TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 603

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 Chapter 603



Roman burst into mad laughter, holding his forehead. His emotions permeated the atmosphere, causing giant waves to ripple over the river.

“What's so funny?”

Raon frowned at Roman's thunderous laughter.

‘Could it be that he's gotten even stronger?’

Roman's energy felt heavier than when they met at Rable River two years ago.

If it wasn't an illusion, he seemed to have climbed even higher than back then.

“My heart, which had been still, has started beating, so how can I not laugh?”

Roman lifted the axe he had been soaking in the river and hung it over his shoulder.

“What really gets me excited is you guys.”

He glanced at Raon and Rimmer in turn and curled the corners of his mouth.

“Get ready.”

Roman touched the axe handle as if to start the three-move duel.

“I'll show you my skills in just three moves.”

“What's the three moves?”

Raon chewed his lips, looking at Roman's eyes, which seemed to be filled with madness.

'It's obvious that he'll rush in as soon as the three moves are over.'

Roman is a man who easily breaks promises, even to the point of giving up his title as the Axe King.

It was highly likely that he would rush in with all his might, saying that he was excited as soon as the three-move duel was over.

'I guess it's better to save the sword field creation for later.'

It seemed that the best chance of survival would be to endure the three-move duel in his current state and then use the sword field creation to finish the real fight that would follow in one breath.


Raon roatated the Ring of Fire that surrounded his heart. He entered intense concentration and raised the energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier to the extreme.


The waves that had been pushed back by Roman's energy seemed to freeze and then crumble. It meant that his own energy was not being pushed back by the liar's energy.

“Three-move duel.”

Raon calmed his pounding heart and stood before Roman.

“Let's begin.”

*   *   *

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Rimmer chewed his lips as he watched Raon standing facing Roman.

‘He's worse than before.’

Considering Roman's actions so far, it was obvious that he would not withdraw after ending three-move duel and would continue to attack.

‘But there's still a way.’

Fortunately, Roman didn't bring a lot of subordinates with him. If they could just kill him, they would be able to escape this place without much trouble.


Rimmer clicked his tongue and approached Siyan's side.

“Oh, brother….”

Siyan trembled as if worried about Raon, her hands clasped in front of her chest. Even this girl, who unquestionably trusted Raon, seemed to be overwhelmed by Roman's oppressive energy.

"Be prepared to fight at any moment."

"I-is Sir Raon going to lose?"

"That's not it."

Rimmer shook his head and glared at Roman.

"That bastard lies like he eats rice. Even if Raon wins the three-move duel, he'll still attack. That's when you and I need to step in.”


Siyan nodded slightly as if she finally understood.

“Can you summon top-tier spirit?”

“Yes. I'll summon it right away.”

As she snapped her fingers, the water giant that had been floating like a ship sank, and an adorable hummingbird-like creature formed from water droplets spread its tiny wings.

The hummingbird that landed on Siyan's shoulder exuded a formidable mana despite its cute appearance. Rimmer nodded, sensing the immense aura emanating from the hummingbird.

'This should be enough.'

Although it hadn't been long since they made the contract, the bird was a top-tier spirit. It would be a great help in the battle against Roman.


Rimmer exhaled deeply, placing his hand on the hilt of his sword.

'It's frustrating that I can only watch.'

Roman seemed stronger than before, and standing in front of him was Raon, who was both his disciple and subordinate.

His own incompetence weighed heavily on him. It was more distressing than when he was seriously injured and couldn't fight properly.

'If I survive here....'

I'll have to get a prosthetic arm.

He had thought about it when he heard Sterin's words, but now he had definitely made up his mind.

If he returned to Zieghart alive, he would even beg Encia for a prosthetic arm.

'So please.'

Rimmer swallowed dry saliva as he looked at Raon's broad back.

'Hold on.'

*   *   *

"I heard you can use the sword field creation...."

Roman clenched his fist around the axe and clicked his jaw.

"Are you not going to use it?"

"If necessary, I will use it, don't worry."

Raon raised his head to meet Roman's flickering gaze.

“You're arrogant.”

Despite the accusation of arrogance, Roman seemed to like it as he curled his lips even more.


He raised the axe to the sky. A powerful energy permeated between the red axe blades. It was just a concentration of energy, but it echoed like the sky was roaring.

"First strike!"

With a thunderous roar, Roman's axe falls. The energy swirling above the axe blade flashed in a chilling blood red.


Raon gritted his teeth as he saw Roman's axe descending like lightning.

‘What is this!’

Even though the axe hadn't fully descended, the pressure crushing his whole body was terrifying. It felt like his shoulders were being torn off.

‘I can't be overwhelmed by it.’

The Axe King Roman was a warrior who was unmatched in strength and vigor.

If he's pushed back from the first strike, he won't even be able to continue the three-move duel. He had to block it with all his might.


