had left.

"Besides, he gave up his title. I made a new one for him. He should be thankful instead!"

He shrugged, claiming he did nothing wrong.

'I'm tired.'

He sighed and turned his head away. Instead of arguing with Rimmer, it seemed more appropriate to remove the iron chain necklaces around the elves' necks while he still had the energy.

Raon crossed the river and saw a young elf wearing an iron chain necklace around his neck. It was the child Reyran had called Heylin.


When he put his hand on the child's neck, her shoulders trembled. She seemed to be afraid of humans.

"Don't worry."

Reyran put her hand on Heylin's shoulder and smiled warmly.

"He's the one who saved you. Trust your sister and endure."

Of all the faces she had shown so far, this one seemed the warmest.

Raon greeted Reyran with his eyes and grabbed Heylin's necklace.

As he pushed the aura from the inside in the way Raptor had told him, the necklace broke off and fell.


Heylin touched her freed neck and trembled her lips. She lowered her head with tears welling up in her eyes.

"T-thank you."


Raon stroked Heylin's head and approached the next elf wearing a necklace.

That little elf you saw earlier might be older than you, right?

'Don't say that....'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Siyan watched Raon removing the elves' necklaces and breathed a sigh of relief.

'Thank goodness.'

She had been worried about her people even after saving them because of that necklace, but Raon seemed to have no such worries as he casually removed the iron chains.

'I couldn't have done anything without Sir Raon today.'

They knew that this auction was being held because of Raon, and that it was because of him drawing attention that she was able to get everyone out safely.

After coming outside, Raon continued to stand alone in front of the strong ones, protecting everyone. If it weren't for him, it wouldn't have been strange for everyone to be wiped out.

Siyan blinked as she watched Raon remove the necklace of the last of her people.

'Ah! Now that I think about it...'

She had been so preoccupied with everything that had happened at once that she had forgotten about the many things she needed to sort out.

'I've heard a lot of good lines in a row.'

Today, every time Raon spoke, he uttered memorable quotes. She recalled his words that lingered in her mind.

'Wherever I am, that is Zieghart. That's the best, right?'

When Raon said that, her body shuddered even though her mind was preoccupied with worry for her people.

His belief in Zieghart was so strong that it made her tremble.

'There were many others as well.'

Siyan took out her notebook and began writing down everything Raon had done and said today, determined never to forget his quotes.

'I have to write the next biography.'

She couldn't let anyone else write the Biography of Raon Zieghart, Seipia Edition. She wrote down everything in detail.

"Wherever I am, that's Zieghart, if the axe is not heavy, I will cut off your neck... hehe."

Siyan wrote down Raon's words with a chuckle.

"Lady Siyan?"

Raon heard Siyan's strange laughter and approached her.

'Is there something wrong with her?'

He looked worried seeing her making a strange expression while giggling and jotting down notes in her notebook.

"Hey, lying bastrad!"

From the other side, Rimmer was still shouting that Roman was a lying bastard.

Raon looked at Siyan and Rimmer in turn and rubbed his temples.

'What’s wrong with this family?'


*   *   *


A heavy vibration spreads from deep within the lord’s manor of Zieghart.

"It's started again."

"It was quiet for a while, but it's getting worse."

"I heard there's a giant monster in the North Grave Mountain." (Bukmangsan Mountain changed to North Grave Mountain)

"I heard a spirit was born."

"It's just an earthquake."

The swordsmen, now accustomed to the earthquakes, joked while looking at the shaking ceiling.

"Well, it'll stop soon enough."

"But it's been going on since morning..."

"Don't worry. Nothing serious will happen... huh?"

"What, what is it!"

As if mocking the swordsmen who were taking the earthquake lightly, the vibration suddenly intensified. Gray dust fell from the ceiling above, and ornaments fell like lost children.

"Hey, it's too strong!"

"Is this place really going to collapse?"

"It's hard to even stand!"

The swordsmen swallowed their dry saliva, crouching in fear of the violently shaking vibration.

"It won't collapse."

Chad approached calmly as the swordsmen' faces turned pale and shook his head.

"As Zieghart's swordsmen, you shouldn't be afraid of earthquakes like this."


