RDM (Novel) Chapter 606

 Chapter 606

"We shall spend the night here."

Yu-mugun spoke cautiously, glancing at Pyo Wol.

Not only him, but the entire Seven Stars Trading Group seemed to be looking to Pyo Wol's group.

They had just witnessed the awe-inspiring martial prowess displayed by Pyo Wol's group.

They had effortlessly subdued nearly eighty Green Forest bandits who ambushed them. Such martial prowess was something they had never seen before.

If they changed their minds and wanted to loot the Seven Stars Trading Company's goods, there was no stopping them.

That's why Yu-mugun and the others looked at the four of them with worried eyes.

The people of Kangho were often heartless. Today's escorts might turn into tomorrow's thieves, and such changes were common.

Yu-mugun only desperately wished that such an event would not happen as he spoke his cautious words.

The leadership of the journey had already passed to Pyo Wol. He could only wait for his decision.

Fortunately, Pyo Wol agreed to his suggestion.

"Let's do that."

"Thank you."

Yu-mugun showed a grateful expression at Pyo Wol's prompt agreement.

He quickly instructed the merchants and laborers to prepare for the night.

Fortunately, the people of the Seven Stars Trading Group were quite experienced in such matters.

They built several bonfires, cooked porridge in large cauldrons, and moved with practiced efficiency.

Pyo Wol and his companions also sat around the campfire. Yu-mugun personally brought a jar of porridge.

"You can share this among yourselves."

"Ha ha! Thank you. We will enjoy it."

Hong Yushin laughed as he took the jar.

Yu-mugun sneaked a look at Pyo Wol. He was curious about Pyo Wol's identity.

It was clear that Pyo Wol was the leader of this group.

The problem was that Yu-mugun could not even begin to guess Pyo Wol's true identity.

With his abilities, he could not see through Pyo Wol's disguise, who had changed his face with the help of the reverse bone technique. His curiosity grew even more.

Hong Yushin realized what was going on.

Holding the jar, he leaned close to Yu-mugun's side and whispered.

"Master Yu"


"In this world, there are things you can know and things you shouldn't know."


"I believe you understand what I am saying. Pay no attention to us, and there will be no problems."

"Ah, I understand. I will not think of you again."

Yu-mugun hastily replied.

Cold sweat dripped down Yu-mugun's back as he returned to his place.

Hong Yushin looked at his retreating figure and chuckled quietly.

He understood the man's concerns.

They had entrusted their lives to each other, and it was natural to be curious about each other's true identities. However, they couldn't reveal their true selves.

If that were the case, there would have been no reason to go through the trouble of moving with the Trading Company*.

"Let's eat."

Hong Yushin shared the porridge with the three of them. Then he took a bowl for himself and sat down.

The porridge was hastily made.

It had no taste, and the seasoning was far from perfect.

Still, the four of them ate the porridge in silence without a word of complaint.

They were all experienced travelers, used to far worse.

This was practically a luxury.

Suddenly, Hong Yushin pulled a small bottle from his waist.

It was filled with liquor.

Without asking anyone else, Hong Yushin gulped down the flask.


Hong Yushin wiped the liquor from his lips with his sleeve and grinned with satisfaction.

It was liquor that he'd hastily acquired before setting out, but it tasted better than expected.

"Good stuff! Anyone want a drink? No? Then I'll have it all."

Pyo Wol didn't usually drink, Hong Ye-Seol only drank when necessary, and Soma was too young to consume alcohol.

Therefore, Hong Yushin was the only one who was able to enjoy the drink. And he did so without any reservations.

Suddenly, Hong Ye-Seol spoke up.

"It seems Kangho is really in chaos. To think that the very warriors hired to protect the merchant

group would turn to looting."

"Such incidents are likely happening all over Kangho."

"The righteousness of Kangho has fallen to the ground."

"It fell to the ground a long time ago. No, I even doubt that there was ever righteousness in Kangho to begin with. If there had been, the world wouldn't have fallen to this state.

Pyo Wol's cynical words left Hong Ye-Seol without a reply.

She indeed began to doubt whether there ever existed such a thing as righteousness in the martial world.

She began to doubt if morality ever existed in Kangho. If it did, people like her, the assassins, wouldn't exist and the world wouldn't be in such turmoil.

Suddenly, Soma called out to Pyo Wol.

“Big Brother!”


“Can I go to the Wudang Sect after this job is done?”

“You must be worried about the Wudang Sect.”


Soma nodded.

In truth, Soma did not have strong feelings for the Wudang Sect. The one he was attached to was Il-geom Jin, and no one else. But after hearing that Il-geom Jin had died and that the Wudang Sect had suffered great losses, he couldn't help but worry. He couldn't tell if he had become attached to the Wudang Clan during the time he spent with Il-geom Jin.

Pyo Wol said,

“Do as you wish.”

“You mean I can go and stay at the Wudang Sect?”


“Thank you, Brother!”

“Thankful for what!”

“I'm always grateful to you, Brother. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be living as a person, working like this.”



Soma let out his unique laugh, his face flushing with embarrassment.

With his physical growth, Soma's mind had matured as well, awakening emotions of joy and sorrow that he had never felt before.

Soma casually threw more wood into the campfire.

Crack! Crack!