He raised Heavenly Drive, which he had tilted down by stepping on the left foot's heel. He imbued the cold silver blade with the essence of versatile sword (myriad sword) he had accumulated in his mind.

With the will not to be broken or yield, he struck the red axe that was rushed in fiercely.


Just the clash of the sword and the axe caused a thunderous roar. The river recoiled as if frightened, and cracks formed in the pebble field on the riverbank.


Raon bit his lip as he watched Roman's axe, which was putting increasing pressure on him.

‘Was it always this heavy?’

Roman's axe felt much heavier than when he had seen it before. It was even difficult to breathe properly.

'I have to push him back as quickly as possible.'

He added the principle of severing sword to the blade of Heavenly Drive, which was shaking as if it would break. Cutting off the energy that had seeped between the axe blades strand by strand, he raised the cold of Glacier to its extreme.


A dark gray light exploded between the blade of the axe and the sword, and Raon took five steps back.

However, Roman did not take a step back and smiled.

"That's not bad."

Roman nodded his head satisfactorily, as if pleased, and lowered his axe. It was a technique known as Great Mountain Crusher, which shattered the sky from the river below.

Raon frowned as he watched Roman's axe take on an increasingly darker color.

'I can't withstand that in my current state.'

He wanted to save the sword field creation, but it was impossible to withstand Roman's next strike in his current level.

Raon held Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem in reverse grip and opened his mental world.

Sword field creation.

Divine and Demon Harmonization.

As the sword field activated, the river that had been shaking like a storm calmed down, and a golden sun and a silver moon rose in the darkened sky.

Raon raised the brightly shining Divine Sword and Demonic Sword in the silent world as if he was the only one who existed.

"Is that the sword field? You made a quick judgment."

Roman smirked and raised his axe.

“If you get arrogant again, your head will be split open.”

He frowned as if displeased with the first strike.

"In that case, it's time for the real Great Mountain Crusher."

A red sphere of energy gathered above the lowered axe blade.

It was smaller than the astral sphere he had seen in the first blow, but it had a more tremendous force compressed, creating an eerie aura that felt like it was constricting his throat.


Roman raised his axe, stamping his tree-like leg as if to give it his all. The red blades of the axe felt like it was about to break the sky, and a fierce will to shatter the heavens could be felt from it.

'This is a battle of will.'

Raon drew the energy that was spread throughout his mana circuits to his two hands (palm).

As if all the energy of his body had become one, it rose to the swords, forming a blade of fire and frost. He wrapped his will around his blades to protect his two unyielding swords.

Azure Sky Sword: Second Form.

Azure Sky Flame Thread.

He swung down the two swords, which were adorned with brilliance, towards the axe blades that soared as if it would split the sky.


As astral sphere and astral sphere collided head-on, a terrifying storm of energy surged up one after another. The river water burst out mercilessly as if the river god was enraged, revealing the riverbed.


The next thing after astral spheres clash is a clash of wills.

Roman's will to shatter everything and Raon's will that never breaks clashed and caused a fierce battle as they gnawed at each other.


The colliding and intertwining energies exploded. A blinding light that made it impossible to open one's eyes gushed out, and the entire river flooded and spread out in all directions.


This time, Roman took a step back and Raon took four steps back.

Raon endured the pain in his hands and looked at Roman.


That bastard has gotten stronger since 2 years ago.

He knew that Roman hadn't shown his full power in the three-moves duel with Rimmer two years ago, but the power he has now is on a different level.

The Axe King Roman had reached a higher level than two years ago.

"You seem to have noticed."

Roman nodded calmly, lowering his axe.

"As you think. I've risen higher since that day."

"Did you encounter an opportunity?"

"Yeah, I did. I encountered an opportunity. I encountered an opportunity named 'you guys.'"

He pointed his axe at Raon and Rimmer in turn.


"Once you reach Grandmaster level, mental stimulation contributes more to raising your level than physical training. Meeting you guys, whom I met in the river, gave me the stimulation I needed to reach higher."

Roman gripped the axe handle tightly and raised his chin.

"I owe my current self to you guys."


It was the worst-case scenario, unforeseen. But he had already drawn his sword, and there was no turning back. All he could do now was fight his best.

"Hmm…We've talked too much during a duel."

Roman held the axe with both hands and leaned it behind his shoulder. The massive astral sphere, like a mountain peak, spun with a rotation. The flickering light, as red as blood, seemed eerie, as if it contained death.

"The last one is the Revolving Void Axe Strike. If you survive, I'll say it's your victory."

"Stop talking nonsense and come."

Raon held his breath and snapped his fingers.

"Good to see you're in the mood!"

Roman stopped halfway through swinging his axe. In that state, he stepped forward with an explosive technique and drew the remaining axe's trajectory.

It was a skillful move that encompassed an attack using astral sphere and a strike utilizing maximum physical strength.

'I knew it.'