"We, we’re sorry!"

The swordsmen bowed their heads to Chad, who maintained a calm gaze even amidst the violently shaking vibration.

"It will calm down soon, just hold on a little longer."

Chad greeted the swordsmen and opened the audience chamber door.

The first thing that came into his eyes as he entered was Glenn's trembling leg. He was shaking his leg so violently that the platform was about to crumble.

'It's started again.'

There was only one reason why the Destructive King of the North, known for his coldness and even ruthlessness, was shaking his leg like that. Raon Zieghart. It was because he had not arrived at the appointed time.

"Heh heh heh."

Roenn looked at Glenn with a gentle smile.

"My lord, please calm down."

"Calm down...?"

Glenn frowned at Roenn.

"How can I calm down when that guy who should have arrived long ago still hasn't come?"

He started shaking his leg even harder, saying he couldn't calm down.


Small dust particles fell from the ceiling and window frames of the audience chamber, which Roenn cleaned every day and kept impeccably clean.

"He should have arrived a long time ago, and there's no contact at all. Something must have happened!"

Glenn grabbed the armrest on his right with his large hand. The armrest, which had been repaired more than twenty times, was once again turned into scrap metal.

"I shouldn't have sent him with that lazy bastard!"

He sighed as if regretting that he had sent him with Rimmer.

"My lo..head of house..."

Chad approached Glenn and bowed his head.

"He's on his way now."


"The leader and vice leader of Light Wind Division are returning now. They should be here within an hour."

"Why are you telling me this now!"

Glenn shouted at Chad. energy surged within the audience chamber as if a fierce storm was brewing.

"You're telling me that as the master of Shadow Agents, you're just now bringing me that information! What have you been doing until now?"

"Um, they suddenly appeared, perhaps because they were careful coming with the elves."

Chad shrugged his shoulders like a child caught by a bully and lowered his head.


Glenn stopped shaking his leg and stood up. The vibration that had been enveloping the manor all day finally subsided.

"Roenn. Bring me what you had prepared."


Roenn maintained a gentle smile and entered the room on the right.

"Master of the Shadow Agents."

"Ah, yes!"

"Gather the executives."

Glenn snapped his fingers, indicating to summon all the executives in the family. "Alright!"


As Chad was about to rush out, Glenn shook his head.

"Don't call Aris. Just leave her alone."


Chad swallowed dry saliva and turned his back.

"Lady Aris has already left. She said she was going out to greet Sir Raon..."

Glenn shattered the armrest of the still intact left throne with his left fist. It had been repaired more than thirty times.

"Why did she find out first!"

"Sh-she was staying in the Shadow Agents office. As soon as she heard the news of the vice division leader of Light Wind, she ran out and I couldn't stop her..."


Glenn chewed his lips as if annoyed.

"Alright. Hurry up and call the executives."


Chad nodded and left the audience chamber.


A sigh naturally escaped from the depths of his lungs.

'I really can't handle them.'

Caught between Aris and Glenn, he felt like his heart was burning up every day.

He couldn't stand it because both of them would start acting up as soon as Raon's name was mentioned. He had never heard of the former master of Shadow Agents having such pain, so he couldn't help but sigh.

'I'm tired...'

Walking down the corridor  of the lord’s manor with no energy left, the swordsmen he had met earlier approached, their eyes sparkling.

"Ma-master of Shadow Agents!"

"How did you know the earthquake would stop?"

"Are you perhaps able to read the heavens?"

"You're truly the master of Shadow Agents! In the north, there's nothing that can escape the eyes of the Shadow Agents!"


The swordsmen believed exactly what he said before entering the audience chamber, thinking that he had performed a miracle.


Chad simply smiled faintly without saying a word. He nodded lightly and walked down the corridor.

"What a humble figure..."

"As expected of the master of Shadow Agents."

The swordsmen admired even that aspect of him.

Chad suppressed a laugh and headed towards the exit.

'Should I just put up with it for a while?'

*   *   *

Raon let out a short sigh as he looked at the towering walls of Zieghart.

'Now I can finally rest.'

They deliberately chose rough paths and concealed their presence in case of potential attacks.