As the wood went in, the campfire roared more fiercely.

The intense heat reddened the faces of the four, cooking them to a ruddy hue.

Hong Ye-seol leaned her scorched face, red as a persimmon, against Pyo Wol's shoulder.

Pyo Wol didn't push her away.

Time flowed as they were lost in their thoughts.

The members of the Seven Stars Trading Company had gone to sleep long ago.

Their bedding was nothing more than a flat spot on the floor covered with a blanket or straw mat.

It was the same for Pyo Wol and his companions.

They each covered themselves with their own straw mats and fell asleep.

Late into the night, Pyo Wol alone could not sleep and added some branches to the fire.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky.

The night sky was cloudless, with countless stars shining brightly.

Pyo Wol couldn't take his eyes off the sea of stars.

Numerous twinkling lights were imprinted on his retina.

At that moment, something surged from deep within his heart.

Even Pyo Wol did not know what it was.

It had been quite some time since his emotions were stirred to this extent.

In the past, Pyo Wol would have suppressed the fluctuation of his emotions. He had reached a state where he could control his emotions at will. But this time, he did not want to.

The waves of emotion grew more prominent.

Suddenly, with a snap, the emotional turbulence cut off, as if sliced by a blade.

Pyo Wol narrowed his eyes.

It was not his will that had stopped the emotion.

Someone had interfered with his emotions.

Precisely, the presence of someone prevented Pyo Wol's emotions from continuing.

Pyo Wol looked around.

Everyone was asleep.

Even those who were supposed to be on watch.

They remained standing, their eyes closed.

Pyo Wol got up.

Yet no one seemed to notice his movement.

Not even Hong Ye-Seol and Soma, whose senses were keen.

This was certainly not a normal situation.

That's when it happened.


One of the stars that had been floating in the night sky plummeted.

Its falling destination was precisely where the Seven Stars Trading Company were camping.

If the star fell in its current course, all the people here would lose their lives.

With a whoosh, Pyo Wol kicked off the ground and leaped into the air.

Several Ghost Blades shot out from his hands.


With a metallic sound, the first Ghost Blade collided with the star and was deflected. But Pyo Wol did not despair, he shot the Ghost Blades one by one.

Clash! Clash!

The Ghost Blades were continually deflected.

Only after the fifth Ghost Blade was deflected did Pyo Wol realize that the falling star was actually a blade.

The gently curved blade emitted a brilliant light, creating the illusion of a falling star.

The light surrounding the blade was undoubtedly a Sword Qi.

One of the disadvantages of martial arts that manifested qi through weapons was that if the weapon fell out of the hand, the qi would no longer be maintained.

Maintaining qi required tremendous effort. Transferring the internal energy through the air to the weapon was an almost impossible task.

That was common knowledge in Kangho.

Yet here before his eyes, this common wisdom was being entirely defied.

Pyo Wol unleashed his Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread and collected the deflected Ghost Blades.


Above the Qi thread, black lightning danced.

Pyo Wol spun the Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread and faced the flying blade.

Clang, clang, clang, clang!

The Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread clashed with the blade's aura, sparks flying, and a powerful wave of qi enveloped the Seven Stars Trading Group.

“What, what's going on?”


The shocked people finally came to their senses.

Among them were Soma, Hong Ye-Seol, and Hong Yushin.

They stared wide-eyed at the unbelievable spectacle unfolding before them.

The sight of Pyo Wol wielding the Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread against the falling star was so surreal. It was almost unbelievable.

Only later did they realize that the falling star was actually a blade imbued with sword qi.


“Holy Shit!”

“How could this be possible?”

At that moment,


A massive explosion erupted in the sky.

Simultaneously, a tremendous storm engulfed Seven Stars Trading Company.

Crack, crack, crack!


“Sa-save me!”


The people of Seven Stars Trading Company were swept up in the storm, tumbling along the ground.

Soma, Hong Ye-Seol, and Hong Yushin mustered their internal energy to withstand it.

The storm subsided momentarily.

Hong Ye Seol opened her tightly closed eyes and looked at the sky.


What she first sought was the whereabouts of Pyo Wol.

Then she saw the distant figure of Pyo Wol flying through the sky.

He quickly became a tiny speck and disappeared from her sight.

“Pyo Wol!”

Hong Ye-Seol called out to him, wanting to pursue.

At that instant, Hong Yushin and Soma simultaneously grabbed her shoulders.

“What are you doing?”

“Not going after him is the way to help him.”

“Hold back, sister!”

Both shook their heads simultaneously.

The devastation was as though a gigantic meteorite had fallen.

Had Pyo Wol not dispersed the shock, everyone there that day would have lost their lives.

It was an unimaginable display of power.

The idea that someone could cause such a scene by throwing a single sword was unbelievable. Had they not witnessed it firsthand, they never would have believed it.

They didn’t know who had thrown the sword, but it was clear that it was a martial artist from an unreachable height.

Foolishly chasing after Pyo Wol would likely be more hindrance than help. That's why they stopped Hong Ye-Seol.

Hong Ye-Seol bit her red lips slightly.

She had regained her sanity through their restraint.

Hong Ye-Seol's gaze fixed on the direction where Pyo Wol had disappeared.

“Who could it be? Who would do such a thing....”

Her voice trembled as she spoke.

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