He would have been confused if he had seen it for the first time, but it was the same technique he had seen behind Rimmer before.


Even though he knew it, a normal sword couldn't block it.

Even if it meant revealing all his cards, it was more important to survive first. He decided to show everything and drew out the energies from his energy center.

Raon stepped onto the river with determination. He wrapped the energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier that surged from his whole body around the Demonic Sword on his shoulder and the Divine Sword held at his waist.

Facing Roman's onslaught, which obscured his entire field of vision, Raon swung the Divine and Demonic swords.

The immense heat and cold that burned in his hands stretched out like a storm, adding strength to the two blades.

A golden glow flashed across Raon's eyes. The Red and Blue Invincible Sword. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a transcendent sword technique that could be called truly invincible, as it pushed back the Axe King Roman's astral sphere and and emitted a dazzling light.


Black flames and brilliant gold, each wrapped in their own will, engaged in an endless competition.


The condensed energies collided like gears, emitting a destructive light.

Anything touched by the eerie purple flash was erased as if it had never existed.

Then a massive explosion occurred, causing the Peren River to split, and the displaced river waters scattered in all directions. The river itself collapsed.


Raon exhaled a cloudy breath while standing on the riverbed. The pain in his hands, which were holding the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword, was so intense that his head was throbbing.

'But I endured it.'

Roman's onslaught was much heavier than expected. It was so powerful and destructive that he almost wanted to praise himself for enduring it.

But there was no time to rest. He could feel Roman's presence in the faintly rising steam and smoke.

'This is where it really begins.'

If Roman's personality was anything to go by, he would definitely charge in now that he was excited. It was no exaggeration to say that this was where it really began.

As he adjusted his breathing and prepared for battle, the wind blew away the steam and smoke.

Roman, smiling, took a couple of steps back to his original position.


As expected, he raised his axe. Raon tried to hold his breath and brace himself, but the axe didn't come towards him. Instead, it descended downwards.


Just as he found it strange, a massive energy surged from behind. It was Rimmer and Siyan.

The two, who had been gathering their energy during the duel, unleashed intense sword strikes and spirit magic towards Roman.


Roman frowned and raised the axe he had lowered, roughly deflecting Rimmer's sword technique and Siyan's magic.

"What's this all about?"

"You were obviously going to break the promise and charge at us first, so we struck first."


Rimmer shrugged his shoulders. Siyan bit her lip next to him.


Roman snorted and slung his axe over his shoulder.

"The three-moves duel is over."

He shook his head, saying he had no intention of fighting anymore.

"It was a satisfying duel. I could probably have quite a bit of fun fighting to the death right now. But..."

Roman grinned at the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword burning in Raon's hands.

"You haven't reached the level I want you to be at yet. If you were to face me next year in your current state, you would die."

He extinguished the aura he was wielding as he spoke. He seemed truly done with fighting. Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Roman's sunken gaze.


He had expected Roman to fight until the end.

But Roman easily lowered his axe, to the point where it was unbelievable.

'What's he thinking... huh?'

As he recalled what Roman had said, one thought came to mind.

'Did he warn me?'

That I would die if I met him on January 1st next year?

Since appearing here, Roman hadn't attacked him as if he was really trying to kill him, but had only checked his strength.

Given his last words about dying, it seemed like he might have staged the three-moves duel as a warning.

"Are you warning me?"

"Fishermen have a saying."


"They let go of immature fish so they can grow bigger and catch them later. But that's only once."

He chuckled and casually rested the axe on his shoulder.

"The conversation is over, so I'll be going now."

"Wait a minute."

Raon stepped forward, calling out to Roman, who had turned his back.

"I have one question."

"What is it?"


Raon frowned, looking at the place where the sea market used to be.

"Why is he ruined like that?"

“…I see. Is he dead?"

Roman shook his head, following Raon's gaze. His eyes held a hint of bitterness for the first time.

"He was consumed by his talent."


"Raptor wasn't as good as you, but he had a talent that was so great that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call him a genius. But he was defeated and consumed by a talent even more vicious than his own when he fought a mountain duel."

"Did he lose to someone named Beorn?"

"You know that name too?"

He chuckled and nodded.

"Beorn was Raptor's subordinate. He was a guy who was hiding a lot. You better be careful. Well, that is, if you're alive next year."

Roman left that word and turned his back again.


While Raon was still frowning, Rimmer approached and called out to Roman.

"Did you really give up your title (nickname)?"


Roman nodded as if he had no regrets.

"Then I'll give you a new nickname."

Rimmer raised his chin and twisted his lips.

"From now on, your nickname is Bural, which means 'lying bastard who uses an axe'."

With that one sentence, the serious atmosphere was instantly extinguished.


Despite Roman's previous declaration that he would have no regrets, deep furrows appeared between his brows.


Wrath looked at Rimmer and shook his head.

That shitty ears is just insane no matter how you look at it...


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