He hadn't been able to sleep properly or eat properly, but seeing the huge walls, he finally felt relieved.

"Let's go. We can finally rest comfortably."

He showed a warm smile to the elves and approached the gate, but something jumped out from the wall.


A woman who approached, soaring through the air like a mountain goat climbing a cliff, twisted her body in the air and landed on the ground.

The woman raised her head. Sunset-colored hair and cool features. Aris Zieghart was in front of him.

"Ah, Lady Aris?"


Aris hugged Raon and smiled brightly.

"Why are you so late! I've been waiting for you every day!"

She squeezed him tightly, expressing how much she missed him. A warm sea breeze wafted from her fluttering hair.

"I'm sorry. There was a little something in between."

Raon smiled awkwardly and shook his head.


Aris glared at Rimmer while still hugging Raon.


Rimmer, who was standing idly, blinked in surprise at Aris' chilly demeanor.

"What are you doing! If you don't know what to do, at least report!"

"Ah, that's..."

"You're really incompetent. Raon has been sending reports every time, what have you been doing?"

"Well, that's..."

"Alright. Do a good job from now on. If you do this again, you're dead."


She completely cut off Rimmer's attempt to speak and approached the elves. She was a storm in itself.

"Ah, you must be the envoys (ambassadors) of Seipia. Welcome."

Aris smiled as if she had never been in a bad mood. Her exceptional beauty quickly changed the atmosphere.

"Ah, hello."

Siyan nodded towards Aris. Although she stumbled a bit in her speech, it was a vast improvement from her first meeting with Raon.

"Wow, you're stunning."

Even Aris was astonished by Siyan's appearance.


"Oh, nothing. You must be tired from coming all this way, let's go inside right away."

She said let's go in and led the group right to the gate.

"Hold on."

Illiune, the Foreign Minister standing in front of the gate, blocked the gate.

"We welcome the visit of the elves. However, since it is your first visit, we would like to verify your identity..."


Aris frowned at Illiune.


Illiune flinched and stepped back.

"Are you suspicious of the guests Raon brought?"

"N-No, I just wanted to verify..."

"If they're brought by that idiot, it's only right to check them thoroughly, one by one."

Aris pointed at Rimmer and chewed on her lips.

"Why me again..."

Rimmer slumped his shoulders after being accused again and again.

"But they came to Zieghart to express gratitude for Raon's help! Do you really want to interrogate them? Are you that dumb?"

"Ah, I know that, but I'm just doing my job..."

"So you don't trust Raon?"

"It's not that. After all..."

Illiune realized that he couldn't reason with Aris and shook his head.

"I understand. Go in."

"Thank you."

Aris waved her hand, eager to get in.

"...Let's go."

Raon sighed and looked at the elves. As he was about to say let's go, Siyan took out her notebook again and started muttering.

"Sir Raon’s trustworthiness is unparalleled even in Zieghart. He can't be compared to my brother..."

Raon closed his eyes tightly as he listened to Siyan's muttering.

'Another rumor is going to spread like wildfire.'

It seemed like the already ridiculous biography would turn into an even more improbable fantasy.

Shaking his head, he followed Aris towards the lord’s manor.


Aris came up to him and patted his shoulder.

"Why did you come so late?"

"I had some things to take care of."


"Yes. I'll tell you everything when we get to the audience chamber."

"Tell me a little bit before then."

She spread her fingers slightly, wanting to hear it in advance.

"Hmm, alright."

Raon briefly explained what had happened to him during the time they were apart. It was a long story, and by the time he finished, they were already standing in front of the audience chamber door.

"Let's go in."

Aris opened the door to the audience chamber with an unusually bright smile.

Word must have spread about their arrival, as the executives were already waiting inside.

As they stood before the platform, receiving gazes filled with various emotions, Aris stepped forward and shouted.

"Head of house. Raon has returned with another great achievement. Don't scold him!"

Aris grinned, mentioning how Raon had rescued the kidnapped elves.


He sighed, knowing that this was what would happen.

"I greet the head of ho..."

Raon paused as he was about to greet. Glenn's red eyes were filled with a ruthless glare.

'What is it this time...'


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